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Chapter 429 Battle Tournament (3) of Tie Niu

Chapter 429 Battle Tournament (3) of Tie Niu


“It’s Wang Mang. I didn’t expect that he would come and challenge the Thunder Saber. This’ll be good.”

“Who do you think will win between Wang Mang and Thunder Saber?”

“I think it will be Thunder Saber.”

“I don’t think so. Wang mang is powerful with his Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques.”

Listening to all kinds of noise and looking at the familiar figure on the challenge arena, Mu Yi’s expression suddenly became a little strange.

“Wang Mang? Tie Niu? “

It was hard for Mu Yi to associate the two names. If he hadn’t seen them with his own eyes. However, he remembered that Tie Niu’s full name was Wang Tieniu. He wasn’t fond of his name, so he changed it to Wang Mang, who had the same name as a great man from ancient times.

However, what Mu Yi didn’t really expect was how strong Tie Niu had become. When he left, Tie Niu had just entered the third-level. But now, half a year later, he had already entered the second level. He felt his energy. Not only was there no sign of instability, but it was instead very fierce. 

Mu Yi felt that he was not competent as a master. Aside from teaching some skills at the beginning, he ignored him. Unexpectedly, Tie Niu gave him a big surprise, and had seemingly transformed in strength.

“You are Wang Mang?” Lei Ming looked at Tie Niu with slight contempt on his face. After all, Tie Niu was someone that had only recently been made known. But people had even compared Tie Niu with himself. Although Lei Ming didn’t say it aloud, he was not convinced. Besides, no one wanted to be compared with others all day.

“Not bad.” Tie Niu lightly answered, with no fear on his face.

“Very well, today I’ll show you what a real sword technique is.” Lei Ming was proud to say that he knew something about Tie Niu, and that he knew that he was good at the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique, but Lei Ming instinctively despised it.

However, his Thunder Sabre was handed down from a first-class expert. It was said that after a big achievement, he mastered the true meaning of thunder. The sabre was as powerful as thunder. As for the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique, what good was it? Good for entertainment perhaps?

“Is that so?” Tie Niu sneered. Although Mu Yi only passed on his Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique, he never complained. In fact, later, he wandered around the world and killed many people in combat. He also managed to obtain some so-called secret scripts. It was said that superior Sabre techniques were available, but in his opinion, they were far less worthy than the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique that Mu Yi gave him. Even though the sabre techniques were simple, and they were directly understood by Mu Yi with the power of mind and spirit. Tie Niu was taught the understanding behind the techniques directly, saving him countless hours of hard work.

Even though the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique was still the same move, it would become extraordinary immediately after integrating the understanding from Mu Yi. In the following six months, Tie Niu continued to fight with people and had thoroughly integrated with the sabre technique, having reached the state of transcendence.

At least in this technique, Tie Niu could be regarded as having achieved a great success. He had managed to add his own understanding to the Sabre.

Tie Niu didn’t know what this meant, because even Mu Yi, didn’t expect that he would make such rapid progress. According to Mu Yi’s idea, Tie Niu would become a constable, marry Xiao Lian and have children, and then live in peace and stability for the rest of his life.

Tie Niu did not follow Mu Yi’s idea however, and chose a road of his own. Mu Yi was disappointed, but as a master, he was also pleased.

The moment that Tie Niu raised his sabre, some of those on the high platform and in the crowd could not help but give a light cry. They were also a little surprised to see Tie Niu, because at the moment, Tie Niu had almost integrated with the sabre in his hand, so even if he just stood there without any movement, people could not ignore his existence.

On the opposite side, Lei Ming’s face suddenly regained its composure. Although he despised Tie Niu before, it didn’t mean that he didn’t have any eyes. He felt the change of Tie Niu the most clearly, and so did not hesitate. He cut out with one stroke. For this attack, Lei Ming directly pulled out all his strength.

The light of the sabre was shining and the blade was like thunder. At the same time he slashed out with the sabre, Lei Ming had arrived in front of Tie Niu. This speed was so fast that many people under the stage were shocked. Even those first-class experts looked more serious.

Although Lei Ming at the moment couldn’t threaten them, it was also just a matter of time before he could step into the first-class realm with his qualifications. At that time, he would be a strong opponent.

Tie Niu’s eyes narrowed, and the sabre split. If Lei Ming’s sabre was fast and domineering, then Tie Niu’s sabre seemed a little frivolous and slow at the moment, but Mu Yi had a smile on his face.

Although Tie Niu’s strength was weaker than Lei Ming’s, his proficiency with sabre techniques was obviously stronger.


When the two sabers hit each other, the light of the sabres disappeared directly. The two men changed their directions almost instantaneously. Then, thunder like a tide poured down towards  Tie Niu one after another. Tie Niu was like a rock standing against the tide. Regardless of the impact, he stood still and was firmly nailed in place.

People under the stage were intoxicated. Such a wonderful duel was rarely seen in normal times. What’s more, both sides were using sabers. One wanted to sublimate the technique of the sabre to a greater extent and allow it to become more brilliant. The other had begun to simplify the complexity and forge his own way.

It was early on when Mu Yi had discovered the keen and intuitive nature of Tie Niu’s battle style; his raw instinct. He could constantly hone himself in the battle, and then find out the most suitable way to grab victory. So Mu Yi taught him the sabre technique best suited to Tie Niu’s battle sense.

In the other arena, when Leng Feng defeated his opponent, no one came to the stage; so Leng Feng was able to witness the fight.

Between the two, he was more willing to fight Tie Niu. Because he had been familiar with the Lei Ming’s moves for a long time, it didn’t help him much when they fought. Tie Niu however, could definitely deepen his understanding of swordsmanship. Unfortunately, Tie Niu was Lei Ming’s opponent at present.


Suddenly, Lei Ming jumped up on the stage and held the sabre with both hands. At this moment, Lei Ming had gained a clearer understanding of the true meaning of Thunder Sabre. Although it hadn’t been mastered yet, the power of the sabre also increased greatly.

Tie Niu looked dignified and his eyes were calmer.

It was not only Lei Ming that made progress in the battle. At this time, a new understanding suddenly rose in Tie Niu’s mind. He withdrew half of his body to draw the blade, but the energy gathered by the blade suddenly boiled, and he raised his back hand.

The sword light was like a waterfall in reverse, and Lei Ming was drowned in an instant. Even his thunder was swallowed by the torrent.



Mu Yi made a judgment at the same time as Chen Yuan on the high platform, but Mu Yi focused on Tie Niu while Chen Yuan focused on Lei Ming.

As early as the appearance of Tie Niu, Lei Ming was definitely one of the most favored people among the second-class experts. Some people were optimistic about Tie Niu, but more people were inclined to support Lei Ming in their hearts.

But at present, Lei Ming was defeated so thoroughly and without any suspense. When the result came, many people were shocked. But what was prominent in people’s thoughts was that another new star in the world was born. This would only make Tie Niu more famous, directly surpassing Lei Ming and even the Impermanence Sword Leng Feng.

Although Tie Niu hadn’t tried to compete with Leng Feng, Lei Ming’s defeat meant Leng Feng’s defeat to some extent. That was the reason why no one in the world thought it to be unfair. That was why people who just started liked to challenge those famous people in the world. As long as they won, they could immediately step on the others to become famous. This was the best shortcut to become famous.


The long sabre came out of his hand and fell into the challenge arena. Then Lei Ming fell heavily. Although he was still in the challenge arena, his face was gray and his eyes were blank. It seemed that he could not accept this outcome.

Lei Ming had never lost. Against Leng Feng, while he may have lost some matches, he had won the same amount. However, it was the first time that he was defeated at the moment he had sent out his most powerful sword, and this was his ultimate technique.

Thinking of his pride and his disdain for the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques at the beginning, Lei Ming wished he could find a hole to hide in.

There was a lot of exclamation and uproar from the stage, and Lei Ming finally got up from the stage and looked at Tie Niu deeply. “This time, I lost. But let’s see who could enter the first-class realm earlier.”

Lei Ming knew that in the realm of sabre technique, it was hard for him to catch up with Tie Niu in a short period of time, so he chose who would break through to the first-class realm first. As long as he became a first-class expert, no matter how high Tie Niu’s Sabre technique was, he would not be his opponent, and he had deep confidence in this.

“First class realm? OK, I’ll wait for you.” Tie Niu nodded. He had no arrogance after victory, which was rare, but his words were full of confidence in himself. This showed that he believed that he stepped into the first-class realm earlier than Lei Ming.

“See you.” Lei Ming then jumped out of the challenge arena, picked up his sabre and walked away. Along the way, the crowd kept making way for him, leaving him alone.

 When Lei Ming left, people’s attention fell back onto the challenge arena. As a loser, Lei Ming was destined to be forgotten soon. Maybe when the news spread, some people would talk about him once more. But now, people’s eyes would only focus on the winner.

“Brother Chen knew Wang Mang?” On the high platform, an old man next to Chen Yuan asked, his eyes had not been away from Tie Niu, and his eyes also obviously showed interest.

“I don’t know him. Was brother Zhang interested in him?” Chen Yuan asked curiously, this was a master of the Tao of the Sabre, first-class rank five. Although it was one rank worse than Chen Yuan, his name in the world was much more well known compared with Chen Yuan. After all, Chen Yuan was the chief manager of Tangxi Zhai. He only presided over Tangxi Zhai’s affairs and rarely traveled the world. So even if someone mentioned him, people’s first thought of Chen Yuan’s identity as the chief manager of Tangxi Zhai.

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