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Chapter 424 Success


   In fact, he had his doubts as early as when he first entered the Yellow River’s ancient road. After all, at the time, Mu Yi had few serious enemies; so no one should have been hostile to him for no reason. He was in Zai Feng’s camp, but Zai Feng and Fan Yuan did not know his identity at that time.

   It was obviously that the other side had a feud with him, and he felt as though he was familiar with the other side, but he couldn’t remember why.

   It was not until he saw the Killing Boy that he suddenly understood where the familiarity came from. If he didn’t guess wrong, his enemies then also came from the Hell Palace, but he didn’t know of their status in the Hell Palace. However, the strength of his enemy didn’t seem any weaker than the Killing Boy in front of him.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the Killing Boy was stunned for a while, but then his face became gloomy, and his eyes fixed on Mu Yi. If eyes could kill people, Mu Yi didn’t know how many times he would have died.

   After all, no one was in such a good mood to be teased. What’s more, the killer boy was not a good man. His reputation was made of others’ lives and incessant bloodshed.

“It seems that you are not going to reconcile.” The Killing Boy said with a gloomy face.

“Reconcile? The Hell Palace has wronged me so many times. How could there be such a simple thing as reconciliation? But I didn’t expect that the Hell Palace would be willing to become a dog of Zai Feng in order to enter the Yellow River’s ancient road.” There was a trace of contempt on the corner of Mu Yi’s mouth.

“Courting Death!” The Killing Boy got angry suddenly, and his right hand in the black robe rose up suddenly. A sharp black light flashed. At this point, Mu Yi saw the object in his opponent’s hand clearly. It was a short Sabre, full of dark energy, with lines like human veins carved on it. Those lines seem to be alive and the short Sabre emitted an energy full of resentment.

   The light of the sabre was as sharp as lightning, and the air seemed to be cut off. Before it even got close to him, Mu Yi felt like something was pricking his skin.

   Mu Yi’s back flashed with light chakra as he bent his fingers at the same time.


   The sabre light was broken, and the Killing Boy was thrown back from Mu Yi. Looking at Mu Yi, he felt a little surprised. At that moment, a strong  energy had emerged from Mu Yi. Although the energy had not reached the perfect-stage, and had only reached senior level, it was pressuring him.

   Killing Boy suddenly felt a small measure of regret.

“What? Are you angry?” Mu Yi continued to mock the killing Boy, and the reaction of the other side confirmed his guess. The man who followed Zai Feng at the beginning was from the Hell Palace.

   What’s more, both had the ability to use shadow stealth, which was a perfect match for assassination.

“Did you kill Ghost One?” The killer boy stared at Mu Yi viciously.

“Oh, so he was called Ghost One.” Mu Yi suddenly realized that although he had been guessing the identity of the other party in the Hell Palace, he didn’t expect that the man would be Ghost One of Ghost Shu. After all, Ghost Four and other ghosts of Ghost Shu were people he had seen before. Their strength was only average.

   However, the Ghost One in the Yellow River’s Ancient Road was at the senior level, which was stronger than the Black and White Wuchang, and was only a little weaker when compared with the Killing Boy.

   Unfortunately, although Ghost One wanted to kill Mu Yi, he finally died under his own greed. If he wanted to complain, he could only blame himself.

“I didn’t kill him. But would you even believe this?” Mu Yi looked at the Killing Boy.

“Of course not.” The Killing Boy replied immediately. In his heart, he had already determined that Ghost One had died in the hands of Mu Yi. But he was now afraid of Mu Yi even more so. After all, even though he was a little better than Ghost One, he could not have killed Ghost One.

“It’s a pity that the Hell Palace cooperates with Zai Feng.” Mu Yi shook his head suddenly.

“What do you mean?” There was a bad feeling in the heart of the Killing Boy.

“Didn’t Zai Feng tell you that I have reached the perfect-stage?” Mu Yi said in a loud voice. Hearing his words, the killer boy felt his heart was held by an invisible hand. He could hardly breathe.

   What did he just hear? The perfect-stage? The Killing Boy wanted to refute, but he found that he had even begun to believe it. His intuition told him that Mu Yi didn’t lie, that was to say, he really had achieved perfect-stage strength. The rumors were true.

   Unfortunately, he understood that it was too late. Those rumors that he had despised became the reason why he lost his life.

“Impossible.” Even so, the killer boy retorted instinctively, because he didn’t want to believe the truth, as if it were true, he would die today.

   He knew more or less about the grudges between the Hell Palace and Mu Yi. At least Mu Yi was on the list of the Hell that must be killed, which was death feud.

“Since you don’t believe it, you’ll just go down and ask Ghost One.” As Mu Yi said, the mind and spirit power fused with the Xin lamp in an instant. After the time, a breath of perfect level spread out from Mu Yi. Behind his head, a light chakra loomed, like the God came to the world.

   At this point, the killer boy was desperate, but Mu Yi didn’t give him a chance to beg for mercy. With a flick of his fingers, a small flame fell on the killer boy. After a while, the killer boy was wrapped in the dark blue Nanming Li fire. After a scream, he turned to ashes.

   It was not only for the terrifying of Nanming Li fire to be able to kill the killer boy, but also because the killer boy’s mind and spirit had been robbed. His strength had not been exerted in half. However, even if the killer boy was in his peak state, it was just to make Mu Yi spend more time.

   There would only be a growing gap between the perfect level and under the perfect level.

   Thinking of challenging the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag before, Mu Yi was afraid. But later, Mu Yi thought about it carefully and found something wrong. At that time, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag should be at the half perfect level. He didn’t really step into this level. Otherwise, even if Mu Yi had good luck, no matter how Nian Nuer attacked, it was just in vain.

   Only with the long sword in his body could the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag be regarded as a real perfect level expert, which was just like the situation of Mu Yi.

   Later, the light chakra behind the Mu Yi’s head disappeared, and the full breath faded away. At this time, just a gust of wind came and took away the ashes.

   Mu Yi’s mouth moved a few times, but he didn’t leave immediately. He opened half the door and closed it again.

   Soon, a figure appeared in the yard of Mu Yi. It was Chen Yuan, the butler of Tangxi Zhai.

“Is something wrong, my lord?” Chen Yuan’s eyes swept around the yard, but he found no trace. But the flash of breath just now reminded him that something must had happened here before, but now it had been solved.

“A thief just came in, but I have solved it.” Mu Yi said casually.

   Although Mu Yi said that it was a thief, Chen Yuan felt a twinge in his heart. He would not be naive to think that there was the thief that he could hide from Tangxi Zhai’s disciples. Even he didn’t find out, it only showed that the strength of the thief was above him.

   However, considering the strength of Mu Yi, maybe it was really a thief, because even at the senior level, there was no chance to escape in front of the perfect level.

   Although Mu Yi was easy to understate, and it was not worth mentioning, after all, it happened in Tangxi Zhai, and Chen Yuan apologized again and again.

   After Chen Yuan left, Mu Yi went back to the room, and the little girl was already sitting on the bed. A pair of white feet swung and swung. When she saw Mu Yi, the little girl’s eyes lit up and she jumped gently into Mu Yi’s arms.

“Brother, why didn’t you ask me to help you? I can help you fight bad people. “Little girl was not happy because she had just been stopped by Mu Yi.

“Don’t worry, there will be a chance for you to make a move in the future. Is there any discomfort today?” Mu Yi asked. Since Tang Shang was closed, the little girl had been a bit drowsy and sleepy. Mu Yi could guess that her situation must be related to the Bamboo Tree of Life. After all, Tang Shang was refining the Bamboo Tree of Life. Nian Nuer had lived in the Bamboo Tree of Life for long, she would be affected naturally. But fortunately, the little girl was sleepy and had no other symptoms, which made Mu Yi feel at ease.

   Now, looking at the little girl’s appearance, her lips were red and her teeth were white. Her state was even better than ever. Mu Yi guessed that Tang Shang should be successful, and Mu Yi felt relieved finally.

   After the integration of the thousand years’ tree core, the growth of the Bamboo Tree of Life would be improved greatly. It was estimated that the thousand years’ tree core would be engulfed completely, and the Bamboo Tree of Life could also become the most superior spiritual beings. Even if it couldn’t compare with the magic weapon, its abilities would not be inferior to the magic weapon, and even Mu Yi had looked forward to it implicitly.

   The next morning, Mu Yi was invited to the main house by Chen Yuan, along with a little girl.

“Do you succeed?” Just entering the living room, Mu Yi saw Tang Shang sitting there drinking tea. Although his face was a little pale, there was a feeling of pride between his eyebrows. In fact, even though Tang Shang didn’t say anything, Mu Yi had already felt the existence of the Bamboo Tree of Life. The relationship between him and the Bamboo Tree of Life had not decreased, but seemed to become closer.

   Originally, the little girl was still holding Mu Yi’s hand, but as soon as she entered the hall, she couldn’t help throwing herself at the table. There was a long box. The little girl’s body flashed and went straight into the box.


   With the little girl drilling in, the box gave a light vibration suddenly, and then opened slowly, a strong green emanated from the box suddenly, Mu Yi even smelt a fragrance, which made people feel a shock.

   Then, with the help of the invisible force, the Bamboo Tree of Life rose slowly from the box. Seeing the Bamboo Tree of Life, Mu Yi’s eyes opened wide.


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