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Chapter 432 Battle Tournament (6)

Chapter 432 Battle Tournament (6)



“Today is the last day of the Battle Tournament. It is supposed to be presided over by the leader of Tangxi Zhai. However, the leader of Tangxi Zhai felt something suddenly two days ago, and now he is in closed door cultivation. My apologies.”

   As soon as Chen Yuan’s voice fell, many people were disappointed, especially those first-class experts. For them, the temptation of the magic weapon’s was one thing, but the most important thing was receiving Tang Shang’s advice. After all, if they could get some advice from a perfect-stage expert, they would definitely benefit a lot.

   But now Tang Shang was not here.

   Of course, although they were disappointed, they could only congratulate him one after another. After all, not everyone could receive an opportunity for enlightenment in cultivation. This meant that Tang Shang must have had some kind of sudden understanding. 

“But you don’t have to be disappointed. Although the leader of Tangxi Zhai is not here, he has invited a good friend with the same strength to host the final round of the Tournament for him.”

   Chen Yuan’s words shocked many people. Only a perfect-stage expert could be as powerful as Tang Shang. No one thought that Tang Shang could invite a perfect level expert for this Tournament.

“My Lord!”

   Saying this, Chen Yuan bowed suddenly. As for the first-class experts sitting on the high platform, they also got up hurriedly and looked respectful. In the face of a perfect-stage expert, no one dared to show disrespect, otherwise they would be disrespecting their own life.

   Even a seventh-rank expert was not worth mentioning in front of perfect level masters, let alone the fact that most of them were only fourth or fifth-rank level experts with the highest only being a sixth-rank expert.

   All of a sudden, people felt a light in front of them, and then another figure appeared. As for how the figure appeared, they did not see. However, when they saw the figure clearly, they opened their mouths in shock.

   The figure in front of them was too young. But then someone’s face changed and seemed to think of something.

“My Lord!” Chen Yuan’s gesture was just right.

“My Lord!” The rest of them were helpless and called out as Chen Yuan. After all, even if the perfect level expert was only a casual person, he could still be called a Lord. Regardless of the age of Mu Yi, what they called him was no different.

   Moreover, the meaning of Lord in this case was one of respect for one who had reached such a great level of strength. This could not be neglected.

“You don’t have to be polite. I’m just here to have a look. Everything is the same as usual.” Mu Yi nodded to them, but although he said this, others would not really take it seriously. In the face of a perfect-stage expert, who dared to ignore him?

   Once Mu Yi sat down in the Lord’s seat, all the people were relieved. After all, it was one thing to hear rumors, and it was another thing to see it confirmed with their eyes. Especially since Chen Yuan’s words showed that Mu Yi was a perfect-stage expert just as Tang Shang was. No one thought that he was lying. 

   In fact, even if people knew that there was a magic weapon without a lord in Mu Yi’s possession, they dared not think of seizing it.

   After a moment’s silence, noise broke out suddenly. Many people had  never seen a perfect level expert before, nevermind such a young perfect level expert, and there were many people under the stage who guessed at Mu Yi’s identity.

  He was in the Nanyang Prefecture and was so young. It could only be the man in the rumors. But when did he become a good friend with Tang Shang? This was the most puzzling thing to many people. Of course, some people seemed to think of something, and their faces changed.

   Most of these people were the leaders of the nearby small forces. Although their strength was not exceptional, they were very smart. In their eyes, Mu Yi presiding over the Tournament was not just because Tang Shang was in closed door cultivation. After all, even if Tang Shang didn’t come out, who would dare kick up a fuss?

“Something is going to change.” A lot of people’s faces were nervous. The competition between the first-class experts was supposed to be an exciting event, but now it had become insipid.

   What these second-class experts could think of, the first-class experts on the stage could also think of. While it was shocking how close Mu Yi’s relationship was with Tangxi Zhai, they also began to plan in their hearts. Now chaos had become apparent. Even if they had no ambition, they had to think about the future for themselves and the people around them.

   Chen Yuan looked at the expressions of all the people below. He just laughed in secret. If there was a great disorder in the world, no one could stand alone. Even those thousand years’ factions wouldn’t be able to stay out of the coming events. Tangxi Zhai and Sparrow Hall were allied. They had ambitions, yes, but it was more to protect themselves.

“On the last day of the Tournament, all of you can go up to the stage and show off your skills. You may even get the personal guidance of Lord.” Chen Yuan opened his mouth slowly. The so-called Lord naturally referred to Mu Yi. In the past, it was why Tang Shang presided over the last day of the competition.

   After all, to the first-class experts, the godly weapons had little attraction. They expected to get magic weapons eventually. Of course, if Tang Shang’s personal guidance was added, it was a different story.

   Sure enough, after Chen Yuan’s voice fell, many people’s eyes brightened obviously. Mu Yi, even if he was young, was also a perfect-stage expert. He was a strong man who came out of the Yellow River’s Ancient Road where Master Purdue, Fan Yuan, and the old Taoist of Longhu Mountain were buried.

“Sir Envoy of the Flag.” At this time, a figure jumped onto the challenge arena, and saluted Mu Yi first, and then looked around, “Since no one is coming up, this Xue Wu will throw a brick to attract jade.”

   In his forties, Xue Wu looked like a scholar with a kind of elegance. He had a long sword hanging on his waist and a folding fan in his hand. He didn’t call Mu Yi Lord, but instead the Envoy of Flag which was meaningful. Moreover, he would be remembered more easily because he came to the stage first.

“Xue Wu, Nanyang Prefecture is not your Baoding Prefecture.” Then, another middle-aged man said and jumped onto the challenge arena. He also saluted Mu Yi, and then looked at Xue Wu coldly. The middle-aged man was much shorter than Xue Wu, but he was very strong, with a heavy round sledgehammer in his hand.

“My Lord, Xue Wu is from Baoding. He comes from the green forest. He ranks seventh among the Thirteen Taibao and has first-rank strength. The other one is Yin Chang’an. He is from the Nanyang Prefecture. He is a man of loose cultivation. He asked for the sledgehammer when he was at the top of the second-class. The great master in Tangxi Zhai made it for him. He has some origins with Tangxi Zhai. His strength is the same, at first-rank. “

   When the two people spoke on the stage, Chen Yuan had already whispered the identity and information of the two people, and introduced Yin Chang’an with two more sentences. Who he favored was clear.

   It seemed that they didn’t intend to draw this out. After a few words, they moved together. Xue Wu did not pull out the long sword at his waist. It was more like an ornament. His weapon was the folding fan in his hand. At this time, people saw that the folding fan was made of refined iron.

   Fan users were strange. Xue Wu’s steps were light and his body method was superior. On the contrary, Yin Chang’an had a sledgehammer in his hand. It was clear that the heavy sledgehammer was as heavy as a feather in his hand. He should have reached the state of lifting heavy as though it were light.

   Although the two men were only first-rank, they had rich experience in fighting. Obviously, they were experienced. They became familiar with each other’s style while in the process of fighting. It was likely not the first time they fought. However, with their equal strength, it was obviously difficult for them to determine the winner and loser in a short period of time.

      Finally, Xue Wu showed a flaw after they fought for an hour. Though rather than a flaw, the fan in his hand simply could not bear the power of the round sledgehammer and it was broken into pieces. Yin Chang’an saw the opportunity, and the round sledgehammer rushed toward Xue Wu.


   At this time, a clear and crisp sword resounded, and people saw a light in front of them. Xue Wu’s long sword that decorated his waist had gone out of its sheath and stabbed into Yin Chang’an’s chest instantly.


   Many people under the stage cried out. They didn’t expect that this would happen so quickly. Yin Chang’an had the upper hand before and was about to win. Unexpectedly, Xue Wu’s long sword came out of its sheath and stabbed Yin Chang’an in a flash.

   Just when people thought that Yin Chang’an was bound to lose, there was a shift again. Yin Chang’an wrapped his left hand around Xue Wu’s long sword, and the round sledgehammer continued to blow towards Xue Wu’s head.

“Ha ha, Yin Chang’an, you win this time.”

   At this critical moment, Xue Wu gave up his sword suddenly, went back directly, and jumped off the challenge arena. Although he conceded defeat, his eyes while on Yin Chang’an were full of pride.

“You… very well.” Yin Chang’an stared at Xue Wu. He didn’t expect Xue Wu to hide so deep. He had had a few fights with Xue Wu before, but he never used the sword. So over time, he also believed that the other side’s long sword was only used for decoration. But today’s lesson told him that the other side could not only use the sword, but was in fact a sword master.

   However, it was too late to regret. If it was not a challenge arena and death was not allowed he might have already died. He had a new understanding of Xue Wu’s forbearance.

   What’s more, the other side was determined. Once he hit him, he admitted defeat cleanly, without any embarrassment and shame. This kind of person was the most difficult to deal with.

   In fact, he lost the contest.

   Hearing Yin Chang’an’s angry words, Xue Wu just smiled and didn’t care, and he didn’t retort. Anyway, he had already conceded, so the next competition had nothing to do with him. What’s more, his real goal had been achieved.

   In the face of the changes in the challenge arena, Chen Yuan was also shocked. Fortunately, Yin Chang’an was injured, but it was not fatal. The sword seemed to run through his chest, but in fact, Yin Chang’an deviated a little at the critical moment. The sword just pierced his chest, so although injured, it was not serious. It would be best to rest for a while, but it would not affect anything.

   Chen Yuan glanced at Mu Yi at this time, and saw that Mu Yi had no expression and didn’t know what he was thinking. Fortunately, Chen Yuan didn’t forget his duty. He looked at Xue Wu under the stage and asked directly, “Xue Wu, you really admit defeat?”

“Yes, I lost.”Xue Wu nodded with a calm face, as if he wasn’t talking about himself. Most of the people on the scene thought that he should have won the contest, which was one of the reasons why Xue Wu was unbothered.

   Sometimes, even if one lost, he won in another way. Anyway, he didn’t expect Tangxi Zhai to build a godly weapon for him. In fact, at the beginning, he didn’t plan to go to the stage. After seeing Mu Yi, he felt a feeling in his mind suddenly and chose to go to the stage. Moreover, when he decided to go to the stage, he knew who his opponent was. In fact, everything went according to his thoughts.

   As for the most fundamental reason, was it still important when Mu Yi looked at him?

“Hum, I will remember this and take revenge for this sword.” In the challenge arena, Yin Chang’an clenched his teeth and drew out the long sword, then jumped down with the sledgehammer. In his current situation, any later competition was meaningless.

   Chen Yuan looked at Yin Chang’an and sighed a little. He had just put forward a few words in front of Mu Yi. Now, he felt a bit depressed, but he couldn’t change anything. As for Xue Wu, he didn’t pay attention to him.

   The so-called Thirteen Taibao ran amuck, but they were not worth Tangxi Zhai’s attention. To be frank, they were just a group of bandits. Although the strongest one was seventh-rank, it was still just so-so.

“Who else would like to go on stage next?” Chen Yuan looked around for a bit and asked.

“I’ll do it.” A shadow raised his feet gently, and came to the challenge arena.

“I will play with you.” Then, someone jumped out of the crowd. He just borrowed some strength from two men’s shoulders and fell on the challenge arena.

   The first person, in his fifties and sixties, stooped slightly and was supported by a crutch in his hand. However, looking at the color and weight of the crutch, it was also likely a weapon.

   As for the other, he was much younger. He looked like he was in his thirties or forties. He was very big and had a mace in his hand. 

   When they came to the stage, Chen Yuan delivered a message immediately to explain their identities.

   The old man who used the crutch was Chai Bo. He had no sect. He was also a man of loose cultivation. The other was Cheng Wencai. He was the leader of a gang. Both of them had strength at the first-rank. However, Chai Bo had been at this level for many years and was likely better.

“First-rank?” In fact, in Mu Yi’s eyes, Chai Bo was second-rank, which was higher than what Chen Yuan said. Obviously, it was not that Chen Yuan’s information was wrong, but that the other party was proficient in a kind of concealment skill. 

   For Mu Yi, the contest between the two was over before it began.

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