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Chapter 409 Sky Patching Stone




“Sky patching stone!”

When Mu Yi saw the name on the light curtains, he was stunned. Although there had been many treasures on the light curtains before, he could be sure that there had been no such item before. But now, it appeared on the light curtain and the price was exactly 260 units, which made Mu Yi suspect that the so-called sky patching stone was specially prepared for him by the mysterious shining man.

As for why, he couldn’t be sure yet; but judging from the name, this thing should be related to Providence. Anything that involved Providence would not be simple.

Moreover, Mu Yi’s intuition told him that mending the sky patching stone would be very important for him and even made him have the impulse to exchange for it right away.

However, in the end, Mu Yi still suppressed this impulse, because it was more than likely a trap especially made for him. The bait was certainly attractive, but once he swallowed it, he might be killed.

Mu Yi took a deep breath and forced himself to look away. However, although there were many treasures on the light curtains, he couldn’t see them anymore. His mind was full of the three words “Sky Patching Stone”. It seemed that if he didn’t choose it, he would regret it for the rest of his life.


Finally, Mu Yi yelled at himself. A strong energy erupted from him. Behind his head, a circle of light emerged, and a lamp loomed.

After a while, all the temptations in Mu Yi’s mind disappeared.

After reopening his eyes, Mu Yi gasped and looked at the mysterious shining man with more fear.

“State your purpose.”

The appearance of the sky patching stone and the temptation were not without any reason. Mu Yi believed that all these were caused by the mysterious shining man. Since he had done so, he must have his purpose.

“Everything is a matter of fate,” said the mysterious shining man.

“A matter of fate? Do you really think I’m a little kid who hasn’t seen the world? Or do you think I’m easier to cheat because I’m young? “Mu Yi said with a wry face. He didn’t believe in destiny. If it was destined to be what he was, he didn’t have to do anything. Wouldn’t it be better to eat, drink, and wait for death every day? 

“The sky patching stone can save your life in a crisis in the future.” The mysterious shining man continued after a silence.

“With my current strength, as long as I don’t challenge those most powerful men in the third stage, who can kill me? Give me three more years, and I may be able to challenge those immortals who are high and unattainable. ” When Mu Yi said this, there was a surge of self-confidence in him. It took him less than a year to go from nothing to what he was now. Although he had his foundation and various arrangements laid for him by the old Taoist Priest, if his talent was poor or his mind was dull, he could not have reached this realm.

Now, he had activated the fifth chakra, which would be completely stable in a month or two at most. Then he would start with the sixth chakra. Even if he delayed for some time, it would be enough for him to activate the seventh in two years at most.

Once all his seven chakras were activated and fully integrated, his strength would reach a terrifying state. Even though this was still far from the third stage, there would be not many people in the world who could kill him.

And with the virtual shadow of Tao Seed, though he dared not say that his path to the third stage would be smooth, the biggest obstacle had been solved and the rest was nothing more than continuous accumulation for the final rush to the sky.

So three years did not only come from Mu Yi’s self-confidence, but also a goal he set for himself.

Of course, it would immediately cause a round of ridicule if he told others about it. Only three years to achieve all this? Become an immortal? No one would believe it and people would think that he was making a fuss or just a joke.

After all, many people who had reached perfection had been stuck at the last step and turned into dust with the passage of time.

But at the moment, no one thought that Mu Yi was talking big and the silence of the mysterious shining man undoubtedly acquiesced to this point. It seemed that it was also very optimistic about Mu Yi’s future.

“The way of heaven is impermanent. The last Calamity will come again.” Finally, the mysterious shining man said again.

When hearing mention of the coming of the last Calamity, Mu Yi suddenly felt a chill in his heart, and even his scalp got numb.

The words “last Calamity” were not simple. In those days, the cultivation of the mortal world had disappeared, which was the sign of the last Calamity. The ancient myth had gradually disappeared into history, which was an omen of the last Calamity. When the cultivation between heaven and earth became more and more difficult, it revealed the trend of the last Calamity.

There was no doubt that today’s world was working towards the last Calamity, which many people knew. The only unclear thing was how long the process would be, maybe it would be decades, maybe it would be hundreds of years. But at present, Mu Yi suddenly felt that the previous speculation was too optimistic.

When the mysterious shining man said this, Mu Yi even had a premonition that the last Calamity was around the corner and that it would come in a situation that no one could predict, resulting in a disaster.

“How can I trust you?” Mu Yi asked aloud. In fact, the louder his voice was, the less confidence he had, on the contrary, the more he believed the shining man’s words.

“You have no choice. Even when you practice every day, you should have felt that the last Calamity is coming.” Said the mysterious shining man slowly.

“Can the sky patching stone make me avoid the last calamity?” Mu Yi asked again.

“No.” The answer given by the mysterious shining man was unexpected in reason, but it also showed that the last calamity was inevitable.

Mu Yi couldn’t help thinking of the palpitation that appeared when he had entered mediation once before, and the hidden revelation of the mystery. Once the last calamity arrived, this world would become a world of ordinary people, a world of technological weapons, and a world where ordinary people’s power controlled everything.

As for the cultivation of the experts, it would also follow in the steps of the cultivation of mortals and disappear. Years later, cultivation would only exist in legends. When people talked about cultivation, they would think of it as a lie.

Thinking of that terrible future, Mu Yi shuddered, but it was not something that he could change. Even if all the powerful people in the whole world together combined strengths, they could not resist the coming of the last calamity. Everything seemed to be predetermined. As for them, they might die according to Providence like straw dogs in the new world, or perhaps they will be deprived of all their strength by Providence and become ordinary people.

However, was this kind of possibility acceptable? The answer was undoubtedly no.

It was hard for anyone to accept that he would become an ordinary person after he was used to powerful strength. Mu Yi had no such a mind as that of the Old Taoist Priest. Although his mind was firm, he wouldn’t be able to bear the huge gap after being deprived of his power.

Therefore, whenever possible, Mu Yi would do his best to prevent this possibility.

“What’s the use of sky patching stone to me?” Mu Yi said directly. At this moment, the fact he could say this had proved that he had believed in the mysterious shining man’s words and was also interested in the sky patching stone.

“The sky patching stone can at least give you a chance. A chance to resist.” The mysterious shining man said, his voice seeming a little low at the end.

“An opportunity? Why did people fail in this ancient battlefield before?” Mu Yi asked. At the moment, he had understood the meaning of the ancient battlefield. He heard so much from the shining man. If he could not guess it, he would be an idiot.

   The ancient battlefield had been built to deal with the calamity. What kind of calamity? Now he thought it was the Last Calamity. But the ancient battlefield had failed with such a strong power at back then, what could he do now?

It would be a joke if it wanted him to fight against Providence with his own strength. 

“Although those people failed at that time, they also succeeded. Otherwise, people would not be able to cultivate in this world. No matter the cultivation of mind and spirit or the cultivation of martial arts, it would be an illusion. Unfortunately, although the last Calamity was delayed, it will come eventually,” said the mysterious shining man.

“How can we avoid or eliminate it?” Mu Yi asked.

“The only way to escape it is to leave this world,” said the mysterious shining man.

“What? Leave this world?” Mu Yi was shocked. If he left this world, where could he go? Was there any other world besides this one?

“Yes, in fact, some people chose to stay to resist the catastrophe and some people chose to leave. In the vast universe, this is not the only place. At least the netherworld exists. As for the existence of the legendary Fairyland, no one knows for sure. Those who left at that time were looking for it,” said the mysterious shining man.

“Looking for the Fairyland? So did they find it?” Mu Yi’s eyes showed hope. The Fairyland was the ultimate goal of countless practitioners. Why did one cultivated in order to become immortal? Because immortals were everlasting and could transcend the three worlds and five elements.

Who wouldn’t want to be immortal?

However, since ancient times, immortality had only been seen in legends. Although it was said that some ancestors had become immortals in history, these were only legends after all. No one knew the truth.

But if there was a Fairyland, he might be able to enter it even if he was not immortal.

“I don’t know. Maybe they succeeded. Maybe they failed. I haven’t heard from those people since they left,” said the mysterious shining man.

“Then how to eliminate the last Calamity?” Mu Yi asked again. Since some people had chosen to leave and some stayed to resist the Calamity, it meant that the catastrophe could be eliminated. The proof was that people were still cultivating in this world.

After all, according to the words of the mysterious shining man, although those people had failed at that time, they had also succeeded, which gave Mu Yi a glimmer of hope.

“If you want to eliminate the Last Calamity, you need to break away from the three worlds and five elements, and get rid of the shackles of Providence,” said the mysterious shining man.

“Isn’t immortality the only way to surpass the three worlds and the five elements?” Mu Yi asked. This was no answer at all. Becoming an immortal was a legend, but if you wanted to eliminate the Calamity, you had to become an immortal. What could you do?


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