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Chapter 403 Lightning Sea  



   It wasn’t difficult for Mu Yi to choose to sacrifice the core fragments. Even if the Xin lamp was not immediately restored completely, he would surely find a way to restore it later. Plus, even if he used the ten units-worth of core fragments to exchange for the Vermilion Bird stone, it might not be able to make the Nanming Li fire advance. It would not directly improve his combat power either.

  Since this was the case, why not exchange the ten units for an opportunity? His previous question was to confirm his theories. Those treasures that were already obtained by others also solidified his thoughts. Considering what he’d seen so far, he thought that any item obtained from this place priorly would have been obtained through exchange rather than by theft or strength alone.

   But based off of the previous test, there was only one fire beast king. How could anyone exchange for so many precious things? Mu Yi had a hunch, and decided to take a gamble on the so-called news the Shining Man offered.

   Even if he lost the bet, it mattered little. His main wish to enter the Yellow River’s Ancient Road had been achieved, and he had even opened the fifth chakra. In the face of this, such a small loss would not be worth mentioning.

   But if he won the bet, he stood to gain a lot. Even if he didn’t need any magic weapons, he could likely make his strength soar within a short amount of time if he exchanged for some of those treasures that could affect his strength directly. Compared with this temptation, gambling a mere ten units would bring no hesitation.

“If you kill the Dead Ghosts in the ancient battlefield, you will be rewarded.” Shining Man finally told Mu Yi the news worth ten units, but after hearing the news, Mu Yi froze instinctively. Kill the Dead Ghosts?

   He had met the Dead Ghosts on the road before. Maybe one or two Dead Ghosts would not be difficult to deal with, even if they were equal to perfection-stage experts, but the Dead Ghosts rarely traveled in ones or twos. Most of them were in groups, like the primitive tribes. Each tribe also boasted a strong leader.

   Once trapped, it would be very difficult to escape in the face of endless Dead Ghosts. In fact, Mu Yi suspected that the arm that Master Purdue lost and the embarrassment caused by the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag were related to the Dead Ghosts.

   Even those two old-fashioned experts at the perfection-stage had suffered such a big loss together. What if Mu Yi met the same fate?

   However, he was reluctant to give up this opportunity. For countless people, the Yellow River’s Ancient Road held endlessly tempting treasures. Many people wanted to come in but couldn’t. He had worked hard to get to this point, if he gave up so easily, he might as well be struck down by thunder.

   After thinking about it, Mu Yi reached a decision. Of course, when he decided to sacrifice the fragments of the fire beast king’s core, he had already made his decision. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to the exchange.. Ten units could was enough to exchange for one Vermilion Bird stone. If he made the exchange, then he wouldn’t have to worry about the danger and could have left.

   But he chose to make the sacrifice. This being the case, had he not already made his decision long ago?

“Once a Dead Ghost dies, it will disappear. How do I get the reward?” Now that he had decided to take a chance, Mu Yi naturally wanted to make the matter clear. He wouldn’t allow himself to kill the Dead Ghosts for half a day, only to receive nothing because he didn’t know the rules.

“Take this token with you, and the number of Dead Ghosts you kill will be shown on it. As for how many you can get, it will depend on your own ability.” The Shining Man said. A black token made of an unknown material emerged in front of him.

   The Shining Man’s methods no longer surprised Mu Yi. He was now used to them. He reached for the token directly. It was cold. He stared at it, and found that the token had a strange kind of attraction that made him want to immerse himself within the token.

   Fortunately, Mu Yi tore his gaze away and hid the token within his clothes.

   Just before Mu Yi could speak again, he felt an energy surround him. When he looked around, it seemed that he had moved to another place. However, according to his observations, he should still be within the huge peak. However, there was now a huge crack under his feet, which stretched further than his eyes could see. He turned around and saw that there was no way back.

“Shit! I didn’t ask how to get back.” Mu Yi looked around and his heart jumped. In such a place, there was nowhere to escape to. If he was surrounded by the Dead Ghosts with no way back, then he would die ten out of ten times.

   Mu Yi was brave, but that didn’t mean that he would be reckless. On the contrary, when he came to this dangerous place, he chose to find a way out first. Since the Shining Man sent him here to kill the Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi could be sure that there were countless Dead Ghosts in the abyss crack in front of him.

   After some observation, Mu Yi summoned the Nanming Li fire and began to burn the stone wall behind him. There was a platform under his feet only a few feet round. There were stone walls on three sides of the platform, and then the abyss in front of him. If he wanted to leave here, he would have to grow wings.


   Although the stone walls here were hard, they were still like tofu in front of the Nanming Li fire. Gradually, a passage appeared in front of Mu Yi. Mu Yi didn’t open the hole too large, and at the beginning, he could only bend down to enter. However, after a certain distance, it suddenly became open. He then smelted a large stone into a size that was just right to seal the hole.

   One hour later, Mu Yi wiped the dust off his face. Looking at the small world, a small smile tugged on the corner of his mouth. He had now left a way out for himself. Of course, if it need not be used, then all the better.

  After all, it was his back road to retreat to, but it was also a dead end. Once he got into it, he would likely be trapped until death. Even if it could block the Dead Ghosts, he couldn’t go out. Unless he had enough willpower to open a channel in this huge peak, but that kind of project, even if Mu Yi starved to death, might not succeed.

   Now, he had achieved some success in cultivation, and had reached a decent cultivation level, so it would be okay if he didn’t eat or drink for a few weeks, but if it was a few months, he may end up as a corpse.

   In addition, Mu Yi felt that the purpose of sending him here was to kill the Dead Ghosts. According to the reward given, it was obvious that to the Shining Man, the more Dead Ghosts that were killed, the more beneficial it would be to him. It was just like sacrificing the fire beast core.

  If this was the case,then the Shining Man would not let him die too easily. Even if he was going to kill him, it would definitely be after Mu Yi had lost his value.. So Mu Yi guessed the Shining Man would take him away later.

   Of course, this was all just a guess. In order to earn enough units, he had to keep killing the Dead Ghosts.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi came to the small platform outside, looked at the abyss under his feet, and then stamped heavily on the edge.


   With a loud noise, the rock under his feet split immediately, and several huge stones fell together against the abyss.

   After a while, Mu Yi heard a noise coming from below. At the next moment, he didn’t hide his breath any more, and sent it out directly.


   At that moment, Mu Yi felt as if he had touched something. The sensation made him feel numb, as if he had been stared at by something in the dark.

“Come on.” Mu Yi took a deep breath, and the Xin lamp on his head had rotated slowly while a piece of fire lotus was rotated around him. It looked as though Mu Yi was standing on a fire lotus.

   Just after Mu Yi’s voice fell, a lot of grey shadows came out of the abyss. Although he had suspected it ever since that Shining Man had sent him here, upon seeing the number of Dead Ghosts coming up, his heart stuck in his throat despite his inherent bravery.

   Mu Yi immediately stopped hesitating and took out a Five Thunders charm. He was not sure whether the Five Thunders charm had any effect here, but now was as good a time as any to experiment a bit..

   He had drawn four Five Thunders charms with his blood essence. He had used one priorly in order to make a good example of the White Dragon King, and it did not disappoint him. Now, though he wasn’t in a desperate situation yet, he needed to be wise and save his strength and means for the most opportune time to make use of them.

   If the Five Thunders charm had good results here, it meant that he had another powerful method to deal with these ghosts. Even if he wasted one, the remaining two might play a big role at a critical moment. But without knowing whether the Five Thunders charm had any effect, he could not rely on them when needed.


  The Five Thunders charm was invoked and suddenly there was a purple ocean in front of him. Mu Yi had been ready for there to be no effect from Five Thunders charm, but he was stunned when he saw the purple ocean.

“What is it? Thunder? ” Mu Yi’s eyes were wide and his face was slack. He had seen what the thunder looked like before, but it was not the thunder in front of him now. It couldn’t even be described as thunder. It was more like a sea of lightning.

   A Five Thunders charm could summon a Lightning Sea? Mu Yi had a dream-like feeling. The power of the Five Thunders charm had surprised him in the valley before, but unexpectedly, it was able to give him a scare once again.

“Is the power of the Five Thunders charm related to this ancient battlefield?” Mu Yi’s heart moved, because he could not think of any other possibility besides this one. After all, the ancient battlefield had become different from the world today.

   Although he didn’t know what happened in that year, this ancient battlefield could even be regarded as a lost space, so some rules here were different from those in the outside world.

   Mu Yi didn’t know whether this thought was right or wrong, but the only thing that could be confirmed was that the Lightning Sea in front of him was summoned by only using a Five Thunders charm.

   Mu Yi even felt some regret. If he had known that the power of the Five Thunders charm would be so terrible here, he would not have wasted one of them in the valley before. Unfortunately, there was no point in regretting.

   At present, it was impossible to recover the one used, so Mu Yi could only watch the countless Dead Ghosts rising only to be submerged by the purple Lightning Sea.

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