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Chapter 434 Nian Nuer Showed off Her Power

Chapter 434 Nian Nuer Showed off Her Power

   The mysterious man looked very young, perhaps at the age of 30. So, though talented to the point of being called a genius, it was within the realm of possibilities for his strength to be where it was.

   At first glance, his achievements could cause a sensation. However, compared to Mu Yi’s achievements, his achievements were not as brilliant. After all, Mu Yi had achieved greater levels of strength at an even younger age. When compared to Mu Yi, the man looked ordinary.

“It’s you.” The mysterious man smiled at Nian Nuer.

“You know me?” Nian Nuer was puzzled and looked at him. She didn’t remember seeing him before, and his energy made her uncomfortable.

“Of course I know, but you are…” the mysterious man didn’t finish his sentence, and he glanced at Nian Nuer before turning to Mu Yi on the other side. His eyes were strange, holding neither hatred nor kindness.

“Huh, a bad guy.” The view of right and wrong in the little girl’s eyes was very simple. All enemies of Mu Yi were bad. What’s more, other people who made her feel uncomfortable were bad guys as well.

   Nian Nuer rushed towards the man. Her small body seemed to be weightless. Her white feet stepped on the void, making her speed reach extreme levels.

   As Nian Nuer’s opponent, the mysterious man was dignified. He directly aimed a blow at her, and his palm turned red instantly. This palm also made the surrounding seem to be burning with an intense  heat.

   Nian Nuer frowned and suddenly summoned a layer of green light around her, which directly repelled the heat. At the same time, her hands grew into long nails, and she grabbed at the mysterious man.

   The grasp was quick, and even flashed the light similar to that of godly weapons.


   The mysterious man raised his hand and reached out at it. A sound like iron and gold clashing together rang out when their hands crossed. However, in the eyes of most people under the stage, the speed of the two people was too fast. They could only see a red and a green light colliding with each other and rotating rapidly.

   Chen Yuan was relieved to see that Nian Nuer’s strength was equal to that of her opponent. The strength of the mysterious man was definitely seventh-rank. Fortunately, Chen Yuan didn’t fight with him. Otherwise, it would be a small thing if he won, and a big blow to Tangxi Zhai if he lost.

   At the same time, he also told the following disciples to check the man’s background. He believed that someone would know the man. Since this man dared to make trouble, he would have to wait for the Revenge of Tangxi Zhai.

   Tangxi Zhai had been in great standing for many years. This was not only due to doing favors for others, but also for people’s fear of Tangxi Zhai’s revenge if crossed. If not for this, how could people in the world honestly follow the rules of Tangxi Zhai?

   While Chen Yuan was thinking, the two people on the stage had been fighting fiercely, and their speed became faster and faster, and both sides were merciless.

   As for Mu Yi, he kept his eyes on the stage. He had faith in the little girl, but he didn’t dare to be careless. As long as the little girl was in danger, he would never care about any rules and would save her first.

   Fortunately, the little girl didn’t let him down, and her strength was really stable at the seventh-rank. The mysterious man was proficient in a kind of fire palm technique. Nian Nuer was superior to common fierce ghosts, the power in her body was pure and incomparable, and she dared to be exposed to the sun.


   Finally, the two people changed their ways. The little girl’s body was suddenly lifted up highly, and the mysterious man also fell back in a panic.

   Everyone off the stage was shocked and seemed to be worried about Nian Nuer. In fact, after that, they understood that this little girl was not as simple as she looked, but also a real strong expert at the top of the seventh-rank.

   It was just that Nian Nuer’s appearance was so deceptive. 

   In the end, Nian Nuer steadied herself and stood in the air with her eyes fixed on the other side.

 The mysterious man fell back for a while, and finally stopped at the edge of the challenge arena, not falling down. The contest between the two sides was not over.

   Just when the competition was going to continue, the mysterious man suddenly glanced at Nian Nuer, then turned around and jumped down the stage.

   The mysterious man’s behavior was puzzling. Was he afraid?

   This was the idea in many people’s hearts, but no one dared to stop him. They could only let him leave quickly.

   Originally, when the mysterious man left, Nian Nuer was ready to catch up, but was stopped by Mu Yi. Mu Yi looked at the back of him, and his eyes twinkled, and Nian Nuer didn’t know what he was thinking.

“Well, is there anyone else willing to go on stage for a try?” Chen Yuan said at this time.

   However, no one dared to move. After all, everyone had just seen the strength of this little girl. No one would be stupid enough to be humiliated on the stage. For them, the seventh-rank was already superior, and in any force, seventh-rank experts were absolutely high-level experts.

“Since no one has come to the stage, the competition is over.”

   When this sentence came out, Chen Yuan also breathed a sigh of relief. Although there were some twists and turns, it was finally resolved successfully.

   At this time, Nian Nuer also quietly left, and few people noticed. When the public reacted, the stage was already empty, and even Mu Yi was gone. 

   It was a rare experience for them. As long as they go back to study hard, they could definitely gain something.

   The next day, Mu Yi took a morning to give advice to the first-class masters who won. These masters were old, and many of them were the same age as Mu Yi’s grandfather. However, in practice, they should pay attention to those who were good at learning. In front of Mu Yi, they could only have performed disciple rites.

   And there was no shame in it. They knew that it was a rare chance, so they asked Mu Yi for more advice without being ashamed. Although Mu Yi was practicing the way of God’s soul, most of them were in the way of martial arts. But in Mu Yi’s state, by watching these people practice their moves once, could he know where their weaknesses were, and then give advice.

   In this way, they could also benefit a lot. After all, these people did not originate from a powerful background and there was no one to guide them. They could only grope through the dark by themselves, which would certainly lead to many detours. This was the sorrow of these cultivators practicing alone.

   Some people’s qualifications were not bad, but how could one person’s wisdom compare to the accumulation of Millennial schools? Even Mu Yi had the old Taoist Priest lay a solid foundation for him and arrange everything. It was because of this that he had today’s achievements.

  If not for this, who knew if Mu Yi could have reached the strength he had today. So Mu Yi didn’t despise these people and tried to give some advice.

   As a disciple, Tie Niu naturally had the honor of observing their practice from the sidelines. At this time, all the people suddenly realized why Tie Niu had just come out and had such great sabre technique. It was easy to accept that he was taught by a famous teacher.

   Originally, Mu Yi planned to leave directly after the end of the Battle Tournament, but when he met Tie Niu, he decided to stay for another two days and teach him carefully. At this time, Chen Yuan also personally told the master in the studio to build a suitable weapon for Tie Niu.

   Tangxi Zhai was so big that it was impossible to rely on Tang Shang alone. In fact, there were many top masters here, which was the main reason why Tangxi Zhai had always been brilliant.

   Mu Yi stayed for five days. During this period, Tie Niu made great progress. Mu Yi even taught Tie Niu in person to improve his qualifications. After that, Mu Yi examined Tie Niu’s body carefully, and finally found that Tie Niu’s reaction speed was far faster than those at the same level, and he had a keen intuition for fighting. This was the main reason why he made progress on his sabre technique so fast.

  He didn’t receive Tie Niu as a formal disciple, but also taught him all he had grasped, which laid a foundation for him in the future.

   Five days later, Mu Yi left with his companions. The only pity was that he didn’t wait for Tang Shang to come out from his confined cultivation. Obviously, Tang Shang benefited a lot from this time, otherwise, he could not have practiced for so long.

   Tie Niu once proposed to serve Mu Yi, but Mu Yi refused. In his opinion, Tie Niu should not be tied to him and instead should have a bigger stage. In this chaotic time, more capable people appeared, and there were many heroes. Tie Niu should play a role in this stage.

   And Tie Niu changed his name to Wang Mang, which had shown his ambition.

   Finally, Tie Niu kowtowed several times towards the direction of Mu Yi’s departure, and stood up. Two figures stood not far away from him. One was Chen Yuan, and the other was Zhang Dingshan, who had been staying in Tangxi Zhai for cultivation.

   Zhang Dingshan was slapped and suffered some internal injuries, so he stayed in Tangxi Zhai all this time. Even after his injury got better, he didn’t leave. Chen Yuan was clear about his intent, but he didn’t say anything. Chen Yuan thought that Tie Niu was only a registered disciple, but he couldn’t change his master, let alone worship him as a teacher.

   In fact, even if Tie Niu dared to worship Zhang Dingshan as a teacher, Zhang Dingshan didn’t dare to accept him. After all, there was an expert at the perfect-stage behind Tie Niu. Zhang Dingshan had not personally experienced the strength of a perfect-stage, but he knew that seventh-rank masters could not be compared, and he was not a match for seventh-rank masters. So just imagine how far he was from the perfect-stage.

   However, Zhang Dingshan didn’t want to take Tie Niu as his apprentice since then, but he knew from his friend that Tie Niu was collecting Sabre techniques recently, and wanted to absorb the strengths of all the schools. After knowing this news, he began to quietly send some Sabre techniques scripts to Tie Niu, and often gave him advice. It’s self-evident what kind of idea he had.

   Chen Yuan saw Mu Yi didn’t say anything, so he kept silent. Anyway, this would only benefit Tie Niu. It was also a disguised realization of a friend’s wish to share his knowledge and experience.

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