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Chapter 439 Strange woman

Chapter 439 Strange woman


“A brothel?”

Mu Yi really didn’t understand why Jiao Hua appeared in such a place. Maybe he was old and liked to play tricks on the world? Or did he have any special hobbies? After a long discussion, Mu Yi decided to go in person. After all, this was the only clue he had. He couldn’t judge anything by mere hearsay.

So the next day, Mu Yi was led by Wu Xiaosi to the place where he found Jiao Hua. This time, Mu Yi didn’t take the little girl with him, and even Chong Jiayi was left behind. Mu Yi took a fancy to Wu Xiaosi’s ingenuity. Plus, as a native of Fo Mountain, Wu Xiaosi was very familiar with everything here.

This Brothel was also one of the places where Wu Xiaosi had previously looked for food.

In the morning, the street seemed a little cold. There were only a few shops on the street, and the rest were still sleeping.

“Xiaosi, do you know anything strange about this street?” Mu Yi asked as he walked. In fact, his mind and spirit were also constantly sensing outward. He believed that Jiao Hua would not appear here for no reason, but because it had been too long, he could no longer find the energy left by Jiao Hua, so he could only judge the purpose of his coming here with what he could sense.


After receiving the question, Wu Xiaosi was nervous for a while. After one night, he had already understood what the Envoy of the Flag meant. At present, this was the eldest brother, the leader of the Sparrow Organization. Although Mu Yi looked young, he had learned that what a person looked  like didn’t mean much.

“Sir, if you want to talk about the strangest place in this street, you should talk about this one.” Wu Xiaosi said, pointing to a small alley.

Mu Yi looked in the direction pointed by Wu Xiaosi. The hutong was broken. There was a lot of garbage in it. There was a disgusting smell. Mu Yi didn’t speak, but looked at Wu Xiaosi. The latter immediately understood.

“Don’t look down on this alley, master. In the first two years, this alley was the liveliest one in the street, and all this was because there was a strange woman living in it,” said Wu Xiaosi.

“Oh, what strange woman?” Mu Yi asked.

“It’s a female teacher,” said Wu Xiaosi.

“Female teacher?” Mu Yi was more confused.

“Yes, this woman was one a famous person in Fo Mountain. It was said that she was originally the daughter of a large family, but later her family fell. As a result, she was sold to the brothel by a heartless man. I don’t know how she persuaded the owner of the brothel to let her become a teacher, but she taught the brothel women talents to bring in more customers. The business of the brothel was getting better and better. Her beauty used to be a disaster, but it soon attracted her salvation, as a son of a senior official fancied her. He finally took her away. “

“Since the woman was taken away, the business of the brothel plummeted, and then many customers were killed in the brothel, so the brothel was closed.”

“I didn’t expect that in less than half a year afterwards, the woman who was taken came back. No one knew what happened. But when the woman came back, she bought a house, the one deep in the alley.”

Wu Xiaosi was articulate and had a clear narrative. What’s more, almost all the people in Fo Mountain knew about the incident since the beginning. 

“After buying the house, the woman recruited students in public. She once again taught skills to women in the brothels. As a result, this alley became the most bustling place nearby once more. Every day, people peeped from the opposite tavern. At that time, many foreigners were attracted by it.”

“Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. About a year later, the woman disappeared mysteriously one night. Later, since the house was vacant, someone tried to move in. But those people went crazy later. It seemed as though there were ghosts in it. Over time, no one dared to go in again.”

After Wu Xiaosi finished speaking, the two also crossed the alley and came to the front of the house. Although he knew a general idea from Wu Xiaosi, there were many key points that were suspicious, and these were enough for Mu Yi.


Wu Xiaosi pushed open the broken door, but his other hand was tightly clenched in his sleeve, and his face was a little white.

“Master, Tathagata Buddha, gods and Buddhas, you must bless me. Later, I will donate more paper money to you.” Wu Xiaosi kept meditating in his heart. As long as he knew of them, he recited the names of almost all the immortals in his heart.

Although Wu Xiaosi had become a member of the seabird hall, his main responsibility was to collect information, not to fight. Due to some childhood experiences, he was particularly afraid of ghosts and monsters. If he wasn’t with Mu Yi, he would have turned around and fled.


Maybe because it was in disrepair for a long time, one of the gates made a creaking noise and then fell to the ground. The loud noise made Wu Xiaosi shiver and his face whiter.


The yard was broken beyond imagination. Originally, the yard was covered with stone slabs; but now there were many weeds growing in the gaps and uprooting the stones. The yard was very large. A cane lay beside the wall near A stone tabled in the yard, and a piece of bamboo in the south wall could be seen; showing that the owner used to be an elegant man.

The main house was a two-story building. The walls were mottled and the windows were broken. It looked a bit sad. If it wasn’t for Wu Xiaosi’s narration, Mu Yi couldn’t imagine prosperity ever having visited this place.

Mu Yi looked at the bamboo forest and remembered that there was also a bamboo forest in Nian Nuer’s home. However, the meaning in Mu Yi’s eyes was quite different. The rise of this bamboo forest was pleasant. When the wind blew, it made a rustling sound. It seemed that someone was singing in a low voice.

“What’s the woman’s name?” Mu Yi asked.

“She seemed to be called Zhu Yun.” Wu Xiaosi thought about it and said.

“Bamboo rhyme?” Mu Yi murmured twice, then turned around and left. When Mu Yi came to the door, Wu Xiaosi ran back and hurried to catch up. When he went out, he even stumbled and nearly fell.

“Go back and find someone to dig out the bamboo forest in the yard.” Mu Yi did not return and said.


Although Wu Xiaosi had received some strange orders from Mu Yi, he also kept them firmly in mind. When he went back, he immediately called for the necessary people and horses, took all kinds of tools, and began to dig.

“Brother, have you found it?” After Mu Yi went back, the little girl came up. She didn’t know who Mu Yi was looking for, let alone why Mu Yi came to the South Sea. Mu Yi said that, she followed.

“Not yet, but soon.” Mu Yi touched the little girl’s head, with a gentle face.

“Well, don’t worry, brother. I would help you find it.” Although the little girl felt that something was strange about Mu Yi’s attitude today, she still nodded.

“Sir, sir, something’s wrong.”

In the afternoon, Wu Xiaosi stumbled to find Mu Yi. His face was white, and his brow was full of fear.

“Calm down.” Mu Yi said softly, but it was like a thunderbolt in Wu Xiaosi’s ear. It seemed to dispel the fear at once.

Finally, Wu Xiaosi recovered. Although he had a little fear on his face, he looked much better.

“Say it.” Mu Yi then asked.

“My Master, there were a lot of bones under the bamboo forest.” Wu Xiaosi said it with some difficulty. At the same time, an idea suddenly came out, which was whether Mu Yi had known it for a long time? Otherwise, why did he take someone to dig?

It was a pity that he couldn’t ask or dare to ask this question. He thought of clearing the bamboo forest and digging it open. He still felt cold on his hands and feet. At that time, a lot of people were scared. He thought there would be treasures here, but he didn’t expect to dig out the bones. Besides, it wasn’t one or two. At that time, there were at least twenty or thirty at random, no one thought so many people would die there.

Especially when he thought of the former owner of the courtyard, Wu Xiaosi shuddered.

“I see.” Mu Yi nodded, but didn’t say anything. His attitude made Wu Xiaosi look silly. That was it? Shouldn’t we take someone to check it?

“What shall we do, my master?” After all, Wu could not help but ask. While he came back, there were still many brothers there. 

“Report to the official.” Said Mu Yi.

“Report to the official?” Wu Xiaosi’s eyes were wide and he couldn’t believe it. Wasn’t this the Envoy of the Flag? It was said that he killed people without blinking an eye and never worried about the existence of the official, how could they report to the officials?

“Of course, you should report it to the official, or you were going to investigate the case? This kind of thing didn’t belong to the responsibility of the Sparrow Organization. We just need to wait for the result. It’s much easier for the official to check it than us. ” Mu Yi said slowly.

“Yes, my Master.” At that time, Wu Xiaosi understood a little bit. After all, the establishment time of the Seabird hall was too short, and the deaths were over two years ago. Such a long time between meant that this mystery was definitely not something that could be found out by seabird hall in a short period of time.

But if it was handed over to the government, it would no doubt be simple. The best thing was to put some pressure on them, which could not only achieve results, but also save time.

However, Wu Xiaosi still didn’t understand, what if the official was not willing to investigate? After all, those in charge of these kinds of affairs were shameless and wouldn’t easily acquiesce. However, since Mu Yi said so, he could only obey. No matter right or wrong, he couldn’t control the result.

But before reporting to the official, he first told the Master of hall.

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