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Chapter 426 Sudden Alliance

   For Tang Shang, he did this on a whim. However, he had a more understanding of how rare this opportunity was.

   Although Godly Weapons Contest was important, compared with his future, it was nothing. Even in Tang Shang’s eyes, as long as he could seize the opportunity, it was worth paying any price.

   However, if he didn’t need to lose anything, it would be even better. He thought it was a good choice that Mu Yi hosted the Godly Weapons Contest for him especially when he thought of Mu Yi’s strength and identity. Otherwise, this Godly Weapons Contest could only be a contest began with momentum, ending up with little energy. After all, Chen Yuan alone would not be able to shoulder this task without his presence.

   Letting Mu Yi preside over the Godly Weapons Contest for him had another advantage. That was to let the outsiders know that Mu Yi had a lot of connections with Tangxi Zhai, which was also a good thing for Tangxi Zhai to be able to bring in a full-rank strong man.

   Hearing Tang Shang’s words, Mu Yi’s eyes brightened. He could understand more or less about Tang Shang’s feelings. After all, it was a rare opportunity. However, Mu Yi had to think about the thing that let him preside over the Godly Weapons Contest.

   After all, he was not only the representative of himself, but also the leader of Vermilion Bird Hall. As a flag envoy, his movements were paid great attention to by other people. However, from the perspective of Vermilion Bird Hall, it seemed that there was nothing wrong about the alliance with Tangxi Zhai, which was a good thing instead.

    Tangxi Zhai was good at building godly weapons. Every cultivator understood what the godly weapons represented. However, Tangxi Zhai had always been neutral all the time, which was the main reason for Tangxi Zhai’s detached status. But if he took the place of Tang Shang to host the Godly Weapons Contest, which meant telling everyone in the world that Tangxi Zhai and Vermilion Bird Hall were aligned.

   In this way, the meaning it represented was quite different.

   Since Mu Yi could think of this kind of result, so did Tang Shang. However, he did it anyway. The reason why he did this was definitely more than paying back.

“I host it? Lord really looks up to me. I don’t have any experience. “Mu Yi shook his head. Although he knew that promising this thing only had benefits, he was not reckless.

“You can be at ease. As for how to compete, the subordinates will naturally do it. You just need to sit there, which is enough.” Tang Shang said with a smile. His expression obviously showed that he had made up his mind.

“If you have anything to say, let’s be frank.” Mu Yi said directly after a silence.

“Well, up to now, I won’t hide it. What do flag envoy think of the general situation of the world?” Tang Shang said solemnly.

“This world is getting to get chaotic, just like the collapse of the pillars of heaven. There is no way to save it.” Mu Yi said frankly. It was actually a well-known thing. As long as you were smart, you could see this clearly.

   The general trend of the world was that combination followed a long-time division and division followed a long-time combination. This was the law. Since ancient times, there had never been a long-standing Dynasty, even in today’s Qing Dynasty, there had been brilliant.

“Absolutely. Tangxi Zhai may last forever if it’s in a peaceful and prosperous time. But at present, the chaos is imminent. Tangxi Zhai has become the fat around the mouth in the eyes of some people. Anyone wants to bite it.” Tang Shang said with a sneer, “if it’s just a general force, I’m not afraid of it. But if the army comes down on the border, the whole Tangxi Zhai may be destroyed on one day. No one can survive except me.”

“Are you joking? I don’t think that Tangxi Zhai can have this ending by virtue of all the kindness it has accumulated over the years. “Said Mu Yi.

“If in the normal situation, Tangxi Zhai won’t end up like this. However, every time the world is in turmoil, it is a game of reshuffle. Although there are many people who get the favor of Tangxi Zhai, there are more people who are greedy for Tangxi Zhai. Requiting favors depends on the price paid. No one will mind if they just need to lift a finger. But if they may lose their life to requite favors, how many people can stand up? They even want Tangxi Zhai to die in their heart, so there would be no need to repay its obligations. There are too many cases that favors turn into revenge. “Tang Chang said indifferently, but Mu Yi had to admit that what he said was true.

“According to what you have done, you can be described as having great talents and bold visions. Now, Vermilion Bird Hall has swept away its declining tendency and showed its prosperity, showing great momentum in the south. Vermilion Bird Hall was located in the most important places in the world. When the last breath of Qing Dynasty is exhausted, Vermilion Bird Hall will rise up and take the South as the foundation, declaring itself as the king, thus changing the world.” Tang Shang continued. However, what he said stunned Mu Yi. Mu Yi even couldn’t help thinking whether Tang Shang was talking about the Vermilion Bird Hall under his command.

   At first, he was forced to do it, but in the other side’s mouth, he became a brilliant man. At first, he just subdued all the halls belonging to the Vermilion Bird Hall at his convenience, but now which turned into his layout of the world. So for a while, Mu Yi was a little confused and speechless.

“You misunderstood. What I have done now is only self-protection. As for striving for hegemony in the world, it is not my wish.” Mu Yi still explained it, but he suddenly remembered the team that he secretly commended Yun Mengxuan to set up.

   Although Vermilion Bird Hall was powerful, the number of people was always a problem. Formal disciples in all the halls were less than two or three thousand. Even adding those hidden lines and peripheral members, the number was less than ten thousand. It was beyond Vermilion Bird Hall’s capacity to dominate the world with this power.

   Ten people, one hundred people, one thousand people. Mu Yi believed that his sparrow hall was enough to defeat the same number of the Northern Army. But if there was a war between thousands and tens of thousands of people, he had no confidence at all. Fighting between cultivators and fighting in the battlefield were absolutely different things.

   But this didn’t mean that he had no advantage. With the power of Vermilion Bird Hall in the south today, he dared not say that everyone would follow him if he commended. However, there was no problem in recruiting talents and building an army. After all, Vermilion Bird Hall was not short of money. In fact, Yun Mengxuan had been secretly purchasing food since long ago. Mu Yi just paid little attention to it and didn’t care about it anymore. Yun Mengxin was charge of almost everything. It now seemed that this girl was ambitious.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s explanation, Tang Shang smiled mysteriously and said,” The Central Plains has always been a place for armies to fight for. Nanyang mansion, as the hinterland of the Central Plains, runs through the north and south main roads. As long as a person seizes Nanyang Mansion, he will occupy the majority of the Central Plains. Tangxi Zhai has been operating in Nanyang mansion for many years and had some control over it. If you are willing, you can occupy a few more places to link with Nanyang mansion. In this way, you can seize the opportunity. Even if something will happen in the future, you occupy the South and half of the Central Plains where you can defend and attack. What do you think of it? “

“Do you want to align?” Mu Yi was silent for a moment. He had to admit that he was moved at that moment, but that was all. After all, Mu Yi was never an ambitious man, and his ambition was not to dominate the world, especially after knowing the great catastrophe happening in the doomsday.

“That’s right. What’s your ideas?” Tang Shang seriously said. In fact, Tang Shang didn’t suddenly come up with the idea of alliance with people. Although he was focused on the refining tools, it didn’t mean that he really didn’t understand anything. Especially reaching the full-rank, no one was a fool, but all along, there was no suitable people to align with. After all, Tangxi Zhai had been neutral for a long time. When it showed no obvious intention, surrounding tigers and wolves may be afraid to act rashly to avoid pushing Tangxi Zhai into the arms of the enemy.

   But Tang Shang also understood that with the change of the world situation, this balance would be broken sooner or later. At that time, Tangxi Zhai needed to make a choice even if it didn’t want to. Although Tang Shang was a full-rank expert, he had no choice. He was a person, not a God.

   Since it happened sooner or later, it was better to choose a suitable person to form an alliance. This idea became especially strong after seeing Mu Yi.

   First of all, Mu Yi was very young, and his strength had reached the full-rank level, which meant that he had a lot of time and infinite possibilities. He may have a chance to take that step in the future, even if he failed to take that step, but there was Nian Nuer beside him. The future of this little girl was still unlimited, at least she could reach the full-rank level. In this way, Vermilion Bird Hall was equal to owning two people reaching the full-rank level. In the world, in addition to those millennial schools, there were only a handful of schools having this level of strength.

   Secondly, Mu Yi had good characters. Although Tang Shang didn’t get along with him for a long time, he thought he had a talent for discerning people. At least he doesn’t need to worry about being betrayed in alliance with Mu Yi. As long as Mu Yi was there, the interests of both sides could be guaranteed.

   In addition, the location of Tangxi Zhai made him believe that, once Tangxi Zhai was in danger, Mu Yi would never stand by. The total strength of Tangxi Zhai and Vermilion Bird Hall was powerful, even if the millennial schools wanted to fight, they had to think about it.

   So no matter from which point of view, alliance was imperative.

   This was also a great opportunity for the Vermilion Bird Hall of Mu Yi. If Mu Yi was a man with lofty ideals, he would be overjoyed for a long time.

   Tang Shang looked at Mu Yi and waited for his decision. Mu Yi was also considering the gains and losses. Although the alliance was of great benefit to Vermilion Bird Hall, it would inevitably push Vermilion Bird Hall to the forefront of the wave and made it a target.

   However, later, Mu Yi thought of Zai Feng, the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag, people of Mao Mountain and Longhu Mountain. At this moment, he may have been in the other side’s vision. After all, no one could ignore a full-rank expert. Blindly showing weakness was also a self-deception. The other side couldn’t let him go because of his showing weakness.

   In this case, it was better to stand out in a decent way. After all, today’s world had long been different.

“Well, since you want to align out of goodness, I will not refuse.” As these words were spoken by Mu Yi, Tang Shang also smiled. As for the specific details and obligations of the alliance, neither of them said anything about it. Naturally, these kind of things were in the charge of the subordinates. Tangxi Zhai had a chief manager Chen Yuan while the Vermilion Bird Hall had Yun Mengxuan.

   Tang Shang came to Chen Yuan to explain it in a hurry, and then he began to close the door to cultivate again. This whim was too important for him. He had to seize this opportunity, and Mu Yi, with Chen Yuan’s explanation, started to learn about the process of the Godly Weapons Contest.

    At this time, there were people talking aloud in a huge empty field not far from Tangxi Zhai.

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