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Chapter 437 Going South

Chapter 437 Going South


Mu Yi had met an old man named Jia Hua who had a relationship with Mao Mountain back in the Yellow River. He had asked Mu YI to take care of someone.

The person who he wanted Mu Yi to take care of turned out to be Nian Nuer. Of course, Mu Yi would have taken care of her even if he hadn’t asked him. According to Jiao Hua, Nian Nuer’s father was called Nian Weiyi. 

Jiao Hua had said that if Nian Nuer’s father had been born 30 years earlier, the current course of the world would have perhaps been different. Mu Yi didn’t know if he had exaggerated, but a man who could overthrow a city with one sword slash must have been a wonder.

Unfortunately, according to Jiao Hua, Nian Nuer’s father had already died. Mu Yi had always thought that things were perhaps not so simple however, and had always wanted to find out the truth. Jiao Hua had said that when he had attained enough strength, he could go to the South China Sea and there a great chance would be waiting for him.

At this point, unless it was something that could help him step into the third-stage, there was nothing that he would regard as a great opportunity. He knew clearly how difficult reaching the third-stage would be. But how could such a chance be given to others? The likelihood was small.

So Mu Yi didn’t care about this so-called chance. He wanted to know the truth about Nian Nuer’s father. Why had he left Nian Nuer and her mother? And what was the reason for Nian Nuer’s death at such a young age? Why could she only live within the Bamboo Tree of Life?

In Mu Yi’s opinion, even if Nian Nuer’s father was dead, Jiao Hua must have known something related to the truth. After all, according to his own words, he had helped Nian Weiyi get the Bamboo Tree of Life long ago. Obviously, he had to know something.

Nian Nuer had grown up gradually, and although she had never mentioned it, Mu Yi could sense her inner desire. So he decided to go to the South China Sea and find Jiao Hua.

The South China Sea was vast. Who knew where Jiao Hua was? He had only told Mu Yi to look for him in the South Sea and then disappeared without a trace. Did he have to look for him little by little across the sea? If that was the case, then Mu Yi might not be able to find him even after a few years.

Fortunately, the South belonged to the Vermilion Bird Hall. Even the sea was not removed from the grasp of the Vermilion Bird Hall. When Mu Yi had decided to go to the South Sea, he had asked Yun Mengxuan to order the Vermilion Bird Hall to scout the South Sea for Jiao Hu and portraits of Jiao Hua had been distributed.

However, the time since then was too short, so there wasn’t any news yet.

But even if he couldn’t find Jiao Hua, Mu Yi would not change his decision to go south. Something made him suspect that he would find Jiao Hua as long as he got there. This feeling might be the reason why Jiao Hua simply told Mu Yi about the South China Sea but no specific meeting place at the time.

Only powerful people could go there. Was Mu Yi qualified now?

“I don’t know when I will be back after going to the South Sea this time. You will be responsible for the Vermilion Bird Hall.” Mu Yi looked at Yun Mengxuan and said, “If there is something you cannot solve even with the help of the four charms I left for you, then you can turn to Tang Shang. I’m sure he won’t refuse to help. There is one other thing you need to pay attention to as well.”

“Please say it, sir.” Yun Mengxuan stood aside respectfully. Besides Yun Mengxuan stood E Gui, Xue Zifeng, and the other hall leaders.

“I have a registered disciple named Wang Mang. If he is in trouble, help him, but don’t meddle in his affairs too much,” said Mu Yi.

“Yes, my Lord.” Yun Mengxuan had known this for a long time, but she hadn’t expected Mu Yi to specifically order her to look after Wang Mang. Wang Mang’s importance increased in her mind.

“Second, I have two subordinates. They are an uncle and nephew. Their names are Xie Zheng and Xie Miao. I’ve written them to have them come here. While I’m not here, make arrangements for them. Although they are not good at fighting, they are good in other aspects.”

Mu Yi naturally hadn’t  forgotten Xie Zheng and Xie Miao. He hadn’t settled down before, so he let them stay in Cangzhou. Now, the Vermilion Bird Hall was gradually moving along on the right path and was growing rapidly. Although he trusted Yun Mengxuan would not betray him, it was undoubtedly stupid to leave everything to one person. If Yun Mengxuan had an accident, the Vermilion Bird Hall would definitely be badly hurt and could even be broken up if someone was not there to step in.

Therefore, Mu Yi needed to leave himself a fall back just in case. Originally, Xie Zheng and Xie Miao had left home for his business, and he had promised to give them a bright future. Now, with his current power, he could realize that promise. He believed that there was enough space for them to put themselves to good use in the Vermilion Bird Hall.

“Thirdly, I felt when I woke up today that one of my acquaintances would come for shelter. If I have not guessed wrong, the man should be Wang Tao. His father used to be a general, but he was framed, leading to the destruction of his family. Although he is young, he has a strategic mind. When he arrives, you can arrange for him to join the new army. Don’t take special care of him and let him start from the lowest level. As for what achievement he can obtain, it will depend on himself.”

The feeling Mu Yi was not a mere guess. When he had woken up from his meditation, his mind and spirit had fused with heaven and earth, and before he had been separated from this fusing, Wang Tao’s figure had suddenly appeared in his mind. Although it had been only a flash, it was enough for an expert like Mu Yi to determine some things.

It was a pity that the old Taoist Priest hadn’t given him the Book of Changes. Otherwise, he could have clearly divined the causes and consequences of things. However, at the perfect-stage, he also had a similar sensing ability.

It was said that when one reached the saints’ realm, he would know everything. But even if one was not a saint, a perfect-stage expert could detect some things involving themselves clearly. At the same time, Mu Yi also understood why the old Taoist Priest hadn’t told him that person’s identity. It was just because he could not.

“Don’t worry, my Lord. As long as he has the ability, it’s OK if you want to let him lead the whole new army.” Yun Mengxuan immediately. Since Mu Yi thought he was not bad, he must be good. As for the so-called new army, it was the elite army under Mu Yi’s command. With continuous training, the elite army had gradually become stronger. Mu Yi had begun calling it the new army as, for the Vermillion Bird Hall, it was the starting point of everything.

“Don’t try to force it.” Mu Yi shook his head. If Wang Tao had the ability, he didn’t mind pushing him to a high position. If he was just plain, then it was more suitable for him to be a soldier.

Later, Mu Yi looked at E Gui, Xue Zifeng, and the other people. These people had all reached the first-class level.They could be said to be the cornerstones of the Vermilion Bird Hall. Now, although the Vermilion Bird Hall was still some distance away from its heyday with 27 branch halls, there had been several more halls in recent months and the number of people kept increasing.

If the world had been peaceful, it would have been impossible for Vermilion Bird Hall to develop so quickly. However, in every dynasty, there would be a change during chaos. There were undoubtedly more people who chose to join in chaotic times. Moreover, Mu Yi and Yun Mengxuan had made strategies to attract people with lofty ideals in government agencies so that the Vermilion Bird Hall could begin to slowly grow in power.

“You’re all experienced, so I don’t need to tell you what to do. I will ask Tangxi Zhai to make some godly weapons for you. In addition, I’ve got some nether flowers from before. You can find someone to refine them into pills. After you take them, I believe your strength will increase quite a bit.” Mu Yi said slowly.

“I will remember your orders.” Hearing Mu Yi’s words, E Gui and the other people immediately thanked him. Mu Yi had become more and more stately. Although he spoke in a flat tone, they all felt his pressure and dared not to hold any traitorous thoughts.

At first, some people had been dissatisfied that a woman was in charge. Some people had complied outwardly, but opposed Yun Mengxuan in their hearts. However, with Yun Mengxuan’s work during this period and her action punishing those that opposed her. They had immediately retracted their dissatisfaction.

Now, Mu Yi gave orders personally. If they dared to attempt any little trick, they were just asking for death. Mu Yi implemented both the carrot and the stick. When they had reached the first-class level, there were not many things that could tempt them. Godly weapons were one such thing, cultivation growth was another, and so were great external powers. Since Mu Yi had satisfied them in this, they were naturally more loyal.

Mu Yi nodded his head with satisfaction. Although he was not very good at these things, there was no problem to follow the examples of others. After all, his strength was the basis of his authority. As long as he was alive, these people would not dare to betray him.

After Mu Yi made an overall arrangement, he asked them to leave. For the next two days, he waited for the news while resting.

Finally, Yun Mengxuan brought him a message that someone had seen the man in the picture, Jiao Hua, in Foshan, Guangzhou. At this point, Mu Yi finally decided to take to the road. Although the area was very wide, Mu Yi believed that he could find him now.

The next day, Mu Yi left with Nian Nuer, Big Slave, and Chong Jiayi. Originally, Mu Yi had only planned to take the little girl and Big Slave, but he could not reject Chong Jiayi’s sincere words. Besides, Mu Yi needed someone to deal with some trivial matters, so he brought Chong Jiayi along.

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