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Chapter 425 Section 16


   When the Bamboo Tree of Life rose, Mu Yi also opened his eyes. The original green color of Bamboo Tree of Life was more profound, but at one end, there was an obvious bulge, which made it look more like a crutch, and the bulge was clearly the heart of the Millennium tree.

   At the moment, the heart of the Millennium tree was perfectly integrated with the Bamboo Tree of Life. Mu Yi could not see any trace of their connection. It seemed that the bulge originally grew on it, but what really surprised Mu Yi was not that.

   At the beginning, when Mu Yi just got the Bamboo Tree of Life, there were 13 sections in total. As its name suggested, there would be an additional section for each year. However, there were also exceptions, that was under the urging of external forces, the Bamboo Tree of Life could grow faster.

   Later Bamboo Tree of Life devoured Shi Gu of Qu Mortuary, but later Nian Nuer broke through and became a fierce ghost. With the forty-nine days’ sacrifice by Mu Yi, Bamboo Tree of Life initially became his life weapon, and Bamboo Tree of Life also increased one section, reaching fourteen sections.

   Later, when Mu Yi used Nanming Li Fire to sacrifice and refine Bamboo Tree of Life, it increased by one section again, reaching fifteen sections, but that’s all. Nanming Li Fire devoured the nether flowers later, which didn’t make it grow again, showing the difficulty of the growth of it.

   Originally, it was easy to imagine that the heart of the Millennium tree was absolutely a catalyzer for the growth of Bamboo Tree of Life. As long as the Millennium tree heart was swallowed up, Bamboo Tree of Life would continue to grow, but it took time. Unexpectedly, the Bamboo Tree of Life had quietly increased by one section, reaching sixteen sections.

   And the breath of Bamboo Tree of Life had also been greatly enhanced. Obviously, only the integration with the Millennium tree heart had increased the growth of Bamboo Tree of Life. The effect of the Millennium tree heart was even stronger than that expected by Mu Yi.

   It could almost be predicted that, once the bamboo completely engulfed the heart of the Millennium tree, at least a few more sections would be added, maybe 20 sections.

   However, this was only the prediction of Mu Yi. The actual situation could only be observed later. In fact, he couldn’t be sure how many sections the bamboo could grow in the end.

“Thank you very much.”

   Without Tang Shang’s answer, Mu Yi knew that it was a success, and it was unexpectedly good.

“It’s my pleasure. In fact, this refining is much easier than I thought. If I don’t guess wrong, the matrix of bamboo must have a great history in these years, and the achievements in the future are even more limitless.” Tang Chang said earnestly.

“The matrix of Bamboo Tree of Life? “Mu Yi suddenly thought of Nian Nuer’s father. This Bamboo Tree of Life was obtained by him. After meeting the old Taoist by the Yellow River, Mu Yi understood that the little girl’s father had influential backing, so the origin of time bamboo could also be explained. But if Mu Yi wanted to know the truth, he had to go to the South China Sea. He should be qualified to go with his current strength. 

   He wanted to tell Nian Nuer what was going on.

“Yes, even in the magic weapon, Bamboo Tree of Life belonged to the top grade, but whether it could become a magic weapon depended on the chance. Moreover, with this little girl, once Bamboo Tree of Life became a magic weapon, it would become a middle-grade magic weapon.” Tang Shang exclaimed, and there was obviously a hierarchy between the magic weapons.

   In fact, magic weapons and tools could be divided into three grades: top, middle and bottom, and there was a huge gap between them.

   Like the long sabre that Mu Yi got in the Yellow River Ancient Road, was ancient magic weapon, and was inferior magic weapon. As for the level of the Xin lamp, Mu Yi could only guess, but it must be beyond inferior. After all, the abilities of the Xin lamp were far from the ordinary magic weapon.

   Moreover, the current Xin lamp was different from that of the times of the old Taoist Priest. In the past, the fire in the Xin lamp was just ordinary fire. Now Nanming Li Fire had surpassed ordinary fire to some extent, but it had not reached the level of heavenly fire. Therefore, in the opinion of Mu Yi, the Xin lamp should belong to the middle class, and it was still the top class in the middle class, which was the main reason why Mu Yi reached the perfect level with the help of the Xin lamp.

   Once Nanming Li Fire turned into the heavenly fire, the Xin lamp would become the top magic weapon.

   In the era when the artifact could not be produced, the top-grade magic weapon was the most powerful. And its power even exceeded the imagination of Mu Yi.

   Therefore, once Bamboo Tree of Life became a magic weapon, it was a medium-grade magic weapon. It was absolutely rare. Of course, the stronger Bamboo Tree of Life was, the happier Mu Yi would be.

   At this time, Bamboo Tree of Life changed again. As the life weapon of Mu Yi, Mu Yi knew its change. Only in the internal space of Bamboo Tree of Life, Nian Nuer was opening her hands and embracing something. His small face was slightly raised with a satisfied pleasure on her face.

   At the moment, Mu Yi could clearly feel that the little girl’s breath was rapidly increasing. That kind of rapid progress was enviable. As a ghost with a natural intelligence, the little girl’s qualification was amazing. Before becoming the ghost king, there was even no bottleneck at all. So theoretically, as long as she had enough energy, she could make progress all the time.

   But it was only in theory, after all, there must be a refining process after absorbing the energy. But at present, because the little girl and the bamboo belonged to the same origin, the power didn’t need to be refined at all. After integrating the heart of Millennium tree, the bamboo grew for a section, still storing a lot of energy in it. At the moment, with the return of Nian Nuer, it immediately integrated into her body, which was the main reason for her rapid development.

   This kind of chance was envied by others.

   For the strength of little girl, Mu Yi only felt happy. Originally, the strength of little girl was between fifth and sixth-rank, that was to say, her own strength was only fifth-rank, but after integrating with Bamboo Tree of Life, it reached sixth-rank. Now, her own strength was rapidly improved towards sixth-rank. Then by integrating Bamboo Tree of Life, little girl would reach seventh-rank.

   Seventh-rank was equivalent to the top of the second difficulty. Unconsciously, the little girl had grown to this level. She still couldn’t compare with Mu Yi, but was a real high-powered person in the world.

   Moreover, the little girl would be the second top expert in Vermilion Bird hall inferior to him. Thinking of this, Mu Yi became interested.

   Finally, the light on the Bamboo Tree of Life, was all introverted, and the little girl slowly opened her eyes. As expected by Mu Yi, at this moment, the strength of the little girl herself was completely stable in sixth-rank, and it may not take long to reach seventh-rank.

   Then, the Bamboo Tree of Life suddenly disappeared, then the little girl reappeared, the Bamboo Tree of Life also reintegrated into her body, suddenly, a strong force emanated from her body.

   Feeling this power, Mu Yi smiled.

“Brother, I can help you fight bad people later.” The little girl also obviously felt her progress, her face was full of smiles, and her biggest wish was to help Mu Yi.

“Yes, you’re getting more and more powerful. Maybe I will rely on you to protect myself in the future.” Mu Yi said kindly.

“Well, I will protect my brother well.” The little girl nodded heavily and even shook her fist to show her determination.

“Congratulations to the envoy for subduing another right-hand man.” Tang Shang said admiringly. Tangx Zhai was brilliant, in fact, there was only Chen Yuan who could really help him, and Chen Yuan’s strength was only sixth-rank. In fact, sixth-rank and seventh-rank were quite different not only in strength.

   What’s more, Tang Shang was very clear about the potential of Nian Nuer. In the future, she would surely reach the level of perfection. In that case, Vermilion Bird hall would have two strong ones of the level of perfection. Moreover, Mu Yi and Nian Nuer were so young. Maybe after many years, Mu Yi would be able to become a Godly Man, being a cornerstone of the Millennium school.

“In my opinion, you must have gained something this time. Maybe we can get a chance when we repair the long sabre.” Looking at Tang Shang, Mu Yi said. The refining of Bamboo Tree of Life consumed him too much, but he could not hide vigorous spirit between his eyebrows. Obviously, in the process of refining, he also got a lot of benefits.

   Just as everyone’s way was different, Tang Shang’s way was to refine tools, but to his level, refining common tools had no help to him. Only refining magic weapons could make him gain benefits, which was the main reason why he promised to repair the long Sabre for free at the beginning.

   Because that Sabre was a magic weapon of ancient times. It was seriously damaged, but he could still increase experience and grow.

“Then I hope that.” Tang Shang said with a smile. Luck was a thing that the experts of perfect level couldn’t see through, but since meeting Mu Yi, Tang Shang felt that he had better luck. So in the face of Mu Yi, he just hoped that his luck would get better. In this way, when repairing the long sabre, he might really catch the chance to make a breakthrough beyond the level of perfection. It was unexpected for him.

“By the way, if you don’t hurry to leave, I have one more thing to ask.” Tang Shang looked at Mu Yi and continued.

“Please.” Said Mu Yi.

“I’d like to ask you to help me to preside over this session of the competition of magic weapons.” Tang Shang said simply.

“I host?” Mu Yi was obviously surprised. After all, his identity was quite sensitive. There was no reason. But seeing Tang Shang’s expression, it was not a joke.

“That’s right. I’m going to close the door and repair the long sabre right away.” Tang Shang said firmly. He was going to rest for a while, and then began to repair the long Sabre after the competition, but he did not know why. At this moment, he suddenly felt a strong feeling in his heart.

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