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Chapter 441 The Seven Emotions and Six Sensory Pleasures Tao 

Chapter 441 The Seven Emotions and Six Sensory Pleasures Tao 


   Looking at Mu Yi’s back, Jiang Meiniang felt a kind of inexplicable panic in her heart. She wanted to leave, but found that she couldn’t even move a step away. Even if she was stupid, she knew that she had met an expert. The little Taoist in front of her was more terrible than she had imagined previously.

“What should I do?” Jiang Meiniang thought in her heart. Of course she was familiar with the Hehuan Clan; she was a peripheral member of the Hehuan Clan. She was only responsible for running the brothel and collecting information. But she didn’t know who the little Taoist in front of her was. Why did he find this place wanting to find the Hehuan clan? Was he an enemy of the Hehuan clan? He didn’t seem to be one..

   Unfortunately, Mu Yi’s attention was not on her at this time. His eyes were narrowed slightly as he was listening to the piano play. The sound of the piano coming from below was very beautiful, with a strange charm that made people lose themselves in it. Just by looking at the faces of those around, the power of the piano music could be seen.

“What’s the name of this song?” Suddenly, Mu Yi’s voice sounded in the room, which scared Jiang Meiniang, but she still reacted quickly.

“The song is called Ni Chang. It is played by my daughter. If the Taoist likes to listen to it, I can call her up to play it for you.” Jiang Meiniang’s eyes turned and said quickly.

“Yes.” Unexpectedly, Mu Yi nodded. She didn’t know why but she felt relieved, as if the mountain on her body disappeared suddenly.

“Please wait for a moment, Taoist.” Jiang Meiniang said and left in a hurry. Once she walked out, she looked back. The room was still that ordinary room it always was, but now in her eyes, it seemed to be home to a dragon, where there lived a terrible demon king.

   Shaking her head, Jiang Meiniang left quickly.

“Something’s wrong, daughter.” Just after pushing the door open, Jiang Meiniang spoke. She was in the backyard and it was hard for ordinary people to come in, so she didn’t worry about being monitored. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that Mu Yi had attached a little spirit power to her. It could not only feel her surroundings, but also hear anything she said.

“What causes you to panic so?” At this time, a voice came from the inside of the house. Then Mu Yi had a bright feeling. A woman sat at the back of the house, holding a book. There was a piano in front of her with an incense burner beside her that kept burning.

   While talking, the woman also looked up at Jiang Meiniang.

  The woman was like a fairy in a painting. She was coy with her eyes, and her lips opened lightly. Just sitting there and holding a book, she was superior to everything else in the world.Her looks alone were not more beautiful than Qiu Yuetong, Mo Ruyan and even Leng Yu, but that kind of temperament held a devilish attraction.

“There’s something wrong. There’s a Taoist upstairs. He wants to see you. I think he’s likely not a kind person.” Jiang Meiniang said quickly.

“Oh, he wants to see me?” The woman couldn’t help but wonder.

“Well, to be exact, he wants to meet a disciple of Hehuan Clan, but he doesn’t mention a name. Should I let Xiaocui meet him instead of you?” Jiang Meiniang said quickly.

“No, since he comes to find the disciples of the Hehuan Clan, Xiao Cui can’t cheat him. Tell me about him.” The woman said after a moment’s meditation.

“Well, the Taoist looks like 17 or 18, no, 20 years old perhaps. He is young, but his energy is pure, even purer than yours, but it’s a little strange that when he just stands there, I dare not move. Until he speaks, I do not dare to leave. It’s the first time for me to have such a feeling. It is more nerve-wracking than I saw the patriarch. Besides, he spoke of  the disciples of the Hehuan Clan as soon as he came in, but after listening to Xiaocui playing the piano, he became more interested in this.” Jiang Meiniang hesitated for a moment.

“Daughter, are you sure Xiaocui can’t cheat him? Xiaocui is playing the piano, so perhaps he won’t look much into it. “

“It’s no use. Maybe you could have cheated him before you came here.” The woman sighed softly.

“Ah, daughter, you mean he follows me.” Jiang Meiniang was shocked and turned to look around. Unfortunately, the door had been closed and she could not see anything.

“How could it be troublesome if he wants to track you? Even if you didn’t come here, he would find me sooner or later.” The woman shook her head. She looked helpless, but her eyes were stubborn..

“Then what should we do?” Jiang Meiniang was a little panicked.

“Since he came to see me, I shall meet him.” The woman said slowly.

“But what if he is a bad man?” Jiang Meiniang still couldn’t help worrying.

“It’s OK. If it’s really bad intention, he wouldn’t use this method. Besides, I am not a lady who can only embroider.” The woman smiled and got up.

“Ah, ok, I’ll go with you.” The expression on Jiang Meiniang’s face was complex.

“Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.” The woman shook her head reluctantly, and then ignored Jiang Meiniang and opened the door and walked out.

   Jiang Meiniang watched her daughter leave, and her expression became hesitant, but in the end, she didn’t catch up and just sat down in the chair, still worried.

   The woman went straight to the second floor, and even without other people’s directions, she found the room where Mu Yi was, and knocked at the door.

“Come in.”

   Once the voice came from the room, the woman pushed the door gently and walked in before laying her eyes on Mu Yi.

“Young.” This was the first impression the woman had. At that moment, she understood the feeling that Jiang Meiniang felt.

“Yan Wushuang greets Taoist.” After the woman entered the room, she said gently to Mu Yi.

“Are you the disciple of the Hehuan Clan?” Mu Yi just looked at her and asked directly. He had seen her with the help of Jiang Meiniang before, so Mu Yi was not too surprised, but Wu Xiaosi seemed to be stunned.

“Exactly, what can I help you with?” Yan Wushuang had just been glanced at by Mu Yi, and felt she had been completely seen through. Her clothes didn’t give her any sense of security. She almost trembled. If she was not determined, she might have lost her composure.

   However, she also understood that the little Taoist in front of her was very strong; much stronger than she expected, and it was undoubtedly a mistake for her to venture here. It was now too late to regret however, as she could not leave, so she could only resist her feelings and answer the question of Mu Yi.

“Do you know Zhu Yun?” Mu Yi went straight to the point.

“Zhu Yun?” Hearing Mu Yi’s question, Yan Wushuang frowned slightly, as if she was trying to recall it, but finally, she shook her head slightly, “Wushuang has never heard of this name.”

“Are you sure?” Now Mu Yi was puzzled. He believed that it was impossible for Jiao Hua to deceive him. Since he said that Zhu Yun was a disciple of the Hehuan Clan, it couldn’t be wrong.

“Wushuang can be sure that there is absolutely no disciple named Zhu Yun in the Hehuan Clan.” Yan Wushuang said in a determined voice.

   Did she change her name? Mu Yi couldn’t help but think in his heart, because there was no other explanation except this possibility.

“She was in Foshan before, almost two years ago, so do you know?” Mu Yi continued.

“Foshan?” Yan Wushuang shook her head. “No one has ever been to Foshan in the Hehuan Clan.”

“No one? Then I ask you, is there a skill in the Hehuan Clan that needs men as medium? Perhaps even needs to kill the men; around 36 men who are young and strong?”

   When Mu Yi said, Yan Wushuang was annoyed and humiliated. Although the Hehuan Clan was definitely dirty in the eyes of many people, luring men and stealing men’s essence was something true disciples of the Hehuan Clan would not do. This kind of stealing of essence could only belong to the lowest class of people and the Hehuan Clan disciples would never do it.

   Although Hehuan Clan disciples also need the desires of men and women to practice, the desires were not strictly related to sex. Instead, they required the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures; and in the brothel it was easier to arouse people’s seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, which was the main reason why Hehuan Clan disciples chose to practice in brothels.

 Almost all of the real disciples of the Hehuan Clan were virgins. Unless they met someone they truly loved, they were not likely to accompany the guests. In their eyes, none of the men who came to the brothel could be seen as mates as most were arrogant and disdainful.

   However, when Mu Yi mentioned 36 young and strong men, Yan Wushuang calmed down suddenly.

“Are you sure 36 people died at the same time? And that they are all male? “Yan Wushuang asked.

“Yes, what clues do you have?” Mu Yi asked, at this moment, Mu Yi suddenly felt that the reason why Jiao Hua was so interested in this was that he may have a relation to one of the men who had died.

“I’ve heard of one forbidden technique in the Hehuan Clan from my master before, but according to my master, this forbidden technique has been sealed and no one is allowed to look at the cultivation method.” Yan Wushuang said.

“As long as it exists, it will spread eventually. As for inadmissibility, it is only applicable to those who obey these rules.” Mu Yi said lightly.

“Perhaps. My master said that the forbidden technique was sealed because it is too cruel. To cultivate it, you need to let men fall in love with the woman, and then the woman kills him and lets his lust turn into resentment. Thirty-six is the number required for cultivating the forbidden technique, and it feeds on the resentment of thirty-six men creating a resentment ghost. The resentment ghost becomes a ghost slave.” Yan Wushuang hated it. She didn’t know why there was such a forbidden technique in the Hehuan Clan. When she heard about it, she thought that anyone with a little humanity would not cultivate it. But now, it seemed that someone had indeed cultivated it.

   At this point, even Yan Wushuang didn’t think that this had nothing to do with the Hehuan Clan. And if it was true, the Hehuan Clan might suffer from it. What she didn’t understand was who practiced the forbidden technique?

   There were not many formal disciples of the Hehuan Clan. After all, the conditions for receiving disciples of the Hehuan Clan were very strict. There were only a few dozens of real disciples, and all of them had records, so it was impossible for anyone to practice forbidden technique.

“Resentment ghost? Ghost slave?” Mu Yi’s eyebrows moved. Although he was not an expert in raising ghosts, he had Nian Nuer beside him, so he had a deep understanding of this. In addition, Chong Jiayi was affected by his ghost slave control technique. 

   However, with the resentment of 36 men as food, the ghosts that are raised must be extraordinary, but this method was too damaging. No wonder Zhuyun took the initiative to teach those brothel women. This was also the main reason why those brothel women all disappeared.

   After all, Zhuyun couldn’t seduce so many men and cultivate feelings with those men, so she relied on those women from the brothels to do so before having them kill their would-be lovers.

  Any man would be extremely unwilling to be killed by a woman whom he loved deeply. In this case, the resentment would naturally be more and more intense.

  Lust turning into resentment also made Mu Yi pay close attention to this. After all, human beings had seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, even he was no exception, and this kind of method was often more difficult to prevent or resist.

   As for the fate of those women, there was almost no need to ask. Mu Yi thought that if a woman wanted a man to fall in love with her, she would also be moved by it. No sane woman could bear to kill the man who loved her. At that time, they were also helpless, right?

“Since she is a disciple of the Hehuan Clan, do you have any way to find her?” Mu Yi looked at Yan Wushuang directly and asked, after all, it had been too long, and the world was so big. Even though Sparrow hall had a great influence, this was like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially if the other party hid her identity deliberately or found a mountain to hide in. Then no one could find her.

“This…” Yan Wushuang hesitated immediately. Although she was sure that “Zhu Yun” was a disciple of the Hehuan Clan and this was a matter of great importance, she didn’t dare to make a decision. She could only tell her master. At that time, her master would be in charge.

“I must find this person.” Seeing Yan Wushuang hesitate, Mu Yi couldn’t help but accentuate his tone, indicating that he had to find her.

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