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Chapter 413 Leaving the Yellow River’s Ancient Road



   Mu Yi walked to Hua Qianwu and demonstrated their alliance. The old eunuch also came to Zai Feng again. He glanced at Mu Yi occasionally with a gloomy stare. Just now, without the help from Qingchen, he would have really suffered this time.

   Because his task was to protect Zai Feng, once Zai Feng died, he would die even if he was an expert at perfect level.

“What? Dare not to admit it? Mao Mountain was really interesting. “Hua Qianwu sneered at Qingchen.

   In fact, even Mu Yi didn’t expect that Qingchen would stop Hua Qianwu. After all, no matter how one looks at it, the alliances of Mao Mountain shouldn’t be biased towards Zai Feng. Moreover, with the strength of Mao Mountain, even the Qing Dynasty dared not offend them easily. They would hardly fight against Mao Mountain for a prince.

   Even if the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag made a move, it would not have been as surprising as Qingchen’s move.

   Qingchen was indifferent. He was not good at words, but he really saved Zai Feng. As for why he did this, only he knew.

“You are so bold that you dare to kill me. When I return to the capital, I will send a large army to make the ancient city of Dunhuang a ruin. And you, Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, will become the Envoy of the dead bird Flag as soon as the army arrives.” Zai Feng was scared to death, but with the old eunuch and Qingchen by his side, he had enough courage to make threats bitterly.

   When Qingchen heard Zai Feng’s words, he frowned. Both the ancient city of Dunhuang and the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, were equal to the general forces. Nowadays, Manchu was full of ups and downs, with internal and external troubles. The south was a little better, but the ancient city of Dunhuang was in the western region, so it was not realistic to send a large army.

   Moreover, Zai Feng’s words were tantamount to infuriating Hua Qianwu and Mu Yi, especially at the moment, which was even more unwise.

“Just by you?” Hua Qianwu disdained, “If Manchu had the strength to do so, it would not have been driven out by those foreigners like a bereaved dog. Manchu could not even protect the capital city. How useless.”

“Unbridled.” In his fury, Zai Feng said, “it is the strategy of the Qing Dynasty. Can a woman understand it?”

“Fool.” Hua Qianwu showed her disdain and said, but after saying that, she did not continue to pay attention to Zai Feng. She looked at Qingchen and said, “Bull nose, do you really want to protect him?”

“Good heavens, please come to your senses. Prince Chun can’t die yet.” Qingchen said slowly.

“Can’t die yet?” Hua Qianwu’s eyes turned, and then said, “How worthy of the Millennial force with the most powerful strength. Such deep calculations. I’m afraid Zai Feng has already become your chess piece, right? Or is Mao Mountain waiting for the chance to replace it? Become the current dynasty? “

   A word could kill the heart, and a word could also kill a man.

   At this moment, Hua Qianwu had used her words to attack. Even Zai Feng looked at Qingchen with suspicion, and even took two steps back quietly. After all, even he didn’t expect that Qingchen would make a move just now. As Hua Qianwu said, did Mao Mountain already have a heart full of insubordination?

   In fact, Manchu had always been extremely afraid of these forces. Even in the early days, the emperor Kang had tried to divide them from each other and guard the surrounding areas with heavy troops. 

   But now, the whole country was in a mess, and the Chu was no longer able to intimidate these forces, so the other party was ready to move.

   Qingchen’s eyes sharpened suddenly. Even at the perfect level, Hua Qianwu felt pressure and had a new understanding of Qingchen’s strength once again.

   Although Qingchen didn’t aim at Mu Yi, Mu Yi also realized the change and his face was heavy. Mao Mountain was worthy of the Millennium force. Even now, Mu Yi didn’t know what the other side’s base card was.

   Qingchen could fight against a magic weapon with his palms. Moreover, it was hard for Mu Yi to see his mood from his eyes, just like a sea, containing everything. Such a person was dangerous.

“I don’t need advice from you for how Mao Mountain does things. As for right and wrong, people will judge.” Qingchen said coldly. Even if he was angry, he couldn’t speak ill of the other.

   Hua Qianwu sneered, but didn’t try to provoke him anymore. Although she wanted to kill Zai Feng very much, she wouldn’t risk her life. Especially since she was injured before and hadn’t recovered yet. She felt a thick sense of danger from Qingchen.

   So after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, she also had to give up on this good opportunity. As for Zai Feng’s threat, she didn’t pay any attention to it. If Manchu still could send a powerful army to invade the western regions at that time, it would not be possible for foreigners to invade the capital as they had.

   “It’s a pity.” Mu Yi sighed in the bottom of his heart. In the face of Mao Mountain, if there was no pressure at all, it was obviously impossible to kill Zai Feng. What’s more, he has a certain origin with Mao Mountain. When he came out of the Qu Mortuary, he met an old madman by the Yellow River. Even if he was not from Mao Mountain, he was very close to Mao Mountain. Moreover, he had an agreement with the other party. It was only through him that the father of Nian Nuer could be known.

   Therefore, Mu Yi didn’t intend to be too stiff with Mao Mountain. What’s more, he didn’t have enough confidence to kill Zai Feng under the protection of Qingchen.

“I’m waiting for you anytime. I just hope you’ll have such good luck next time.” Mu Yi looked at Zai Feng and said. He did not pay attention to the threat of Zai Feng. It was impossible for him to be surrounded and killed by the army.

   After all, the capital was too far away from the south.

“Well, you wait.”Zai Feng looked at Mu Yi in a cruel way.

   Mu Yi smiled and ignored it directly, which made Zai Feng furious.

   Hua Qianwu also knew that it couldn’t be done. She took her maid to the side and ended hostilities. Some people felt relieved and some felt pity.

   At this time, the huge peak began to shake causing people’s faces to change greatly as they were in the middle of the mountain. Once it collapsed, even a perfect-stage expert would die. People began to try and escape. Even if there was a magma river to stop them, it was nothing to them.

   But before they started, the other side cracked suddenly and steps appeared, leading into the distance.

   Looking at this step that had appeared suddenly, Mu Yi was not happy, but rather had a flash of sadness cross his face. This step was the road to the outside, which indicated that everyone could leave, but it also meant that people who had not come out were likely dead.

   This included Master Purdue, the old Taoist from Longhu Mountain, Fan Yuan, the emaciated man, and even Qiu Yuetong.

   Mu Yi knew Qiu Yuetong just not long ago, and he did not know her well, but along the way, he also accepted her slowly and regarded her as a friend. Now, she was falling here, which inevitably made him feel a little disappointed.

   He knew that Qiu Yuetong came here for a certain purpose, otherwise she would not be so persistent. He could even guess that she was not here for any treasure, but he could not do anything at the moment. Facing the ancient battlefield and the mysterious Shining Man, he had no ability to resist, and could only accept events passively.

   The young Taoist’s expression was dull, even the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag shook his head slightly, while Zai Feng was more disappointed that he didn’t get the treasure. As for the true dragon’s Qi, he didn’t even see its shadow. He also lost a perfect level expert.

“Let’s go.” Zai Feng took the lead and motioned to the old eunuch next to him. He wished he could have wings at the moment and fly away from here. It was better to leave the Yellow River’s ancient road immediately and then send the army to get revenge.

   Without hesitation, the old eunuch took Zai Feng to the stone steps and disappeared.

   Qingchen followed. Although the only surviving young Taoist from Longhu Mountain acted as though he lost his soul, he kept up with Qingchen. Anyway, the relationship between Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain was good at least. After his master died, the only one he could rely on was Qingchen. If he didn’t keep up with him right now, the possibility of leaving the Yellow River’s ancient road alive would be very low.

   The Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag also left later, but when he left, he also looked at Mu Yi, with a very strange expression on his face. Mu Yi didn’t understand what he wanted to express.

“Are you sad that your confidant didn’t come out?” Hua Qianwu was not in a hurry. She looked at Mu Yi and said.

“She is my friend.” Mu Yi said lightly.

“It’s a pity.” Hua Qianwu shook her head. As for whether she believed in Mu Yi, it didn’t matter. What matters was that Qiu Yuetong didn’t come out.

   In this ancient battlefield, it was normal for anyone to die, and no one was an exception.

   Mu Yi took a deep look at the passage until Hua Qianwu and his maid left, but no one came out.

“I’m sure you won’t die so easily.” Mu Yi murmured softly. His words were to comfort himself.

   After that, Mu Yi turned around and left. At this moment, he had no right to fight. The only thing he could do was leave alive.

   There was a light gate at the end of the stone steps. When Mu Yi arrived, there was no one there. He thought they all had left. He hesitated for a moment, then he stepped into the light gate. With a flash of light, his shadow disappeared.

   After Mu Yi left, the light gate vibrated slightly and then dissipated.

   Soon after his disappearance,  the sound of footsteps resonated.

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