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Chapter 408 The Exchange for Treasures



When Mu Yi woke up, he had come to the hall again. The mysterious Shining Man was still floating in the air, and there were still three light curtains in front of him. Everything seemed to be the same as before he had left.

If it weren’t for the injuries and the long saber in his hand, Mu Yi would have thought it was all a dream.

“Congratulations. You came back alive.”

Just then, the mysterious Shining Man spoke.

“What if I didn’t kill the Dead Ghost in perfection?” Mu Yi asked directly.

“Naturally, you can’t come back,” said the mysterious Shining Man.

“How many people survived this trial?” Mu Yi asked again.

“You will know at the end of the day.” After the mysterious Shining Man finished speaking, the token was suddenly taken away. After a few breaths, the mysterious Shining Man spoke again, “This time, you have harvested 370 units in total and can exchange them for treasures.”

“So few?” Mu Yi’s eyes widened suddenly. Although the last perfect-stage Dead Ghost hadn’t been killed directly, it had been indirectly killed in his hands. So there were three perfect-stage Dead Ghosts he could claim died by his hands.

In addition, there were those senior-level Dead Ghosts and countless ordinary Dead Ghosts, but he had only earned 370 units. This was no doubt much lower than Mu Yi’s expectations. After all, he had played all his cards and even nearly died.

Even then he could only get 370 units. But whether it was worth all this to exchange for a piece of news varied from person to person.

At least for Mu Yi, the deal was still worth it. Although he had almost died, he could not have obtained the strength he had today without fighting and honing his skill through danger.

“You can choose to continue to fight,” said the mysterious Shining Man.

“Haha, continue? I’m afraid next time you’re going to bury my corpse. ” Mu Yi sneered. He didn’t know why, but he felt that the mysterious Shining Man in front of him was strange. It seemed more appropriate to regard it as a real person rather than an artifact.

However, Mu Yi also knew that this was impossible because normal people couldn’t live so long. Even if it was a human, it would have to be an immortal realm expert. But, there was no need for an immortal to play this kind of game with them.

Therefore, the most probable identity of the mysterious Shining Man in front of him was the hall’s spirit. Such a being would act according to certain pre-established rules.

“Do you want to take this long sabre back?” Mu Yi raised his long saber and said. Although it was a broken magic tool, it was mostly useless to him. Instead of throwing it away, it was better to sell it if he could.

“One incomplete magic tool, worth seven units,” said the Shining Man.

“What? Only seven units? “Mu Yi’s eyes widened. Now he could feel the black heart of the other side. Although the long sabre was incomplete, it was also a magic tool. Even the most common magic tool on the light curtain was worth more than 50 units.

And if this long sabre had been in a complete state, it would be worth at least a few hundreds of units.

Seeing that the Shining man didn’t respond, Mu Yi knew that this couldn’t be changed. Either he sold the long sabre to the other side, or he carried it out. After thinking about it, Mu Yi decided to wait and see.

His eyes first fell on the Vermilion Bird stone. He had suffered a terrible blow and the Xin lamp had been damaged, which had undoubtedly reduced his strength. Therefore, his most urgent need was to repair the Xin lamp. As for himself, after he had used a back to life charm, his injuries had recovered 70%~80%, and the remaining were not a big deal.

“I want the Vermilion Bird stone. I’ll grab one first.” Mu Yi said. Although the Vermilion Bird stone was not expensive, Mu Yi did not intend to be thriftless. Although he felt that the Vermilion Bird stone would definitely have an effect on the Xin lamp, it was only an unconfirmed guess. With the units he had now however, it was worth spending ten units to buy one piece to have a try.

As for exchanging all of his units for Vermilion Bird stones, that would be ridiculous.

As soon as Mu Yi finished talking, a red pebble appeared in front of him. Mu Yi instinctively reached out and grasped it, and he found that the stone was hot. The Xin lamp in his mind suddenly quivered. Without hesitation, Mu Yi summoned it directly.

All of a sudden, there was a suctioning force from the Xin lamp, which drew the Vermilion Bird stone into it.

Mu Yi’s mind integrated with the lamp, and he felt the change of the lamp. After being inhaled into the interior space of the lamp, the Vermilion Bird stone was directly turned into powder and a force was extracted and then devoured by the Nanming Li fire.

Suddenly, Mu Yi felt as if the Nanming Li Fire had evolved and the Xin lamp began to recover.

“It worked.” Mu Yi was very happy. After all, guessing was one thing and proving was another. Since the Vermilion Bird stone worked, Mu Yi would not miss this opportunity.

Mu Yi exchanged for five more Vermilion Bird stones right away. After the Xin lamp had devoured all of them, Mu Yi felt that the Nanming Li Fire was at the edge of evolution. As for the Xin lamp, it was fully recovered.

It was not a surprise for these stones to have such an effect. After all, the Xin lamp had devoured six Vermilion Bird stones. In terms of value, six Vermilion Bird stones were 60 units while the most common magic tool here was no more than 50 units.

That was to say that the Xin lamp had directly devoured a magic tool. If it still couldn’t be restored, then it was unconscionable.

But this proved its potential. At least among magic tools, the Xin lamp was absolutely top-grade. The most important thing was that the quality of the Xin lamp was not unchangeable. The stronger the fire was, the greater the power of the Xin lamp would be.

Mu Yi didn’t know how strong the lamp had been before, but now, the fire of the lamp had been replaced by the Nanming Li Fire. This kind of fire was between ordinary fire and heavenly fire. In its heyday, it had had an infinite power far stronger than it was at present.

If the Nanming Li Fire could evolve into real heavenly fire, Mu Yi believed that even the so-called third stage would not be comparable. After all, according to the memory from the fire, when the Nanming Li Fire had evolved, the Vermilion Bird had dared to challenge the heavens.

Therefore, once the Nanming Li Fire evolved into heavenly fire, it would be capable of burning everything.

At present, Nanming Li Fire was still a long way from its heyday, let alone at the level of the legendary heavenly fire. At present, although the energy contained in the Vermilion Bird stones had been absorbed and  Nanming Li Fire had started to evolve, this evolution was just a recovery towards it’s original power.

But even so, Mu Yi was full of expectations.

Seeing that Nanming Li Fire was only one step away from evolution, Mu Yi was not stingy. He exchanged for two more Vermilion Bird stones and let the Xin lamp devour them.

After swallowing the two stones, the Nanming Li Fire finally stepped over the key ridge. With a roar, a delicate Vermilion Bird spread its wings, and the color of Nanming Li Fire had become dark blue.

After the evolution of the Nanming Li fire, the Xin lamp suddenly released a strong energy that was far better than before. The original spells of the Xin lamp also increased in strength and became more complex.

Fortunately, the connection between the Xin lamp and him had not weakened, and the Xin lamp still belonged to him.

Later, Mu Yi used his spirit to integrate with the spells, and the feeling of control came back. At the same time, a powerful force flowed through his heart, which made Mu Yi feel that his one punch could kill a strongman at the perfect-stage.

However, he also knew that this was just the illusion of a sudden increase in strength. Although the Xin lamp had become stronger and it had also increased his strength, it was still impossible to easily kill experts in perfection.

At the perfect-stage, the key to win was not simply an increase of strength but obtaining control of the world and furthering one’s understanding of Tao.

Although the evolution of the Nanming Li Fire hadn’t improved the core strength of Mu Yi, it was enough for him. At least he would be safer in this ancient battlefield.

After the lamp was completely restored, Mu Yi began to nourish it in his mind and then looked at the light curtains again.

Just now, the Xin lamp had devoured eight Vermilion Bird stones worth 80 units in total, leaving him with 290 units. This was definitely still a huge sum. After all, the core of the fire beast king which had been killed by everyone prior was worth no more than Mu Yi’s current harvest.

Mu Yi constantly browsed the light curtain. Soon, his eyes fell on one treasure. The treasure was the heart of a thousand-year-old tree. It was a spiritual item with a wood attribute and the price was not expensive at only 30 units.

The reason why Mu Yi was interested in the heart of the tree, was Nian Nuer and the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Nian Nuer was integrated with the Bamboo Tree of Life. It could be said that the stronger the Bamboo Tree of Life was, the stronger she would be. Except for the Shi Gu in the Qu Mortuary before, Mu Yi hadn’t seen any spiritual items. So the Bamboo Tree of Life could only slowly absorb Yin Qi if it wanted to evolve. This progress was undoubtedly very slow. Even last time, the growth of the Bamboo Tree of Life had depended on the help of the Nether flower, but the Nether flower’s effect was also limited.

   Only a real spiritual item could make the Bamboo Tree of Life grow rapidly. There had been no chance to obtain one before, so he could have only felt sorry for her. But now that he had encountered this chance, Mu Yi could not miss it. What’s more, the heart of the tree was only 30 units. For Mu Yi at the moment, this was no big deal.

As for the rest of the magic tools, he was not going to exchange for them. He had the Xin Lamp and the tree, so he basically didn’t need other magic tools. Otherwise, he may bite off more than he could chew. He believed that it would be enough to have the Xin Lamp with him, which had been left by the Old Taoist Priest.

And there were many more functions of the lamp for him to develop. At least the functions of the mark of the Vermilion Bird and the absorption of faith were much stronger than ordinary magic tools. This was also an important reason why Mu Yi believed that the lamp was not simple.

After Mu Yi spent 30 units in exchange for the heart of the tree, it appeared in front of him in a flash of light. The tree’s heart seemed to be the size of a baby’s fist. It was green, looked like amber, and smelled of grass and trees.

After putting away the heart of the tree, Mu Yi continued to browse the light curtains. Although he wanted the Tao Seed and the real dragon’s blood, 1000 units were beyond his means, so he could only take his next best options.

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