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Chapter 421 the plan of Mu Yi


Shortly after Mu Yi appeared at Tong Mountain, news of his meeting with the master of Tangxi Zhai spread all over the Nanyang mansion.

Even though Tangxi Zhai was holding a tournament, the stir caused by Mu Yi was much greater. After all, Godly weapons were good, but they were far from magic weapons. Indeed, the so-called Godly weapons were not even magic weapons. At most, they were between ordinary weapons and magic weapons. They had some abilities however, so they were called Godly weapons.

But because it was difficult to find magic weapons, Godly weapons were quite popular.

Even godly weapons were sought after, not to mention high tier magic treasures. It was normal to rouse people’s greed.

But most people in the world only knew that a magic weapon was precious, but they didn’t know that magic treasures were not something that ordinary people could refine and control. If someone wanted to refine a magic treasure, they needed to be at the top of the second-stage. That said, even if they reached the peak, they may not be able to refine certain magic treasures.

Mu Yi’s Xin lamp was completely refined only after opening up five chakras due to various opportunities and coincidences. In fact, his strength had already reached its peak, and his mental and spiritual power were even stronger. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to completely integrate with the Xin lamp.

The next day, Mu Yi came to Tangxi Zhai with Nian Nuer, Big Slave, and Chong Jiayi.

Last night, the little girl couldn’t sit still. She ran out again. After being caught by Mu Yi, he scolded her hard. Then he threw the tree heart from the Yellow River’s ancient Road to her. After getting the tree heart, the little girl was jubilant. She could feel the power of the dense wood attribute contained in the tree heart, which was essentially the same as the Bamboo Tree of Life. As long as it could devour the heart of this tree, it would definitely grow again with increased quality.

However, the energy contained in the heart of the tree was too strong, so Mu Yi worried that the little girl would act silly, and he forbade her from swallowing it. After getting the correct method from the master of Tangxi Zhai, it would not only be safe, but also avoid wasting any benefits.

Although the little girl longed for it, she obediently listened to Mu Yi’s words.

When Mu Yi later went to Tangxi Zhai, Tang Shang also led people out to meet him. Many of the Tangxi Zhai disciples around him were looking at Mu Yi with a curious eye. After all, he was young and had achieved the same status as their leader, which made them envious.

Tangxi Zhai was built next to the river, covering a large area. Some pavilions were built on the river, which looked like a beautiful picture. The most remarkable structure was undoubtedly the first furnace in the world, which stood in the most central position.

Tang Shang was smiling. Those who didn’t know Mu Yi would think that he was Tang Shang’s friend for many years, and that Mu Yi was also open to Tang Shang’s overtures.

“I don’t want to hide the fact that the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag is here for one thing.” After sitting down, Tang Shang slightly pondered, and went straight to the point.

“What could be troubling the master?” Mu Yi asked.

“Although I’m called the master, you and I both know that this title is merely a reflection of my reputation to others. As long as we don’t take the last step one day, we could never become real masters. But that step is as difficult as climbing the sky. I’ve wasted ten years but I still can’t see hope. Can you feel it?” Tang Shang said slowly, in a bleak voice.

Others thought that there was nothing but boundless scenery for those at the perfection-stage, but the feeling of making no progress, with no road to do so, was most common for those at perfection. Even after reaching perfection, they could feel that there was an extra guillotine on the top of their head, a sense of great danger. So now all those at perfection were eager to get stronger at any costs.

Although he understood Tang Shang’s urgent mood to some degree, it was impossible for Mu Yi to say that he completely understood it. After all, Mu Yi had only been in practice for one year. He had made rapid progress since the beginning. Even at present, he was far from reaching his limit, so he could not understand the feeling of advancing inch by inch in and making no progress for more than ten years.

“The master can just speak if you have something to say,” said Mu Yi.

“In that case, I won’t be polite. I want to take advantage of the magic weapon that you got in the Yellow River’s ancient Road. Of course, whatever conditions the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag may have, you can state as you please.

“Magic weapon?” Mu Yi’s expression suddenly became strange. Others didn’t know the details of the long sword, but he knew it clearly.

Seeing that Mu Yi looked strange, Tang Shang thought that Mu Yi didn’t intend to lend it out, but that was normal. A magic weapon was too precious, especially if it was an unrefined magic weapon. What if he couldn’t resist the temptation and refined it directly, or ran away with it?

“If the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag is not at ease, I am willing to give this life magic weapon as a mortgage in trade for at most one month, no, for half a month.” Tang Shang said again.

“The master has misunderstood. It is not that I don’t want to lend it, but that the magic weapon is likely not what you thought.” Mu Yi told the truth directly, “I took this long sword from a dead soul at the perfect stage in the Yellow River’s ancient Road. It should be an ancient magic weapon. But over the course of many years, this magic weapon has been seriously damaged. I’m afraid that I’ve let your expectations down.”

Mu Yi explained this so as to not conceal anything, but it was also a reminder. After all, Mu Yi’s power could be imagined if he could snatch a magic weapon from a perfect stage dead soul.

“Serious damage?” Hearing this news, Tang Shang frowned instinctively. A broken magic weapon was quite different from an intact one. The most precious part was not the material however, but the original rune. If the original rune was damaged though, then its usefulness would undoubtedly be much worse.

“Have you thought of repairing it?” Tang Shang asked again.

“Restoration? Could the master restore this magic weapon?” Mu Yi asked curiously. If he could, then it would be best.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag looks up to me. To repair a magic weapon perfectly would require a real master to do it. With my ability, the maximum recovery amount would be about 70%. It depends on the degree of damage the magic weapon has sustained.” Tang Shang said modestly, but anyone could see the pride in his expression. Even if he was not a real master, there were few people in the whole world who could match him.

Mu Yi was able to completely recover the lamp; but it was not his contribution, rather the lamp’s self-recovery ability, which was not possessed by ordinary magic weapons that resulted in its repair. What’s more, the real damage of the lamp was due to a lack of kindling. But after the lamp obtained the Nanming Li fire, it made up for that last weakness. When the lamp integrated with the Nanming Li fire, its recovery was a natural thing.

But the long Sabre was different. This magic weapon was just a killing weapon. It had no ability for self-recovery. If he wanted to completely recover the long Sabre, he needed to recreate the original rune. But as Tang Shang said, only those at the third stage heaven-and-human level were able to achieve this step.

Tang Shang could recover about 70% at the level of perfection, which showed his accomplishments, so others would call him the master.

“Although the magic weapon was damaged, I believe that the master will surely gain something in the process of repairing it?” Mu Yi looked at Tang Shang and said, the latter hesitated a little, then nodded.

“I don’t know if the master would like to have a try?” Mu Yi continued.

Tang Shang took a deep look at Mu Yi and said a word, “yes!”

In their realm, some words didn’t need to be too clear. Since the restoration of the magic weapon would be good for Tang Shang, Mu Yi didn’t plan to pay any reward. Both sides got what they needed. Because they understood this, Tang Shang chose to agree. Tang Shang actually suffered some losses, but he was in urgent need of this opportunity.

“In fact, I have one more thing to ask of you.” Mu Yi then said.

“Oh, what is it?” Tang Shang asked curiously.

“About this.” Mu Yi beckoned, and Nian Nuer came forward and handed over the heart of the Millennium tree.

“What is this? A thousand year old tree heart?” Just a little induction, Tang Shang had almost recognized the origin of the tree heart, and his eyes showed a little more eagerness. The Millennium tree heart was definitely the best choice for refining and restoring magic tools. The magic tools he gave to Nian Nuer before belonged to this category, but the magic tool he gave away was just made of spirit wood, and its quality was far inferior.

“Yes, it is the heart of a thousand year old tree.” Mu Yi then thought about it, and a bamboo stick flew out of Nian Nuer body. It was the Bamboo Tree of Life.

Tang Shang was immediately attracted by the Bamboo Tree of Life. Before that, he personally went out to catch Nian Nuer in order to feel the pure wood power contained in the Bamboo Tree of Life at a close distance.

In addition, Nian Nuer had a thousand-year-old tree heart. It was self-evident what this represented.

Tang Shang took a deep breath to calm himself.

“Conditions.” For a long time, Tang Shang said with difficulty.

“Master has misunderstood. She is my sister. I can’t let her take any risks, let alone refine her into a magic weapon. I prefer her to evolve slowly and without danger. As for the heart of this millennium tree, I also plan to let the Bamboo Tree of Life absorb it.” Mu Yi said directly. Tang Shang’s attitude could also be guessed. The Bamboo Tree of Life, thousands of years of tree heart, and Nian Nuer, combined with Tang Shang’s experience, could definitely be refined into a magic weapon. Even for Tang Shang, this was a rare chance.

But in that way, Nian Nuer would really lose herself, which was absolutely unacceptable for Mu Yi. He would rather Bamboo Tree of Life not become a magic weapon, rather than sacrifice Nian Nuer to obtain a magic weapon.

Although a magic weapon was precious, he already had the Xin lamp, which was powerful on its own. What’s more, Nian Nuer was his sister and his relative. Even if he had to lose a magic weapon to keep her safe, he would never hesitate.

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