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 Chapter 435 Return to Vermilion Bird Hall

Chapter 435 Return to Vermilion Bird Hall

  With the end of the Tournament, news began to spread. The most noticeable news was about the alliance between Tangxi Zhai and Vermilion Bird Hall. Moreover, Tang Shang himself confirmed that Mu Yi had reached the perfect-stage.

  Of course, the rumor that Tang Shang talked about this in person was spread by someone, and people echoed the news. After a bit, people began to speak as if they saw it themselves.

  However, the alliance between Tangxi Zhai and Vermilion Bird Hall shocked many people. However, they were not nearly as shocked when confirming that Mu Yi’s strength had reached the perfect-stage. 

Tie Niu, a young man who suddenly rose above the Thunder Saber, had also received a lot of attention. As for Thunder Saber, although his fame didn’t lessen by much, there were those that ridiculed him. After all, Lei Ming was usually domineering, and some people had long been unhappy with him. Before, Lei Ming was too powerful, and they dared not say anything. Now that Lei Ming had lost some of his power and influence, naturally they would not miss this chance to rub salt in his wounds.

  While the rumors spread, Mu Yi finally returned to Dongting Lake and met Yun Mengxuan.

  During the period of Mu Yi’s absence, the halls belonging to the Vermilion Bird Hall were rapidly developing. Especially after the news from the Tournament spread, the number of people who joined the Vermilion Bird Hall increased dramatically. After all, in the eyes of many people, a perfect-stage expert was a solid backer. In this turbulent world, if you were not strong enough, you could always find a way to rely on powerful people.

“Lord, is the alliance with Tangxi Zhai true?”

   Before Mu Yi could rest, Yun Mengxuan followed him closely.

“Naturally it is true, what do you think?” Mu Yi beckoned Yun Mengxuan to sit down and asked immediately.

“At present, the disadvantages of the alliance outweigh the advantages for the Vermilion Bird Hall, but in the long run, it will yield more benefits than drawbacks.” Yun Mengxuan sat down and said with a dignified face.

“Oh, why?” Mu Yi couldn’t help but ask, after all, in his eyes, the alliance was good for Vermilion Bird Hall, otherwise he wouldn’t have agreed to the alliance.

“Have you forgotten the reason why the ear group died?” Yun Mengxuan said directly.

“Of course, I didn’t forget it. The ear group was very powerful, and the leader of the ear group was very powerful in his own right. The threat to those millennial groups was too great, so the ear group was forcefully split. However, things are different now. Those people can throw their weight around, but there is only so much they can do. Although the alliance between Tangxi Zhai and Vermilion Bird Hall has made some people uneasy, that’s all.” said Mu Yi.

“What you said is reasonable, but our enemies are not those millennial schools.” Yun Mengxuan shook her head with a worried look.

“Oh, who is that?” Mu Yi asked.

“The other three flag envoys, and the governors.” Yun Mengxuan said directly.


   After listening to Yun Mengxuan’s words, Mu Yi didn’t rush to refute. He tapped his fingers gently on the table. After a while, he continued, “I understand your worry, but one thing you can feel relieved about is that the four flag envoys belong to the same origin, and the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag is extremely proud. He won’t fight against Vermilion Bird Hall before he defeats me. As for Envoy in charge of Xuan Ming’s flag, I have a certain friendship with her. Don’t worry about this for now. You just need to pay attention to the envoy in charge of the Azure Dragon’s flag. But after all, it’s a long distance. Just be on guard.”

“We need to keep a close eye on the governors. The people who can be governors are all old foxes, none of them are simple. Even if their strength is poor, they have a lot of soldiers. The northern warlord is definitely an ambitious person. However, while the Empress Dowager in the capital isn’t dead, you won’t have to worry that he will rise up and revolt. After all, people at that level would have more scruples. As long as he is not stupid, he will not attack us, so we can take advantage of this period of time to accelerate our development.”

“Yes.” Yun Mengxuan just nodded and didn’t talk about it anymore. Although the alliance between Tangxi Zhai and the Vermilion Bird Hall would attract more attention to the Vermilion Bird Hall in the short term, everything had two sides. Even if some people started secretly aiming at the Vermilion Bird Hall, the Vermilion Bird Hall could also grow by virtue of its developing reputation.

In particular, since Tangxi Zhai aligned itself with the Vermilion Bird Hall, then the Vermilion Bird Hall could get godly weapons from Tangxi Zhai, thus greatly increasing the strength of Vermilion Bird Hall.

“By the way, how are you doing with what I ordered you to do before?” Mu Yi then asked.

“According to your order, I selected the elite from each hall, and then selected some people who are good at riding and shooting. At present, there are only 5000 people in this team, but this is the current maximum. After all, you have strict requirements for this team of elites, and the demand for equipment is great. With the ability of all the halls, only 5000 people can be supplied for the time being.” Yun Mengxuan’s face showed a trace of embarrassment.

“Five thousand? Indeed, there are so few people, but let it be for the time being. The number of people can slowly increase in the future, but it’s better to put quality before quantity. We should let them fight in actual combat instead of just constantly training them. Now there is disorder all over the country, and some people are taking the opportunity to occupy the mountains to lord over them as kings. Have our elite members seize this chance to eliminate them. It will be good for them.” Mu Yi continued.

“Yes, my Lord.” Yun Mengxuan nodded her head, what Mu Yi had said was an idea she had already had. However, as a subordinate, even if she knew something was good, she was not allowed to make any independent moves, especially any related to military power.

Vermilion Bird Hall originally belonged to the forces of the world, but this elite team was built in strict accordance with the army and was the elite among the elite. Her ambition began to expand as this elite team was built.

“Who is the current leader of this team?” Mu Yi asked again.

“The commander is naturally you, but the deputy commander is a general of the Qing Dynasty. He was demoted for offending people, but he still has some skills and is good at training.” Said Yun Mengxuan.

“Recruit a commander officially. I’m not suitable.” Mu Yi refused directly. He built this elite team on a whim, not for the purpose of dominating the world. Although 5000 people were not enough, it was enough to protect the Vermilion Bird Hall and frighten those who harbored unkind thoughts during these troubled times.

“This…” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Yun Mengxuan was embarrassed.

“Do what I’ve asked. In fact, even if you would be better than me as a commander.” Mu Yi smiled. What he said was sincere. Although he was strong, he was a layman and had no experience in unifying an army. He would not do something he wasn’t any good at. What’s more, he didn’t want to be bound because of it, so he had better shift this responsibility to another as soon as possible. 

   He was not worried about his subordinates having too much power. Since he dared to develop this elite force, he was confident he could control the whole situation. Besides, Yun Mengxuan had the rosefinch seal, so it was impossible that she would betray him. Perhaps if her strength exceeded his, but this was impossible.

“Well, since you don’t want to, I’ll choose another.” Yun Mengxuan could only agree. She clearly knew his temperament. Since he had said so, naturally he would not change his mind.

   However, it was not easy to find a reliable and qualified commander. After all, the Vermilion Bird Hall belonged to the forces of the world. Some orthodox forces despised the Vermilion Bird Hall. Although it sounded pedantic, this was the barrier formed by the literati and officialdom class after thousands of years. It was not so easy to break.


Mu Yi nodded, then looked at Yun Mengxuan and said, “Don’t indulge in such mundane things. If you have time, you should practice more and improve your strength. That’s the key.”

   Although Yun Mengxuan was fifth rank, Mu Yi felt that her strength was still too low. Now even Nian Nuer was far ahead of her.

“I know, my Lord.” Yun Mengxuan was moved and nodded softly.

“Come on, I know it’s a bit hard for you. Let me help.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he directly called out the Xin lamp, and then a light came down directly onto Yun Mengxuan’s head. Before she could react, a flame enveloped her.

   The Nanming Li Fire, which was full of destructive energies, surrounded Yun Mengxuan but did not cause any harm to her. Yun Mengxuan’s eyebrows showed a flame, revealing the seal of the rosefinch.

   This mark started to devour the energy when it met the surrounding Nanming Li Fire, and Yun Mengxuan’s breath was rapidly rising.

   Knowing that such an opportunity was rare, Yun Mengxuan converged her spirit and absorbed this huge power wholeheartedly, causing her power to rise.

   After a long time, a dull sound was heard, and Yun Mengxuan’s breath suddenly rose from the fifth grade to the sixth grade. The speed was so fast that it would absolutely astonish other people if they saw this.

   However, Mu Yi could only do this for Yun Mengxuan. Yun Mengxuan had the seal of the rosefinch and her strength had the same origin as the Nanming Li Fire, so Mu Yi could improve her strength in this way. But even so, her strength couldn’t be improved too much at one time, or it would cause her foundation to be unstable. Yun Mengxuan’s strength could be improved by one level now because she was already about to break through. Mu Yi just pushed her a little bit.

   One hour later, Mu Yi finally retrieved the Xin lamp, while Yun Mengxuan still sat there with her eyes closed. Her energy was gradually calming down, and she opened a sixth chakra in her body. In terms of the number of chakras, Yun Mengxuan had surpassed Mu Yi. After all, Mu Yi only opened his fifth chakra, but there was no comparison between these two people because their strengths were quite different.

   Finally, Yun Mengxuan also opened her eyes as the delicate and charming seal of the rosefinch disappeared. At the same time, two lights flashed in her eyes.

“Thank you very much, my Lord.” Yun Mengxuan’s face was full of joy and bowed down to Mu Yi. In the past one hour, at least one year’s hard work had been saved. Now, she not only had a stable foundation, but also had a power hidden deeply in her body. As long as she practiced hard in the future, those powers would gradually integrate with her. In the future, her practice would definitely return twice the result for half the effort. Maybe she would soon open the seventh chakra.

   People who opened the seventh chakra were considered real experts. As for the senior level and even perfect-stage however, she didn’t even think about it, because those were too far away for her.

  “You’re welcome. You deserve all this, and I won’t stay here all the time. So everything in Vermilion Bird Hall needs to be handled by you. If your strength is too low, it’s inevitable that some difficult things would be hard to handle. However, before I leave this time, I will leave you some things. Even if senior-level experts come, it can help you.” Mu Yi said. The so-called ‘thing’ was naturally the Five Thunders charm. In his current state, the Five Thunders charm he drew would definitely have a greater power. Even if it was not invoked by him directly, it could still deal with ordinary senior-level masters.

   As for seven-grade or peak level experts, they would be utterly annihilated. In this way, Yun Mengxuan had the power to protect herself and didn’t need to worry that some people who may come to assassinate her when they were desperate and had no choice.

“Will you leave again, my lord?” Hearing that Mu Yi was leaving, Yun Mengxuan asked sadly.

   Looking at Yun Mengxuan’s expression, Mu Yi’s heart softened, and even he had an impulse to agree to stay, but he dispelled this feeling immediately. Now that the Vermilion Bird Hall was on the right track, he didn’t need to stay to supervise their work. That kind of life was not what he wanted, and Yun Mengxuan’s presence in Vermilion Bird Hall was enough.

   As for him, he planned to leave for the South China Sea soon. With his current strength, the little girl’s business didn’t need to be delayed any longer.

“Don’t worry, I will stay here for about a month, and then I need to go to the South China Sea for something.” Mu Yi said directly.

   Although Mu Yi would be leaving, Yun Mengxuan felt that one month was enough for her to do many things.

   Although Mu Yi’s position in Vermilion Bird Hall couldn’t be replaced and no one dared to challenge him, she was not equally considered. As a trusted person who was charged by Mu Yi to take charge of everything in Vermilion Bird Hall, she tried her best to do it well. But because she was female, there would inevitably be some rumors that she couldn’t fully control inside Vermilion Bird Hall.

   During the month of Mu Yi’s stay, she could use Mu Yi’s prestige as a flag to beat some disobedient people. If these people were still insensible, she didn’t mind letting them know the weight of her position, as she also had this right.

  During this month Mu Yi devoted himself to cultivation. The main reason why he didn’t set out immediately was to practice the thunder techniques and Vajra glaze body. His body’s defense had become his shortcoming. If he didn’t make up for it, he would suffer a lot in the future when he fought with other perfect-stage experts.

   He could fight against the three perfect-stage dead spirits in the Yellow River Ancient Road, but it was because the Nanming Li Fire restrained the dead spirits.Before these flames, the strength of the dead spirits was reduced to around seventy percent. If Mu Yi was faced with the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag holding his magic weapon, the result would not be the same. Mu Yi himself dared not to say that he could win.

   While Mu Yi cultivated, Yun Mengxuan was busy with something as she began to reorganize the Vermilion Bird Hall.

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