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Chapter 414 Shi Qingyu



    The sudden footsteps sounded a little abrupt, even strange.

  Just now everyone had left, so what did the sound of these footsteps mean?

   A figure appeared quietly in the open space where everyone had been. It was covered in a blinding light. It stood still for a long time until the light dimmed and the figure disappeared.

  Mu Yi and others couldn’t know of this. At this time, Mu Yi was standing in a large river. The river at his feet was surging away, and no one could be seen on either side.

  Mu Yi was sure that the big river under his feet was the Yellow River. Although he didn’t know why he appeared on the Yellow River directly instead of the original entrance, at least he was safe. He only wished that Zai Feng had appeared.

   Mu Yi hesitated for a while, but he didn’t decide to look for him. He knew that Zai Feng might be alone at the moment, or that there may only be the old eunuch near him, it was a good chance. Only, twice in a row now, he couldn’t kill him for various reasons. Mu Yi gradually concluded that Zai Feng must be a man of great fate. At least before his fate fell, it would be difficult to kill him.

   Even if he could find him now, he may not be able to kill him for some random reason.

   Therefore, it was better to let him go. If heaven wanted to destroy him, it must first bring him low. A large part of Zai Feng’s fate was connected with Manchu’s fate. Before Manchu was completely destroyed, he had enough time to wait.

   After thinking about it, Mu Yi left.


   Mu Yi’s figure just disappeared. A bunch of bubbles burst out from the Yellow River. Then the waves rolled and separated on both sides. Suddenly, a monster emerged from the water.

   It had a fish head, crocodile body, paws under its belly, and two long whiskers on its mouth  that moved with the water. Its eyes contained a trace of human joy within.

   If Mu Yi was still here, he would definitely recognize that this monster was the one that attacked the building ship when he was sailing eastward. However, compared with that time, the monster had become much bigger and its energy was more powerful, but at the moment it seemed docile. Naturally, this was because of the figure standing on its head.

   A female with long hair, a white skirt, barefoot, and a mask that only revealed a pair of clear eyes that swept about.

“Sister Tong, it’s OK. All the bad guys are gone.” The young girl patted her chest suddenly, looking relieved. When her charming voice spread out, another figure rose from the water and fell on the monster.

   The monster moved for a while reluctantly, but under the scolding of the masked girl, it soon became docile again.

“Thank you, little sister Shi.”

   The figure that leaped out of the water was Qiu Yuetong, who disappeared in the ancient battlefield and died in the eyes of all those people.

   At this moment, Qiu Yuetong had recovered her original appearance and she was wearing a Taoist robe, which made her have a different kind of beauty.

   Qiu Yuetong stood on the monster’s broad head and took a deep breath. “How are you?”

“Is sister Tong still worried about your companion?” Shi Qingyu asked curiously. Her voice with an air, like a spring in the hot summer, and could quench anger from the heart.

“Well, I hope he’s OK.” Qiu Yuetong nodded and said, but she was afraid and glad in her heart. If she didn’t meet this mysterious girl suddenly, she would have died, and because of her, she could exchange for what she needed.

   Besides, it was the girl who took her to leave the ancient battlefield. She took a different road. Qiu Yuetong didn’t know the origin of the girl very well. She only knew her name was Shi Qingyu. According to Shi Qingyu, she lived in the ancient battlefield since she was very young. She didn’t know her origin, and she didn’t know who her parents were. Only a monster called Xiaoyu accompanied her.

   At the same time, Qiu Yuetong also found that the Dead Ghosts of the ancient battlefield seemed to be afraid of the young girl. When she left, she saw a monster with tentacles. At that time, she thought she was doomed, but the monster ran away after seeing the young girl.

   It made Qiu Yuegui doubt the identity of the girl. Although she was still uncertain, it all showed that Shi Qingyu had a very high position in the ancient battlefield.

“Don’t worry, sister Tong was also the one of great fate. I believe that your companion won’t die so easily.” Shi Qingyu comforted her.

“Yes, compared with me, he is the Gods’ favored one. How could he die?” Qiu Yuetong said.

“Gods’ favored one?” Shi Qingyu looked curious at once.

“When you see him later, you will know what I mean.” Qiu Yuetong said.

“Really? Shall we go to meet him now? If he lives, he won’t go far. ” Shi Qingyu said.

“No, I’m going home first.” Qiu Yuetong clenched her fist tightly and looked away.

“Well, then I’ll be with you.” Shi Qingyu said without hesitation.

“Don’t you have to go home?” Qiu Yue could not help asking.

“No, there’s no one there to play with me, and my mother says that I can leave as long as I wait for the predestined person.” Shi Qingyu said. In fact, it was not the first time that she left the ancient battlefield, and she had even sneaked out several times before, in order to find her predestined person, but she had not met the predestined person but instead ran into some bad people.

   Qiu Yuetong came to a realization, and saw that there was a special energy in Shi Qingyu, which called to her. It seemed that Qiu Yuetong was her predestined person, so she decided to leave the ancient battlefield and follow her.

“Well, you can follow me for a while, and you can also leave when you want.” Qiu Yuetong thought for a moment and said. Although she had not seen the little girl’s strength, her instincts told her that the little girl was stronger than her. She should be at the perfec-stage. As for if she was at a higher level, Qiu Yuetong didn’t dare to think about it.

   As for Shi Qingyu’s mother, Qiu Yuetong did not ask. She knew what to say and what not to say.

   As a matter of fact, it was impressive to become a perfect level expert at the age Shi Qingyu was at. Anything above that couldn’t be achieved by pure talent. Even though Shi Qingyu was born in the ancient battlefield, the third stage would still be very difficult.

   Especially now that the world was different from what it was in ancient times. It was undoubtedly more difficult to take that step.

   Shi Qingyu stepped on the monster under her feet, and the monster swam up quickly along the Yellow River before returning to the land.

   After the two left, a figure appeared on the bank. There was no sign of the figure, even Shi Qingyu didn’t find it. If Mu Yi was still there, he would recognize the identity of the figure as it was Qingchen from Mao Mountain.

   No one would think that Qingchen hadn’t left, but kept hiding nearby. As for how much he heard and saw, only he knew.

“Ancient battlefield? Last power? Interesting.” Looking at the direction of the monster’s departure, there was a rare smile on his cold face. From his words, at least one thing could be understood. He now also knew the secrets of the ancient battlefield, and even got a sky patching stone.

   But that sky patching stone was not the only one. Unfortunately, Mu Yi left early, so he didn’t know that Qiu Yuetong was not dead, didn’t know about the mysterious girl Shi Qingyu who came from the ancient battlefield, and he also didn’t know that Qingchen knew the secrets of the ancient battlefield and got a sky patching stone.

    Qingchen was the most invisible and feared person for Mu Yi.

   After leaving the Yellow River, Mu Yi headed all the way to Zhengzhou City, which was farther away than the original valley.

   When he came to Zhengzhou City, Mu Yi found Chong Jiayi. They left in a hurry, without disturbing anyone.

   As for what happened in the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, it may not be long before news spread all over the world. These people who came out of the Yellow River’s Ancient Road would become hot topics in the eyes of the public. Without thinking about it, Mu Yi knew that someone would want to kill them. Even if the strength of those who entered the road were near the top, and even included perfect level experts, Mu Yi wouldn’t be surprised if they were attacked.

   After all, it was dangerous to enter the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, but it was much easier to kill people and rob their goods, and then you could enjoy the fruits of others.

   Mu Yi did not return to the south directly, but took a turn to Luoyang, Qu Mortuary.

   However, when Mu Yi came to Qu Mortuary, he found that there was no one left. The whole Qu Mortuary was in a state of dilapidation. The walls had collapsed and the houses were burned. Moreover, some traces showed that there had been a war here. The strength of both sides would have been above the fifth-rank.

   Even the most central Shi Gu disappeared, leaving only an empty pit with the original strong dead energy having dissipated by now. Maybe it wouldn’t be long before this place became a normal area.

“Do you know what happened here?” Mu Yi looked at Chong Jiayi and asked. After all, he asked Chong Jiayi to monitor here. Although Chong Jiayi went to Zhengzhou later, there was only a half-month gap between.

“Master, I…” Chong Jiayi was at a loss. In fact, the ruins in front of them were the best explanation, but it was still his fault after all. He thought that it would not take long that he went to Zhengzhou, so there was no arrangement before.

“Well, if he died, it would be a relief. If he is still alive, he will be met with vengeance in the future.” Mu Yi said casually, it was a pity that Shi Gu was missing, but in his opinion, Qu Yang was not dead. At the least, his corpse was not in these ruins.

   Mu Yi didn’t stay here too long, and didn’t continue to explore. Instead, he took Chong Jiayi to leave directly and continued south. He didn’t choose to go back to Funiu Mountain. Otherwise, it would be a disaster for Funiu Mountain and the Su family if someone found him out there.

   At least until his troubles were solved, he was not ready to go back.

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