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Chapter 405 Kill the Perfect Level



  Having reached this point, Mu Yi did not continue to be brave, but instead chose to return to the cave and seal the entrance. He then began to relax in the small space he had created.

   Although the time he spent fighting was short, it proved to be a rare experience for Mu Yi. The feeling of being constantly in jeopardy was rarely experienced. This allowed his fighting sense and experience to rapidly grow.

   Originally, when a chakra had just opened, it would take some time to consolidate and allow the chakras to be fused together. However, Mu Yi didn’t expect that this battle would greatly expedite this process.

   Mu Yi didn’t know how long he could stay here, or when the Yellow River’s Ancient Road would close. For now, the only thing he could do was to try his best to kill the Dead Ghosts, and strive for more units to exchange for treasures.

   As for what happened to the others who entered the tunnel, he didn’t know. Although he was worried about Qiu Yuetong, he thought her luck was better than his own, so she should be ok.

   While Mu Yi began to relax, he didn’t know that in the abyss, a powerful being had awoke from its deep sleep. Many Dead Ghosts knelt around him. Three of these were close to the powerful being, and their bodies were more obviously solid.

   All of a sudden, one of the three Dead Ghosts stood up and left without looking back. Shortly after, thousands of Dead Ghosts followed in his footsteps and left.

   Mu Yi woke up from his meditation. He could feel that a huge threat was coming towards him. Thinking of the deep abyss, Mu Yi felt ill at ease.

   The Dead Ghosts that came before were already senior level. Now, was it a perfect-stage Dead Ghost?

   Mu Yi quickly got up and readied himself. Although he knew that the perfect-stage Dead Ghost likely had many subordinates, he didn’t have a choice. Mu Yi had to fight.

   Just after coming out, Mu Yi saw a shadow rising rapidly. At the same time, the Xin lamp rose above his head. The fire lotus blossomed slowly outward. Behind Mu Yi’s head, a light chakra loomed. Even the surface of his skin flashed as if glass from time to time.

   Finally, Mu Yi’s opponent revealed itself. The perfect-stage Dead Ghost was wearing the battle armor of an ancient war general, and had a long sabre at his waist that swirled with deadly-intent.  This was the first time Mu Yi faced a perfect-stage Dead Ghost. What’s more, behind the perfect-stage Dead Ghost, there was an army of Dead Ghosts that had six senior Dead Ghosts in their midst.

“I might be in trouble this time.” Mu Yi thought to himself. He still had a trump card, but he could not underestimate this threat.

   When the perfect level Dead Ghost approached, Mu Yi moved finally. At this moment, the light chakra behind his head almost condensed into essence. The control of the perfect-stage, together with the power borrowed from the Xin lamp, resulted in him sending out his most powerful strike.

   Mu Yi held one fist in the air and a circle of fist energy ripples centered on Mu Yi’s fist quickly expanded, spreading out continuously. The perfect-stage Dead Ghost drew out its long sabre suddenly and cut at the fist energy.

   A brilliant ray fell down and collided with Mu Yi’s fist. Mu Yi felt pain ripple through him as a huge force made him back up involuntarily. The Dead Ghost was also forced back, but the long sabre rose high, with a trace of blood on it.


   Retreating, a rosefinch appeared behind Mu Yi. Under his command it rushed towards the Dead Ghost with one pair of wings.

   The rosefinch was very fast. In addition, the perfect level Dead Ghost had just received Mu Yi’s fist, so it couldn’t get away and was hit by the rosefinch directly.


   The perfect-stage Dead Ghost collided with the rosefinch. After a while, countless Nanming Li flames scattered and swept away towards the Dead Ghost army. Some more powerful Dead Ghosts dodged, but ordinary Dead Ghosts had no such good luck. They were all swallowed up by the Nanming Li fire.

   When the rosefinch disappeared, the figure of the perfect level Dead Ghost reappeared. Looking at its appearance, Mu Yi’s heart couldn’t help waverrattling. Although it looked as though the perfect-stage Dead Ghost was broken and full of embarrassment, Mu Yi didn’t feel that it was wounded much at all. Although it was injured, it was much lighter than expected. Although the Nanming Li fire had a restraining effect on the Dead Ghost, the strength of the perfect-stage was demonstrated now by the Dead Ghost.

   In other words, it was more difficult to deal with the current perfect-stage Dead Ghost than the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag without a magic weapon. After all, Mu Yi tried his best to hurt the other with no magic weapon.

   Now, his accomplishments had increased greatly, and he had reached the perfect level. Even if the Dead Ghost was hard to deal with, there was no need to fear or even shrink back.

   Fortune rewarded the brave. Mu Yi became more determined as he looked at the perfect-stage Dead Ghost.

   Then, regardless of consumption, he summoned a rosefinch again. However, the perfect-stage Dead Ghost was intelligent. He didn’t rush up by himself, but instead ordered the Dead Ghost army behind him to rush towards Mu Yi.

   Seeing this situation, Mu Yi didn’t panic. He invoked a Five Thunders charm and summoned the lightning sea once again. The Lightning Sea covered all the approaching Dead Ghosts, turning them into ash.   However, though the Lightning Sea was terrifying, it couldn’t kill the perfect level Dead Ghost. With its sabre, it broke out of the Lightning Sea. However, compared with its original state, it was undoubtedly more bedraggled. Its strength had been greatly reduced..

“I’m waiting for you.” Seeing this, a sneer appeared at the corner of Mu Yi’s mouth. The rosefinch rushed towards the other side immediately. The timing was perfect. Just after the Dead Ghost got out of trouble, the rosefinch formed from the Nanming Li fire collided with it.

   Nanming Li fire collided with the Lightning Sea, and it sent out the wave of destruction, increasing the attack’s power. Even Mu Yi didn’t think of this situation.

   When the Nanming Li fire and the Lightning Sea had disappeared, there was only the perfect-stage Dead Ghost left, while the rest were ashes.

   However, looking at the state of the perfect level Dead Ghost, Mu Yi was very happy. With continuous unique moves, he finally saw his chance to kill it completely.

   However, it seemed that the perfect-stage Dead Ghost also understood his own state. After gazing deeply at Mu Yi, it turned around and wanted to leave.

   Mu Yi had created such a good opportunity. How could he let it go? The Xin lamp on his head suddenly moved.

   Ever since the Xin lamp had been restored, Mu Yi’s had thought of numerous things to try with its power. However, the situation had not allowed him to experiment. When he was meditating previously, he scanned through his ideas and found that they were all related to how well he could control the Xin lamp.

   If Mu Yi wanted to learn these skills systematically, it couldn’t be done in a short time, so he chose one of the easiest to learn. It was also the most helpful one for him at present.

   Although it was a secret method, when Mu Yi mastered the Xin lamp completely, he could use it as he wanted, but was unaware how to do so. Now with guidance, he could master it quickly.

   Mu Yi commanded the Xin lamp to go towards the head of the perfect level Dead Ghost and quickly expand. In the blink of an eye, the Xin lamp had far exceeded the Dead Ghost in size.


   Mu Yi pinched the fingerprint and pointed away at the same time.

   The light from the Xin lamp flashed, and a hole was exposed at the bottom. A strong suction burst out from it. The Dead Ghost who was fleeing froze suddenly, and then began to struggle frantically. Obviously, it also knew that things were not good. If it was inhaled, the consequences would be unimaginable.

   Mu Yi grit his teeth as he controlled the Xin lamp, but he felt it becoming more and more difficult. The reason why he didn’t use this move before was that the Xin lamp’s power to devour was limited. Normally, the Xin lamp could only devour existences of a lower power than Mu Yi. Even if Mu Yi was at the perfect level, it could usually only devour those at senior level, and the Dead Ghost in front of him was at the perfect level.

   However, Mu Yi chose to rely on this power as he had little other choice. Plus, with the severe damage to the perfect level Dead Ghost, he saw some hope. However, he quickly realised that he had thought too simply.

   However, he was extremely unwilling to let the Dead Ghost leave. It was at the perfect level. Not to mention how many units it was likely worth, if the Xin lamp devoured it, it could replenish the lamp oil immediately.

   Thinking of this and the consequences of releasing the tiger back to the mountain, Mu Yi stopped hesitating. He broke the tip of his tongue and spat out blood essence.

   The Xin lamp absorbed the blood essence and became even bigger, causing its suction to increase. If the Dead Ghost was still at full strength, then even with Mu Yi’s blood essence, it would have been useless. But now, the Dead Ghost was severely injured. Only twenty or thirty percent of its strength was left, so the original stalemate was broken by the essence blood Mu Yi spat out.

   With an unwilling roar, the Dead Ghost was swallowed. Then the Xin lamp shrank again, rushing back towards Mu Yi.

   When the Dead Ghost was inhaled by the Xin lamp, Mu Yi sent his spirit within as well. In the interior space of the Xin lamp, the perfect level Dead Ghost was surrounded by the endless Nanming Li fire. Although it struggled desperately to break free, it was still refined by the Nanming Li fire.

   After the Dead Ghost was refined, the lamp oil soared by a third. This let Mu Yi see hope for filling the lamp oil completely. If there were two more perfect level Dead Ghosts, then maybe this wish would be achieved.

   However, this idea was dismissed shortly after entering Mu Yi’s mind. He was successful before mainly because the Lightning Sea, which was caused by the Five Thunders charm and hurt the perfect-stage Dead Ghost unexpectedly. But now there was only the last Five Thunders charm. If there were two perfect level Dead Ghosts, he might die miserably.


   At this time, the Xin lamp moved suddenly, and a long sabre was suddenly ‘vomited’ up.

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