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Chapter 420 Choice

“Is that so?”

When the voice rang out, Tang Shang’s face became extremely gloomy. He didn’t care if someone dared to interrupt, but this sudden voice was not within his expectations nor under his control.

 To be able to appear suddenly without him noticing could only mean that the strength of the person who had appeared suddenly was not inferior to him.

He was about to be successful, but then this kind of accident suddenly occurs. No one who ran into such a situation would be in a good mood.

Then, a person’s shadow appeared at the scene. It was Mu Yi. Though technically, it was two figures. Behind Mu Yi, there was an old man, Chong Jiayi.

However, because of Mu Yi’s presence, most people ignored Chong Jiayi, and instead focused on Mu Yi.

Tang Shang’s face was more solemn, because Mu Yi had brought someone with him, but he still didn’t sense anything before, as if these two people came out of nothing.

In fact, after getting the warning from Nian Nuer, Mu Yi’s mind and the Xin lamp were integrated, reaching the level of perfection directly, controlling himself, and understanding the invisibility charm to a higher level. This was not only to hide himself, but also Chong Jiayi. Otherwise, with Chong Jiayi’s strength, how could they get close without being discovered by Tang Shang?

All this was naturally due to Mu Yi. Obviously, Tang Shang was aware of this.

“Brother.” In fact, without Tang Shang asking who Mu Yi was, Nian Nuer had jumped into Mu Yi’s arms, and the people around him immediately understood that the little Taoist in front of her was who the little girl had spoken of before.

Only, in the eyes of the people around him, Mu Yi was just a little Taoist. Why did the master make such a stir?

However, the old man who held Nian Nuer and the Big Slave by him seemed to reveal something, and he retreated two steps quietly.

“Now you know it’s dangerous to wander in the world?” Seeing that Nian Nuer was OK, Mu Yi put down the one who had been hanging in his heart, but he still scolded her.

“I know my brother will come to help me.” The little girl also knew that she had made a mistake. It was the best to act silly and behave at this time.

“Well, since your brother is here, no one can hurt you.” Mu Yi patted the little girl’s head, then looked at Tang Shang.

“You should be the master of Tangxi Zhai, right? I’ve heard a lot about you,” said Mu Yi.

“Are you… The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag?” Tang Shang had been observing Mu Yi, and had long suspected his identity. After all, although the world was big, a real expert could not just emerge at a whim, especially when it was one as young as Mu Yi.

Looking at Mu Yi’s outfit and the long Sabre in his hand, Tang Shang naturally determined Mu Yi’s identity. Recently, it was widely known that the world’s Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag survived the Yellow River’s ancient road and got a magic weapon.

“Right.” Mu Yi nodded and confirmed Tang Shang’s suspicion. Suddenly, a commotion broke out around him. Some people were afraid while some people got greedy looks in their eyes. After all, Mu Yi held quite the reputation in the world.

After all, the four Envoys of the Flags were still talked about and even feared. Even though the four Envoys of Flag’ forces were no longer the same as before, they were not comparable to average forces.

Besides the powerful forces under his command, Mu Yi’s own strength should not be underestimated. The senior White Dragon King was defeated by Mu Yi’s hands. Even if he borrowed the strength of charms, it also showed Mu Yi’s strength. After all, the charm itself was a kind of strength, and people couldn’t be forbidden to use charms, right?

What’s more, Mu Yi came out of the Yellow River’s ancient road alive. They should know that even the master Purdue of Shaolin Temple, the old master of Longhu Mountain, and even the leader of the inner Qing Dynasty all died in the Yellow River’s ancient road. The degree of danger was self-evident.

In this case, Mu Yi not only came out alive, but also acquired a magic weapon. As long as one was not a fool, they could think of what this represented. Even if Mu Yi had an element of luck, it would have been useless if he was not strong enough.

Hearing Mu Yi’s acknowledgement, Tang Shang also knew that it was impossible to catch the little girl. Moreover, repeating his previous behavior would definitely make Mu Yi hostile. Unlike those who were unsure if they should try and get something from Mu Yi, Tang Shang could clearly feel Mu Yi’s strength and knew whether he was injured or not.

Although he was also a perfect-stage himself, he focused on forging swords, so even though he was much older than Mu Yi and had entered this realm early, he dared not say that he could win with certainty. Moreover, he should not create enemies. Mu Yi was not only strong in his own right, but also he was also the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

Tangxizhai, made magic soldiers, made friends with the world’s heroes, and paid attention to harmony. So although he was not afraid of Mu Yi, there was no need to provoke such an enemy and Tang Shang made a decision quickly.

For this kind of existence, he had already passed the age of struggling with right and wrong within himself. In the end, it all came down to interest, and it was obviously not in his best interest to make an enemy of Mu Yi.

“Since it is the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, everything before was a misunderstanding, and I was reckless. This chain is a small magic weapon refined in my spare time, so I would like to give it to your sister as a gift.” Tang Shang said and took out a silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant at the bottom. It looked very nice, but most importantly, it was a magic weapon.

Tang Shang’s attitude was unexpected, but when Mu Yi thought about it carefully, he understood. What he was worried about just now was Tang Shang’s acting against him. Although his strength was good, there was no reason to force a fight in front of such a strong old man.

Tang Shang not only didn’t attack, but also sent a gift to make amends. His actions didn’t make Mu Yi despise him. On the contrary, his evaluation of Tang Shang rose even higher. In this world, there were countless people who lost their lives because of the fight for righteousness. Sometimes it was not cowardly to flinch. The key was to know what to do and what not to do.

With Tang Shang’s strength, there was no need for him to fear Mu Yi at all, but this was not a good stance for Tang Shang to take. Even if he won, it was impossible to kill Mu Yi. After all, there was no problem for someone like Mu Yi to escape.

In this way, Mu Yi would be totally offended. Even if Tang Shang was not afraid, he must think about Tangxi Zhai. After all, the other people in Tangxi Zhai didn’t have the strength to contest Mu Yi. Especially since Mu Yi was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

Once the two sides fight, even if Tangxi Zhai was not completely destroyed, it would definitely lose a lot. Tang Shang couldn’t afford the cost. In this case, the best way was to resolve any hatred with Mu Yi.

So sometimes it took courage to take a step back wisely than to rush out mindlessly.

Mu Yi was not a fool. He could guess what was going on in Tang Shang’s mind, but he didn’t expect that Tang Shang would make such a decision. After a short pause, Mu Yi weighed the advantages and disadvantages, then made the most suitable choice. Although Mu Yi chose to do this, he felt it difficult.

“Then I would thank the master of Zhai for this girl.” Mu Yi smiled a little, and the dull atmosphere suddenly eased. Even the ordinary disciples around Tangxi Zhai could feel the difference. It seemed that the unease in Tang Shang’s mind had disappeared.

Mu Yi’s words also made Tang Shang smile at the corners of his mouth. With a slight shake of his right hand, the chain pendant appeared in Mu Yi’s hand. Then Mu Yi handed the pendant to Nian Nuer.

The little girl took the pendant and was very happy because she found that it was made of a kind of spirit wood. If she wore it close to her body, it would be good for her.

“How about going to Tangxi Zhai as a guest of mine?” Tang Shang then invited him. In fact, he was also interested in the magic weapon Mu Yi held. After all, in his realm, simple cultivation was not useful. If you could come into contact with more magic weapons, he would get more.

However, the magic weapons in this world were extremely rare and basically all have their own masters. How could one allow even their own masters to peep at their magic weapons? It might be hard to borrow one even if a master wanted to. But now, Mu Yi’s weapon had not recognized a master. If they paid enough price, they could borrow it to see.

“Since the master invites me, I can only accept. But there is something else I need to do today. I will definitely visit you tomorrow.” Mu Yi agreed. The two intended to boost their relationship. Tang Shang was trying to make use of the magic weapon with Mu Yi’s hands. Mu Yi also intended to get experience in refining the magic weapons.

As for the previous unpleasantness, it had been unconsciously ignored.

“Well, I’ll prepare a treat for tomorrow.” After Tang Shang finished speaking, he said goodbye to Mu Yi. As for those around him who saw that the owner of Zhai had left, they could only follow him, but they now had another topic of conversation. After all, they were excited to see such legendary people.

In an instant, the people in Tangxi Zhai were all gone, leaving Mu Yi and others alone. The Big Slave shrunk his body and stare at Mu Yi with a dull head.

Nian Nuer, without waiting for Mu Yi to speak, simply hid in the Bamboo Tree of Life, acting as though she was fleeing from being killed. Obviously, the little girl was worried that Mu Yi would blame her. After all, he had told her before she left that she should only wait at home.

Although the little girl told Yun Mengxuan when she came out, she had essentially ran away from home and more importantly, she got into trouble. If it wasn’t for Mu Yi, she would have been caught by Tang Shang long ago. With her strength, it was impossible for her to escape from those top experts.

When Mu Yi saw this, he just smiled and didn’t care too much, but he was more determined than ever to enhance the strength of the little girl. After all, he couldn’t always arrive in time nor could he guard her constantly. At the critical moment, she would have to rely on herself.

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