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Chapter 411 Come out


Space warped once more and Mu Yi found that he had left the hall. He thought about his previous experience, and it seemed like a dream. However, the long Sabre in his hand and the things in his arms undoubtedly showed that it was not a dream.

Mu Yi looked around. It was still the tunnel from before. He mused for a while then carried the long Sabre and continued along the tunnel. Before long, he came to a wide space with people who seemed to be waiting.

Mu Yi glanced quickly and didn’t see Qiu Yuetong, which worried him. In fact, not only did Qiu Yuetong not appear, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, Mao Mountain, and the old Taoist of Longhu Mountain also seem to be present.

There was no doubt that Zai Feng was the most eye-catching person in the field. At the moment, the old eunuch was still standing behind him, looking at leisure. Obviously, they had not experienced any battle, but the pride on his face also showed that he had got what he wanted.

After all, Fan Yyuan and others seized many pieces of the fire beast king’s core, far more than Mu Yi. These pieces were enough for him to exchange for some treasures. Only he knew what he had exchanged for.

Maybe others would choose another opportunity, but this did not include Zai Feng. After all, with his strength, choosing another opportunity was just looking for death. As for the old eunuch, his purpose was just to protect Zai Feng, and as for the rest, he obviously would not care.

Fan yuan and the emaciated man didn’t show up. Hu Yi  was afraid that they had made the same choice as him.

In addition to Zai Feng and the old eunuch, there were the maids that hung around Hua Qianwu and the young Taoist in Longhu Mountain. They were obviously not qualified to choose the chance the shining man offered.

“You’re not dead.” After seeing Mu Yi, Zai Feng was a little surprised, but then his smile became a little insidious and his eyes looked at the long Sabre in Mu Yi’s hand.

“The lord was not dead, how could I die?” Mu Yi sneered. At present, he had a good chance to kill Zai Feng. Even though the old eunuch also had great power, he believed that if he wanted to kill the other, he could succeed. Even the old eunuch couldn’t stop him.

After all, Mu Yi’s strength had made great progress since they had last met, and he had experienced killing perfect-stage Dead Ghosts. It was not bad to kill one more perfect-stage expert.

However, after making the decision, Mu Yi felt a sudden danger. He took a deep look at Zai Feng and released his killing intent. Mu Yi decided that even if he really wanted to kill him, he had better wait for Hua Qianwu to come out.

In addition, he was injured before. Although he used a back to life charm, he still hadn’t recovered completely. 

“Very well, hand over your things and I could think about letting you go.” Zai Feng’s eyes were hot. After all, Mu Yi didn’t have this long Sabre before, so the origin of this long Sabre could be imagined.

“If you want this, you can come try to take it.” Mu Yi said casually. As expected, the long Sabre was a treasure that moved people’s hearts. At least the old eunuch around him would never make a similar demand.

Fortunately, Zai Feng had some sense. He looked back at the old eunuch and saw that he shook his head. He could not help but show a trace of anger on his face.

As for the old eunuch who didn’t agree, the reason was very simple. The eunuch had no confidence he could win. When he besieged the fire beast king, Mu Yi made many moves which made the old eunuch a little afraid.Mu Yi was especially good at attacking. Once the Vermilion Bird exploded, he could escape, but he couldn’t protect the Zai Feng as well.

His task was to protect the safety of Zai Feng, not to fight for treasures. Of course, if Mu Yi’s strength was low and he could kill with his hands folded, then he wouldn’t mind. Unfortunately, Zai Feng’s wishful thinking was doomed to fail. It was hard to make Mu Yi lower his head no matter whether it was through strength or power.

Zai Feng snorted coldly, but he was not so stupid as to ask Mu Yi for it again. Compared with treasure, it was undoubted that his life was more important. However, he had made up his mind that when Fan Yuan came out, he would kill Mu Yi anyway.

Mu Yi ignored Zai Feng and sat down on one side and started to sort out his gains and losses. He had definitely come out ahead overall. After swallowing those Vermilion Bird stones, the Nanming Li fire successfully evolved, and the power of the Xin lamp had improved, which undoubtedly bolstered his strength..

 There was also the opening of the fifth chakra. However, its foundation needed to be well established to really exert its strength. Moreover, when the Viśuddha was opened, its attack would increase a lot. At present however, he was far from strong enough.

In addition to the increase of strength, the biggest harvest was undoubtedly to know some of the secrets of the ancient battlefield and the end of the Last Calamity, and a piece of sky patching stone. Although, according to the mysterious light man, having a sky patching stone was only a condition to obtain the final strength; but at least he now had the qualification to try.

The more he knew, the more he worried. At present Mu Yi had come to feel this deeply. There was a saying that with great strength, comes great responsibility.

In the past, when wandering the world with the old Taoist Priest, he thought about what to eat next, where to sleep at night, and how to avoid being caught. As for the rest, it was irrelevant, he would not think about it much. The old Taoist Priest was around at that time, and he would take charge of anything.

But slowly, the old Taoist Priest left, leaving him alone. He began to follow the road laid down by the old Taoist Priest, from being alone to having more partners, friends, and subordinates around him. At present, although he often wanted to go back to Funiu Mountain, he knew that this was not realistic; at least for now.

At that time, Mu Yi’s enemy was Hell and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. But at present, there was Zai Feng and even the whole Qing Dynasty. If it was just this, then at least the third stage couldn’t make him really despair. However, his trip to the Yellow River’s ancient road made him find that the sky he thought covered his world, was merely the beginning.

If he could choose, Mu Yi would rather have not known about the Last Calamity and not had to accept the sky patching stone. Unfortunately, Mu Yi was doomed not to remain ignorant. Even if it was not for the sake of the world, rather just for his own sake, he still could not give up.

While Mu Yi’s mind wandered, footsteps came from the back of the tunnel. Mu Yi instinctively looked. At the moment, he could judge that all those here left before killing the ghosts to exchange for treasures.

But those who have a little confidence in themselves would definitely choose the same path as Mu Yi; killing the dead in the real and illusory world, in order to exchange for the treasure they want.

For Mu Yi, maybe the Vermilion Bird stone was very important, but for others, the Tao seed was undoubtedly more important. That was the key to take the last step directly towards the third-stage, whether it was the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, Huan Qianwu, or the other people. As long as they got the Tao seed, they could certainly take that final step and become a third-stage expert.

In the face of this temptation, few could resist. Mu Yi had already had the virtual shadow of Tao and had just managed to resist this temptation, but even then, he was very excited at first.

But it was one thing to want it. It was another thing to get the seed. Although Mu Yi’s strength was not the strongest, it was definitely not weak. With the five thunder charms, he was no weaker than the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag and others. But even so, he made every effort and even nearly died at the last moment.

But even so, he only got less than 400 units in the end. This was less than half of the required units to exchange for the Tao seed, so the difficulty of exchange of Tao seed could be imagined. Although he dared not say for certain, among the people here, even the most promising one, the success rate of exchanging for the Tao seed was only about 10%.

For those people, even if there was only a 10% chance, it was enough to make them desperate. Because Mu Yi had not yet felt the feeling of having no progress and no hope, he could not conceive of the desire of those who wasted time at the perfect stage.

Finally, a figure appeared, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag.

Mu Yi didn’t expect the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag to come out so soon, and it seemed that he hadn’t been hurt. As for whether he got the Tao seed, it was impossible to know.

When he came in, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag locked eyes with Mu Yi for a moment. When Mu Yi thought that the other would make a move, he unexpectedly went to the other side and sat down, ignoring everyone.

Zai Feng wanted to talk to the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, but he was quietly pulled back by the old eunuch behind him. Obviously, the old eunuch should have realized something was wrong.

Mu Yi also took a deep look at the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. He was not sure what the other had gone through, whether he knew the secret of the end of the Last Calamity, and whether he had got a sky patching stone. However, the other would not likely go back empty handed.

Mu Yi had a deep understanding of the strength of the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. At the beginning, he and Nian Nuer worked together with heaven, land, and people, to fight to a draw. 

Perhaps for this reason, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag finally left, and this was when he didn’t carry a magic weapon. When the Envoy besieged the fire beast king before, Mu Yi saw the power of the evil spirit sword with his own eyes, which was no less than his Xin lamp.

After another moment, the middle-aged Taoist of Mao Mountain school came out of the passage. Nothing could be told from his face. After all, perfect-stage experts had complete control of their emotions.

So even if he got a Tao seed, outsiders couldn’t see anything from his expressions.


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