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Chapter 428 Battle Tournament (2)

Chapter 428 Tournament (2)



People rose and fell in the arenas. The winner was satisfied and the loser was discouraged. The atmosphere surrounding the crowd was boiling hot.

Mu Yi found a good seat to watch and enjoyed himself quite a bit. To be honest, their skills weren’t particularly impressive, but he was drawn to the feelings of those in the arenas.

Since he began cultivating, he had been in a rush to get stronger. There was always a sense of urgency in his heart that perpetuated until his strength had reached the perfect-stage. Even now, the coming Calamity was still like a sword hanging over his head that could fall at any time.

But at this moment, in this atmosphere, Mu Yi found that his ever-tense mind had relaxed. He didn’t even think about his old enemies, the pressure of his circumstances, or the coming catastrophe. He only saw these figures constantly fighting on stage. Their clashes reveal those jubilant winners and those fallen defeated.

He shouted and cheered with the crowd and felt pity for those who failed. At this moment, Mu Yi abandoned his identity as a powerful expert and felt like a child who had yet to grow up.

Few people knew that Mu Yi was still young. He was only 15 years old. His precocious face and his steady temperament tended to make people ignore his age. His cultivation had also caused his body to grow rapidly. Although he was still slightly thin, he looked to be at least 20 years old.

He was young but mature, and in this era, there were many people who were married and had children at the age of thirteen or fourteen. They were some as old as Mu Yi who had been parents for some time.

Therefore, to some extent, Mu Yi had become an adult.

Chong Jiayi stood behind Mu Yi with a protective attitude. He had clearly seen the changes in Mu Yi and was surprised. Mu Yi’s image was gradually growing stereoscopic in his heart, from a God to a man with flesh and blood.

Although the current Mu Yi looked like a child who hadn’t grown up, Chong Jiayi preferred this current appearance of Mu Yi’s. Of course, he only dared to put this idea in his heart, as it was impossible to say it out loud.

The two challenge arenas opened at the same time, and the time passed quickly. In the afternoon, a man with a broadsword beat all his opponents with a rolling posture. The big man was huge in stature and amazing in strength. With the broadsword, one stroke could sweep away an army. This strength was enough to deal with most opponents.

In addition to this big man, there was also a young man who used a stick with carved flowers on it to attack. He chopped, swung, swept, entangled, twisted, blocked, and poked with his stick. He had a deep understanding of the three key points of the nine and had developed his own understanding.

In Mu Yi’s opinion, if there was no accident, the two godly weapons of the third class experts would belong to these two people. In fact, by the end of the day, it was indeed these two who had won the weapons.

After all, third class masters just needed to be familiar with their weapons. It was impossible for them to be exceptionally proficient or high-level. One also needed years of cultivation to be proficient besides just possessing an excellent understanding. How many of those with better qualifications would be wasted in the third class? They would have already entered the second-class or even the first-class realm.

Therefore, the youth’s performance in the third-class realm had been extremely eye-catching. The key was that he was not old. It was estimated that he would enter the second-class realm within one year.

Even after one day, the number of people here was not decreasing but increasing instead. Even those third-class masters who had failed and been injured did not leave. After all, there would be second-class or even first-class experts fighting against each other. They would definitely regret it if they had missed such a rare opportunity to see them clash.

After all, many people didn’t have a master and they practiced blindly by themselves. Now they could perhaps learn some strikes or maybe even sign up as disciples. If they had good qualifications and good opportunities, they might even be able to follow a first-class expert as their disciples. This kind of thing had happened before.

At the end of the day, Mu Yi sat in his yard, pondering. All the things that he had experienced with the old Taoist Priest in those years and the things that he had neglected in the past were now swimming in his thoughts

Mu Yi didn’t know when he fell asleep. He hadn’t really slept for a long time. Usually, he meditated instead of sleeping. Meditation could not only cultivate mental power but also accelerate recovery. Compared to mere sleeping, the effect was undoubtedly better.

But at this moment, Mu Yi almost curled up on the steps asleep, and a child-like smile appeared on his face.

When the sun rose the next day, Mu Yi opened his eyes. In the corner of the wall not far away, Chong Jiayi sat against the wall. Judging from his wet clothes, it was obvious that he had also spent the night outside.


Mu Yi got up and stretched his back. Suddenly, there was an explosion of energy inside his body. Then, Mu Yi began to practice boxing in the yard. It was the old Taoist Priest’s unnamed fighting techniques. Mu Yi seldom used this fighting technique in his present state, but he had never let it go. Every morning when he was free, he would practice several times. This habit continued to this day.

Mu Yi felt that there seemed to be some changes in the unnamed fighting technique today. But the feeling was vague and couldn’t be explained. For this reason, Mu Yi practiced several more times, but when he deliberately looked for answers, the feeling disappeared instead.

The unnamed fighting techniques had also restored to its former appearance without any change.

In the end, Mu Yi sighed in his heart and thought that the time was not right. He believed that since there was a change, he would grasp it sooner or later, and he didn’t have to rush now.

After practicing, Mu Yi felt a lot more relaxed and his heart seemed to be refreshed, becoming extremely transparent. However, this change had nothing to do with the unnamed fighting techniques, but because of last night’s sorting of his heart.

Later, Mu Yi nodded to Chong Jiayi without saying anything. Some things were good to be kept in the heart, which was more to Mu Yi’s character.

After breakfast, Chen Yuan came back again and listened to Mu Yi’s teaching. Mu Yi simply asked a few questions about today’s competition and sent him away.


Mu Yi and Chong Jiayi mixed into the crowd again, but suddenly, Mu Yi seemed to see something, and his expression became interesting.

Seeing Mu Yi’s appearance, Chong Jiayi instinctively looked in the same direction, but there was nothing but the tops of people’s heads in his eyes. He couldn’t tell whom Mu Yi was looking at, but one thing he could be sure of was that his master had met an acquaintance.

But what confused Chong Jiayi was that Mu Yi didn’t go forward but found a place to sit at will as if nothing had just been found.

Chen Yuan continued to announce today’s competition on the high platform. Yesterday, it was the competition between the third-class experts. Today, it was the competition of second-class experts. The number of second-class experts was smaller, but today’s atmosphere was more exciting than that of yesterday as the competition would be more interesting.

The gap between the second-class experts was usually not obvious. It usually depended on who had more experience and who had a higher realm. Of course, if some of them had reached the peak of the second-class or they were about to realize the way of weapons, it would be another story.

One battle after another began and ended, while Mu Yi watched them seriously.

“Look, it’s the Impermanence Sword Leng Feng. He’s one of the second-class experts who are most likely to get a godly weapon.” When a young man in white jumped onto the stage, the sound of the crowd suddenly increased, showing the fame of the Impermanence Sword Leng Feng.

That Impermanence Sword Leng Feng looked young, only in his twenties. It was extraordinary that he could form such a great reputation in the world at his age. So even if he had some pride on his face, it was natural for everyone to take it for granted.

“Ah, the Thunder Sabre Lei Ming is also onstage. They are indeed enemies.”

There was also a man who jumped up to the other arena. He was about the same age as the Impermanence Sword Leng Feng, but he looked a little rough. He had a big sabre on his back and he looked at Leng Feng with hostility. This man was the Thunder Sabre Lei Ming. Lei Ming and Leng Feng were both some of the best of the younger generation. Moreover, they often competed with each other.

The Impermanence sword and the Thunder Sabre were on different challenge arenas, and their opponents immediately showed a wry smile on their faces. Obviously, they knew the gap between those two and themselves very well. But even so, they did not give up. If they could defeat them, then they would stand to become famous.

However, they were disappointed in the end. They were kicked off from the challenge arena within a few strikes. The gap between them was too big.

Mu Yi was also observing the two people on the challenge arenas. Although Mu Yi was younger than them, his mind was far more mature than theirs. With his own strength, Mu Yi could stand above them and look down on them.

The Impermanence Sword kept changing his strikes, reflecting his nickname. It was more appropriate to describe him as abrupt. He was quick and smart.

On the other side, the Thunder Sabre was the opposite. He attacked like thunder and he was full of power. It was no wonder that the two became enemies. Neither of them could appreciate the other’s style.

But in Mu Yi’s view, they were still a little naive. After all, no matter if they insisted on only the smart or overbearing method, they would only end up dead. Unless they could understand this, they wouldn’t even enter the first-class realm.

However, since they had such a great reputation, their strength was not bad. Especially within the second-class realm, there were few who could rival them. But there were still some people stronger than them and they were not invincible.

When the two people beat one opponent after another in their respective challenge arena, there were many people under the arena who were hesitant to step on the stage. After all, they were too strong.

“Who else?”

After knocking his opponent off the challenge arena with one stroke, Lei Ming’s presence also rose to the peak. Influenced by the surrounding atmosphere, he shouted from the arena with a fanatical face. His momentum was surging, while Leng Feng on the other side was much calmer.

“I’ll fight against you.”

All of a sudden, a voice familiar to Mu Yi appeared and a figure flashed. A person appeared in front of Lei Ming within an instant.

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