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Chapter 443 Traces

Chapter 443 Traces



   Disciple Zhu, whose real name was Zhu Xianglan, was a second generation disciple of the Hehuan Clan. She was naturally gifted and was the best in that generation of disciples. However, she grew up in the mountains and knew little about the world. So she went to the world for cultivation under the command of the leader of the previous generation. Unexpectedly, she met a man and gradually fell in love with him.

   However, the man was fickle and unkind. After being dallied by him, she was abandoned. Zhu Xianglan suffered a lot. Her temperament changed greatly and she hated men deeply. She made a mess out in the world. Later, under pressure, the Hehuan Clan took Zhu back to the mountain and put her in custody. But they didn’t expect that after a few years, Zhu made great progress and left.

   There was no news about her. Everyone, including the Hehuan Clan, thought that she was dead. Originally, this matter should have been buried in the past, but now suddenly Zhu Yun appeared and she practiced the forbidden technique of the Hehuan Clan.

   It was bad luck after all. Someone came to ask for accountability, and the Hehuan Clan could not offend this man.

  They were angry, but they were also surprised. They didn’t know how to solve this problem. It was determined that the woman named Zhu Yun was related to Zhu Xianglan. Maybe she was Zhu Xianglan‘s apprentice, but Zhu Xianglan fled long ago and was not recognized as a disciple of the Hehuan Clan.

   If other people came to ask, they could respond to them with this reason. But no one dared to deal with the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag in such a way. Besides, the forbidden technique did come from the Hehuan Clan.

“Disciple, I’ll have to bother you with this. After all, you had the best relationship with disciple Zhu at that time and knew her best. If you can find Zhu, this would help rectify the mistakes of the dead Master.” The headmaster finally turned her eyes to Yan Feifei, and the people around her immediately gloated. 

   There was a flash of anger across Yan Feifei’s face, but she was patient. Seeing the leader’s expression, she clearly saw that even if she wanted to object, she wouldn’t gain anything by doing so. She hesitated for a moment, and finally nodded, “I’ll obey your orders.”

   Yan Feifei promised. The rest of them were a little relaxed.

“Yan Feifei, I know that you feel wronged, but you are the best person for this in the clan. Since the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag found Yan Wushuang, I think he was not unreasonable. You just need to talk with him carefully, and then this can be resolved.” Yan Feifei’s dissatisfaction had not been concealed, so the master also comforted her. After all, everyone was in the same clan, and Yan Feifei’s intervention was very important.

“Yes, master.” Yan Feifei nodded, and then said, “Then this matter shouldn’t be delayed. I’ll go now with Yan Wushuang.”

   After that, Yan Feifei got up and left with Yan Wushuang.

“Master, they are way out of line. Why did they ask you to go?” Yan Wushuang walked out of the room and came to an inaudible place and whispered out her dissatisfaction.

“Well, someone has to do it, and I’ve already guessed that this might be the result since you are my apprentice.” Yan Feifei said slowly. The reluctance on her face had disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

   Seeing this, Yan Wushuang reluctantly nodded her head, but it also aroused her curiosity and she asked, “Master, is this really related to senior Zhu? Why have you never mentioned it before? “

“It’s a long story. I went down the mountain to look for Zhu, but I didn’t find her. It happened that I saved you from traffickers. This was more than ten years ago. How time flies.” Yan Feifei sighed softly.

   Yan Wushuang was also a little depressed when she saw her master mention the past. At that time, she was only three or four years old when her master saved her. She didn’t remember where her family was or what her parents were called. Now, she had forgotten her parents’ appearances, only holding her master in her heart.

“Well, go pack up. Let’s go down the mountain. I hope we can find Zhu this time,” said Yan Feifei.

   After a while, they rode off on two horses and left the Hehuan clan, headed for Ningshan county. According to Yan Wushuang’s thoughts, they had better live in the clan for one day and then leave the next day. However, she was admonished by her master who said there was no need for that. Her master thought that they didn’t need to hide anything.

   When Yan Feifei and her disciple arrived at Ningshan County, the sun had just set. Since they rushed the whole way, both of them were a little tired, especially Yan Wushuang. They rode all night. If they had not reached the second-stage, they would have been unable to hold on.

“Well, let’s have a rest tonight and meet with that person tomorrow.” Yan Feifei saw her apprentice was tired and felt some heartache.

“Master, I’m ok. I can still hold on.” Yan Wushuang stubbornly shook her head.

“Listen to me, and I also need more time to consider how to deal with this matter,” said Yan Feifei.

   Hearing her master’s words, Yan Wushuang didn’t insist anymore. She went back to the inn, ate some food in a hurry, and then fell asleep. However, Yan Feifei tossed and turned, unable to sleep all night.

   The next day, Mu Yi had just finished breakfast when Yan Wushuang and her master came to meet him. Since the Hehuan Clan was in control of Ningshan County, it was easy to find the inn where Mu Yi stayed.

“Hello, Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.”

   She heard from her apprentice that Mu Yi was very young more than once, but when she saw him with her own eyes, Yan Feifei was still surprised. Her original qualifications were not ordinary, but she broke through the second difficulty in her mid-20s. She devoted herself to cultivation in the following 20 years, and now she had opened four chakras. Compared to Mu Yi, there was no doubt a big difference.

   Such a young man reached the perfect-stage, which was even more frightening. Maybe there would be another true expert in the world soon. It was her belief that only those who reached the third-stage could be called a true expert..

“You don’t need to be so courteous. Since the Hehuan Clan asked you to come, I think you already have an answer for me.” Mu Yi looked at Yan Feifei and said directly.

“It really has something to do with the Hehuan Clan. I suspect that Zhu Yun was an apprentice of my junior Zhu who defected and ran away. She was the only one who knew about the forbidden technique. She lost her mind at that time due to being betrayed by her lover. She fell into the wrong path. Later, she disappeared. We searched for her for a long time, but we didn’t find her. We thought that Zhu had an accident and was no longer alive, but now that the forbidden technique has reappeared… “Yan Feifei slowly explained.

   Then, Yan Feifei told the story of what happened to Zhu in those years, which could not only express her sincerity, but also explain the situation clearly to Mu Yi. She indicated to Mu Yi that although this was related to the Hehuan Clan, Mu Yi should not blame them since Zhu’s issue was not caused by the Hehuan Clan.

“Can you find her, the one called Zhu Yun?” Mu Yi continued to ask. He didn’t want to deal with the resentment of the past. Now he only needed to find Zhu Yun. After all, this matter was related to the deal with Jiao Hua.

“I can give it a try.” Yan Feifei gritted her teeth and said. She certainly had no confidence in finding Zhu Xianglan, but she could try finding Zhu Yun. Since Zhu Yun was apprenticed to Zhu Xianglan, there were traces to follow, especially if she appeared in Foshan a year and a half ago. As long as they followed this clue, they could find out where she went.

“Well, as long as you help me find her, this matter has nothing to do with the Hehuan Clan, and I can also agree to a condition if this is resolved satisfactorily.” Mu Yi knew that she would devote more efforts in order to receive this ‘condition’.

“Really?” Yan Feifei looked forward to it.

“Indeed.” Mu Yi nodded and said.

“Well, please rest assured. I’ll find her as soon as possible.” Yan Feifei said. There were not many fighters in the Hehuan Clan and the school was not large as it was a clan of the lower-rank schools. 

   Don’t think that the lower-rank schools were the weakest however. While they were not the strongest individually, the number of them were definitely larger when compared to the other higher tier schools. 

   As for the so-called Taoists, monks, geomancers, fortune tellers and doctors, even first-degree scholars were only in the middle class.

   The lower-class people were all over the bottom of the world. Their influence couldn’t be underestimated. It was easy to mobilize the lower-class people to find a person if you had the right connections. The Hehuan Clan may not be able to give orders to everyone, but they could still pull some strings.

   Yan Feifei left with her apprentice in a hurry while Mu Yi waited in Ningshan county. During the day, he accompanied the little girl to go shopping and  practiced at night.

   Another three or four days passed quickly, and Mu Yi was patient. After all, it took so long to find a woman in the world, like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even if he utilized all the people in the Vermilion Bird hall, he would never do better than the Hehuan Clan.

   Finally, Yan Wushuang came to Mu Yi’s door and told him that she had news about the woman called Zhu Yun. Nearly two years ago, she left Foshan and disappeared. In fact, she had changed her identity and location while continuing to practice the forbidden technique.

   So it was only necessary to pay attention to the sudden changes in whorehouses and other such places within two years. Moreover, most of these places were beyond the influence of the Hehuan clan. After a lot of investigation, Yan Feifei finally had pinpointed a place she may be… Yangcheng.

   No one thought that Zhu Yun would stay in Yangcheng for two years. According to the information Yan Feifei inquired about, Zhu Yun was about to start performing forbidden technique.

   So after receiving the news, Mu Yi took Nian Nuer to Yangcheng while Yan Wushuang followed him.

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