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Chapter 407 A Terrorist Attack



   In the face of countless fierce and fearless Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi had no choice but to kill them. Instead of using a flashy technique, he used the Saber to kill the Dead Ghosts. Over time, his saber techniques were constantly changing. Mu Yi’s saber techniques had begun to condense spirit, causing them to become more concise and powerful. Each slash from the Saber was attacking from the most appropriate angle so that the smallest amount of power could result in the largest effect.

   These techniques, combined with Nanming Li Fire, made Mu Yi look like an invincible God of war.

   The two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts hid in the distance. However, Mu Yi clearly felt that once he revealed any flaws or showed weakness, they would attack him crazily.

   Mu Yi was not anxious. He killed the Dead Ghosts while keeping his attention on the two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts. He remained completely at ease while the continuous fighting caused his fifth chakra to gradually integrate into his light chakras. In this way, the power of the Avatar of Life was improved again.

   As time went by, the two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts also seemed to realize that the ordinary Dead Ghosts could not kill Mu Yi. They could no longer simply stand by.  The two perfect-stage Dead Ghosts dashed towards Mu Yi attempting to flank him.

   Seeing this, Mu Yi sneered. Wasn’t this exactly what he wanted after having dealing with these ordinary Dead Ghosts for so long?

   Looking at the perfect-stage Dead Ghosts, Mu Yi took a deep breath. His whole body was full of the Flaming Lotus. A light chakra appeared behind his head. At the same time, the Xin lamp began to shine. This time, Mu Yi’s energy suddenly soared.

   Then, he rushed at one of the Dead Ghosts. A fire dragon swept the army, turning all the ordinary Dead Ghosts turned to ashes.

   In the face of the fire dragon, a long spear suddenly appeared in the hands of the perfect-stage Dead Ghost, and then stabbed forward!

 The wisdom of Dead Ghost was not high, but some instincts remained before death, especially for perfect-stage Dead Ghosts. Their fighting instinct was terribly strong.

   A little black light flashed at the tip of the spear and collided with the fire dragon causing the fire dragon to quickly disappear.

   But at this time, Mu Yi had already turned to the other side. After cutting through another Dead Ghost, all of Mu Yi’s energy shifted to the other side. As his spirit moved, the perfect-stage Dead Ghost on the other side was wrapped up by a huge fire lotus.

   The fire lotus revolved and wrapped the perfect-level Dead Ghost within itself causing the lamp oil in the Xin lamp to drop rapidly. The Dead Ghost struggled, but still remained firmly trapped in the lotus..


   At present, it was impossible for Mu Yi to hesitate too much, because his opponents were more than a single perfect-stage ghost. On the other side, the fire dragon had disappeared, and the long spear was continuing towards him.

   Among his friends, Mo Ruyan used a spear, but compared with the current perfect-stage Dead Ghost, Mo Ruyan’s spear technique was a little weak.

 On the other side, the fire lotus exploded, echoing with the scream of the Dead Ghost. It must  be seriously hurt.

   However, Mu Yi focused on the other side. A rosefinch took shape and fluttered its wings towards the other spirit.

   At the same time, the Xin lamp on the top of Mu Yi’s head appeared on the top of the Dead Ghost who had just been injured by the explosion of the fire lotus. At the same time, it rapidly grew. A dark hole appeared at the bottom of the Xin lamp, and created a strong suctioning force.

   Obviously, Mu Yi intended to do the same thing as before, but this Dead Ghost was only slightly injured. So the Dead Ghost could not be inhaled with only the strength of the Xin lamp.

  The Dead Ghost began to struggle, feeling the threat, and the Xin lamp began weakening.

   It was not easy to create such a good opportunity. How could Mu Yi give up? He once again bit the tip of his tongue and spat out a lot of blood essence.

   The Xin lamp absorbed the blood essence and immediately became stable, but it was only able to suppress the Dead Ghost, making it unable to free itself. It was still difficult to bring it into the lamp.

   Mu Yi simply restrained the Dead Ghost here. The ghost on the other side needed Mu Yi’s attention. The rosefinch couldn’t hurt the other Dead Ghost. The long spear in its hands made its strength soar. Unfortunately, Mu Yi didn’t have any five thunder charms now, so defeating him would be really difficult.

  The Dead Ghost seemed to know that his companion was in danger, and he started to rush forward recklessly. Mu Yi could only try to stop him. His light chakras almost condensed into essence behind his head as hr fought with the Dead Ghost directly.

   In just a few breaths, Mu Yi was already hurt. His right chest was almost punctured. However, he had blocked the Dead Ghost’s attack, and he even smashed the other’s two swords. When the Dead Ghost retreated, Mu Yi’s body flickered. He suddenly appeared, standing at the top of the Xin lamp.

   The fire of the Xin lamp suddenly rose, and the Mu Yi was also wrapped in it.

“Merge with me.”

   Mu Yi’s face was red as he loudly roared and then disappeared directly in the fire. When he appeared again, he was in the interior of the Xin lamp. Before that, his mind was just combined with the Xin lamp. But this was an integration of his whole person and the Xin lamp. Naturally, they were different.

   It was similar to the integration of man and sword, the ultimate form of magic weapons. Of course, Mu Yi’s integration was just the most superficial at present, but even so, it made the power of the Xin lamp soar. The Dead Ghost, who was still struggling to this point, were absorbed into the interior space of the Xin lamp after Mu Yi and the Xin lamp were completely integrated.

 The flames enveloped him in an instant. Another perfect-level of the Dead Ghost was refined. Then Mu Yi felt a surge of power coming into his body. His previous consumption of strength was immediately replenished. At the same time, the lamp oil inside the Xin lamp also increased a lot.

   In the Xin lamp, Mu Yi could still clearly perceive the outside..

   The other Dead Ghost saw that his companion was swallowed up and he became enraged. He shot into the air with his spear. Mu Yi controlled the lamp to dodge, but the long spear seemed to lock onto the lam. No matter where the lamp appeared, it could be reached.


   The lamp was stabbed with a strong knock. Mu Yi, who hid in the lamp, felt dizzy. His body was shaking and his blood was surging.

   Looking at the Dead Ghost, Mu Yi’s eyes filled with killing intent. Flames spewed out of the lamp and turned into a fire dragon that rushed towards the Dead Ghost. The Dead Ghost was bound by the fire dragon and started to struggle.

   In fact, Mu Yi didn’t expect these fire dragons to trap him for long, since just a few breaths was enough.

   Mu Yi completely controlled the lamp, and a huge breath emanated from the within. The breath was vast and full of majesty. Around the lamp, a small version of the rosefinch was constantly fluttering about, sometimes crying.

   Under the abyss, the figure on the throne suddenly looked up, and two pure lights flashed from his eyes.

   When Mu Yi was ready to use the Xin lamp to send out a powerful attack to kill the last ghost, a strong chill suddenly rose in his heart, which froze even his blood.


   Mu Yi suddenly screamed in his heart, and the energy meant for his attack almost instinctively gathered before quickly turning into a layer of protection.

   Just when the defense was formed,  real great force came from the void and hit the lamp.


   Under this force, the layers of defense of the lamp were like thin eggshells, which were broken layer by layer. Soon, that force hit the body of the lamp.


   A small sound entered into My Yi’s ear, and his body beared the attack. A mouthful of blood spilt out of his seven orifices. At the same time, Mu Yi heard a plaintive cry, which he recognized as the voice of the rosefinch.

   The energy of the lamp was declining, and Mu Yi’s viscera were also severely shaken. All of them were displaced. The light chakras of life behind his head were directly broken up and there were many cracks in his chakras. This attack made Mu Yi’s injury more serious than ever.

   At this time, the lamp oil of the Xin lamp began to consume rapidly, almost every breath dropping consumed a little. Mu Yi withdrew from the lamp.

   After retreating, Mu Yi directly put the lamp into his sea of knowledge, without affirming the damage of the lamp, and took out a piece of back to life charm to heal him. Under the effect of the charm, his injury improved rapidly.

   Originally, Mu Yi thought that he would be attacked by the Dead Ghost, but when he came out, the Dead Ghost had disappeared. But from the agitating atmosphere around him, Mu Yi vaguely guessed at the final outcome of the perfect-stage Dead Ghost.

   Under the effect of the back to life charm, Mu Yi’s injury improved rapidly. However, the token on his chest suddenly sent out a faint light, and then wrapped him up. After a breath, Mu Yi disappeared directly.

   Just after the disappearance of Mu Yi, there was a sudden roar under the abyss. The sound of a chain was constantly emitted, and an invisible wave exploded outward. The original platform that Mu Yi stood on before quietly turned into powder.

   If Mu Yi had still stayed there, he would have been destroyed like that platform.

   When he felt the power of the token, Mu Yi suddenly felt relieved. Although there were some accidents in the end, he won the bet. The mysterious light man did not give up on him, but took him away when he was seriously injured.

 Thinking of that terrible attack, Mu Yi shook, terrified of what almost occurred.

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