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Chapter 418 Into the Mountain


Although the owner of Tangxi Zhai was likely there to catch the thief who had stolen his treasure, Mu Yi thought this situation was somewhat strange.

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t strange that the master of Tangxi Zhai wanted to track down the thief. After all, his treasure had been stolen. But the problem was that there was no need to block the news of such an event and come in person. It was really inconsistent with his identity as the master of sword forging.

Of course, it was also possible that the stolen treasure was so valuable that the owner of Tangxi Zhai had to appear in person.

“Stop. Tangxi Zhai is chasing a thief and you’re forbidden to enter the mountain.”

Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi were just nearing the Copper Mountain when someone stopped them. There were four arrogant youths standing at the pass of the mountain. They were wearing white clothes embroidered with a sword furnace on their chest.

Like Mu Yi, many people had been stopped and now stood around in twos and threes, just looking on.

These people may not have come here for the stolen treasure. After all, the Battle Tournament was about to start. It was good to be able to be seen by the master of Tangxi Zhai and get familiar with him. If they could get the favor of the master of Tangxi Zhai, they would rise in both fame and prospects. Perhaps, they could get a godly weapon. Their status would rise in the world just from that.

“Tangxi Zhai is so powerful. Is this Copper Mountain the property of Tangxi Zhai?” Said Mu Yi lightly.

“Taoist, do you mean to make trouble?” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, those young people suddenly burst into anger.

“I think this Taoist must be the thief’s accomplice. He probably wants to save him. We’d better take him down first and wait for the leader to deal with him.”

“Younger brothers, please take him.”

In a few words, Mu Yi was one-sidedly identified as a thief’s accomplice. Clearly they were looking to bully him.

The two youths then rushed towards Mu Yi. The people around had schadenfreude on their faces and no one spoke out on Mu Yi’s behalf.

After all, Mu Yi was just an ignorant little Taoist with no backers to them. Tangxi Zhai was the most powerful force in the area. Moreover, Tangxi Zhai’s godly weapons were famous all over the world. This alone had attracted a large number of experts.

Therefore, unless it was necessary to do otherwise, people would naturally respect them.

Mu Yi didn’t move, and Chong Jiayi moved in front of him. He had been caught without fighting back and had been used to threaten Mu Yi before, but it was not because his strength had been too bad, but that the other side had been too strong. At present, the ordinary disciples of Tangxi Zhai were just second-class experts at most. They were not qualified to be unrestrained in front of him.

“Old man.” One of the youths showed a trace of ferocity on his face when he saw Chong Jiayi standing in front of him and reached out one hand to catch him on the chest.

The other person didn’t pay attention to Chong Jiayi and was still chuckling. He even felt it a pity that he was slower to act than his companion. Fortunately, there was still a little Taoist who could be used to show up his ability.

However, his chuckle soon turned into consternation. He saw that his companion who grabbed the chest of Chong Jiayi suddenly flew out. Vaguely, he seemed to have heard the sound of a bell while his companion, who had almost the same amount of  strength, seemed to be in a daze and let Chong Jiayi beat him away.

Chong Jiayi came to him step by step. After facing Chong Jiayi in person, he realized the pressure.

He was strong!

This was the feeling that Chong Jiayi gave him. He even felt a little bit regretful. But even if he wanted to back off, it was obviously too late. He heard the sound of the bell again, but this time it was clearer. It rang directly into his mind. Then he felt that his consciousness dimmed before he fell unconscious. He didn’t wake up until he felt pain in his chest.

At this point, if he still didn’t realize that he had provoked the wrong person, he would really be a fool. Chong Jiayi could easily knock him down, so there was no difficulty in killing him.

Those watching only saw Chong Jiayi make two strikes that caused the two disciples of Tangxi Zhai to be injured without any ability to fight back.

“How dare you hurt the people of Tangxi Zhai?” The other two youths had a higher status. Seeing their companions injured, they became furious. They were both shocked and angry. They couldn’t believe that Chong Jiayi was so strong and that Chong Jiayi had really fought against them. Weren’t they afraid of Tangxi Zhai?

However, they could only brace themselves for a fight. Otherwise, once they had lost face for Tangxi Zhai, they would be severely punished.

Facing these two, Chong Jiayi did not care much and simply beat them down.

The four young gatekeepers were not strong enough. In fact, they were just a symbol. The people of Tangxi Zhai hadn’t expected anyone to attack in their own territory. This was no doubt a slap in the face to Tangxi Zhai. Of course, it was not a deep-seated hatred, but resentment was caused. With this, it was wishful thinking for Mu Yi to get a godly weapon.

The people around stared at Mu Yi and couldn’t believe it. They admired their courage, but that was all. That said, though they were afraid of Tangxi Zhai, it didn’t mean they were willing to teach Mu Yi a lesson for Tangxi Zhai.

Not to mention how strong Chong Jiayi was, even if they did help, it would only mark them as a meddler. At that time, they would not please Tangxi Zhai, but they would be remembered and be hated by Mu Yi. 

Mu Yi ignored those people but glanced at the four young people lying on the ground. Chong Jiayi had been very measured. They had just temporarily lost their mobility without even causing minor injuries. They could easily recover later.

Soon after Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi left, the four young people got up from the ground. This time, there was no pride on their faces. Instead, they felt that they had lost all face.

“You two stay here. Let’s go in and inform the senior brothers.”

Leaving this sentence behind, the two youths limped away in the direction of Mu Yi’s departure.


All of a sudden, someone screamed and immediately attracted a lot of attention around him.

“What’s the matter?” Someone immediately asked.

“I know who that Taoist was just now.” The man said with a face full of fear.


“The little Taoist?”

Questions were instantly raised as they had not identified Mu Yi.

“A young Taoist with a long Sabre and an old man around. Can’t you guess who he is?” The man said loudly.

Hearing what he said, some people already had the answer. It wasn’t that they hadn’t heard of him, but that they hadn’t thought of him for a while. After all, no one would expect that person to suddenly appear in such an open way.

“Is it really him? The envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” Someone said slowly, and there was a commotion and a sound of breathing backwards.

This envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was definitely one of the most famous people in the world right now. He had ascended to the position of the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag at such a young age and had most of the South under his command.

Moreover, the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag had also entered the Yellow River Ancient Road, survived in front of a group of powerful people in the realm of perfection and brought out a magic tool that had attracted everyone’s attention. It was even said that many powerful people living in seclusion came out one after another to fight for this magic tool.

After all, a brand-new magic tool, which had not been fully refined, represented a different meaning.

“I’m afraid it’s really him.”

“Why does he come to Nanyang? Does he also want the godly weapons of Tangxi Zhai?”

“You’re stupid. As the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he can have any weapon he wants. What’s more, he has a magic tool in his hands now. Which godly weapon could be compared to it? In my opinion, I’m afraid that the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag also came for  Tangxi Zhai’s stolen treasure.”

“It’s possible, but what treasure was stolen? Even the master of Tangxi Zhai appeared in person.”

“I guess there will be a good show here soon. Who is stronger? The envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag or the master of Tangxi Zhai?”

“I think the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag is better. After all, the master of Tangxi Zhai is only famous for casting swords.”

“That’s not necessarily true. The master of Tangxi Zhai has been famous for many years, so he must have some real ability. Tangxi Zhai also makes friends with the world’s experts through godly weapons and naturally there will be countless people willing to help him.”

Listening to the continuous comments from the surrounding area, the two young people who were still there only felt cold and at a loss. Once they had heard of the great name of the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, who was not inferior to the master of Tangxi Zhai, how could they provoke him?

Especially when they realized that they had just wanted to attack the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, they felt scared and had a sudden desire to flee. Their previous hatred disappeared like smoke in the wind and was replaced with worship. After all, the envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag was even younger than them, but he had achieved such a great reputation in the world. They were just ordinary disciples of Tangxi Zhai, so how could they not admire such fame?

“Shall we follow in?” All of a sudden, someone suggested. Although the people around didn’t affirm this idea clearly, they were obviously eager to try.

The two youths at the pass of the mountain looked at each other, then turned around together and ran inside without looking back. In the beginning, they were still limping but they continued to run ever faster.

After entering Copper Mountain, Mu Yi felt an intense feeling in his heart and even vaguely felt that something was calling him.

Along the way, he had occasionally seen the figures of people sweeping through the mountains. The number of people was absolutely huge.

“Is it?”

Finally, when the feeling became familiar, Mu Yi’s eyes lit up, but then he felt worried.

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