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Chapter 415 Affairs in The World 



   Few of the cultivators entering the ancient Yellow River Road came out alive. Master Purdue of Shaolin Temple, Master Zhang of Longhu Mountain, and Fan Yuan, the leader of the guard of the Qing Dynasty all suffered great losses, as did many other great forces.

   In just two days, the news spread all over the world for those within the correct circles.   Originally, some people still felt it a pity that they had not entered the Yellow River’s Ancient Road. But after hearing this news, they felt their hands and feet become cold, and they no longer dared to enter it. More than one perfect stage expert had died, so they stood no chance.

   White Dragon King also heard this news. Before, because he irritated Mu Yi, he was beaten back with a Five thunders charm and ended up losing nearly all his fighting power. Later, he was chased and almost killed by his enemies. Having escaped from death, he finally went back to his old nest to recuperate.

   At first, his heart was filled with remorse. If he hadn’t irritated Mu Yi, he could have definitely gotten a position with his strength, but he was overwhelmed by arrogance.

   But now when he heard the news, he slumped into his chair and sighed deeply.

   At the same time, another bit of news was spread. All those people who had left alive got a treasure. Mu Yi, had a long Sabre in his hands.

   It was obvious that some schemers were adding fuel to the fire, secretly provoking a fight, and even aiming the spearhead at Mu Yi.

   Fighters who used swords and Sabre were absolutely the most common. Plus, even a normal magic weapon could cause people to fight over it. This Sabre was a treasure. Why was Mu Yi so powerful after all? The main  reason was that he had the Xin lamp.

   A treasure could definitely improve one’s strength greatly. Ultimately, strength was related to one’s life, and so no one would be unmoved.

  Mu Yi didn’t know that there were already countless people in the world who were ready to come and take the Sabre he brought out from the Yellow River’s Ancient Road. But even if he did, he may not care too much.

   It was just a fragmented magic weapon. For a truly powerful existence, even a magic weapon in good condition may not move them, because after reaching such a high level of strength, it would be unlikely that they didn’t have an appropriate amount of magic weapons.

   Only those who had middling strength would be moved by the magic weapon in Mu Yi’s hands. Besides, those with some smarts naturally understood what it meant when three full-rank experts were injured in the Ancient Road while Mu Yi came out safely.

   After hearing the news, Qiu Yuetong had a smile on her tense face, “I knew you would be okay.”

   Shi Qingyu looked at this elder sister who she had just met with a tilt of her head. Her small head thought rapidly.

   As the whole world was stirred due to news of Mu Yi, a fierce fight occured in a mountain forest. A man half-knelt on the ground, holding a big knife tightly in his hand with half of his body was stained red with blood. There was a scar on his face. This scar extended from his eyebrow to the corner of his mouth. Judging from the wound, the scar had obviously been on his face for some days; and though it was almost recovered, it still looked ferocious.

“Hum, how dare you trash want to take things from my master? Idiots. “Although the strong man was seriously injured, he had a proud expression on his face. If Mu Yi was there at the moment, he would recognize that the man was Tie Niu.

   However, compared with the past, Tie Niu at this moment was obviously stronger. His cowardice had disappeared, replaced with cruelty and fierceness. Moreover, the scars on his face twitch from time to time, making him look more frightening.

   After a while, several men dressed like constables walked over nervously. There was awe on their faces.

“Chief, it’s clean.” One of the constables whispered, not daring to look directly at Tie Niu for the moment.

“Well, let little four and little five continue to inquire about the news.” After hearing his words, Tie Niu nodded and said without expression.

“Yes, chief,” said the constable at once.

“By the way, I will leave after a period of time. What’s your plan?” Tie NIu said after a pause.

“We will all follow you.” Several constables said one after another.

“Well, don’t worry. I will get some achievements when I go out this time. As for you, all of you are my brothers. Naturally, I won’t treat you badly in the future.” Tie Niu bought people’s hearts at the right time. Although his methods showed that he was still a little inexperienced, Tie Niu was quite different from a few months ago, having become more mature.

   In Funiu Mountain, behind a Taoist temple, there was a new grave that belonged to the old Taoist Priest. In a hut beside it, a skinny old man was sitting. His body was full of dead energy, but he was still alive. The Qi of life and death seemed to reach a balance in him.

   After making his choice originally, Li the Cripple was unwilling. However, he couldn’t resist because he suffered from the ghost slave control technique. But with the passage of time, his strength continued to improve, and staying on the Funiu Mountain made his heart more peaceful than ever before.

   Some memories of the past flowed slowly. Although he couldn’t make his hatred disappear completely, he was different from the past and had become more open-minded. It was because of this state of mind that his strength began to advance rapidly. During the period when Mu Yi left, his strength had been increased by one level. The life and death Qi in his body was like a Tai Chi diagram, constantly swirling. He even had an inkling that, as long as he could understand life and death, his strength would increase sharply and he may even reach the perfect-stage.

   Of course, opportunities were often accompanied by dangers. Because the Qi of life and death always had the risk of going out of control, he was very cautious in his daily practice for fear that he would explode if he was careless.

   But it was also because of this kind of pressure, coupled with an open mind, that his strength could improve so fast. 

   Unbeknownst to Mu Yi, many people or things closely related to him had undergone changes.

   The Su family was not far from Funiu Mountain, and the power of this family was also rapidly improving. Especially after the last incident, the Su family once again made use of an opportunity. Today’s Su family was at the top of the whole Qingjiang Prefecture. Although old man Su was aged, he had a final sense of triumph once more.

   The biggest change was undoubtedly the power of Mu Yi. Since Mu Yi unified the southern powers, the whole Vermilion Bird Hall made an explosive leap forward. The Vermilion Bird Hall recruited not only many new elite members, but even some first-rank experts.

   Recently, the news that Mu Yi came out of the Yellow River’s Ancient Road alive and brought out a magic weapon, had made the Vermilion Bird Hall ecstatic. After all, as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, the stronger his strength was, the more confident his subordinates were.

   As for Yun Mengxuan, she didn’t let Mu Yi down. She coordinated the whole Vermilion Bird Hall. It could be said that she could claim at least thirty percent of the credit that the Vermilion Bird Hall had the momentum and reputation of today. As for Mu Yi, even if he didn’t do anything, he could become a flag. He himself was the core of the development of Vermilion Bird Hall.

   However, with the help of Yun Mengxuan, this development accelerated significantly. She could be considered as the real right-hand man of Mu Yi.

   Of course, not everyone was satisfied with Mu Yi. At least two people were extremely dissatisfied with Mu Yi at the moment. They were Nian Nuer and the big slave left by Mu Yi. Since Mu Yi left Nian Nuer, this little girl had been always murmuring, wronged and unwilling.

   In this little girl’s heart, Mu Yi was her only family member in the world. Her dependence on Mu Yi even exceeded that of her mother. Even if she was to die for Mu Yi, she was absolutely willing to do so. Unexpectedly, Mu Yi didn’t take her this time, which broke the little girl’s heart.

   Even she knew that Mu Yi did this for her own good and didn’t want her to be in danger, but understanding was one thing while whether she could accept it was another.

   So after Mu Yi left, the little girl concentrated on cultivation. She felt that because her strength was too low, Mu Yi didn’t take her with him. So she tried to become stronger.

   The big slave naturally did what this little girl said, as his mind was simple. Even if he practiced every day, he would not feel bored. Besides, compared with other things, he preferred to practice. The feeling of growing stronger caused him to be fascinated. And with the practice, his mind seemed to be gradually improving. At least he had learned how to think.

   After hearing news of Mu Yi this time, this little girl found Yun Mengxuan. Yun Mengxuan clearly knew about the position of the little girl in Mu Yi’s heart. With time, she also had come to like this beautiful and lovely little girl.

   Of course, she knew more clearly about the real strength of the little girl. Even she was not the opponent of the little girl. What’s more, the little girl was always followed by the big slave, which was even more daunting.

   After learning the route Mu Yi had taken from Yun Mengxuan, the little girl hurried away with the big slave. Although Yun Mengxuan tried to persuade her not to do this multiple times, the little girl still insisted on doing this. This little girl was very stubborn.

   Due to her confidence in the strength of the little girl, Yun Mengxuan didn’t hide what she knew. What’s more, the little girl brought along the big slave. Unless she met a seventh rank master, she would be okay.

   The south was basically the world of Vermilion Bird Hall anyway. Yun Mengxuan also knew about the strong people in the area. Although there were many first rank experts, there were only a few people who had reached the seventh rank. Most of them were living in seclusion, so they wouldn’t trouble a little girl.

   So as long as the little girl didn’t look for death on purpose, there would be no risk.

   At the moment, Mu Yi didn’t know that the little girl had brought the big slave to find him. He rushed to Dongting Lake with Chong Jiayi. On the way, Chong Jiayi finally broke through and entered the second stage. His strength was not worth mentioning, but for Chong Jiayi, it was definitely the biggest event of his life. After his breakthrough, he looked younger and became more loyal to Mu Yi.


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