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Chapter 410 The Last Calamity



To Mu Yi, becoming an immortal was too far off in the future. He never even considered this issue.

In the beginning, he started cultivating to find the old Taoist Priest.Now, it was to get revenge for the old Taoist Priest, and to explore the mystery of cultivation. If he could go to the end of the martial path, he would be ecstatic. It was certain no one would refuse this temptation.

In the past, Mu Yi was still a little vague about his goals. When he was just practicing, he felt that he would be satisfied when he reached the second stage. But when he reached the second stage, he felt that the top of the second stage would be good. Now, he had almost reached completion. At this point, he found that the third stage might be best, and so he would rush forward.

But with the mysterious man of light telling him that the Last Calamity was coming, he would either become a ruminant dog, turn it into ashes, or become an immortal and transcend the world to disperse the catastrophe.

The third stage was far away from his reach currently, let alone becoming an immortal. The only thing he knew was that there was the fourth stage after the third stage. What was an immortal? He didn’t have a definite concept at the moment.

The only thing that was clear was that immortals, after jumping out of three realms and five elements, couldn’t be destroyed and live forever.

But the issue was that immortality was too far away for Mu Yi. At present he was only at the second stage. He didn’t have full confidence in the third stage. Let alone the fourth stage, even the immortal who was above the fourth stage. Even if he had confidence, would the heavens give him such a long time?

According to the mysterious light man, the Last Calamity could come at any time. Maybe tomorrow, maybe three or five years, maybe ten or eight years, but sooner rather than later. Mu Yi had confidence in this as he could see that the current situation had changed too fast.

Even the Qing Dynasty was a benchmark. Once it fell down and gave off its last breath, the world would be completely changed. No matter whether it was decadent or brilliant, it would eventually become the past, but no one knew what the future looked like, even Mu Yi.

The only thing he could be sure of was that the change of the world was definitely related to the catastrophe of the Last Calamity, but he couldn’t do anything about it at present so he could only go with the tide. As for changing the overall situation and reversing the heavenly Tao, it was impossible for Mu Yi. Under the heavenly Tao, he was just an ant. If he tried to block it without determination, he would be crushed.

But at present, the mysterious light man said that meeting him was destiny. He didn’t know how many people the mysterious light man had said this sentence to, but at least the attitude of the other also showed that he was, at present, qualified to remain.

Even the sky patching stone was an opportunity.

According to the mysterious light man, the sky patching stone could help him avoid a life and death crisis in the future. For this reason alone, 270 units were absolutely worth it. However, Mu Yi did not think that the mysterious light man was that kind-hearted. It was just a ceremony that was necessary for people that the shining man told of the coming calamity.

Of course, Mu Yi also knew that some of the opportunities offered were not so easy to earn. Those trying were more likely to become chess pieces.

“Apart from being immortal, what else can we do to resist the Last Calamity?” Mu Yi simply asked. He could not bear the responsibility and did not intend to do so. Even if the sky fell, there were tall men standing under it.

“Immortality is the only hope,” said the mysterious light man.

“It’s no use looking at me. Do you think I could be immortal before the Last Calamity?” Mu Yi asked, even if the other believed in him, he didn’t believe in himself. It had nothing to do with ambition and confidence.

“No one can be an immortal.” The mysterious light man said. Although this was not specifically aimed at Mu Yi, the meaning was very clear. It was not just Mu Yi, but rather nobody could become an immortal.

Hearing the mysterious light man’s words, Mu Yi also relaxed and understood that he had thought too much before.

“Since no one can become an immortal, no one can resist the disaster. What’s the use of you giving me the sky patching stone? It was just a matter of being early and late. Although I won’t be unwilling, it is just a matter of being dead. ” Mu Yi said, was he really willing to die? The answer was obviously not. The ants were still living secretly, let alone him. At the moment, this was just pointless chatter.

If things really came to that situation, he would definitely resist, and after knowing the news, he could also prepare in advance. Didn’t someone leave this world in the beginning? Although he might not find the so-called fairyland, it was at least a hope, wasn’t it?

Besides this world, wasn’t there another underworld?

“If you get sky patching stone, you will have the chance to inherit the last of the strength left over from this ancient battlefield.” At this time, the mysterious light man said again.

“The last force left over from this ancient battlefield?” Mu Yi was stunned and then looked at the mysterious light man. Did the so-called power refer to those treasures? Thinking of Tao seed, the real dragon’s blood, and the treasures that he had never heard of, Mu Yi’s heart shook.

If he said he didn’t feel excited at the moment, he’d be lying. Only when he saw it with his own eyes could he understand what the Yellow River’s ancient road stood for. What was the value of the treasures here? Just some Vermilion Bird stone would let Nanming Li fire evolve. If it ate some other treasures, would Nanming Li fire directly evolve to the highest level, or even transform into heavenly fire? Would the Xin lamp improve in quality again? Even beyond magic weapons which artifacts were mythic?

Not to mention that the Xin lamp, Tao seed, and the dragon blood were enough to advance to the third stage. The third stage was a real possibility for Mu Yi. Afterall, even in the face of the end of the Last Calamity, the stronger one’s strength, the greater the chance to survive. In the face of such temptation, no one could remain unmoved.

Moreover, Mu Yi believed that the so-called final power of the mysterious light man must not only be these treasures, but also held a deeper secret.

Completeness referred to the second stage, while true experts were those at the third stage. Although there was no further explanation, Mu Yi believed that there was definitely a fourth stage expert at the last calamity, and even though this person failed in the end, it at least extended the lull before the Last Calamity would come again. This alone was enough to show the strength of those people.

Moreover, how could people like this leave no trump cards? Mu Yi believed that the mysterious light man in front of him was one of the cards.

“I want to know what the so-called last power means.” Mu Yi asked directly.

“You have no right to know at present,” said the mysterious light man.

“Oh, so even if I get the sky patching stone, I may not inherit the last strength of the ancient battlefield ?” Mu Yi asked.

“The sky patching stone is just a chance for you. Whether you can inherit the last strength of the ancient battlefield depends on your own ability.” The mysterious light man said slowly, but his words also confirmed Mu Yi’s conjecture at the beginning that this sky patching stone was not the only one, and the candidates were not him alone.

The battle before seemed more like a trial now. Only if one was successful could they be qualified to get a sky patching stone.

“Well, in that case, I’ll take it. As for the final strength of the ancient battlefield, I won’t give up.” Mu Yi suddenly said. He also suddenly decided that, instead of relying on others, he might as well fight by himself. Even if he failed in the end, at least he would have no regrets.

And he wanted to see what the ultimate force was.

When Mu Yi’s voice fell, he saw a flash of light, and then a piece of gold paper appeared in front of him. The gold paper was full of writing. Mu Yi found that he didn’t understand a word, but he felt a strong palpitation of power from the paper..

Without hesitation, Mu Yi directly reached for the gold paper. He believed that the mysterious light man would not plot against him. If the mysterious light man really wanted to kill him, he didn’t need to go through all this trouble. The light man could easily kill him by transforming this space at will.

The gold paper was a little hard and felt more like metal, but after folding it, there was no crease left. The words on it emitted a faint golden light, which emitted an intimidating energy.

He didn’t know how to use it. In the end, Mu Yi still packed away the gold paper. Since the mysterious light man gave him the sky patching stone, it would definitely work when it was time for it to work.

At this point, all the units Mu Yi obtained by killing the Dead Ghosts had been consumed. Looking at the remaining treasures on the light curtain, Mu Yi was still reluctant. After all, such a good opportunity was not easy to encounter. If any magic weapon on it, or any secret method spread out, it would cause a bloodbath.

At last, looking at the long Sabre in his hand, Mu Yi suddenly lost the impulse to trade it. After all, the long Sabre was only worth seven units in the eyes of the mysterious light man, and seven units couldn’t be exchanged for anything at all. Instead, it was better to take it out. At least it could be used for the moment. Even if he didn’t use it later, he could also give it to trusted people, or even exchange things for his own needs when he wanted.

After all, even if the long Sabre was damaged, it was still a magic weapon. The biggest feature of magic weapons was that they could be recovered. Although the process was slow and the cost was great, there was at least a hope. Top magic weapons couldn’t be compared to on this point alone.

So Mu Yi decided to take the long Sabre. Mu Yi was concerned about Qiu Yuetong. Since entering here, they had separated, and he didn’t know how she was doing or whether she had achieved her wish and exchanged what she wanted.

And among the rest of those people, who could get a sky patching stone? At least to some extent, they were his competitors.

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