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Chapter 431 Battle Tournament (5)

Chapter 431 Battle Tournament (5)


   When Chen Yuan and Tie Niu left, Mu Yi returned to his room in a flash. In the room, a green bamboo stick was floating. Although it still had only sixteen knots, the energy was even greater than before. What’s more, the force was as heavy as a mountain, without any sign of instability.

   In the light, a petite figure loomed, and her face was solemn and dignified.


   At last, the light disappeared, and the Bamboo Tree of Life disappeared directly. Instead, there was a little girl, dressed in a green skirt decorated with carved jade. She looked one or two years older than before. She looked to be about ten years old.

“Brother.” When the little girl saw Mu Yi, she showed a happy look on her face immediately. Her body moved slightly and she fell into Mu Yi’s arms.

“You did a good job this time. Instead of a quick breakthrough, you condensed your foundation and refined your energy.” Mu Yi felt it and smiled. The energy in the little girl’s body was pure and the attribute had turned to Yang. So even if it took a bit longer, this would result in more advantages than disadvantages for her future.

   In fact, the Bamboo Tree of Life devoured the Millennial tree core, which was enough to push the little girl to the top in strength, but she was able to resist the temptation. This was why Mu Yi felt happy; because unknowingly, the little girl had grown up a bit.

“I learned it from my brother.” The little girl said, and her face was ruddy. Obviously, Mu Yi’s praise made her very happy.

“With this, you are now equivalent to the sixth-rank. With the Bamboo Tree of Life, you can grasp the power of a seventh-rank, which is equivalent to the top of the second-stage. As long as you don’t meet someone in the senior level, you will be OK.” Mu Yi said.

“Is brother going to leave me?” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, the little girl became alert immediately, and her little hand was grasping Mu Yi’s clothes.

“No matter where I go, I will take you with me.” Mu Yi smiled and comforted the little girl. He knew that he left her last time and that had made the little girl upset. If he did so again, it would definitely make the little girl sad.

  His strength was not enough previously. But now, with the help of the Xin lamp, he had reached the perfect-stage. If he didn’t act foolishly, there was no place he couldn’t go in this world.

   At this time, Mu Yi thought of the agreement with the mad Taoist. The little girl had grown up, and some things had to be faced inevitably. So when things were over here, he was going to go to the South China Sea to find out the mystery behind the little girl’s father.

“Um.” Hearing Mu Yi’s promise, the little girl was relieved. But then the little girl jumped on the shoulder of Big Slave and patted the Big Slave’s head with her little hand. “Big Slave, now I’m the seventh-rank. You have to work hard, or my brother won’t take you out.”

   The Big Slave just giggled all the time and didn’t care about the little girl’s words, but Mu Yi didn’t notice a flash of brilliance in his pupil.

   Hearing the little girl’s words, Mu Yi smiled bitterly and shook his head, ignoring her mischief, and went back into his room. As long as he was sure that the little girl was ok, he was relieved.

   At first, he didn’t feel at ease. He thought that the little girl would be greedy and rush to advance, regardless of her foundation, but now he was relieved. Anyway, the little girl would have no bottleneck before she became a ghost king. She just needed to refine the power of the Millennial tree core, and she would make progress continuously. Sooner or later, she would reach the perfect-stage.

   It was just that the little girl’s breakthrough would be far more difficult than his. According to the agreement with Liao Fan, when the little girl reached the perfect-stage, he would go to the Thousand Sound Temple. Maybe the ghost King suppressed there could save the little girl a lot of effort.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi took a piece of paper out of his sleeves. The color of the paper was yellow. It seemed to be very old. There were some special words written on it, something Mu Yi had never seen before.

   This piece of paper was the sky patching stone. When it was first attained, it was a piece of gold paper. The power on it was surging then. It was frightening, but after leaving the Yellow River’s ancient road, it changed from gold paper to an ordinary, yellowed paper. Although the handwriting was still on it, the terrible power it had boasted now was nowhere to be found.

  Mu Yi was sure that it was the sky patching stone, otherwise he would have long suspected that it had been replaced. But even now, the sky patching stone was extremely tenacious and could not be torn apart even by Mu Yi.

“The sky patching stone can solve a crisis that will surely cause one to die. I don’t know what this threat will be for certain, but I’m afraid that the only crisis that can cause my death are those in the third-stage. As for the final crisis, no one can avoid it. Even the sky patching stone is not that exceptional. Otherwise, those people from ancient times wouldn’t have been wiped out.”

“Unfortunately, the sky patching stone was too mysterious. Otherwise, if I come to understand the words and master their power, I could greatly raise my strength.”

   After a while of tossing and turning, Mu Yi put away the sky patching stone. It was not just the words of mysterious Shining Man, but also his intuition that told Mu Yi that this sky patching stone would be very important for him. It was better not to leave it where it could be stolen or lost, so Mu Yi always kept it close to his body.

  After putting away the sky patching stone, Mu Yi began to settle down. Even the little girl knew to cultivate hard, let alone him. Although he had reached the perfect-stage with the help of the Xin lamp, this was ultimately not his own strength. Even if outside powers were easy to use, they were not as good as mastering them himself.

   Before, in the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, he opened the fifth chakra of the human body. Now, Mu Yi was only two steps away from great success. However, he also knew that this kind of thing could not be rushed. Especially so soon after the fifth chakra was opened, the chakra of Life had not been completely merged into one. Now  was not the time to advance rashly.

   Therefore, what Mu Yi needed to do every day was keep warming the chakras and assist the merging of the chakra of Life. Although this process was slow, it would ultimately be worth it.

   Because of the previous fight with the Dead Ghosts and the final fight, the merging process was greatly accelerated, which saved at least a few months for Mu Yi. With the help of the Xin lamp, he had become an expert at the perfect-stage. In this state, the merging of the chakra of Life was more effective. According to Mu Yi’s observation, there was at most another one or two months before the chakra of Life could be completely merged, and then the power of the Avatar of Life would increase again. Afterwards, his goal would be to find a way to achieve a breakthrough.

   It was also time to continue to practice the thunder techniques. He didn’t dare to practice before them, because he was worried that he couldn’t control that kind of violent power. But now, with the help of the Xin lamp, he could reach the perfect-stage and control everything. If the violent power of thunder was not too large in quantity, he could resist it.

   The advancement of the thunder techniques would also enhance the Vajra glaze body. By then, not only would the power of the Five thunders charm be increased greatly, but his own defense would also be upgraded to a higher level.

   Mu Yi divided part of his spirit, and began to practice the Sutra of the Seventh Methods of the Yin and the Fu from Leng Yu. The Five Dragons Godly Skills he got last time had doubled his spirit power. If he could perform one more skill, his spirit power would definitely improve. But the skill had been practiced by Leng Yu before, so his practice was much more difficult than it was at the beginning, though he was not without hope of success.

   Of course, the most important thing for Mu Yi was the virtual shadow of the Tao Seed in his heart, as this was what he depended on to dare do the cultivation of Buddhism and Taoism, and was also the key to take that step.

   After Mu Yi settled down, in his sea of knowledge, the Xin lamp was floating in the air as a cluster of dark blue flame was burning quietly. Behind his head, a light chakra was looming, and the sound of the tide came from inside his body from time to time.

   All of these were visions of Mu Yi’s cultivation. Although they were slight, they were shocking enough. It was said that in the ancient times, when the sages practiced, there were visions where even the dragon and the Phoenix presented their auspiciousness and unicorns pranced about.

   One night passed in a flash.

   Two days of the Tournament had passed. Today was the last day, which meant that today was the first-class expert’s competition.

   At this time in the past years, Tang Shang would preside over the Tournament in person. After all, no one knew what kind of fierce person would appear among the first-class experts. If a sixth-rank judged a seventh-rank, it would be an insult, so only Tang Shang himself could preside over the Tournament at this point.

   Of course, this was unlikely. After all, how many seventh-rank experts would join the Tournament? Such experts would likely have had a magic weapon for a long time. How could they care about the so-called godly weapons?

   So normally, even if there were first-class experts, most of them had just made a breakthrough. Their strength was only at the first-rank and the second-rank. Even in previous years, a third-rank expert hadn’t been seen. But by now, the appearance of Tang Shang at the Tournament had become a common thing.

   Today, Tang Shang was cultivating and he had invited Mu Yi to take charge of the final competition instead of him. As a perfect-stage expert, Mu Yi had enough strength to host the final round of the Tournament. Moreover, he was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. No matter whether it was personal strength or the forces under his command, he was not inferior to Tang Shang in any way.

   What’s more, the final round of the Tournament being hosted by Mu Yi also had meaning. It sent a signal to the outside world directly to show that Sparrow hall and Tangxi Zhai were allied. This news was enough to make the world stir.

   On this day, many second-class and third-class experts came to the square early and wanted to occupy a good position. After all, competition between first-class experts was rare even for them. It was a rare opportunity for them. That was why they stayed here after losing their qualifications to compete.

“Dang dang dang!”

   With the sunrise in the East, a golden radiance spread all over the square. When the bell rang, the low comments gradually disappeared . Everyone was excited and tense.

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