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Chapter 427 Battle Tournament

Chapter 427 Tournament (1)


   Mu Yi didn’t need to show up for the first two days of the tournament. After all, as an expert at the perfect-stage, Mu Yi’s time was valuable. In the beginning, there would be too many people participating in the Battle Tournament, among whom one could find both those competent and those incompetent. So only Tangxi Zhai’s stewards and the chief steward Chen Yuan were needed to come forward during those days.

It was not until the last day when the winner was selected that Mu Yi needed to appear.

Mu Yi enjoyed leisure in any case. Rather than sit there and referee the whole time. It would be better to watch things unfold for the first two days.

 After explaining these things to Mu Yi, Chen Yuan left in a hurry. After all, the Tournament was about to start, and he needed to preside over it.

Mu Yi took off his Taoist robe and put on a bamboo hat. He then took Chong Jiayi to the place where the Tournament would be held. As for Nian Nuer, because the Bamboo Tree of Life had just integrated with the Millennium tree core, her strength had also been improved. It would take a while for her to stabilize her realm, and Big Slave would naturally guard the little girl.

In the upper stream of the Tangxi River, there was a huge square where the Tournament had been held in the past. Even in ordinary times, many people gathered here. They usually came to seek godly weapons or exchange weapons with each other. 

Today, the square was full of people. There were people even standing on the rooftops of some houses and in the willows beside the river.

“Master, this year’s Tournament seems to be particularly lively.” Chong Jiayi followed Mu Yi, looking at the crowd, with a trace of a sigh and recollection on his face.

“What? Have you been here before? “Mu Yi asked curiously.

“I’ve been here more than once for a godly weapon. But because I’m not good at weapons, I failed every time until I met you, my master.”

Chong Jiayi didn’t continue to talk about it, because after he had encountered Mu Yi, his life had changed completely. He had not only got a better magic tool than a godly weapon but now he had made a breakthrough in cultivation and reached the second-stage, which was absolutely something he hadn’t dared to think about in the past. So even without the ghost slave control technique, Chong Jiayi’s loyalty to Mu Yi would not change.”

   That feeling only grew stronger when he looked at the expectations in the eyes of the people around him. He grew even more grateful that he had met Mu Yi, otherwise he would still be one of these people.

“Now the world is becoming more and more chaotic. Anyone with some strength would want to get a godly weapon. It’s a pity that there are too few godly weapons from Tangxi Zhai.” Mu Yi sighed.

“Master, the reason why godly weapons are precious is that they are rare. If Tangxi Zhai takes out hundreds of godly weapons every year, it will not have such an influence today.” Chong Jiayi said in a low voice.

“Well, you’re right. Rare things are precious. Besides precious materials, ordinary blacksmiths can’t make a godly weapon.” Mu Yi nodded and said.

“Attention please.”

Suddenly, Chen Yuan, who was already standing on the high platform, began to talk. His voice was not very loud, but it overwhelmed all the voices on the scene at this moment. Nearly everyone could not help but close their mouths at this moment and focused their eyes on Chen Yuan.

Most people knew Chen Yuan, the chief steward of Tangxi Zha. After all, there were many people who had been to Tangxi Zhai a number of times. And since they had come to participate in the Tournament, how could they not know of the person who presided over the contest in advance?

Even if the identity of chief steward of Tangxi Zhai were put aside, Chen Yuan was also a master of the sixth rank, which was enough to suppress them.

“To those who will participate in the Tournament, welcome. This year, the rules of the Tournament are the same as those of previous years. Experts with different strengths compete with each other. The final winner in the third-class expert contest can get a godly weapon. At the same time, the person with the highest power of control over weapons could also get a godly weapon.”

“The winner in the second-class expert contest could obtain a godly weapon, and the top two with the highest level of weapon control can obtain a godly weapon each.”

“As for the first-class experts, in addition to the strongest one, there are four more people with the highest realm who can obtain a godly weapon. This time, Tangxi Zhai will still make exclusive godly weapons for these ten people.”

When Chen Yuan’s last words finished, there was a wave of cheering around him.

For these people, this was undoubtedly a feast of godly weapons. Those who could get one, especially the exclusive godly weapons made by Tangxi Zhai, would absolutely get one to best suit themselves. Even first-class experts would be attracted by this.

If there was any dissatisfaction, it was no doubt that the number of godly weapons was too small. Ten godly weapons seemed to be a lot, but compared with the number of people wanting one, ten was nothing. Forget the third-class experts that only had two chances and the second-class experts who had three chances, even the first-class experts that had five chances at most felt it to be too little.

However, while some people were dissatisfied, more confident people were very satisfied, especially among the second-class and third-class experts. In terms of strength, the ten godly weapons would all fall into the hands of those first-class experts. Now, no matter the second-class or the third-class, they had a chance to have a godly weapon. Besides the most powerful one of each level, the rest of the competition was based on one’sunderstanding of weapons, the realm of control. So even if one’s strength was not at the top, there was still a chance to obtain a godly weapon.

Although he had known this rule before, Mu Yi still called Tang Shang an old fox in his heart. This method of distribution not only highlighted the status of Tangxi Zhai but also defused the dissatisfaction in people’s hearts. After all, the strongest and the one with the highest realm could both get godly weapons. If you fail in this way, you could only blame yourself. Why did you have no strength and no realm?

Moreover, although there were many second and third class experts, it was still the small group of top experts who could really make decisions. So even if the number of first-class experts was the least, no one would say anything if they monopolized half of the godly weapons, which was the main purpose of this rule.

   It seemed that Tangxi Zhai had suffered losses to make magic weapons for these ten people, but in fact, it was an investment. After all, those second and third class experts who could win among hundreds or thousands of people would definitely become first-class experts in the future.

   As for those first-class experts, those who could obtain exclusive godly weapons were undoubtedly stronger. They then owed Tangxi Zhai a big favor. Ten people a year. In the long run, Tangxi Zhai’s potential power was undoubtedly terrifying.

What Tangxi Zhai needed was an opportunity to bring this potential into full play.

As the cheers stopped, some people began to talk about it. Many people were eager to try and wished they could show themselves on the stage right now.

“Have you heard? This time, both the Impermanence Sword and the Thunder Sabre are here. It is said that this pair of enemies started to compete when they were the third-class experts. Last year, both of them entered the first class. Although they are not the strongest among the first-class experts, I think they can definitely get the godly weapons with their realm.”

“I don’t think so. If they were still second-class masters, they may be able to get them, but as first-class experts, they are not necessarily going to win.” There was an immediate retort.

“What do you know? If they had joined the competition last year, they would have won the godly weapons, but they were arrogant and despised the godly weapons of second-class experts. So they had to wait until they became first-class experts in order to get the godly weapons that were more suitable for themselves.” A man said.

“Do you know who’s coming this time? I admit that the Impermanence Sword and the Thunder Sabre are powerful, but this time many famous first-class experts have come. They may not have a chance. “

   The debate between the two quickly led to a wider discussion. After all, this opportunity to talk about first-class experts was rare. And everyone’s strength was almost the same, so they could not persuade each other.

However, Mu Yi listened with interest. After all, he didn’t know much about the famous experts of the world. He had never heard of the Impermanence Sword or the Thunder Sabre. Because Mu Yi had entered the world too recently. Otherwise, as a normal expert, he would have had to wander in the world for three or five years and then keep challenging and competing, before gradually earning his reputation.

“By the way, it’s said that there’s another fierce man in the world recently. Although he’s only a second-class expert, he has defeated many old masters with his Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques. I don’t know if he will come this time.”

“Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques? You’re talking about Wang Mang? “

“Exactly, brother. Have you heard of him?”

“Of course, I’ve heard of him. It’s said that this chivalrous and righteous man is quite bold and forthright. It’s a pity that I haven’t met him yet.”

“If Wang Mang comes this time, he will surely have a place among the second-class experts.”

Hearing these people’s comments, Mu Yi suddenly thought of a person who was his only disciple, Tie Niu. Tie Niu was also good at the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques. He had taught it himself, but he didn’t know how he was compared with Wang Mang.

After he had left, Tie Niu had entered the county and become a constable. After half a year, he didn’t know how he was now and whether he was satisfied with his life.

Although he was just a registered disciple, he was also the only one. After a period of time together, he had been quite satisfied with the temperament of the man. Therefore, Mu Yi was still worried about him, but that was all. He didn’t want to get involved in Tie Niu’s life too much. As for who he will become in the future, Tie Niu needed to determine this himself.

After an uproar, Chen Yuan sat on the high platform along with some other people, and two challenge arenas were raised on the other side. Besides each challenge arena, there was a steady middle-aged man in Tangxi Zhai’s uniforms.

The first event was the competition between the third-class experts. Some people couldn’t wait to jump up in the two arenas and become the first to be challenged. Although they might not be able to defend until the last, there was no doubt that they were the first to be remembered. Sometimes some good reputation would come from this.

The Tournament was an opportunity for some people to claim a godly weapon, but it was also a place for many people who aimed to attain fame and glory.

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