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Chapter 442 Female Junior Fellow Disciple Zhu

Chapter 442

Female Junior Fellow Disciple Zhu


“Ok, but I can’t make the call. I have to go back and report it to the senior master of the Hehuan Clan. As for whether the woman named Zhu Yun is from the Hehuan Clan, I’m not sure. I hope Taoist will forgive me. In addition, I do not know your name.”Yan Wushuang’s words were reasonable and appropriate, and they had been carefully considered.

   Of course, this was because the pressure from Mu Yi told her that it would be inconvenient to have a conflict with him. What’s more, if Mu Yi wasn’t lying, and this situation was really related to the Hehuan Clan, then she must report it to the Hehuan Clan as soon as possible.

   But she was only a disciple of the third generation. Although she had some talent, she couldn’t make any decisions for the Hehuan Clan.

“How long will it take?” Mu Yi was silent briefly, and then asked.

“I’m afraid it will take two or three days.” Yan Wushuang’s eyes leaped and said quickly, as for the true distance to the clan, she would not tell outsiders. In two or three days, you could travel two or three hundred miles. Even if he wanted to find her, he wouldn’t be able to figure out where she had gone.

“Well, I’ll be here, waiting to hear from you. I hope the Hehuan Clan won’t let me down.” Mu Yi took a deep look at Yan Wushuang. He understood she was trying to play tricks, but he didn’t care much as long as his goal was achieved.

   After that, Mu Yi stood up without hesitation. Although Yan Wushuang was beautiful and charming, she couldn’t shake Mu Yi’s heart. Even if you were gorgeous, a hundred years later, you would be nothing but a skeleton. In this world, only Tao was eternal and only time was immortal.

   It also surprised Yan Wushuang that Mu Yi was so unaffected by her. She couldn’t help wondering whether her charm had been reduced. After all, Mu Yi just glanced at her from the door, nothing else. He had a firm heart.

“By the way, my name is Mu Yi.”

   When she heard the sound and looked again, there was no one at the door.

“Mu Yi, Mu Yi.” Yan Wushuang sat down and whispered in her mouth. She thought the name was familiar to her. For a while however, she couldn’t remember it.


“Mu Yi, the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Suddenly, Yan Wushuang got up. Because of her fierce action, she lifted the table and tumbled the tea cup to the ground. Yan Wushuang didn’t pay it any attention.  The calm on her face was no longer there, and even a little panic had risen in her expression.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.”

   With the revival of Sparrow hall and their territorial claims expanding, they were known by many people. Those in the Clan were much clearer about what this meant for them. Originally, Mu Yi only surprised them a little, but when the new Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag reached the perfect-stage, both the North and the South were shocked.

   The Hehuan Clan was located in the south. It managed the brothels and collected all kinds of information. She shouldn’t have made such a low-level mistake. However, portraits of Mu Yi were rare. In addition, Mu Yi had been mostly active in the area of the Yellow River, which was too far away from Ningshan County. Therefore, Yan Wushuang had failed to remember the meaning of the name of Mu Yi.

  But now, she remembered it well, and this realization was followed by panic. Compared with Sparrow hall, the Hehuan Clan was too small. Although there were some experts in the Clan, none were at the perfect-stage. Even without the army from Sparrow hall, Mu Yi alone could annihilate the Hehuan Clan. This was the sadness of small sects.

“How could this happen?”

   After a while, Yan Wushuang sat down, no more intelligent appearance.

“Daughter, what’s the matter? What happened?” Jiang Meiniang didn’t resist her curiosity and she had rushed over. However, as soon as she came in, she saw Yan Wushuang sitting there with a frown on her face and the ground covered in tea-cup shards. Her heart sank suddenly. Could that Taoist have been rude?

“Meiniang, this is a disaster.” Yan Wushuang smiled bitterly and looked at Jiang Meiniang. Although Jiang Meiniang called her daughter, she was not her biological mother.

“What disaster? Is it something to do with that little Taoist? “Jiang Meiniang’s eyes stared and her heart hated him. If she had known this before, she shouldn’t have listened to the Taoist, and just drove him out.

“It’s about him. Do you know who he is?” Yan Wushuang asked.

“That little Taoist is not very old. He should not be a great man. Is he the disciple of other Clans?” Jiang Meiniang thought about it and asked, but she was puzzled. Forget her daughter, even the whole Hehuan Clan didn’t interact with many Taoists. How could he have come to cause trouble for no reason?

“His name is Mu Yi, and he is the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Yan Wushuang said slowly.


   Jiang Meiniang exclaimed, and then her legs became soft, and she couldn’t even stand. Although Mu Yi was not known to be a vicious person, as the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, he had come to visit in person. It was no wonder that her daughter would say that there was a disaster.

  Thinking of Mu Yi’s smile she felt cold all over.

“Well, you don’t have to be so afraid, Meiniang. Although it may be a disaster, it can also turn into a good thing. The key is how we handle this. I need to rush back to the Clan to discuss this with my master. You are in charge here. You just need to maintain stability.” Yan Wushuang also calmed down. She got up and gave orders quickly. As she said, although it seemed to be a disaster, it could be a good thing. At least, if she took this opportunity to set up a relationship with the young Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, it would be only good for the Hehuan Clan.

   In this turbulent time, people must find someone to rely on.

“Don’t worry. I won’t have any issues here, but you should be careful. If  he follows you, you will be in trouble.” Jiang Meiniang had understood the situation and she soon calmed down.

“You don’t understand. If a person like him really wants to follow me, then it’s no use to even try to hide myself. It’s better to leave normally.” Jiang Meiniang said. She had this kind of worry at first, but then she denied it in her heart. If Mu Yi really wanted to kill the Hehuan Clan, he didn’t need to go through the trouble of making up stories.

   Even so, Yan Wushuang left at dark and rode out of the city, disappearing into the vast night.

   Mu Yi went back to the inn as if nothing had happened. It seemed that he only went out to see someone and said some things. Of course, when he left, he revealed his name. He knew that he could be cvert for a while, but it was difficult to do so for a long time. In this case, it was better to reveal his identity as he believed that the other side would pay more attention to his matters if he did.

   Mu Yi didn’t expect that the other side not only paid attention to his name, but also was terrified. After all, Mu Yi was no longer a little gangster in the world, not a little beggar who couldn’t even see what lay ahead. Now he was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, and he was one of the few perfect-stage experts in the world.

   After a night’s rest, the strength of his mind and spirit were both purer. Although it was only a small improvement, he was improving steadily. Cultivation was never a one-day thing. One needed to endure the unbearable loneliness of ordinary people, and it needed to be sought after day by day for many years.

   At this time, Yan Wushuang had arrived at the Hehuan Clan. In fact, the Hehuan Clan was only half a day away from Ningshan County. 

“Wushuang, describe the matter to the headmaster, and the martial uncles.”

   In a wide room within the Hehuan Clan, a beautiful woman spoke with a solemn expression. Her name was Yan Feifei, and she was Yan Wushuang’s master. Although she was middle-aged, Yan Feifei looked no more than 30, and her appearance was no less than that of Yan Wushuang. In fact, she showed a greater deal of grace.

“Yes, master.” Yan Wushuang narrated the whole thing again. The people who did not care about this meeting originally, became gradually serious. The atmosphere of the room was depressing.

“The forbidden technique of feeding ghosts with the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures is by no means passed on by our Clan. We must be framed by someone.” Finally, one of them couldn’t help opening his mouth.

“Hum, this forbidden technique only exists in our Clan. How could someone frame us? What’s more, only the elders and the headmaster know the forbidden technique and have the qualification to see it.” Yan Feifei retorted immediately.

“What do you mean? Do you think we did it?” Some people spoke insidiously. No matter where it was, there would be fights as long as there were people, especially in the Hehuan Clan.

“I didn’t say that, but you can explain it to the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” Yan Feifei looked at him and sneered.

   The other person got angry immediately. If he had the ability to find Mu Yi, he wouldn’t  be so worried.

“Zhu Yun, Zhu Yun.”

   The headmaster of the Hehuan Clan was also a woman. She looked older than Yan Feifei. She looked medium-sized, but she had a sense of authority.

 “Do you remember female junior fellow disciple Zhu?” Suddenly, the headmaster said.

“Female junior fellow disciple Zhu?” There was a sudden exclamation all around. “Zhu? Zhu?”

“Headmaster, do you mean that female junior fellow disciple Zhu did this?” Yan Feifei asked immediately.

“No, the age of Zhu Yun is not right, but in addition to all of you here, the only one who knew the forbidden technique is female junior fellow disciple Zhu. I suspect that this Zhu Yun may be disciple Zhu’s apprentice.” The headmaster said slowly.

“Is it possible? Isn’t disciple Zhu already dead? And I didn’t hear that she accepted an apprentice.” Others didn’t understand how, but they believed this in their heart. It was obvious that Zhu Yun had something to do with disciple Zhu, who had already died.

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