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Chapter 436 Concentrate on Cultivation

Chapter 436 Concentrate on Cultivation


Above Dongting Lake, the sky was full of lightning and thunder that looked like silver snakes dancing wildly through the air. This lasted for an hour, making people living around Dongting Lake tremble with fear. Some even knelt down and prayed for forgiveness from the Dragon King of Dongting Lake.

On a small island in the center of the lake, many people were looking at a huge copper pillar in the center with horror. This huge copper pillar alone had been made at great cost by a dozen top blacksmiths working for half a month.

But this kind of lightning and thunder was not new. In the past ten days, it had been seen three other times. The original 30-meter high copper pillar was only left with a third remaining and there were melted spots on the surface, which were charred black.

There was a figure sitting under the copper pillar at the moment. The only thing that the pillar and the man had in common was that the man was also charred black.

“Is Master OK?” Chong Jiayi looked at the figure in awe. He was really scared by the scene and the lightning from before. Even though he had retreated to the edge of the island, he had felt that he would die at any time. He even suspected that if he was touched by the lightning, he would instantly turn into ashes. But Mu Yi was standing in the center of the storm, bearing all this.

“Is this the strength of the perfect-stage?” Chong Jiayi couldn’t help thinking in his heart.

“Nonsense, my brother will not have any accidents.” Hearing the words of Chong Jiayi, the little girl beside him couldn’t help speaking. Compared to normal people, she feared thunder the most, so even though she was the strongest of all them here, she didn’t dare to approach. Moreover, Mu Yi had told her before that no matter what happened, she was not allowed to approach.

“Yes, my Lord will be OK.” Yun Mengxuan also nodded gently. She had been dealing with the affairs of the Vermilion Bird Hall for a long time. After some sorting, she had completely established her position. No one dared to oppose her in public now. The strength of Vermilion Bird Hall had also increased to some degree after the integration.

She had also visited Tangxi Zhai in person, marking the formal alliance between the two forces. Tangxi Zhai had sent a steady flow of godly weapons to the Vermilion Bird Hall while the Vermilion Bird Hall had also provided Tangxi Zhai with all kinds of materials. In addition, the shops controlled by both sides had also begun to cooperate, connecting the North and the South. Even just at the beginning, both sides had already tasted the sweetness of the fruits of their alliance.

However, she was worried about the figure under the copper pillar. She knew who had caused all this. Fortunately, there was a connection between the seal of the rosefinch on her forehead and Mu Yi, so she could vaguely feel that Mu Yi had not died. Rather, it was more like a fake death.

   As Yun Mengxuan thought this, Mu Yi was at a critical point. He had induced the thunder of heaven and earth several times in a row, which caused his thunder techniques to advance rapidly. Now, he was only one step away from great achievement. Although there was only a one-word difference between great achievement and an ordinary achievement, they were quite different. Similarly, it was very difficult to obtain a great achievement.

Originally, if Mu Yi had been careful, he would succeed in less than a year with his qualifications. But obviously, he couldn’t wait so long, so he could only take the risk and absorb the power of thunder in a more violent way. In doing this, the speed of the thunder technique’s cultivation would be greatly accelerated, but Mu Yi’s body would suffer serious damage. Although this wouldn’t damage his foundation, this behavior was like walking on a steel wire. If he was careless, he would fall off the cliff and break into pieces.

After all, the power of thunder had always been violent and full of destruction, and it was hard for human bodies to bear this kind of violent power, so he needed to use the copper pillar to disperse it.

Fortunately, the Xin lamp had diffused the furious thunder power at the critical moment, which gave Mu Yi enough time to absorb and digest it. Under the quenching of the thunder, his glaze Vajra body had also made rapid progress. The small symbols were integrated into his flesh and blood one by one, which made his body stronger and let it boast greater defense.

At the same time, under this external force and a crisis leaving him between life and death, his life circle of light, which would be completely integrated in another month, had also completely melted into one; and the five chakras in his body were more and more stable.

This was also the main reason for the fake death of Mu Yi. Although it was only a short time for the outside world, for Mu Yi, it seemed as if several years had passed. His body had been crushed and then reorganized. This feeling was less than pleasant.

At the same time, the “thunder” symbol between his viscera had also absorbed the power of thunder and lightning, causing it to grow rapidly, becoming more and more complex and getting darker in color.

When he had first attained this symbol Mu Yi had known that it was the key to the thunder techniques. His thunder techniques had been only at the ordinary achievement before, so the symbol had only just begun to appear. Now, as he stepped towards a great achievement, the symbol gradually became complete. Mu Yi felt that the rune was not complete yet however. To be exact, he felt that it was less than halfway completed.

There was only thunder at the moment. Maybe when the word lightning also appeared, his thunder techniques would be complete.

As soon as the character “Thunder” had appeared, Mu Yi had obviously felt that he had a faint connection with the heavens. Even without the Five thunders charm, he could directly summon thunder down without any restrictions.

“That’s the secret of the thunder techniques.” Mu Yi was enlightened. At this point, the power of thunder techniques had finally been revealed.


At this moment, Mu Yi’s body made a slight clicking sound as if something had been torn. Then, a horrible energy came out. It had the destructive power of thunder, the peace of Buddhism, and the elegance of Taoism. But most importantly, it was a kind of shadow of a Tao Seed, which was quickly solidified.

When people felt the horrible energy coming from Mu Yi, they were happy at first, but then their faces changed at the same time because the energy was so terrible that even if they weren’t deliberately targeted, they still felt breathless.

Especially Chong Jiayi, he had the lowest strength so he was the most suppressed. Just when he felt that he could not hold on, the pressure on his body suddenly dissipated, and a gentle breeze brushed his face as if everything just now had been an illusion.

“Hahaha. Thunder, come!”

All of a sudden, there was a laugh in the distance. As these words fell, a thunderclap followed and hit the copper pillar with a great force immediately causing countless small silver snakes to be sent flying.

People only saw Mu Yi summon the Thunder at will, but they didn’t know what it meant. Only Mu Yi understood the meaning of this.

It was said that ancient sages could make the law of nature change according to their words. Although Mu Yi was far from this realm, he could induce thunder through his words with his current charm techniques. Of course, words were just a guide. It was the interaction between the “thunder” symbol in his viscera and the thunder in heaven that led to the thunder falling.

“My brother is getting stronger.” Looking at this scene, Nian Nuer was very happy.

After refreshing himself, Mu Yi reappeared in front of the people present. It seemed that nothing had changed from before, but Mu Yi himself knew how much the experience had changed him.

His thunder techniques had reached great achievement. The “thunder” symbol between his viscera had agglomerated and communicated with the viscera. When he inhaled and exhaled, it was constantly refining his viscera and had greatly increased the ability of his organs.

With the great achievement of his thunder techniques, he had also pushed his glaze Vajra body forward, reaching the fourth level of perfection. He was, in fact, quite close to the fifth level.

Mu Yi could even see that there was a tinge of gold covering his flesh and blood. Even in the deepest places of his body, there were some small symbols produced by the glaze Vajra body. The glaze Vajra body had reached the fourth level of perfection, which had greatly increased his defense. Even if he stood still, ordinary third-class experts could hardly hurt him.

In addition, the five chakras in his body were merged; completely condensed and integrated. The power of his life energy had increased a lot.

However, Mu Yi’s direct strength had not increased much. After all, with the help of the Xin lamp, he had already attained the strength of the perfect-stage. His successes here were only making up for his true strength’s previous deficits. Only when all these deficiencies were dealt with, could his strength grow further.

Of course, for Mu Yi, the biggest harvest was the virtual shadow of the Tao Seed. After this round of growth, the solidity of the virtual shadow of the Tao Seed had taken another step forward. If the virtual shadow had been formless before, it now looked like an entity. Of course, there was a long way to go before the Tao Seed completely transformed into an entity.

The change of the shadow of the Tao Seed also made Mu Yi feel closer to the heavens and the earth. Maybe when the Tao Seed was mature, he could step into the third-stage completely and become an immortal.

“Don’t worry, old man. I won’t let you down.” Mu Yi touched his chest. He was now sure that the shadow of the Tao seed had not been created by himself but left by the old Taoist Priest. After all, although he had experienced the disaster of losing in the Thousand Sound Temple, it had not been enough to form the shadow of a Tao seed. The more he understood, the more he understood the difficulty of creating the shadow of a Tao seed. So the shadow of the Tao seed in Mu Yi could only have been created by the old Taoist Priest.

However, it could also be seen from this that old Taoist Priest had been quite powerful in his heyday. Since the old Taoist Priest had agglomerated a virtual shadow, he had absolutely stepped to the threshold of the third-stage at that time.

Of course, although Mu Yi also had the virtual shadow of the Tao Seed at the moment, he had not formed it. Thus he was incomparable with the old Taoist Priest. However, as long as Mu Yi completely absorbed the virtual shadow of the Tao Seed, he would also reach the state the old Taoist Priest had reached and reach halfway into the third-stage or perhaps even enter the third-stage directly.

“Congratulations, my Lord.”

“Congratulations, Master.”

Yun Mengxuan and Chong Jiayi hurriedly congratulated him. After all, the stronger Mu Yi was, the more secure they would be.

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