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Chapter 406 Final Battle



   Mu Yi looked at the long Sabre that was spat out by the Xin lamp, and saw it was the blade of the perfect-stage Dead Ghost he fought before. After seeing its power previously, Mu Yi picked it up with a trace of expectation on his face. However, his expression soon turned into one of disappointment.

   He thought he had obtained a magic weapon. If he sold it to the mysterious Shining Man, it would be worth at least dozens of units. Unfortunately, the long Sabre was incomplete. It may have been a powerful magic weapon long ago, but now it was seriously damaged to the point that it was even worse off than the Xin lamp when Mu Yi first obtained it.

   But even if this magic weapon was incomplete, it was certainly hard, or it would have broken in the collision just now.

   For Mu Yi, this was a convenient weapon for him to use. He was not good at any Sabre techniques beyond moves such as the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique. However, he could do simple chops, hacks, and stabs.

   The most important thing was that the long Sabre had been owned by the full-rank Dead Ghost for a long time and had come to acquire some of the Dead Ghost’s energy. It could at least suppress an ordinary Dead Ghost.

   Later, Mu Yi urged the Saber with his mind and it was suddenly covered with a blue flame. Even with the flame burning, the long Sabre showed no sign of melting. Mu Yi nodded with satisfaction.

   Although the long Sabre’s power had fallen sharply from its heyday, its power still couldn’t be underestimated if the power of the Nanming Li fire was added to it. With this, it would be much easier to deal with the Dead Ghost.

   After making a Sabre flower with the long Sabre, Mu Yi took out the token. The token’s surface had begun to radiate a faint light. Mu Yi didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the token seemed to be heavier than before. He sensed it with his mind and spirit, and found that the token was wrapped in a mysterious force. It couldn’t be broken no matter how hard he tried, which was a pity.

   At this time, under the abyss, as existence awoke from its deep sleep, sitting on a high throne. A large group of Dead Ghosts knelt at his feet. No one made a sound. The atmosphere was solemn and somewhat scary.

   At the moment when the perfect-stage death spirit was turned into lamp oil, the existence on the throne suddenly opened its eyes, and slowly stood up.


   At this time, the rattle of iron chains came behind him. Looking carefully, a few black chains could be seen penetrating his body, while the other end of the chains fell into the deep darkness.

“Go. Kill him.”

   A voice sounded suddenly. If Mu Yi was here, he would be shocked, because according to his knowledge, Dead Ghosts had no wisdom. Even the perfect-stage Dead Ghost, while a little smarter, was still far from real wisdom.

   But in the abyss, this strong existence bound by iron chains could speak, which undoubtedly proved his wisdom.

   Of course, it was impossible for Mu Yi to come down here, so he was doomed to be unaware of the strong and terrible existence under the abyss.

   At the moment, the only thing Mu Yi could do was recover as soon as possible and prepare for the next battle.

   Hearing the voice from the throne, many of the Dead Ghosts lowered their heads simultaneously. Then, the two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts took the lead in standing up, before flying out in no particular order. Behind them, Dead Ghosts continuously joined the army.

   It was not long after Mu Yi had settled, that a strong palpitation rose in his heart many times stronger than before. At that moment, his soul seemed to be frozen.

   After waking up, Mu Yi did not continue relaxing, but wiped the long Sabre in his hand. It looked rusty, but the blade was still sharp.


   Finally, there was the sound of wind rushing up. Mu Yi was familiar with this sound. But compared with before, the sound of wind this time was undoubtedly bigger and fiercer.

   Mu Yi took a deep breath and knew that his biggest calamity had come. Although it was dangerous before, he still had some confidence. But this time, he had no confidence at all. Surveying his enemies revealed that these Dead Ghosts were stronger than those that came before.

   The last time a perfect-stage Dead Ghosts was sent out, what would it be this time? Would they send Dead Ghosts equivalent to the third-stage?

   Mu Yi shook his head and got rid of this absurd idea. Although he believed that there could be Dead Ghosts who reached the third difficulty in this battlefield, he didn’t think he would encounter one. Because this kind of existence could kill him as though crushing an ant, so there was no need to continuously send the Dead Ghosts to die.

   So since it couldn’t be a Dead Ghost who had reached the third difficulty, it could only be more perfect-stage Dead Ghosts, but there must be more than one. And most importantly, in addition to the perfect-stage Dead Ghosts, the number of other senior and ordinary Dead Ghosts would be increased.

   His left hand touched the cloth bag where he stored the last of the Five Thunders charms. His success or failure would likely depend on it. The terrible lightening sea was definitely the bane of the Dead Ghosts. Unfortunately, he only had one Five Thunders charm. He was still unable to break the limit of using five charms, which undoubtedly greatly limited his strength.

   Otherwise, if he had hundreds of Five Thunders charms, even if there were more Dead Ghosts, he would not be afraid. On the contrary, with such a force, he could exchange for any treasure he wanted, including Tao seed, or even real dragon’s blood.

   The function of the Tao seed was very clear, that was, to let people step out of the last step and reach the third-stage. However, Mu Yi was unclear on how to use the dragon’s blood. However, the words ‘real dragon’ alone were enough to prove its value, and its price was the same as the Tao seed, which also showed that the real dragon’s blood was not inferior to the Tao seed.

   If there were a thousand units, his strength would surely advance by leaps and bounds, and reaching the third difficulty would no longer be an extravagant hope.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi’s heart was hot, and his right hand holding the long Sabre couldn’t help grasping the blade firmly.

“Come on.”

   Mu Yi shouted loudly in his heart, and finally, two figures appeared in his sight. Although he had expected it, after seeing these two figures, Mu Yi still trembled in his heart. That said, he quickly relaxed somewhat after a moment..

   He expected that there would be some perfect-stage Dead Ghost. But there was one less perfect-stage Dead Ghost then he had expected, which was a blessing in such an unfortunate situation.

   Mu Yi may have the ability to fight with these two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts. Especially considering that the Xin lamp had just refined a full-rank Dead Ghost. With no shortage of lamp oil, Mu Yi had some confidence. As for those ordinary Dead Ghosts, he could still fight against them under the condition that he still had a trump card, the Five Thunders charm.

   So even though this situation was very dangerous, it wasn’t as though he had no chance.

   The speed of the two full-rank Dead Ghosts was very fast, and as soon as they came up, they suddenly split up and rushed towards Mu Yi from both sides, leaving no time for Mu Yi to prepare.

  However, Mu Yi had long been prepared. When the two full-rank Dead Ghosts came, he had already moved and chopped the long Sabre at one of them. Roaring flames burned in the air as the Nanming Li fire was urged to the extreme. The lamp oil in the Xin lamp fell sharply.

   At the same time, a huge Vermilion Bird appeared behind Mu Yi. With beating wings, it rushed to the other full-rank Dead Ghost.

   The battle had already begun when the two full-rank Dead Ghosts appeared.


   After two explosions in succession, the two full-rank Dead Ghosts stopped at the same time. However, although Mu Yi’s attack was sudden and powerful, it did not cause them any injuries.

   More Dead Ghosts flew out of the abyss. A dozen senior level Dead Ghosts came out first, rushing towards Mu Yi fearlessly. There were endless Dead Ghosts following these senior ones. Obviously, this time, the two powerful Dead Ghosts planned to use these ordinary Dead Ghosts to corner him until death, which was undoubtedly the best way.

   There was a ferocity flashing in Mu Yi’s eyes. He never hesitated at the critical moment, so the last Five Thunders charm was directly invoked. Suddenly a Lightning Sea appeared causing many of the Dead Ghosts that came to fall into the Lightning Sea.

   In the Lightning Sea, an electric snake swam around. Even if a senior level Dead Ghost came across this kind of electric snake, it would immediately turn to ashes. As for the two full rank Dead Ghosts, because they were far away before, although they also fell into the Lightning Sea, they were only in the periphery. They soon got out of the range of the Lightning Sea with their strength.

   And this time, because there were too many Dead Ghosts, the effect of Lightning Sea was not as good as that of the last time. Seeing this, Mu Yi called out the Vermilion Bird without hesitation. This time, he almost poured half of the lamp oil to condense a Vermilion Bird causing it to look more real. Compared with that of the last time, its size was smaller, and hardly any flames could be seen on its body. It would be hard for ordinary people to recognize that this was a Vermilion Bird condensed with flames.


   With a chirp, the Vermilion Bird directly plunged into the Lightning Sea, and then detonated. In a flash, more turbulent and terrifying waves expanded outward. The terrace at the foot of Mu Yi sent out a click and crashed. Fortunately, Mu Yi hurriedly back and did not fall into the abyss with the terrace together.

   The place he stood was now less than a square foot.

   In front of him, the army of Dead Ghosts had already been swept clean. Only a small number of the Dead Ghosts in the periphery escaped and survived. Mu Yi’s eyes kept wandering, and finally found the two full-rank Dead Ghosts in the distance.

   Just as Mu Yi expected, the two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts didn’t die. However, their injuries were not as serious as Mu Yi had hoped.

   Then, one of the perfect-stage Dead Ghosts roared. The escaping Dead Ghosts gradually gathered under its command. Although they seemed sparse, there were still at least a thousand Dead Ghosts. Although most of them were ordinary, Mu Yi still didn’t look down on them.

   Soon, under the command of the perfect-stage Dead Ghost, these Dead Ghosts rushed towards him again. Unfortunately, without the Five Thunders charm, he couldn’t call on the Lightening Sea.

   When the first Dead Ghost rushed to him, Mu Yi finally raised the long Sabre in his hand and cut towards it.

   The blazing flame on the blade directly turned the Dead Ghost into ashes, but more Dead Ghosts rushed up and directly submerged Mu Yi.

   Through the crevices, some flames could still be dimly seen. Dead Ghosts continuously died, but there were also other Dead Ghosts joining in.

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