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 Chapter 430 Battle Tournament (4)

 Chapter 430 Battle Tournament (4)


Zhang Dingshan was next to Chen Yuan. He had attained a great reputation in the world when he was young. Even at present, he had not completely retired. Instead, he had opened a martial arts school in his hometown to teach his apprentice. Because Zhang Dingshan was close to Tangxi Zhai, he was also invited. In fact, Tang Shang made the godly weapon in Zhang Dingshan’s hands.

Although Zhang Dingshan was known as a master of the sabre and had taught many disciples, none of them had ever been able to earn his mantle and inherit his abilities. This was something that Zhang Dingshan had always regretted.

In fact, he began to look for an apprentice a few years ago, but he was not satisfied. As for Lei Ming, he already had a teacher, which caused Zhang Dingshan regret for a long time. Now, when he saw Tie Niu, he couldn’t help but feel excited. He wanted to immediately take Tie Niu as his apprentice.

But fortunately, he knew prudence. Even if he really wanted to accept this apprentice, it was not a good time at present.

“Although I also want brother Zhang to get what you want, Wang Mang has suddenly revealed himself and the state of his sabre technique is so high. Do you believe he taught himself?” Chen Yuan pondered for a moment, but still mentioned his thoughts.

“But he looks like he could only perform the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Techniques.” Zhang Dingshan couldn’t help saying. He thought of what Chen Yuan said, but he was unwilling to give up. After all, a good master was hard to find, but a good apprentice was also hard to find.

“So what? How many others can surpass him even with other techniques?” Chen Yuan shook his head. It was a pity. But this kind of thing couldn’t be forced at all. 

“But… “Zhang Dingshan’s face was still a little reluctant.

“Sigh… with his strength he would have a great many opportunities but… I’ll ask him for you.” Chen Yuan thought about it and said, but looking at the surprise on his friend’s face, he added, “but I advise you not to hold too much hope.”

“Don’t worry, I know.” Zhang Dingshan nodded.

“Well, keep watching the competition, I just don’t know if there will be any other surprises this time.” Chen Yuan turned his attention to the challenge arena again. At the moment, there was still no one in the arena where Tie Niu was. They had just witnessed a wonderful duel. Unless they had absolute confidence in themselves, no one was willing to challenge Tie Niu. Compared to that, it was easier to challenge Leng Feng. After all, in addition to wanting to become famous and increase experience, it was more important to come here for a chance to attain a godly weapon.

In the challenge arena, Leng Feng’s expression was a little ugly, because at present he was being regarded as a soft persimmon. One by one, they came up to challenge him. On the other stage, no one came up for a long time. However, after he cleaned up several people, the number of people on the stage also significantly reduced. Although the challengers were still constant, there would not be any second class experts who had just broken through coming on stage. It was clear that, while they were dueling, they actually wanted to become famous.

Leng Feng failed to hold on to the end, which was not to say that he was weaker. In fact, his final opponent was weaker than him. However, the continuous competition had consumed most of his strength, so he was finally defeated causing many people to regret that he failed to hold on until the end.

As for the man who defeated Leng Feng, Tie Niu crushed him in the final fight with an absolute advantage and became the first in the second-class realm.

Only the first of the second-class experts was qualified to obtain a godly weapon. This man, of course, was Tie Niu.

As for the other two places, they belonged to those second-class experts of the highest realms. In fact, the realm of Tie Niu could also be ranked first among the second-class experts, but each person could only get one godly weapon.

According to Chen Yuan and several famous people in the world, except for Tie Niu, the highest level was Leng Feng and Lei Ming. Although the latter had left, they still qualified.

For the Impermanence Sword and the Thunder Sabre, This was expected. After all, their reputation was not given in vain. Only Tie Niu, a dark horse, was able to suppress Lei Ming and attain first among the second-class experts.

At present, Tie Niu was known all over the area, and he could be called a popular character.

Of course, although there were many people participating in the Tournament, compared to the whole world, it was not worth mentioning. In fact, there were many people who did not care about the Tournament.

But even so, being able to get ahead in the Tournament proved one’s strength.

“Take him to see me sometime.” When the Battle Tournament was over, Mu Yi spoke to Chong Jiayi, and then turned to leave.

Looking at Tie Niu standing on the challenge arena and cheering by the crowd, Chong Jiayi was envious. How could he not see that Mu Yi was interested in him? He even felt that Mu Yi and the other side seemed to know each other.

However, his jealousy lasted only a moment, and then disappeared. It was no longer necessary for him to envy others. Moreover, he was convinced that as long as he stayed by Mu Yi, he would definitely get more benefits in the future. At least, his future path was no longer confused. The only pity was that he failed to meet Mu Yi earlier. After all, he had no need to envy others. It was his limit that he could reach the second difficulty at his present age. Even if he could make progress in the future, it would be very limited.

So what he needed to do was to serve Mu Yi well. As long as Mu Yi ordered it, he must do it well.

Therefore, when Chen Yuan came to Mu Yi’s yard in the evening, he was surprised to see Tie Niu.

At the end of the challenge arena, Chen Yuan took the opportunity to talk with Tie Niu. As for the result, he was disappointed. According to Tie Niu, he already had a master. Although he was only a registered disciple, he would never change for another.

Therefore, Chen Yuan could only feel regret for his old friend. When he told his old friend the news, the latter was even a little frustrated. After all, with his age, there were not many years left to live. Even if he found another apprentice with good qualifications, he might not see the moment when the apprentice grew up.

However, when Chen Yuan saw the Tie Niu in Mu Yi’s yard, he suddenly understood.

Although the truth of the matter was somewhat incredible, it was natural when one thought of Mu Yi’s strength. After all, he was accepted as an expert at the perfection-stage.

Although Tie Niu was regarded as a gifted person and was sought after by numerous people, he was nothing compared with Mu Yi.

He was young, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, and held great strength. He thought that this kind of person was to be the main character of this world. His actions attracted people’s attention, caused a sensation, and even had the qualifications to determine the general situation of the world.

Chen Yuan, as the chief manager of Tangxi Zhai, was a wise man. When Tang Shang decided to let Mu Yi be the final judge, he knew Tang Shang’s purpose. He didn’t object to this, and even felt relieved.

“Master.” Chen Yuan took a look at Tie Niu, and then deeply pressed his previous thoughts. Although Zhang Dingshan was his old friend, he could only choose Mu Yi even if he was a registered disciple.

“Well, this was Tie Niu, a disciple I accepted when I was traveling. I didn’t expect him to join in the Tournament this time.” Mu Yi nodded and said casually. At this time, he thought of the broadsword that was given to Tang Shang. He knew that Tie Niu had gone on this road, and it was good to leave the broadsword to him. Although it was broken, it was a magic weapon after all, which could not be compared with those weapons of the Tournament.

Mu Yi’s called his old name, “Tie Niu”, Tie Niu not only felt no sense of shame, but also had a warm feeling in his heart, because this name was only qualified to be spoken by those closest to him.

“Well met.”

After Mu Yi’s introduction, Tie Niu saluted Chen Yuan for a long time. He knew that after Mu Yi’s words, the magic weapon he was about to get would be better. Moreover, Tie Niu had met Chen Yuan before, and he had developed a good impression of the man.

“I dare not. If you don’t dislike it, please call me elder brother.” Chen Yuan immediately said. Wang Mang was fundamentally different from Tie Niu, the disciple of Mu Yi. For Wang Mang, Chen Yuan might appreciate the respect and nod in return, but that was all. After all, it was just a gifted person that hadn’t grown up. Too many geniuses fall before their time. Even if he made it to maturity, there were many years before this was likely to occur. 

As the apprentice of Mu Yi, Chen Yuan would take the initiative to get close to, or even flatter the man. He would try to develop a relationship like those among ordinary people. This was a gesture that not only favored the future of Tie Niu, but paid attention to the reputation of Mu Yi. In particular, Tangxi Zhai wanted to form an alliance with him, and naturally grow closer to each other.

“Ah.” Tie Niu was shocked by Chen Yuan’s attitude. Although he knew that his master’s identity was extraordinary, Chen Yuan was already a big man in his eyes. At present he was called big brother by the other side. He was flattered, but also was aware of why he had received this honor.

If he was not the disciple of Mu Yi, then he would not be receiving such treatment.

“Well, if you want to talk about something else, just talk later. I’ll trouble you for Tie Niu’s residence.” Mu Yi’s face suddenly changed, and then he said to Chen Yuan.

“Yes, master.” Chen Yuan said respectfully.

“Master, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Tie Niu also saw that Mu Yi seemed to have something to do, so he immediately said.

“Well, Chen Yuan’s strength is good. You can ask him for advice. You don’t have to deliberately only use the Five Tigers Break Door Sabre Technique. I don’t have much to teach you about this. You have to rely more on yourself.” Looking at the Tie Niu, Mu Yi said that Tie Niu could reach the second-class level when he was only a fisherman half a year ago. In addition to his hard work, his qualification would not be poor. Previously, Mu Yi found that Tie Niu had a talent for fighting instinct. However, at that time, because of his low level, he failed to look deeper. At present, it seemed that Tie Niu should have some hidden talents. But he still had something to do. He could only wait until later to check slowly. He hoped that Tie Niu could give him a surprise.

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