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Chapter 423 Killer Boy


   While Mu Yi was waiting, many powerful people entered the Nanyang Prefecture. Some of them were coming for the upcoming Tournament. After all, putting aside the ten godly weapons, if they paid enough, they could also ask the master of Tangxi Zhai to refine a magic weapon despite the high cost.

   Other people knew of Mu Yi and came here specifically for this reason. They knew that Mu Yi was very powerful and that he was a senior level expert at the least; perhaps even a perfect-stage expert. But a magic weapon without an owner was too tempting.

   Whether that magic weapon had been refined or not was not within their considerations. Once people were blinded by greed after all, they were also blind to any sense of reason. 

There were many people who hoped that they could grab the weapon in the case of Mu Yi’s defeat. Of course, there were also some people who specialized in simply watching the bustle.

   The Nanyang Prefecture, especially the small town near Tangxi Zhai, was full of excitement.

“Lord, according to the information from our disciples, it seems that someone is going to do you a disservice.” Close to the last night before the Tournament, Chen Yuan came to Mu Yi’s house and reported. Although he thought that those people were just courting death, now that he knew of the conspiracy, it was a good time to lend a favor to Mu Yi. At the least, Mu Yi might have a better impression of Tangxi Zhai as a result. After all, they had rounded up the little girl and the big guy before.

“Oh, is that so?” Mu Yi said lightly, looking at his expression, he didn’t care about it at all.

   Chen Yuan looked at Mu Yi and thought it was normal. Others might only guess at Mu Yi’s strength, but he received the truth straight from the mouth of Tang Shang. Mu Yi was definitely a real perfect-stage expert. As the most powerful subordinate around Tang Shang, Chen Yuan naturally knew how strong the perfect-stage was. In front of a perfect-stage expert, those not at the top only could be slaughtered, and even a senior level expert just took a few more moves to destroy.

   If there was no perfect level expert among those who had come, none could threaten Mu Yi. Therefore, it was natural for Mu Yi to not care about this “disservice”.

“Lord, shall I send them away?” Chen Yuan asked cautiously, not letting go of any chance to please Mu Yi.

“No, let them come.” Mu Yi refused Chen Yuan’s suggestion, as he didn’t want to owe Tang Shang. Although Tan Shang was powerful, there were very few real experts; and among those, Tang Shang was far from the strongest. 

  As for others, there were only a few men who had reached the second difficulty, or achieved the status of a first-class expert in the whole of Tangxi Zhai. This kind of strength could crush ordinary experts, but it was not enough for real experts like Mu Yi. Those who posed a threat to Mu Yi would certainly pose a threat to Tang Shang. What if Tangxi Zhai was damaged by his affairs, how could he explain this to Tang Shang?

   Since Tangxi Zhai couldn’t deal with the powerful experts and Mu Yi needed no protection from those weaker, what Chen Yuan was trying to do was meaningless.

“Yes, my Lord.” Seeing that Mu Yi refused, Chen Yuan said nothing more, and then left.

   Mu Yi came to the yard, where a waning moon hung above his head. The cold moonlight sprinkled down, which made Mu Yi’s shadow seem to stretch. Looking at the waning moon, he couldn’t help but stay. Mu Yi didn’t notice that after he came to the yard, the shadow around the wall seemed to have moved for a while. If he looked closely, he would have found that the shadow there was thicker than in other places. That said, it was only a few subtle differences. Unless you looked carefully, you would only ignore the anomalies subconsciously.

   As time passed, Mu Yi remained immobile, while the shadow wriggled up slowly and kept close to Mu Yi.

   Finally, when the shadow was close to Mu Yi, it burst forward suddenly, and a black light struck from behind Mu Yi, attacking Mu Yi’s heart.

Suddenly, Mu Yi’s body flickered slightly, and his figure seemed to overlap.

   The black light appeared suddenly, and then disappeared. Under the moonlight, a small figure in a black robe appeared in the yard no more than a foot away from Mu Yi. Mu Yi could not see any trace of injury as he looked away from the moon and looked down at the small figure. Neither moved.

“Who are you?” Mu Yi asked casually.

“The man who will kill you.” The little black shadow replied, in a low voice. Obviously, he was a short man, not a little boy. If a little boy had such strength, no one else would have the will to live.

“Interesting.” Mu Yi sneered. The strength of this small figure had already been revealed as that of the senior level, but this was insufficient in Mu Yi’s eyes. The little shadow could keep his confidence now because the energy Mu Yi was emitting wasn’t too strong. Mu yi was showing the energy of someone at the senior level and was far from the perfect level people suspected him to be.

Mu Yi naturally knew that this was his own true strength. Only when his mind and spirit power were integrated with the Xin lamp could he be regarded as a perfect-stage being. So if you didn’t know this detail and just judged from the emitted energy, you were doomed to suffer a big loss.

   As for Tang Shang determining that MU YI was at the perfect stage at the first glance; this was because Mu Yi had just integrated with the Xin lamp. Although energy was the standard way to judge a person’s ability, it was not absolute. The reason why the short figure in front of him didn’t think Mu Yi was at the perfect-stage was mainly because of Mu Yi’s youth.

   Although there were many rumors about Mu Yi, many people felt that these rumors were greatly exaggerated. The main reason for this was that Mu Yi was too young. In their eyes, it was more likely that the rumors stemmed from his identity as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. After all, there were talented people in the world, so it was possible to reach the top at the age of 20. But it was impossible for a man to reach the perfect-stage at less than 20 years old right?

   Ordinary experts from the world might believe these rumors, but those powerful experts despised them, because their own experience told them how hard it was to reach the perfect-stage.

   There were less than a hundred people who had reached the perfect-stage in this huge world, and almost all of them were from the thousand years’ factions or else old monsters. Each of them had left a great reputation in the world, and they were revered by people.

   This was another reason why they didn’t believe that Mu Yi had reached the perfect level. Although Zai Feng spread rumors everywhere, he hid Mu Yi’s real strength. He even said that Mu Yi was injured seriously. This was simply to lead people to die, and cause some troubles for Mu Yi.

   Of course, in the eyes of Zai Feng, it would be better if someone could kill Mu Yi.

“Give me the magic weapon and maybe I can spare your life.” The short figure said, but he didn’t act rashly. In his opinion, if Mu Yi could avoid his sneak attack, then Mu Yi would not be much weaker than him. It was impossible for him to kill Mu Yi in a short time. Moreover, there was Tangxi Zhai, and there was a perfect-stage expert nearby. Once he disturbed the othes, he wouldn’t be able to escape.

“Are you sure you can kill me?” Mu Yi said faintly, but the short figure misunderstood. He thought Tang Shang was what supported Mu Yi. Once he caused a stir here, it would disturb Tang Shang.

“Why do you act like this? The magic weapon will only bring you death. How much can your Sparrow Halls help you? It’s better to be smart now than to die. If you hand over the magic weapon, we will take over it for you and make sure that no one will find you in the future.” The little figure said.

“We?” Mu Yi took a deep look at him. “It seems that you have a unique origin.”

“In fact, it’s no issue to let you know who I am. My name is Killing Boy and I am from the Hell Palace. Even in the Hell Palace, I’m second only to the leader. I know a little about your grudges with the Hell Palace. I can even write off your grudges with the Hell Palace, and guarantee that the Hell Palace won’t attack you again from now on.” The short figure was astonishing. He actually came from the Hell Palace. Mu Yi may not know this Killing Boy well, but he was famous as he was fierce.

“Are you from the Hell Palace?” Mu Yi had some accidents and looked at him deeply. He had never doubted the strength of the Hell Palace. Not to mention the mysterious and powerful leader of the Hell Palace, the strength they had shown in ordinary times was already fearsome. But that was just when compared to the former Mu Yi. Now, with the help of the Xin lamp, Mu Yi could reach the perfect-stage. Even if he were faced with the leader of the Hell Palace, he would not be afraid.

   He just didn’t expect that there was also this Killing Boy in the Hell Palace in addition to Ghost Shu and Black-and-White Wuchang. He didn’t know whether there was a Judge and a Hell King as well.

“Yes.” Hearing Mu Yi’s question, the Killing Boy stood up with pride. Although he was only half the height of Mu Yi and about as thin, no one in the world dared to joke about his shortcoming.

“Very well.” It was rare for a smile to appear on Mu Yi’s face, which made the killer boy suddenly remain still. He didn’t understand clearly what was going through Mu Yi’s head. Did Mu Yi agree? If so, as long as he refined that magic weapon, his position in the Hell Palace would improve significantly. This way, he could truly become the existence in the Hell Palace second only to the leader.

   For although he was second only to the leader in the eyes of others, in the eyes of the leader, he was no different from Black-and-White Wuchang and Ghost Shu.

“Now that you’re here, I can act on this grudge of mine with the Hell Palace.” Mu Yi said directly. The Hell Palace had chased him and wanted to kill him several times. How could he not seek revenge? At the moment the Killing Boy admitted his identity, he finally understood why the emaciated man around Zai Feng was hostile to him and understood his identity.

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