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Chapter 422 Exchange


“It would be a true magic weapon. If you refined it, it would fit you perfectly.” Tang Shang looked at Mu Yi and continued, but he was doomed to be disappointed. Mu Yi shook his head.

“Even a legendary artifact can’t compare with the position of Nian Nuer in my heart.” Mu Yi said firmly, and the little girl buried her head in his arms and held him tightly.

   However, it seemed that the Big Slave understood something and looked at Tang Shang fiercely. If it wasn’t for Mu Yi, he could not help but attack Tang Shang.

   Mu Yi said his piece so firmly that Tang Shang sighed with regret. Although a magic weapon was important, it was not wise to turn against Mu Yi for a magic weapon. At the least, it was not worth it. Mu Yi just said that the origin of the long Sabre was taken from a perfect-stage Dead Ghost and he could feel that Mu Yi didn’t lie.

   Therefore, it was basically impossible to snatch Nian Nuer from Mu Yi.

“Well, please have a look at this long Sabre.” Tang Shang looked at the long Sabre that Mu Yi had brought.

   Mu Yi handed the long Sabre to Tang Shang. Tang Shang held the Sabre and seemed to change into a totally different person. His whole body had a strange energy. One hand touched the Sabre’s body gently, leaving no trace.

   Even Mu Yi sensed that a spiritual force was emanating from him. It wrapped around the long Sabre. The Sabre vibrated slightly, and Tang Shang’s face became gradually dignified.

   Mu Yi looked at it quietly. It was almost half an hour before Tang Shang took a breath and finally opened his eyes. There was even a trace of fatigue between his brows. Obviously, even Tang Shang, a perfect level expert, did not have it easy in the last half an hour.

“It’s worthy of being a magic weapon from ancient times. It’s really extraordinary. It’s a pity that the damage on this magic weapon is too serious. Even if I try my best, I can only repair 50 or 60% of it. You may be disappointed.” Tang Shang looked at Mu Yi and said.

“It’s good to have 50 or 60% of it repaired. Thank you very much.” Mu Yi said sincerely. After all, there was no reward for his help in repairing the magic weapon, and it was definitely more difficult to repair a magic weapon than he could imagine.

“Well, you will need to wait a few more days. In another two days, there will be the Tournament. When the Tournament is over, I will repair this magic weapon immediately. It will take about five days.” Tang Shang said.

“Ok, but there is one more thing I need your help with.” Mu Yi then said.

“It doesn’t matter, please say it.” Tang Shang said politely.

“There is too much energy in the thousand years’ tree core. I want to know how to let the Bamboo Tree of Life absorb it slowly without any danger.” Mu Yi asked, as this was the main purpose for him to come to Tang Shang. As for repairing the long Sabre, it was beyond his consideration. It didn’t matter if it could not be repaired.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Tang Shang didn’t answer immediately, but frowned.

“Is there any difficulty for you?” Mu Yi asked.

“It’s not really difficult, but if the Bamboo Tree of Life absorbs the thousand years’ tree core, it will waste most of its strength at best. This is not worth the loss.” Tang Shang said.

“Do you have some methods?” Mu Yi looked at Tang Shang and asked. He thought that there must be a method since Tang Shang mentioned this, but he would have to pay a certain price. After all, there was no free lunch in the world. What’s more, Tang Shang promised to repair the long Sabre for free, which was the extent of his generosity. Their grudges had already been written off after all.

“If the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag can trust me, I can integrate the Bamboo Tree of Life with the thousand years’ tree core. In this way, the Bamboo Tree of Life can absorb the power of the thousand years’ tree core slowly. Without worrying about waste, it can let the Bamboo Tree of Life grow continuously until the power of the thousand years’ tree core is exhausted.” Tang Shang said slowly.

   Hearing Tang Shang’s words, Mu Yi’s eyes brightened. If this was true, then this method was undoubtedly the best option, but he would need to pay a price.

“In this way, I will trouble you, but I will not let you do it for nothing. If you have any conditions, you can put forward them.” Mu Yi said.

“This…” Tang Shang hesitated. Although it seemed simple to integrate the Bamboo Tree of Life and the thousand years’ tree core without improving the quality of the Bamboo Tree of Life, in fact, it was no easier than refining a magic weapon. After all, although the thousand years’ tree core and the Bamboo Tree of Life are both wood attributes, there were always some subtle differences. More importantly, if the Bamboo Tree of Life could absorb the power of the thousand years’ tree core slowly, it required him to draw some battle arrays in the thousand years’ tree core to maintain balance.

   But he would not tell others of this difficulty.

“How about this Sabre?” Seeing Tang Shang hesitated, Mu Yi opened his mouth directly.



   The two voices almost sounded one after the other. The former was Tang Shang’s surprised voice, and the latter was Nian Nuer’s anxious voice.

   After all, no matter in the eyes of Tang Shang or Nian Nuer, even if the long Sabre was broken, it was also a magic weapon. Moreover, Tang Shang could repair 50-60% of it, Which would make it even more remarkable. But now, Mu Yi was willing to give it up in order to let the Bamboo Tree of Life absorb the thousand years’ tree core. In the eyes of both Tang Shang and Nian Nuer, the gains were not worth the loss.

   Of course, Tang Shang was moved directly following his surprise, while Nian Nuer was moved but reluctant. In her eyes, Mu Yi gave up this magic weapon for her, but she would rather take some risks to absorb the thousand years’ tree core, rather than letting Mu Yi  suffer this kind of loss.

“What do you say?” Mu Yi ignored Nian Nuer and asked Tang Shang directly.

“Brother, I’m not afraid of danger.” Nian Nuer said anxiously, for fear that Tang Shang would agree.

“Yes, yes. I know.” Mu Yi stopped the little girl and looked at Tang Shang instead.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag’s concern for your sister is really admirable, but there is one thing that needs to be explained in advance. It’s no easier to integrate the Bamboo Tree of Life with the thousand years’ tree core than it is to refine a magic weapon, so I don’t mean to embarrass you. Please forgive me for that.” Tang Shang said.

“Don’t worry, I never doubted you. As long as you can integrate the Bamboo Tree of Life with the thousand years’ tree core, this Sabre will be the reward.” Mu Yi said firmly.

   In other people’s eyes, it seemed as though he had suffered a loss, but Mu Yi also had a record of value in his mind. This Sabre was not very useful to him. If it wasn’t for the low price offered by the mysterious Shining Man, he even planned to sell it. In terms of value, this Sabre was worth only seven units, but the thousand years’ tree core was worth 30 units. There was no comparison between the two as far as Mu Yi was concerned.

   So in order not to waste the power of the thousand years’ tree core, it was worth paying with the Sabre. What’s more, this was also for Nian Nuer. Once the Bamboo Tree of Life engulfed the thousand years’ tree core completely, it would grow to a new height. It would improve Mu Yi’s strength, and besides, the benefits it brought to Nian Nuer alone were worth it.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag really has decided?” Although Mu Yi had stated as such, Tang Shang couldn’t help but make sure. If their positions were switched, Tang Shang would not have offered the deal Mu Yi was making.

“That’s right. The Sabre will belong to you.” Mu Yi said definitely.

“Well then, I’ll take it.” Tang Shang nodded, and then said, “there are two days left until the Tournament. I will try my best to finish the job for you within these two days.”

   Obviously, the exchange proposed by Mu Yi had made Tang Shang happy. Although it would consume a great deal of energy, it was worth it to Tang Shang. After all, the Tournament was important, but it was less important than the Sabre.

   What’s more, in general, there would be no accidents with the Battle Tournament. Even if something went wrong, he believed that it could be easily dealt with.

“Thank you.” Mu Yi said and sent the thousand years’ tree core and the Bamboo Tree of Life to Tang Shang. As for Nian Nuer, she stayed with him, just in case. He believed Tang Shang would not act rashly, but he would not gamble with Nian Nuer.

   Tang Shang made no mention of this.

   Later, Tang Shang called the old man who had dragged Nian Nuer and Big Slave and told him something. He then declared that he was entering closed door cultivation effective immediately. Many of the Tangxi Zhai disciples were puzzled by the sudden closed door cultivation of Tang Shang, but they didn’t say anything.

   The old man Tang Shang spoke to was named Chen Yuan, and he was the butler of Tangxi Zhai. He was usually in charge of the daily life of Tangxi Zhai. After all, Tang Shang mostly practiced his techniques in forging weapons, so he left the operations and management of Tangxi Zhai to someone he could trust.

   With Tang Shang’s information and knowing Mu Yi’s identity, Chen Yuan was very polite. He let Mu Yi and his party live in the best guest room. Everything was arranged properly, and they only needed to wait. Only Nian Nuer was unhappy.

   Mu Yi naturally knew what this little girl was thinking about, but he didn’t say anything. He believed everything would resolve itself in two days.

   With the approaching Tournament, the whole of Tangxi Zhai seemed busy, and the disciples were excited. After all, this grand meeting only took place once a year. As Tangxi Zhai’s disciples, they were also proud, causing them to proudly jut out their chests just a bit higher.

   Mu Yi knew more or less about the Tournament. To be exact, it was a competition, but the key was in controlling the weapons. It didn’t matter if one’s strength was low. If their weapon technique reached a certain level, it was still possible to get the reward. For every Tournament, Tangxi Zhai would prepare ten godly weapons, and the top ten could obtain them after the selection.

   However, this Tournament was only suitable for ordinary experts. Although there were many second difficulty or first-class experts, it was impossible for the top or senior level experts to participate in the duels. Besides, ordinary godly weapons had no use for them.

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