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Chapter 416 Sword Furnace




   The hinterland of Yuzhou was at the center of the world.

   While outside forces surged, Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi arrived at Nanyang Prefecture. Accessible from all directions, the Nanyang Prefecture was something of a throughway. Recently, the Nanyang Prefecture was full, boasting large crowds of people.

“Master, it is the annual competition of magic weapons in Tangxi Zhai.” Chong Jiayi soon found out what was going on.

“The competition of magic weapons?” Mu Yi was curious. Magic weapons generally referred to effective weapons as well as treasured weapons. 

“It was true that Tangxi Zhai was well-known for sword creation. The magic weapons made in it were well-known all over the world. Every year, there would be a contest of magic weapons, and the winner would get a magic weapon cast by the master of Tangxi Zhai himself.” Chong Jiayi said.

   When he broke through the second stage, the power of magic weapons gradually came into play. 

“Oh, a competition for magic weapons? The master of Tangxi Zhai was a wonderful person, but his strength was unknown.” Mu Yi suddenly thought of the long Sabre he got from the ancient battlefield. Because it was not worthwhile to exchange it with the mysterious light man, he left it for himself and was ready to take it back to reward one of his subordinates.

   It was a broken magic weapon, but ordinary magic weapons couldn’t compare to it. What made Mu Yi really interested in it was the indestructibility of the long Sabre.

   The master of Tangxi Zhai holding a competition of magic weapons caused him some interest. If the master of Tangxi Zhai was really that good at craftsmanship and could cast magic weapons, then could he repair magic weapons? Even if it couldn’t be restored to its original state, as long as it could be repaired to the point of emitting two or three percent more of its original strength, the power of the long sabre would be greatly increased.

“It was said that the master of Tangxi Zhai was recognized as a grand master.” Chong Jiayi said. He had heard about that master before. After all, everyone wanted to get a magic weapon.

“In that case, let’s go join in.” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said. He was in no hurry to go back to Dongting Lake within two days. Why not have some fun since he was here?

   Of course, Mu Yi had some other ideas in mind. Repairing the sabre was just one of them. If he could get a little experience with maintaining weapons well from the master of Tangxi Zhai, he would definitely benefit a lot.

   Even if the Xin lamp couldn’t be improved in a short period of time, there was still the Bamboo Tree of Life. He had specifically exchanged a spirit tree heart to improve the quality of the Bamboo Tree of Life. He had improved it, but he still lacked experience, which resulted in a lot of waste.

   Moreover, it was related to Nian Nuer, so Mu Yi naturally strived to be perfect, so it was not just for fun that he wished to go to Tangxi Zhai.

   Mu Yi came to Tangxi Zhai with Chong Jiayi.

   The so-called Tangxi Zhai was actually an iron smelting furnace built next to Tangxi lake, which was known as the first furnace in the world. It was said that it had a history of more than two-thousand years. Even some legendary weapons were from here. 

   It was called the sword furnace, but in fact, it was not just sword casting that was done here. After all, as a famous master in the world, one would not just cast swords. They knew a lot of weapons from all over the world, so they could cast the best swords and the best magic weapons.

   When Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi came to the neighborhood, all kinds of cultivators had gathered. Most of them came with swords and knives although some people owned strange weapons. Their faces were full of desire and expectation.

   According to the information acquired by Chong Jiayi, the master of Tangxi Zhai was Tang Shang, who was in his fifties. It was said that he was an expert of the second stage. How many chakras he had opened was unknown, but his strength was obvious to people considering he occupied the original furnace.

   Usually, before the competition, the master of Tangxi Zhai would not appear, and the proceedings would be held by his disciples. Only on the last day would the master of Tangxi Zhai appear in front of the public. This certainly foiled Mu Yi’s plan to see him as early as possible.

   But he didn’t go to see him stealthily. It was not because he was not capable of doing so, but being polite was paramount. All the famous masters in the world were arrogant and eccentric. If he came to Chong Jiayi without regards, his plans would come to naught.

   It would be even more difficult for him to get what he wanted by force. He didn’t dare to use force, so the only thing he could do now was to wait and hope that this long Sabre could arouse the interest of the other side.

   After all, the long Sabre was a magic weapon. Even if it was broken, it held a great value for Tangshang. Especially since it came from the ancient battlefield, it was undoubtedly more attractive.

   Therefore, Mu Yi could only take Chong Jiayi to find a place to live nearby. He did not know that his arrival had already attracted the attention of other interested parties.

   Nanyang Prefecture was not far from Zhengzhou city. It took only two or three days to get there by horse. Before Mu Yi arrived at the Nanyang Prefecture, news about him had already reached there. The gatherings of many people there made the news spread even faster.

   In addition, Mu Yi had appeared in front of the public directly, with a long Sabre in his hand, telling the public that whoever wanted the magic weapon could come and get it.

   Mu Yi could sense that some people had looked at him, but he didn’t care. He trusted in his own strength. In his state, strength decided who won or lost, rather than mere intrigue.

“Are you sure about the news? Is it really him? “

   At this time, in a residential area not far from the inn where Mu Yi lived, several world people were plotting against Mu Yi.

“I’m almost sure. There is no picture of him, but he basically fits the description. Moreover, according to the itinerary and route, he should be here now. As for the man beside him, I have also identified him. His name is Chong Jiayi. his strength was only at the first stage in Luoyang before, which was nothing,” said the other.

“Well, it’s heaven’s help to me. He is the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but Nanyang is not his territory. Besides, there are no experts around. It’s our chance.”

“Isn’t it too risky? It is said that his strength is already at the perfection-stage, and even the White Dragon King cannot fight back against one of his moves.” Some people put forward their opinions carefully.

“It’s a magic weapon, which is worth trying for. Otherwise, I don’t know when I can kill him if I miss this opportunity. As for his first move defeating the White Dragon King, it’s not his real strength, because he uses a talisman. He just came out of the Yellow River Ancient Road. I’m afraid he won’t have that powerful talisman. So it is the best time for us to attack him.” Some people were afraid, but others were eager to try. The temptation of a magic weapon is too great after all.

“Yes, and it’s said that he was injured in the Yellow River Ancient Road. It’s impossible for him to recover in such a short time. If we miss this opportunity, we won’t be able to kill him when he arrives at his territory.”

   At least three of the five people had been convinced, as for the remaining two, they were a little afraid, but were willing to try.

   Mu Yi had no trump card, and was injured, without powerful subordinates to protect him. In their eyes, Mu Yi was definitely easy to catch, and this opportunity was rare. They would definitely regret it if they missed this chance.

   As for how five people could allocate a magic weapon, no one tacitly reached an agreement.

“Well, we must take a long view of it. At least, we can provoke some people to fight. We will effortlessly catch him.” A seemingly old man finally said and the five people finally agreed on a plan.

   They held another secret discussion later to discuss their plans. The oil lamp in the room swayed gently and five heads were reflected on the windowsill. Outside the yard, crickets were chirping.

   The following two days, Chong Jiayi found that someone was secretly behind them and spying on them, so he grabbed one of them and got some information from the other side, before anxiously telling Mu Yi.

“Master, I’m afraid we’re being watched.” Chong Jiayi said.

“Tell me.” Mu Yi’s voice was bland, and it seemed that he didn’t care about it.

   Perhaps it was Mu Yi’s indifferent attitude,  but Chong Jiayi was less worried.

“News is that Master came out of the Yellow River Ancient Road alive and brought out a magic weapon. Now the news almost spread all over the world. The man who was arrested by me before was staring at us because of this. There are more powerful people behind him.” Chong Jiayi immediately told the details he knew to Mu Yi.

“It happens.” Mu Yi said and there was no anxiety on his face. It seemed that he had expected the current situation. As for who released the news, Mu Yi guessed that most likely Zai Feng was that person. After all, he wanted to kill Zai Feng, so Zai Feng must hate him.

   Zai Feng thought there was probably no way to kill him in the Yellow River Ancient Road before, but when he came out, there were more ways he could use. His current plan was to arouse the desire of people all over the world and let him become the target of the public. Even if those people couldn’t kill him, they could also get him into trouble.

   Of course, Mu Yi didn’t think Zai Feng only had these means, but the time between the Ancient Road and now was too short, and he hadn’t really started all his plans yet.

   However, Mu Yi would not care too much. In the Qing Dynasty, only a strong expert who had reached the third stage could really make him worry. Usually, a third stage expert was aloof and remained free of worldly constraints. It was unlikely that such an expert would attack him for Zai Feng.

   As an expert of the third stage, even the old Buddha could not invite them out.

   Therefore, without the threat of experts of the third stage, he could crush all of Zai Feng’s tricks, and even let him suffer a big loss.

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