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Chapter 417 Contemptible Scoundrel



   Mu Yi didn’t care if someone was scheming against him. He consolidated his achievements in his spare time and integrated the fifth chakra by half, which improved his Vajra body.

His main reason for not caring about the threat was the Xin lamp. Not only the twelve symbols recovered, but even the Nanming Li fire evolved in the trip to Yellow River’s Ancient. 

   There were no movements for three days.

   Chong Jiayi was searching for information these days. He didn’t see the master of Tangxi Zhai, but got a lot of information about the Magic Weapon Tournament. However, when Chong Jiayi didn’t return to the inn that night, Mu Yi knew that those who were hiding in the dark began to act.

   Mu Yi found that he had thought higher of his pursuers and felt upset. 

   In the next morning, the waiter sent a bell and a letter to Mu Yi. The bell was a religious tool owned by Chong Jiayi. Common people would be greedy for this item, but those after him would not be because they were beyond the level to rely on religious tools.

“How interesting.” Mu Yi held the bell and said coldly.

   Later, he opened a letter that called him to save Chong Jiayi in a certain place tonight. 

   “Ho? How bold.” But this letter didn’t bother Mu Yi. After all, he intended to kill them all.

    In the night, Mu Yi came to the place outlined in the letter and saw Chong Jiayi with no other people around. 

   Mu Yi was not afraid of an ambush and saved Chong Jiayi directly. Chong Jiayi was ashamed. One reason was he was used for threatening, the other was that he was weak for a second stage martial artist.

“Master, run. It’s dangerous.” Chong Jiayi reminded. In his mind, Mu Yi was very strong. But he still worried that the people who schemed against Mu Yi were not weak.

“It’s too late.” Mu Yi shook his head and said lightly with no worry on his face.

“Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, you are unique, but stupid.” Suddenly, a joking voice sounded out with a trace of disappointment.

” It’s good to be stupid. It’s beneficial to you and me.”

“Mu Yi, hand over precious magic tools. We will let you go.”

   Five figures came up around Mu Yi.

“Only five?” Mu Yi was disappointed.

   If Mu Yi knew the real identities of these five people, he would be even more disappointed.

   Among the five, the highest reached the senior level and the lowest was in the sixth rank.”Well, it seems that you don’t want to hand it in?” Someone said immediately while hearing Mu Yi’s words.

“It depends on your strength.” Mu Yi said lightly, and raised his sabre.

    The five people looked at the sabre in Mu Yi’s hand with blazing eyes.

“It’s a pity.” Mu Yi shook his head. No one knew what he was pitying.

   The five people moved at the same time.

   Chong Jiayi became tense in an instant. Then he saw that the Sabre in Mu Yi’s hand was filled with blue light.

   The blue light represented killing intent.


   When Mu Yi was moving, some people realized that Mu Yi was much stronger than they expected. The people in the senior level recognized that he belonged to the perfect-stage. Then he stopped abruptly and run regardless of what attacks may come from behind.

     As for the other four people, their reaction was slower, so that they were killed. 

   Chong Jiayi only saw a blue flash before the four of them were wrapped in flames and became ashes.

   Only one person ran using a life saving technique to resist Mu Yi’s attack. He spat out blood in the middle of the air. His energy became weak, but his speed increased rapidly.

   Mu Yi was peaceful when watching those who ran away. He bent his fingers and a small fire flew out.

   At the same time, the man who escaped was wrapped by a flame that turned into a fire lotus, turning him to ash.

“You’re more greedy than before.” Mu Yi sensed the Xin lamp, and found that the lamp oil obtained was much less than expected. After the evolution of Nanming Li fire, it needed more.

Chong Jiayi opened his mouth in disbelief after the five people were killed. He knew that Mu Yi was strong, but he didn’t know just how strong. Now, he saw the real strength of Mu Yi, and it exceeded his expectations.

   But now he realized that Mu Yi’s strength was much stronger than he thought.

“Master.” Chong Jiayi was in awe.

“Well, it’s just a bunch of contemptible scoundrels. They were less than I thought.” Mu Yi said. He was only interested in those at the same level as him now. 

” Master, I got some information about them.” Chong Jiayi said.

” Well, tell me. ” Said Mu Yi.

“This group is headed by a man surnamed Zhou. They found a group of scapegoats before, but they didn’t work. The reason why they tried to kill you was that they believed it was a chance to get your precious magic tools while you were seriously wounded.” Chong Jiayi said.

“The magic tools roused their greed.” Mu Yi pointed out the real inducement.

   It’s a pity that they didn’t have enough strength to get by, and instead lost their life.

   Mu Yi returned to the inn with Chong Jiayi to rest. Chong Jiayi tried to practice. 

   The next day, Chong Jiayi continued to go out in search of information, and soon brought back a piece of news that Mu Yi had wanted. The master of Tangxi Zhai appeared, but not publicly. Someone saw that he had gone south.

   Hearing the news, Mu Yi frowned and felt that something related to him was about to happen.

“What is the master of Tangxi Zhai’s purpose?” Mu Yi asked.

“That’s not clear. I will search for the answer immediately.” Chong Jiayi said quickly.

“No, you stay here. I’ll go.” Mu Yi said. He won’t stay here since he knew something related to him was about to happen. The master of Tangxi Zhai appeared. 

“Master, let me go with you.” Chong Jiayi was unconcerned with what dangers may await.

“All right.” Mu Yi took a look at Chong Jiayi and agreed.

    Chong Jiayi was very happy and left the inn with Mu Yi. They walked with the information gathered as a guide and finally entered a mountain. It was known as Copper mountain.

   There was no copper in Copper mountain. It’s steep with dense trees and there’s a Tao temple on top. It’s said that this Tao temple was built by Zhang Sanfeng when he traveled here. But no one knew whether this was true or not.

   They met more and more people as they traveled to the area of Copper mountain. Mu Yi suspected that the reason the master of Tangxi Zhai came here was that someone stole his treasure and ran away.


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