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Chapter 404 Show Great skill



   After a short time, the Lightning Sea ebbed, receding into nothingness. But when the purple Lightning Sea disappeared, the previously dense horde of Dead Ghosts had been thinned by more than half. Those remaining had scattered pitifully.

   Mu Yi was unsure of just how many Dead Ghosts had been eliminated by the Five Thunders charm just now. Although Dead Ghosts were just common spectres, their numbers were enough to make up for what they lacked in strength. Mu Yi looked at the token given to him by the Shining Man and found that the token was emitting a weak light. Then Mu Yi felt as if an invisible force had been drawn into the token.

   But before he could study it carefully, the rest of the Dead Ghosts rushed towards him furiously, as if knowing that he was the one who brought  about their companions’ destruction.

   In the face of these Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi did not panic. The fire lotus wrapped around him expanded rapidly under his control. Each petal of the fire lotus grew to a square foot in size, fully occupying the platform he stood upon.

   At the same time, the petals of the fire lotus shot a cluster of tongue-like flames that rushed towards the Dead Ghosts as if to consume them.

   When the Dead Ghosts collided with the petals of the fire lotus, the Nanming Li fire surged suddenly and burned the ghosts near it to ashes.

   Compared with when he had just entered the ancient battlefield, the power of Nanming Li fire had soared. Although the Nanming Li fire had not advanced, the recovery of the Xin lamp had caused the Nanming Li fire to explode in strength. Previously, it might have taken one or two seconds to burn the Dead Ghosts completely. But now, in just the blink of an eye, the Dead Ghosts had turned to ashes.

  Because of this, despite the Dead Ghosts seeming endless, they were unable to get close to Mu Yi, and instead were burned by the Nanming Li fire directly.

   Mu Yi stood in the center, unmoving. His mind was racing as he calculated his gains and losses. He could get some lamp oil by burning the Dead Ghosts, but it was much less than what he had hoped. The cost of oil to kill was more than the oil he gained. At this rate, the lamp oil would be exhausted in a short period of time. At that point, Mu Yi could only supply the Nanming Li fire through his own energy.

   Even if he had just made a breakthrough and had made great progress in his cultivation, he did not have the confidence to keep Nanming Li fire going continuously. Even the Xin lamp itself could not do this unless it slowed down its current consumption. But without its current expenditure, it would not be able to prevent the Dead Ghosts from getting close.

   That said, at least for the moment, there was no problem in blocking this group of Dead Ghosts.

   As Mu Yi was thinking, the petals of the fire lotus began to rotate, and the flames swept all the nearby Dead Ghosts away.

   Among these Dead Ghosts, there were no particularly powerful ones. The strongest ones were just at the top of the second-stage. They could persist for five or six breaths in front of the Nanming Li fire, before being directly burned into ashes.

   Finally, when the last Dead Ghost disappeared, Mu Yi also took a long breath. Compared with the cascading Lightning Sea, the Nanming Li fire was much slower to kill the Dead Ghosts. In the end however, the Nanming Li fire didn’t disappoint him. However, Mu Yi also looked at the Xin lamp and found that there was only a thin layer of lamp oil left. It wouldn’t last for long.

   Now, if he wanted to continue to control the Nanming Li fire, he needed to consume the Qi in his body. Opening the fifth chakra made his Qi stronger, but it was still far worse than Nanming Li fire.

   After all, the Nanming Li fire had power equivalent to those at the top of the second-stage. Even with five chakras, using his body as a source to run Nanming Li fire simply was like a small horse pulling a cart. The power of Nanming Li fire would ultimately decline when using his power alone.

   However, it was unrealistic to add lamp oil at this time. After all, the source of lamp oil was very complex. The only thing he could be sure of was that there needed to be enough life energy present. The Dead Ghost was a dead thing. Although it was not a true death, the energy in its body was still too low and the supplement from their deaths was far behind the consumption.

“Let me recover first.” Mu Yi retracted the fire lotus, bringing it close to his body to minimize the loss. Then he sat on the ground directly, and his mind and spirit began to quickly settle down. However, although he seemed relaxed, half of his mind and spirit remained outside, alert at any time, so that he could wake up immediately in case of danger.

   Besides, there was the Xin lamp outside. As long as it wasn’t attacked by a power at the level of perfection, it was enough to buy him the time to launch a counterattack.

   It was a pity that Mu Yi was unable to relax for a long time, or even for only half an hour. He suddenly heard a sharp voice and opened his eyes. His face became a lot more solemn. From the voice he had just heard, Mu Yi could almost judge the strength of the Dead Ghost to be at least equivalent to the senior level. If there was only one or two, Mu Yi would not be afraid of them. With his current strength and the integration with the Xin lamp, he could show power at the level of perfection. It was easy to kill several senior level Dead Ghosts.

  The problem was that this was just at the beginning. Now that there were senior level Dead Ghosts present, perfect level Dead Ghosts couldn’t be far behind. Senior level Dead Ghosts could be easily killed, but it was still very difficult for him to kill a perfect level Dead Ghost, even if Nanming Li fire was restraining it.

   And the Dead Ghosts would not fight alone with him. At this point, Mu Yi was not certain who would win or lose.

   At the moment when Mu Yi’s mind was turning, the screaming Dead Ghosts appeared before him, and there were seven!

   Just at a glance, Mu Yi determined the number of senior level Dead Ghosts but was unconcerned with them alone. The real threat was that these seven Dead Ghosts were only the first wave. After that, there were a large number of ordinary Dead Ghosts. Compared with thousands of ordinary Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi would have preferred to only face seven senior level Dead Ghosts.

“I can’t give them the chance to unite.” Looking at the seven Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi made a decision quickly. If he was given enough time, he would not care about them uniting. But the problem was that he didn’t have enough time at all. The only way to deal with this threat was to kill the seven Dead Ghosts as soon as possible, and then concentrate on dealing with the Dead Ghost army behind them.

   Having made his decision, Mu Yi didn’t hesitate. His mental and spiritual powers were integrated with the Rune of the Xin lamp. The feeling of controlling everything came back once again. He was used to this feeling. After he had detached from it before, Mu Yi  had felt as though he was stiff all over and had become blind and deaf.

   Although it was just a feeling, it was also enough to show how powerful and fascinating the feeling of a perfect level expert in control of everything was.


   A perfect level expert controlled everything. In an instant, a clear birdsong was heard. Then a small version of rosefinch flew out from Mu Yi and rushed towards the seven Dead Ghosts.

   The wisdom of the Dead Ghosts were extremely low, the senior Dead Ghosts were no exception. Although they felt the danger clearly, the Dead Ghosts still didn’t retreat, but rushed straight forward.

   After continuous practice, although the fire control technique had not been upgraded, it was still very powerful. Now, Mu Yi could even control the flames of the Nanming Li fire to make a rosefinch. Although the power was also smaller, it could reduce the consumption by twice. Compared to this, the loss of power was insignificant.

Half of the cost and 70% of full power was enough to kill these senior level Dead Ghosts.


   The rosefinch collided with the Dead Ghosts and then detonated, sweeping the seven Dead Ghosts away. Mu Yi heard their unwilling cries, but it did not change anything.

   However, as the rosefinch dissipated, there were still two Dead Ghosts who broke through the blockade of the Nanming Li fire and continued to rush towards him. The rest, which were no longer visible, had turned to ashes.

   Looking at the two Dead Ghosts in front of him, Mu Yi bent his fingers and two white lights flew out. It was the evil spirit slaying charm, something he hadn’t used for a long time. It was mainly because with his strength improving, the evil spirit slaying charm’s help to him was getting smaller and smaller.

   However, this time, the evil spirit slaying charm of Mu Yi was also combined with certain materials. It was drawn with Mu Yi’s blood essence, and with Mu Yi’s current level of charm making, it was enough to increase the power of the evil spirit slaying charm by several times.

   The two evil spirit slaying charms exploded on contact with the Dead Ghosts, making the two Dead Ghosts slow down at the same time. Their originally thin bodies seemed to become thinner.

  Mu Yi didn’t expect to kill the senior level Dead Ghosts with the two evil spirit slaying charms. He just wanted a little time.

 A light chakra flashed out from the back of his head, and then Mu Yi punched them with a fist. The fist energy locked onto the two Dead Ghosts. However they struggled, they could only be torn up under the fist energy. Their bodies became smaller and smaller before finally dissipating.

   Using one fist to kill two senior level Dead Ghosts looked majestic and domineering, but without the blast of the rosefinch and the two evil spirit slaying charms to give him enough time to accumulate strength and gather his fist intention with the Avatar of Life finally, he would have found this a difficult feat to accomplish.

   That said, although he required a number of conditions, the current strength of Mu Yi was undeniably impressive.

   Mu Yi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when he killed the seven senior level Dead Ghosts. He didn’t think it would be so smooth. They were seven senior level Dead Ghosts after all. If they were in the world, they would be considered powerful existences. Now that they were killed so easily by him. It was hard to imagine.

   After absorbing the power of these seven Dead Ghosts, the lamp oil of the Xin lamp increased somewhat. Despite this, Mu Yi’s expression remained taut as he looked at the Dead Ghosts approaching, and prepared for the war again.

   Next, Mu Yi used the unnamed fighting techniques to lock up the empty space. However, he needed to rely on the Xin lamp to block those who he may have missed. Although the unnamed fighting technique was very strong, even concealing some mysteries, it had different effects when dealing with different enemies.

   After Mu Yi exterminated these Dead Ghosts, retreated to the front of the cave.The lamp oil in the Xin lamp was consumed completely. He was not at his peak state now, but the Dead Ghosts seemed to keep growing in number.

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