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Chapter 433 Mysterious Man

Chapter 433 Mysterious Man


   The results of this contest were not out of Mu Yi’s expectation. Although Chai Bo did not reveal strength at the second-rank, his experience was far greater than Cheng Wencai’s. In the end, he won only by a small margin, but many people cheered him.

“This Chai Bo really has no sect?” Mu Yi’s voice was sent into Chen Yuan’s mind directly, which was a more advanced form of mental communication.

“Yes, my Lord, Chai Bo is very smart. He is usually cautious, but he is also greedy.” Chen Yuan said.

“This person is already a second-rank expert, but he is good at concealing his energy.” Mu Yi said.

   Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Chen Yuan was surprised and his gaze towards Chai Bo became a little more profound.

   After winning over Cheng Wencai, Chai Bo did not continue to challenge others, but stepped down directly. It seemed that only one battle was enough for him.

   In the next competition, these first-class experts had a tacit understanding with each other. After all, enemies with life and death grudges could not meet in the challenge arena. The competition between these first-class experts made those under the arena open their eyes.

   Although the competition between the second-class experts before was wonderful, there was always something missing in comparison.

   With the passage of time, Chen Yuan’s face also shone with a smile. This year’s Battle Tournament was more brilliant than in previous years, and the alliance with Sparrow hall was even more significant. The ten godly weapons were not worth mentioning in comparison.

“Is there anyone else willing to compete on stage?” When the fifth match ended, Chen Yuan asked.

   Although the number of first-class experts were far more than the number of matches would suggest, not everyone was willing to compete on stage. First-class experts were always proud. Although  the godly weapons assigned to the first-class experts were more than the others, there were still only five. Apart from the newcomers who had just broken through, who didn’t have a weapon to take advantage of?

   As for the guidance of a perfect level expert, it was tempting, but some people had different thoughts.

   After Chen Yuan asked, no one spoke. In fact, Chen Yuan also understood that by now, it was the end of the Tournament. The distribution of the five godly weapons was obvious. After all, their realms were almost the same, and everyone was proud. The losers would not try for the weapons, so the five godly weapons would belong to the five winners.

   Just as Chen Yuan was about to announce the end, one person jumped out of the crowd and jumped to the challenge arena directly.

   Chen Yuan frowned slightly and looked a little cautious. Ths method of suddenly appearing was too fast, and he could not feel the strength of the person. At least, it meant that this person’s strength was not inferior to his. Such an expert coming to the stage had never been seen before.

   This man wore a hat and lowered his head slightly, so only half a face could be seen.

“Would you like to have a bout?” Chen Yuan asked with deep thoughts.

“Since I came to the stage, I mean to compete.”

“Well, will you give me your name first? Origin? ” Chen Yuan asked.

“No name, no surname, a man of the mountains and wilds.” The man said. With his words, many people’s eyes had changed. These words showed that he didn’t give Tangxi Zhai any face at all, even though he was still in the face of a perfect-stage expert. Either he was tired of living, or he had enough strength or background to act this way.

“Interesting. Now that you’re here, let me play with you.” All of a sudden, a voice sounded, but the source of the voice was not the crowd under the stage, but from the stage of those who should have been the guests.

“Then I’ll trouble brother Zhang.” Chen Yuan took a look at Zhang Dingshan and nodded to him. The strength of this newcomer was unpredictable. The first and second-rank experts were not his match. Chen Yuan, as the head of Tangxi Zhai, couldn’t go out in person. As for Mu Yi, it was even more impossible.

   So at this time, Zhang Dingshan stood up, on the one hand, to make good friends with Tangxi Zhai, on the other hand, because of the relationship with Chen Yuan.

“Come on.” The mysterious man on the stage just looked at Zhang Dingshan and spoke lightly.

“You seek death.” Zhang Dingshan was furious. Since he became famous, he had never been so ridiculed. Now, this man dared to look down on him so much. If he didn’t do something, he would be laughed at by people all over the world.

   Zhang Dingshan raised his one palm. Although he didn’t bring a Sabre, he was confident that his palms were enough to show 70% of his Sabre skills. Even if he couldn’t win, he could still force a tie.

   At the same time that Zhang Dingshan rushed to the other side of the stage, the mysterious man raised his hand slowly and pressed it gently to Zhang Dingshan’s chest. The speed of this move was not fast, and even the second and third-class experts could see it clearly, but Zhang Dingshan’s face changed suddenly.


   The palm landed on Zhang Dingshan’s chest firmly, and Zhang Dingshan could not resist it, so he was pushed back, and even spit out a mouthful of blood.

   When Zhang Dingshan fell to the ground, there was a sudden silence around him. Zhang Dingshan was a famous man, and many people knew his strength. The first-class experts who had been competing on the stage before could not beat him; but such an expert was defeated by another with no power to fight back.

   People looked at the stage with some shock, even uncertainty.

   Chen Yuan’s face became very ugly. Zhang Dingshan was only fighting on his behalf, but now he was hurt. The strength shown by the other side was clearly that of the seventh-rank at least.

   Such an expert would not come to fight for a godly weapon. Obviously, his intent was to make trouble, but it was a little difficult for him to understand this. Wasn’t he worried about the anger of the perfect-stage expert? Or did he have the strength to resist?

“Who are you?” Chen Yuan took a deep breath. He also knew that if today’s affairs were not handled well, Tangxi Zhai’s accumulated reputation would not collapse, but it would be negatively impacted, especially when having just formed an alliance with Sparrow hall.

“Who am I? I have said that I’m here for a competition. What? No one dares to come up?” The mysterious man said faintly, and his voice was clearly heard by everyone. His words enraged many, but when they thought of Zhang Dingshan’s defeat through one stroke, their anger froze and the crowd quieted.

   No one here was a fool, especially those first-class experts. They had seen that the man aimed at Tangxi Zhai deliberately. This kind of contest was not something they could deal with. Of course, the most important thing was the man’s imposing strength.

   At this time, Chen Yuan also knew that it was impossible to rely on those experts but he couldn’t make a move himself due to his identity. After all, the Tournament was just a contest, and he was the referee. How could the referee go fight?

   Chen Yuan could only turn to Mu Yi for help, because the current situation was not something he could solve alone. Relying on Mu Yi was the best way.

   Mu Yi felt Chen Yuan’s eyes, then nodded his head gently, causing Chen Yuan to feel relieved finally.

   In fact, Mu Yi noticed this man as soon as he appeared. It was not that he thought the man would aim at Tangxi Zhai, but that a strong man with the strength of a seventh-rank had come.

   The most important thing was that it was impossible for the man to not know his identity. Since he still dared to come to the stage, he was obviously not simple.

   Of course, as an ally, Mu Yi wouldn’t let Tangxi Zhai’s reputation be damaged. 

“Haha, who says there is no one?”

   At this time, there was a sound of laughter like a silver bell in the air. Then, a figure appeared on the challenge arena suddenly, wearing green, barefoot, with a little innocent and lovely face.

   It was Nian Nuer who came here. When Mu Yi found out that the man had a sinister intention, he called the little girl over. It was very close to the yard, so the little girl could clearly feel his call.

   However, after the little girl came, she remained invisible until she got the order from Mu Yi.

   Seeing Nian Nuer appear in the challenge arena, many people couldn’t help exclaiming. After all, the little girl looked to be only about ten years old, and she had a strange charm which made people want to protect her.

“Come down quickly, little girl. That man is very powerful.”

“That’s it. Come down quickly. That’s a bad guy.”

“Don’t be afraid, little girl. I’ll help you.”

   Some people advised, but others wanted to jump onto the challenge arena and take Nian Nuer down. However, a man just jumped up and pressed down with a huge force. There was no resistance until he fell to the ground. He was afraid. He looked up with some fear and then shrunk his neck.

   Chen Yuan knew Nian Nuer and knew her strength to a certain extent. He was not as naive as those under the stage, but he worried about the mysterious man’s unfathomable strength. After all, although Nian Nuer was powerful, she was weaker than him, not to mention the mysterious man in front of him. Mu Yi should know this. Why did he let Nian Nuer come?

   However, seeing that Mu Yi didn’t have any worries, he could only put down his doubts. He believed that Mu Yi wouldn’t let this little girl take risks. He must have a hidden card.

   On the other hand, the mysterious man on the stage looked more dignified after the appearance of Nian Nuer. He even took off his hat to show his true face.

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