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Chapter 444 Zhu Qing’er 

Chapter 444 Zhu Qing’er 

  Foshan City was also a prosperous place, but compared to Yangcheng City, it was nothing. Rather, after enjoying the prosperity of Yangcheng City, Mu Yi had to admit that even Cangzhou City was not as good as Yangcheng. Because Yangcheng City was far away from the capital, it was less stringent, and there were many foreigners here. As a result, the city’s customs, entertainment, and trade were quite diverse.

 Moreover, there was also a Sparrow Hall in Yangcheng City. Although it was newly built, its strength was better than that of the Hall in Foshan City. This likely had a lot to do with Yangcheng’s custom of popularizing the spread of martial arts.

“Brother, can we play here for a few more days?” When Nian Nuer saw the prosperity of the city, she held Mu Yi’s arm tightly in an attempt to be coquettish, but her eyes were on the splendour outside the carriage.

“That will depend on how you act.” Mu Yi said with a smile.

“Brother.” Nian Nuer mewled.

   On the other side of the carriage, Yan Wushuang’s eyes flashed a little bit of envy. On the way here, she had seen Mu Yi doting on the little girl. She could not help admiring the little girl, but she was jealous of her childhood.

“Shall we stay at the inn or go to the Sparrow Hall located here?” Wu Xiaosi’s voice came from outside the carriage. Chong Jiayi seemed to be fond of Wu Xiaosi’s shrewd nature, which was one of the reasons why Mu Yi had taken him. Chong Jiayi wanted to accept Wu Xiaosi as a disciple, but he had to seek Mu Yi’s permission first.

   Mu Yi didn’t care whether Chong Jiayi took a disciple or not. So he just told Chong Jiayi to observe Wu Xiaosi more. If Chong Jiayi really decided to take Wu Xiaosi as an apprentice, then he wouldn’t object. After all, Wu Xiaosi was also a part of the Vermilion Bird Hall and belonged to Mu Yi’s forces.

   As for Mu Yi himself, he didn’t want to accept disciples. It was a rather special situation that caused him to accept Tie Niu as a disciple. Even then, Mu Yi only accepted him as a registered disciple. It was too early for him to have a true disciple. Even if he really wanted to find a disciple to inherit his abilities in the future, he wouldn’t do so until he had reached the third-stage and accomplished all his goals.

   At that time, he could teach his disciples while living in seclusion on Funiu Mountain.

“Let’s stay in the inn.” Mu Yi said. He didn’t inform the local Sparrow Hall of his trip as he didn’t think it was necessary. The Vermilion Bird Hall, including the branches of the Sparrow Hall should naturally develop. He didn’t want to interfere too much. Moreover, he came here mainly to find Zhu Yun. As long as Mu Yi found Zhu Yun, his job would be done and he could leave.

“My Lord, our clan has a place to live in Yangcheng. It’s quiet. If you don’t mind, you can live there.” In the carriage, Yan Wushuang said suddenly.

“All right.” Mu Yi thought for a moment and said. After all, it would not be convenient for Mu Yi to live in the inn where people constantly came and went. He preferred a quiet house.

   Seeing Mu Yi agree, Yan Wushuang showed a smile on her face. After all, it was good for her to be able to get closer to Mu Yi. Even if Mu Yi gave her just some advice on a whim, she could benefit a lot. She knew this to be the case due to what had happened on their way here. Yan Wushuang’s cultivation was originally not stable. Every time she practiced her kung fu, she felt pain in her chest. Originally she thought it was because she had been wounded before. After she received guidance from Mu Yi and slightly changed the way she practiced, the pain suddenly disappeared. Mu Yi was much better than the master who had taught her before.

   Moreover, along the way, she also got to know more about Mu Yi’s personality, and even occasionally dared to make a joke with him. Moreover, Nian Nuer was very fond of her due to her deliberate flattery.

  Yan Wushuang led them to the house she had spoken of. It was not only spacious, but quiet, which satisfied Mu Yi.

   After settling down, Yan Feifei also came to report some news to Mu Yi.

Zhu Yun had changed her name to Zhu Qing’er, and she had become the procuress of a brothel. Under her hand, she trained a group of women who only performed instead of selling their bodies. They had become quite famous in Yangcheng. Moreover, according to Yan Feifei’s information, at least a dozen girls who performed instead of engaging in prostitution had been redeemed.

   Zhuyun, or Zhu Qing’er, was also known as a good person for this reason. It was said that she viewed the women under her command as her own daughters. After she taught them in person, she chose a husband for them, which caused people to admire her.

   However, after knowing of the events in Foshan City, Mu Yi knew what she was doing. It was terrible that those men didn’t know they were going to die, and that they would be killed by their lover’s hand.

“She’s gone mad.” Yan Feifei’s eyes flashed with a twinge of heartache. After all, she was sure that Zhu Yun was Zhu’s apprentice. Although she was afraid to get close to Zhu Yun, she had also carefully got information from those familiar with her. Zhu Yun’s temperament was similar to her junior disciple Zhu.

Whether or not disciple Zhu was alive was unknown, but her only disciple had committed these evil acts. Yan Feifei’s mood could be imagined, but unfortunately she couldn’t do anything about it.

“When will you go to see her?” Yan Feifei asked.

“As soon as possible, lest something happen.” Mu Yi said. After all, there were thirty-six lives at stake. If they could save them, then they would. 

“Thank you very much, my Lord.” Yan Feifei suddenly spoke sincerely to Mu Yi. Mu Yi was unsure of why she had thanked him, but didn’t bother asking.

 The arrived in the afternoon, before the brothel had officially opened, but when it had already opened its doors. Many of the staff were busy working. The girls in the brothel were all elaborately dressed and waited for the opening this evening.

   Mu Yi only took Chong Jiayi and Yan Feifei. Yan Wushuang and Wu Xiaosi were going shopping with Nian Nuer this afternoon. Mu Yi didn’t want the little girl to come to this place, so he let Yan Wushuang go out with the little girl instead.

   As soon as Mu Yi and others entered the brothel, they immediately attracted attention. After all, a Taoist Priest, an old man, and a noble woman did not look like they were here for fun.

“Dear guests, our brothel is not open yet. Why don’t you come back in the evening?” A middle-aged butler came up and said with a big smile. Although he didn’t know who Mu Yi was, he could see these three people were not simple; so he had better not offend them.

“Is Zhu Qing’er here? We’re looking for her,” said Yan Feifei.

“Who are you? Why do you look for Miss Qing’er?” The middle-aged butler was alert.

“I have a relationship with her, just mention the Hehuan Clan. Her coming to see me or not is her business.” Yan Feifei said coldly. The middle-aged butler didn’t dare to say anything more when he saw this. Besides, she had said that, as long as he reported this then whether Zhu Qing’er came out was up to her. It had nothing to do with him.

“Well, dear guests, please take a seat here. I’ll come back as soon as possible.” The middle-aged butler pointed at a nearby place at will and asked them to sit down in the hall on the first floor. Then he left in a hurry.

“I hope you don’t mind that I made this decision without discussing it with you.” After the middle-aged butler left, Yan Feifei said to Mu Yi with a little embarrassment.

“It doesn’t matter. As long as we can see her, then it is enough.” Mu Yi shook his head and said without caring.

   Before long, the middle-aged butler came back with a strange face and more respectful eyes toward these three people. “Dear guests, Miss Qing’er has decided to see you. Please follow me.”

   Under the guidance of the middle-aged butler, they came to the backyard, where the scenery seemed separate from the rest of the area. There were artistic rockes, a pond, and a bamboo forest.

   Mu Yi’s eyes naturally fell on the bamboo forest. He didn’t know whether it was just a coincidence or that the woman just liked bamboo, but it was more likely that the answer was the latter.


   The door was open, and the middle-aged butler was waiting at the door. After these three people entered, he closed the door from the outside.

The room had a good smell and was elegantly decorated. There were two bookcases on the side next to the wall, filled with books. Mu Yi saw a ball with curves sketched on it on the shelf. 

   Mu Yi had seen this thing in a noble family once. And it was regarded as a treasure and nobody could touch it.

   The lit incense on the table made the room a little hazier.

   There was no one in the room and Zhu Qing’er hadn’t arrived yet. Mu Yi wasn’t in a hurry and he directly sat down on the chair. Chong Jiayi spontaneously stood behind Mu Yi. As for Yan Feifei, she also carefully sat at the right of Mu Yi.

   After a while, Mu Yi heard slight footsteps. After a few breaths, the door was opened and a woman came in from outside.

   At first glance, the woman was not so beautiful. A sense of disappointment even rose in Mu Yi’s heart. In fact, the woman could only be regarded as an average beauty, which was far less than Yan Feifei and her master. This made Mu Yi doubt whether Zhu Qing’er in front of him was the Zhu Yun that came from Foshan City at first.

   After all, according to Wu Xiaosi, Zhu Yun was a beautiful woman. Otherwise, she would not attract people to fight for her. Later, the son of the Bo family forcibly took her away. If her appearance was just this, it was not enough.

“I have seen you guys.” After Zhu Qing’er came in, she first glanced over Mu Yi sitting in the place for the master, then her eyes fell on Yan Feifei, and then returned to Mu Yi. After all, the position of each revealed who was in charge.

“You are Zhu Qing’er?”Asked Mu Yi lightly.

“I will reply to the Taoist priest, I’m Zhu Qing’er.” Zhu Qing’er replied, her voice wasn’t humble or arrogant but gentle with a trace of firmness.

“No, you are not Zhu Qing’er.” Without waiting for Mu Yi to speak, Yan Feifei had already spoken.

“Why does this lady say this? My name was given by my parents and I would never dare to change my name without permission.” Zhu Qing’er looked at Yan Feifei with puzzlement.

“Hum, if you are Zhu Qing’er, how can you not have the energy of our Hehuan clan’s Kung Fu? As long as the people from the Hehuan clan practice the same skills, we will produce a special reaction. Moreover, your cultivation is too low,” said Yan Feifei.

“I just said that I am Zhu Qing’er, but I never said that I was a disciple of the Hehuan clan. Did you confuse me for someone else?” Zhu Qing’er looked at Yan Feifei with a puzzled face while Mu Yi sat there and watched quietly.

“I’ll give you a chance to have Zhu Qing’er or Zhu Yun come out.” Yan Feifei said seriously. Because she was worried about acting rashly and alerting Zhu Qing’er before, so she didn’t show up in person but had found out about Zhu Qing’er with the help of the power of other clans. What this woman had done made Yan Feifei instinctively believed that Zhu Qing’er was Zhu Yun.

   But now Yan Feifei saw her, and she didn’t expect that this Zhu Qing’er was not the Zhu Qing’er for whom they searched, which embarrassed her in front of Mu Yi. After all, she was so assured before, but now she found that it was a mistake. How could she explain?

“Lady, I really don’t know what you are talking about.” Zhu Qing’er still shook her head and looked blank.

“You lit this incense, didn’t you?” Suddenly, Mu Yi reached his hands, and the censer on the table in the distance was held in front of him by an invisible big hand. Seeing this scene, Zhu Qing’er ‘s face changed and her eyes were a little more tense.

   Yan Feifei’s expression changed and she became livid. Even if she was stupid, she could know from the Mu Yi’s attitude that there must be something wrong with this incense. As a person of the Hehuan clan, she also learned this kind of thing, but she never thought that she would make this kind of low-level mistake today..

“Yes, this incense is used to refresh my mind in my daily life.” Zhu Qing’er explained immediately.

“Oh? The butler only just reported to you that we came to find you, so why did we arrive so much earlier than you? Didn’t you ignite the incense in advance, then hide somewhere and come in after the incense was almost burnt out?” There was a trace of irony in Mu Yi’s voice.

“Taoist priest must be joking. How could I do this? And now I’m in the house too. If there’s something wrong with the incense, wouldn’t I suffer as well? “Zhu Qing’er said with a face full of grievances. It seemed that Mu Yi wronged her.

   It was a pity that her performance didn’t have any effect. Chong Jiayi never doubted Mu Yi’s words. As for Yan Feifei, she dared not to doubt his words. What’s more, she also felt that there was something wrong with the incense, but the specific problem was unclear.

   Although there were many secret recipes of the Hehuan clan, she had never seen this incense before. Otherwise, if she was familiar with the incense, then even if she was in a trance she would have recognized it.

“This incense should target the power of the mind, right? It paralyzes the mind without being noticed and it is hard to detect until being attacked. I didn’t expect there to be this kind of incense in the world.” Mu Yi frowned slightly, but there was no worry on his face.

   As for Zhu Qing’er, when Mu Yi said this, her expression changed dramatically. At the same time, she quickly stepped back and stared at Mu Yi until she reached the door. However, she didn’t open the door to leave. They didn’t know whether she had enough confidence in herself or dared not open the door to leave.

“Who are you? What’s your purpose in coming here?” Zhu Qing’er asked quickly. Her expression had also become a little distorted, and there were a lot of movements outside.

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