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Chapter 412 Unexpected



    “Da, da, da!”

   With the sound of footsteps, someone came in again. Mu Yi looked up. In fact, he had already determined from the sound of footsteps that the person who had arrived was not Qiu Yuetong, but someone else.

   When the figure walked out of the passage, Mu Yi confirmed his guess that the person was Hua Qianwu, but she looked a little embarrassed and pale at the moment.

   After arriving, Hua Qianwu looked around and finally chose a position that was totally opposite to Mu Yi, but if one was observant, you would find that her position formed an angle with Mu Yi, which placed Zai Feng in the middle.

   When her maid saw her coming, she was obviously relieved and hurried to take care of her.

   After the arrival of Hua Qianwu, half an hour passed, and no one else walked out of the passage. The dark passage looked like the entrance to hell.

   In the beginning, Zai Feng’s face was still confident. But slowly, with the passage of time, he became a little anxious, because neither Fan Yuan nor the other person appeared.

   The young Taoist from Longhu Mountain was also nervous.

“Master Qingchen, do you know why my master hasn’t come out yet?” Finally, the young Taoist couldn’t bear it. He asked the middle-aged Taoist from Mao Mountain.

“I’m afraid he is trapped in it.” The middle-aged Taoist said.

   When the young Taoist heard this, he was in a great hurry. “Master Qingchen, can you help my master?”

   After listening to the words of the young Taoist, Qingchen shook his head. “This is your master’s choice. No one can save him but himself.”

   The young Taoist stopped talking at once. He was not a fool either. Naturally, he got the meaning of what was said. He was already very presumptuous to open his mouth initially. Now that the other side had refused, he could not continue pestering. The other side had done his best to remind him. Without the brand of Longhu Mountain, the other side would not take care of him.

   In a flash, another hour passed. In reality, everyone knew that those who did not come out would never come out again, and Mu Yi realized the cruelty of the Yellow River’s ancient road once again, because there were three perfect-stage experts who had not come out.

   Master Purdue, the old Taoist of Longhu Mountain, and Fan Yuan; besides these, there were also Qiu Yuetong, Niu Ben, and the emaciated man beside Fan Yuan. A total of six people were trapped in it, not including those who died of bad luck at the beginning.

   As for whether this trip was worth it depended on the person, but in the eyes of Mu Yi, it was definitely worth it. As Qingchen said, everything was by your own choice, and you couldn’t blame others. The old Taoist from Longhu Mountain must have wanted to get the Tao Seed, so he fought for it. As for the result, everyone had seen it.

“It’s a pity.” Qingchen shook his head suddenly and looked lonely. However, whether his expression was real or fake couldn’t be ascertained even by Mu Yi.

   The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag had no words, but merely looked at the passage. No one knew what he was thinking.

   The young Taoist’s face was full of panic and his eyes were full of fear. This time, his elder martial brother died and his master was gone. He was the only one left. He didn’t even get the treasure. It was extremely miserable.

   Originally, he thought that he could follow his master to increase his knowledge and experience, but he didn’t expect to encounter the biggest nightmare of his life.

   Although Zai Feng’s face was gloomy, he didn’t say any harsh words. Fan Yuan was trapped, which was absolutely a blow to him. After all, an expert at the perfect-stage was equally important to Manchu.

   And most importantly, the failure to reach the goal of entering the Yellow River’s ancient road this time was tantamount to failure.

   Hua Qianwu looked at Mu Yi suddenly. Although she didn’t speak, Mu Yi understood her meaning. At present, it was undoubtedly the best time to kill Zai Feng. Fan Yuan was dead. There was only the old eunuch left beside Zai Feng. Whether Mu Yi or Hua Qianwu, it was enough to stop him or even kill him together.

   As for Zai Feng, once there was no old eunuch, he was the same as a dead fish. He was of no threat and anyone could kill him.

   Therefore, after comprehending Hua Qianwu’s intent, Mu Yi was very excited. The hatred between him and Zai Feng was irreconcilable. Once Zai Feng was in the ascendant, he would not let Mu Yi go. Instead of waiting for him to retaliate, it was better to start first, and to avenge the Big Slave and Mo Ruyan.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi stood up and looked at Zai Feng directly.

“What do you want to do?”Zai Feng noticed Mu Yi for the first time. In fact, not only Zai Feng, but the eyes of everyone present fell on him. The old eunuch seemed to feel the hostility from Mu Yi and moved forward quietly to block Zai Feng.

“I want to borrow something from you.” Mu Yi said in a leisurely manner.

“Oh, borrow something from me? Tell me what you want to borrow. If I have it, I might give it to you as a reward.” When Zai Feng saw the old eunuch standing in front of him, he was very brave. As the younger brother of the current Emperor, he had enough confidence.

“Since you have agreed, please let me borrow your head.” After Mu Yi said this, the Xin lamp rose behind him slowly as the dark blue Nanming Li fire swayed gently.


   This time, the old eunuch in front of him made a sound without waiting for Zai Feng’s reaction. The voice was a little sharp, and a strong energy was also emitted from his body.

“Is it?” As Mu Yi said this, the light chakra behind his head rose, and the long Sabre in his hand was raised. Mu Yi cut the old eunuch with the Sabre. He used all his power, and the blade was full of flames.

   The old eunuch’s face was dignified, and he moved forward. He took a palm to Mu Yi’s long Sabre. In fact, when he saw the injury on Qiu Yuetong’s body last time, Mu Yi knew that the old eunuch was good at palm techniques, which was similar to Qingchen’s. But in Mu Yi’s opinion, the old eunuch’s palm technique was soft and vicious, but it had gone along a flawed path. It might be difficult to go further for his whole life.

   Of course, people’s fate was usually unpredictable. Maybe the old eunuch would be able to take that step in the future, but who could say for certain?

   But for now, Mu Yi was not afraid of him at least.


   The old eunuch blocked Mu Yi’s long Sabre with one hand, and Mu Yi felt a chill on his face at the same time. The flame on the long Sabre even showed signs of freezing. Fortunately, the Nanming Li fire had just evolved, and with sufficient lamp oil, he was not afraid of this level of freezing.


   When Mu Yi’s wrist shook, the long Sabre clanged, and Nanming Li fire rose suddenly, and became even hotter.

   However, at the same time, Mu Yi also felt a powerful shock coming from the long Sabre.

   Zai Feng was scared silly. He didn’t expect that Mu Yi would actually attack. The situation exceeded his expectations. In addition, Fan Yuan was not around, and so he was suddenly afraid. After all, Mu Yi’s strength had been seen before. If Zai Feng was touched by the flaming bird, he would turn into ashes immediately and die.

   At the moment, the only thing he could hope was that the old eunuch could stop Mu Yi. In his heart, the opportunity to kill Mu Yi had come. He vowed that if he went out, he would kill Mu Yi no matter what the cost.

 While Zai Feng was thinking, Hua Qianwu on the other side showed a smile, and then stood up gently. Since Mu Yi had already made a move, in her opinion, Zai Feng’s end was soon.

   As soon as Hua Qianwu’s right hand shook, a black awn flew out of her sleeve. The black awn was like a poisonous snake that ate people and went towards Zai Feng.

   All the attention from Zai Feng was focused on Mu Yi. Naturally, he didn’t notice the attack on the other side, but the old eunuch saw it. After all, a perfect level expert could control an entire space, even if he didn’t pay attention to the attack deliberately, all the changes around him couldn’t be concealed from his notice.

   So, just after Hua Qianwu attacked, he found out about it and wanted to stop her, but at this time, a fire lotus rose around him suddenly at the perfect time.

   Although the fire lotus was made in a hurry and only needed a breath or two to break, Hua Qianwu didn’t give him the time to do so.

   When the whip was about to wrap around Zai Feng’s neck, the flash of a human figure appeared around him, and a finger thrust out, offsetting the attack from Hua Qianwu.

“Qingchen, you dare to stop me?” Hua Qianwu looked at the figure that appeared suddenly with rage. This chance was not easy to come by, but now it was destroyed by the other party.

“You have crossed the line, Prince Chun is still the Prince of Manchu.” Qingchen frowned and said.

“Extreme hypocrisy! When did Mao Mountain begin to fall? Your knees are too soft!” Hua Qianwu said coldly, mocking the fact that Qingchen had helped Zai Feng and was a dog of Manchu.

“Please be discreet in your speech.”Qingchen said.

   On the other side, when the old eunuch broke the fire lotus, Mu Yi did not continue to fight, but also looked at Qingchen from Mao Mountain.

   To be honest, it was not for Mu Yi’s consideration that Qingchen stopped Hua Qianwu. In his opinion, even if someone stopped her, it should have been the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag. 

Mu Yi also had some doubts. After all, Qingchen came from Mao Mountain. It was reasonable to say that Mao Mountain was out of the ordinary and should have no reason to do it. But now, it seemed that something was not so simple.

   Qingchen stood in front of Zai Feng. Mu Yi could see his determination. Mu Yi also knew that it was unrealistic to kill Zai Feng today. Although he didn’t fight with Qingchen, his strength could be seen from the fact that he didn’t use any magic weapon from the beginning to the end when he besieged the fire beast king. Mu Yi also didn’t think he would be without any magic weapons, so he should be stronger than most of the others here.

   At the very least, Mu Yi did not have any confidence in facing him. Hua Qianwu was mysterious, but she should not be his opponent either.

   What’s more, the old eunuch was also a little difficult to deal with, unless the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag can stand on their side.

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