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Chapter 419 Adventure of the Little Girl



At this moment, Mu Yi finally understood where the feeling came from. Just now, he had clearly felt the energy of Nian Nuer. Because the Bamboo of Life was his life weapon, there was a certain connection between them, but this connection could only be felt within a certain distance.

Because the distance had been too great before, he could have only vaguely felt something. This feeling belonged to a sixth sense beyond the five senses. But this effect was too mysterious and Mu Yi had no time to look into this sixth sense at present.

But when the Copper Mountain had drawn near, the connection between him and the Bamboo of Life became suddenly clear.

Mu Yi’s eyes became sharp. Although he didn’t know what had happened, he had a guess that the so-called thieves should be Nian Nuer and Big Slave. It was no difficult thing for Mu Yi to suspect as much. All the clues lined up too logically to be mere coincidence.

“Tangxi Zhai…very good.” Mu Yi said coldly and then took Chong Jiayi to the mountain. This time, he didn’t leave Chong Jiayi alone. He didn’t expect Chong Jiayi to help, but if Chong Jiayi were left in such a place, someone would try to use him again. He was not in the mood to play hide and seek with a gang of clowns.

So he’d better take Chong Jiayi. Moreover, although the strength of Chong Jiayi was not very good, it was enough for him to protect himself. After all, he was in the second difficulty, which was equivalent to a first-class expert in the world. He couldn’t truly be described as weak.

They moved quickly, especially after they could sense Nian Nuer’s position. Mu Yi could sense that while he was heading there, Nian Nuer was also approaching him. Obviously, the little girl had also sensed him.

However, after a short distance, Mu Yi suddenly felt that the little girl stopped, and he could not help worrying a little more.

If they encountered an ordinary expert, he would not worry too much. After all, both the little girl and Big Slave were between the fifth and sixth rank. Even if they came across a general top rank expert, they could escape if they couldn’t fight. But the master of Tangxi Zhai was different. Although he was only a sword forging master in name, he was still a master. No matter what, he would not be easy.

In fact, Mu Yi was correct. It was Nian Nuer and Big Slave who appeared in Copper Mountain.

After hearing the news about Mu Yi, the little girl had started to think. After telling Yun Mengxuan, she had taken Big Slave to the north. Although the little girl was young, her experience had increased greatly during the period when she had been following Mu Yi. At least she was not a newbie in the world.

In fact, the little girl and the big slave didn’t have any accidents along the way. Although they had encountered robbers on the way several times, they had all been beaten by Big Slave with ease. But when they had entered Nanyang, they had met a disciple of Tangxi Zhai.

Although the Tangxi Zhai disciple had been average in strength, he had cultivated a kind of secret skill, which could see the essence of things. This ability combined with the sword forging skill was absolutely powerful and he could easily see through the quality of the embryo of the sword.

As a fierce ghost, the little girl could hide from ordinary experts with the help of the bamboo tree of life. However, this disciple of Tangxi Zhai had figured her out. The subsequent events had been simple. The disciple of Tangxi Zhai wanted to catch her, but he had unexpectedly kicked an iron plate and had been taught a lesson by the little girl.

However, the little girl had been too soft-hearted. When he had begged for mercy, she had only punished him and let him go. The next day, he had taken the people of Tangxi Zhai to deal with her.

The result this time was still the little girl’s victory. After all, they were just a few of Tangxi Zhai’s disciples. How could they be the opponents of the little girl and Big Slave? Moreover, this time, the little girl had been really angry, so she had beaten them hard and all of them had been destroyed.

In Nanyang, the little girl had poked the hornet’s nest by destroying the disciples of Tangxi Zhai, and this resulted in conflict. The battles had gotten more and more fierce. Then an elder of Tangxi Zhai had stood forward but still failed. He had, however, recognized the Bamboo Tree of Life where the little girl lived.

Ordinary people might not know what the Bamboo Tree of Life, but Tangxi Zhai was the best at refining the godly weapons. They also knew of some special materials. Moreover, godly weapons did not only use metal materials. Spiritual things like the Bamboo Tree of Life could produce higher quality godly weapons than most metals.

In the eyes of Tangxi Zhai, the spiritual item and  ferocious ghost had been rare materials. If the master of Tangxi Zhai refined them, there would be another godly weapon in the world.

Even though Tangxi Zhai was famous all over the world, he couldn’t resist the temptation. Tangxi Zhai had blocked the news and chased the little girl and Big Slave. Because they had been so strong, the owner of Tangxi Zhai had come out in person and trapped them in the Copper mountain.

However, just after Mu Yi had entered Copper Mountain, the little girl had also sensed Mu Yi’s position and immediately headed towards him with Big Slave. Unexpectedly, she had stepped into the encirclement set up by Tangxi Zhai and had been stopped on her way. Moreover, their luck had not been very good this time, and they had met a strong expert of the sixth rank. With the strength held by the little girl and Big Slave, they hadn’t feared him, but the expert of the sixth rank had held them back as he sent a signal. The little girl immediately got worried.

Nian Nuer was even stronger than Mu Yi when it came to induction. She had felt that a strong man had come to the mountain before, so she had taken Big Slave to hide. But now, they were detained. Once the strong expert arrived, they would have no chance to escape.

Mu Yi could guess that the little girl was in trouble, so he grabbed Chong Jiayi and rushed to the little girl’s position with Yu’s Steps at the fastest possible speed.

On a hillside of Copper Mountain where the terrain was not as steep, there was a flat area. There were many people around there. A little girl’s dress was flapping and her little face was slightly cold. She was constantly attacking an old man.

Next to her, Big Slave had turned into a giant, making loud noises with his fists and feet. The old man who was besieged, was already sweating and was forced to rush around. If it hadn’t been for the people around him attacking sneakily once or twice occasionally, his situation would have been dire.

At this time, the reason why he clenched his teeth to hold on was that he knew that he could succeed as long as the leader arrived. He was very clear about the strength of the leader.


Finally, the old man was slammed against a stone, thrown back by a punch from Big Slave. Although he was wearing half-body armor, he was still sent into the air and hit a tree heavily due to the terrible power of Big Slave.

The tree trunk vibrated violently and the leaves fell down. The old man’s face was crimson and a trickle of blood gushed from his mouth.

Just when Nian Nuer was about to kill the old man, a figure suddenly appeared. And then Nian Nuer was beaten down in an instant.

“The leader arrived.”


Looking at the sudden figure, there was a silence around and then a cheering sound.

That figure looked only about 50 years old, even younger than the old man before. He was wearing a white suit and he looked upright and elegant. Judging from his appearance, he looked like a learned man.

“Leader.” The old man’s face also showed a trace of joy.

“Um.” Tang Chang nodded to the old man first then looked at Nian Nuer and Big Slave. More accurately, most of his mind fell on Nian Nuer. Nian Nuer felt like a mountain was pressed down on her, making her almost unable to move.


The great slave also found the pressure of Nian Nuer so he roared at Tang Shang and rushed to him without fear.

“How fun.” Tang Chang looked at Big Slave who was rushing to him with a smile on his face. Although he was only half the height of the big slave, he just stood there at will, making people feel as though he was taller than Big Slave.

When Big Slave arrived in front of him, he saw Tang Chang’s right hand suddenly waved without much force. Big Slave made a muffled sound and his big and burly body flew out directly before hitting the ground heavily and making the ground shake.

Big Slave was vulnerable in front of Tang Shang, let alone the power to fight back.

“Big Slave.” Nian Nuer exclaimed, but there was nothing she could do. Because she was locked onto by Tang Shang and it was difficult for her to move. She couldn’t fight against Tang Shang at all.

“Little girl, defer to me and I can let him go.” Tang Chang said. His voice was very gentle like an ordinary old man, which was easy to give people a good impression.

“Don’t you think about it.” Nian Nuer said angrily. He wanted her to surrender? It was just impossible.

“Oh, really? Then I will kill your companion first. “Tang Chang said in a flat voice, like saying a little thing.

“If you dare to, my brother will not let you go.” Nian Nuer said loudly but she was very worried.

“Your brother?” Tang Chang’s expression was a little more serious. Although he was powerful, he was not a reckless person. In fact, after seeing the little girl, he knew the little girl’s state clearly. Especially the bamboo tree of Life obviously belonged to someone, and there was a strong breath on it.

But that was all.

If Nian Nuer’s brother was the owner of this breath, he didn’t mind letting him know what a real strong man was. A future magic tool was enough for him to make a choice.

“Yes, my brother is very strong.” Nian Nuer immediately said. She was not childish but deliberately buying the time.

“Even if your brother is here, I don’t think he would dare to say no.” Tang Chang said proudly. This was not only his pride as the master of Tangxi Zhai but also the confidence in his own strength.

“Is that so?” Just after Tang Chang finished talking, another voice appeared without any sign.

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