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Chapter 440 finding people

Chapter 440 finding people



  Wu Xiaosi went to report to the official, but he went with Yan Lun. As the leader of Seabird Hall, how could Yan Lun not know the biggest local boss? The reason why Yan Lun became the leader of Seabird Hall was not that he was the strongest or the best at developing relationships, but because this was his hometown. Although he had left for several years, his relationships were still there, so he could set up the basics of Seabird Hall in a few months, and develop rapidly.

   With the order of the official magistrate, the case was investigated quickly. In just a few days, things had already begun to take shape, and all the information had gathered before Mu Yi.

   No one knew the specific origins of Zhu Yun. As for her straitened family, it was just a rumor spread in the community. As for the truth, no one knew. Even the man who sold her to the brothel was unknown.

 Two years was enough to cover up too many truths. There were only a few brothel girls who followed the teachings of Zhu Yun. The rest were either bought by others, or bought their freedom, and then went to other places without any news.

   Those who still stayed here were mostly ignored and gradually faded out of people’s sight. It seemed that there was a force pushing everything forward. Otherwise, one or two years were not enough to change this much. After all, there were many people who once followed the teachings of Zhu Yun.

   Unfortunately, there was no useful news from these people. By their accounts, Zhu Yun was a very strict person. Although she was extremely beautiful, she was cold, unsmiling, and scolded others all year round. Therefore, those brothel women were more afraid of her than anything else, so there was no sadness after she left.

   Zhu Yun was stolen away for a period of time but then came back half a year later. This matter had less mystery to it. Zhu Yun was taken away by an official’s son. However, less than three months after Zhu Yun’s departure, the official’s family was robbed and almost killed. Zhu Yun went missing at that time, and then came back to Foshan a month later. Then, she bought the house and began to teach the brothel girls formally.

   There were thirty-six corpses under the bamboo forest. According to the coroner’s judgment, all of them were men, and most of them were young and strong. However, throughout Zhu Yun’s one and a half years of living here, no one reported to the official that someone was missing from their family. The origin of thirty-six corpses had thus become a mystery; the only thing that could be determined was that their death must relate to Zhu Yun.

   Unfortunately, Zhu Yun had disappeared. Now there were none who could remember her clearly. All those who had seen her before had only the impression that she was a very cold, but beautiful woman.

“Zhu Yun? Jiao Hua, for you to have brought me here deliberately, is this all you wished to tell me? With your identity and strength, when did you become so boring?” Mu Yi stood by the window, thinking quietly.

“Lord, here is a letter to you.”

   Just as Mu Yi was thinking, Wu Xiaosi walked in quickly.

“Letter? Who sent it? ” Mu Yi asked.

“A Taoist.” Wu Xiaosi replied.

“Taoist? Where is he?” Mu Yi asked.

“The Taoist left the letter and left directly. We could not stop him.” Wu Xiaosi was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t help it. It was his subordinate who had got the letter.

“It doesn’t matter.” Mu Yi shook his head, then took the letter and opened it.

“Mu Yi boy, Jiao Hua knows that you have many people and great abilities. Help me find this person. Then I will tell you everything about the little girl’s father. That woman comes from the Hehuan Clan.”

   The letter was very short, and it hadn’t been signed. However, the two words “Jiao Hua” in the letter was enough to explain everything. After reading it, Mu Yi shook it slightly, and the letter paper was smashed.

“Tell your leader to come here.”

   Wu Xiaosi was afraid of Mu Yi’s strength. He left in a hurry. Before long, Yan Lun rushed in, “My Lord.”

“Do you know anything about the Hehuan Clan?” Mu Yi asked directly.

“I know that the Hehuan Clan belongs to the lower orders sect, and its influence with folk was quite good. However, the people of this sect were always low-key and rarely are seen by outsiders. Lord thinks that Zhu Yun comes from the Hehuan Clan?” Yan Lun said.

“Well, do you think Zhu Yun is someone from the Hehuan Clan?” Mu Yi asked.

“My Lord, I can’t be sure about it. However, although the Hehuan Clan is close to prostitutes, I have never heard of such harmful practices, so it’s hard for me to be sure.” Yan Lun replied that quickly, in fact, just after he knew the news, he also had his doubts about the Hehuan Clan, but there was no evidence.

“Are there people from this clan in Foshan?” Mu Yi asked again.

“No.” Yan Lun was quite sure. He was the leader of the Seabird Hall. In the past few months, he had been able to figure out which forces occupied Foshan. After all, although the Sparrow Hall was powerful, it didn’t mean that it could ignore everything. One or two of these lower order sects might not be much, but if all of them band together they would be a force that couldn’t be ignored.

“Find out where they are. If necessary, you can use the power of the whole of Sparrow Hall. I want to see this person within the shortest time.” Mu Yi said.

“Yes, my Lord.” Yan Lun felt cold all over and had an uncontrollable feeling.

“Since you want this person, how about I find her for you?” Mu Yi thought.

   Yan Lun’s efficiency was astounding, especially when the power of Sparrow Hall was fully used. On the third day, Mu Yi got news regarding the Hehuan Clan. There were disciples of the Hehuan Clan in Ningshan County.

   After receiving this news, Mu Yi did not hesitate and took people to Ningshan County directly. However, there was another person in the carriage. It was Wu Xiaosi.

   When he went to Ningshan County, Wu Xiaosi was full of excitement. Before leaving, the leader talked with him, and said that it was a great blessing for Wu Xiaosi that he was able to get the favor of the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag. There was smoke rising from his ancestral tomb. Even if Yan Lun didn’t say it, Wu Xiaosi knew that this was his chance to leap over the dragon’s gate, so he secretly decided to serve the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.

   Ningshan County was less than 100 li away from Foshan. Even so, they left in the morning, and when the sun had set they arrived. The road was too hard to walk, which slowed them down, plus they took a detour, so they were lucky they didn’t have to sleep in the wilderness.

   Ningshan County was far less prosperous than Foshan. It looked more dead here. As soon as the sun set, many shops in the street had been closed. People could only find an inn to stay in.

   In the evening, Mu Yi and Wu Xiaosi went to the largest brothel in the county. In this era, a brothel was an almost indispensable place for any respectable night-life district.

   The young man at the gate was stunned when he saw Mu Yi. Although there were many people walking into the brothel these days, Taoists and monks would hardly be seen, especially in this small area of the county. What’s more, Mu Yi was still so young. If it was not for Mu Yi’s extraordinary temperament, and the person following behind him, he would have thought Mu Yi was going to make trouble.

   After a little hesitation, the young man smiled to welcome them. After all, nothing was more popular than people with money.

“Please come in, Taoist.”

   The young man who was at the gate, at least had a good eye for things, Wu Xiaosi was a follower, so he called out to Mu Yi.

“Please find a quiet place, and call the boss here to meet me.” Mu Yi left this sentence and went in. After his words, Wu Xiaosi threw out a piece of silver. The young man’s eyes lit up immediately. Mu Yi’s request would be satisfied.

   Although it was strange that this Taoist was different from others. Did he want to find peace in such a place? The young man didn’t know what to think about it, but for the sake of the money, he led Mu Yi to the second floor quickly and found a quiet room. Then he hurried to find the boss.

   When Mu Yi went upstairs, he attracted a lot of attention. Even a few women with exposed clothes couldn’t keep winking at Mu Yi. After all, in addition to the identity of Taoist, Mu Yi’s appearance and temperament were very attractive.

   It was worth not having money to spend a night with such a person. Unfortunately, Mu Yi had no interest in them. He didn’t come here to have fun.

“I heard that you have some business with me?”

   After a short time, a middle-aged woman came in and looked at Mu Yi directly. She didn’t have any reaction after listening to the young man’s description. But now that she saw him with her own eyes, she understood. It was rare that the one was as charming as Mu Yi.

“You’re the boss here?” Mu Yi looked at her and asked directly. His eyes were clear and calm, just like a pool of spring water, which made Jiang Meiniang’s heart quiver. The flirtatious words she intended to say died before leaving her lips.

“Jiang Meiniang welcomes this Taoist. I’m the boss here. I don’t know what you might need me for?” Jiang Meiniang put away her perfunctory words and asked earnestly. She knew that the characters like Mu Yi could not be fooled by her. This was not only from her experience reading people, but her intuition.

“I’m looking for someone.” Mu Yi said directly.

“Who are you looking for?” Jiang Meiniang asked curiously.

“Hehuan Clan disciple.” Mu Yi said.

“Wh… what?” Jiang Meiniang trembled obviously, but she concealed it immediately. It was hard to detect. However, she could not hide it from Mu Yi. At least her performance was enough to explain some things.

“I don’t understand. What is the Hehuan Clan?” Jiang Meiniang looked at Mu Yi with a puzzled face.

“She should be here, right?” Mu Yi ignored Jiang Meiniang, but went to the window suddenly and opened the window. The window here was just open to a view of the first floor. In the center of the first floor, there was a platform that was used for performances. Suddenly, a piano began to play. Mu Yi could clearly feel that the atmosphere in the building rose abruptly with the piano note. Mu Yi’s eyes displayed mild interest.

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