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Chapter 445 appearance of real people

Chapter 445 appearance of real people



“You have no right to know who I am. Besides, all you’re doing is just wasting time. Oh, and you’d better not expect those people outside to save you.” Mu Yi looked at Zhu Qing’er with a curious face, then twisted his fingers gently, pinching out the burning incense.

 Now Yan Feifei felt the abnormality in her body. She still had her strength, but she couldn’t mobilize it at all. She looked pale. Mu Yi remained calm; seemingly unaffected.

   Thinking about Mu Yi’s strength, Yan Feifei got angry somewhat since Mu Yi was able to find out ahead of time and prepare. In the meanwhile, Mu Yi happened to turn around and glance at her. Suddenly, she felt hot. The anger that had just rose up disappeared in an instant.

   Chong Jiayi also slightly frozen up. However, he was not as angry, but deeply ashamed of his carelessness. Without Mu Yi, he might have failed miserably in such an easy task.

“Huh, you want to cheat me? It’s a pity that the enchanting incense is everywhere. Even if you hold your breath, you will still get poisoned. A master cannot tolerate it for more than a cup of tea’s time. Once you are poisoned, no matter how strong the force you have is, you will be unable to exert it. “

   Zhu Qing’er seemed to see the weird behavior of Yan Feifei and Chong Jiayi, and the panic on her face disappeared. Then she looked at Mu Yi with full confidence. Just now she was out of her mind because Mu Yi found out about the incense. When she calmed down, she felt that she was over-worried.

   The reason why she didn’t come out until now was to let the efficacy of the incense come into full play. The incense had never failed. It was too precious. If she didn’t know in advance that the visitor was from the Hehuan Clan, she wouldn’t part with it. 

“Is that right? Would you like to give me a try?” Mu Yi said slowly, smiled and looked at Zhu Qing’er.

  Zhu Qing’er frowned. She could be sure that the incense would never fail, and the expressions of the two people beside Mu Yi had affirmed this. The only uncertainty was whether the young Taoist in front of her was pretending to feel nothing. Or was he really not poisoned? After all, it was already unusual for him to figure out the enchanting fragrance.

“Who are you? Why bother me for no reason? “Zhu Qing’er could not help asking.

“Oh, are you still pretending? Or you don’t know who Zhu Yun is at all. Considering this, you’re not the real Zhu Qing’er, are you? Call her out.” Mu Yi said lightly, with a firm tone.

“You are wrong. I am Zhu Qing’er. Of course, I am not the one you are looking for.” Zhu Qing’er suddenly giggled. She seemed to be thinking of something and she became more confident.

“Since you won’t tell me the who you are, don’t blame me for being rude.” Zhu Qing’er looked at them with steely eyes.

 Suddenly, the door to the room was open, and several figures quickly flashed in, shielding Zhu Qing’er one after another. These people were holding knives and displaying fierce faces and shrewd eyes. They were obviously skillful in martial arts, but they were just second class fighters.

   Although the second-class experts were not a threat ordinarily, there were five second-class experts in such a small brothel. This brothel was not to be underestimated.

“What do you want us to do, Qing’er?” One of them asked, with his eyes firmly on Yan Feifei. “Imprison them separately.” Zhu Qing’er waved and said.

“OK, Qing’er “

   The five were ordered to move forward at once.

“Why bother?” Suddenly, Mu Yi sighed, and his right hand gently turned back, where Chong Jiayi stood holding the walking stick that supported his body. However, with Mu Yi’s action, the bell hanging on it suddenly trembled and made a sound.


   The bell trembled slightly, and an invisible wave swept the room. For Chong Jiayi and Yan Feifei, the bell was just like a sacred bell. They felt that their mind and spirit were recovering and the force that they could not use began to circulate once more. They acted calm, but secretly exerted their force as powerfully as they could.

   For the five ferocious men who were about to attack, the bell was a talisman. They felt their hearts suddenly beating vigorously, as though jumping out of their chests, which immediately made their blood roll, their temples burst, and their faces congested.

   This sudden change forced the five people to stop and block their ears with their hands. Unfortunately, the toll of the bell directly intruded into their hearts, making it useless to block their ears.

   As for Zhu Qing’er, her face paled. When the bell rang, she saw many illusions. It looked as though a tiger was pacing around her and could rush over at any time. She froze in place.


   At this time, Mu Yi waved again, and the sound of the bell suddenly became urgent and fierce.

   The five people who bore the brunt of the attack, one after another, trembled and spat out blood. All five people seemed to lose their strength and fall to the ground with fear in their eyes.

“Ah, No.” Zhu Qing’er suddenly yelled with fear. As if she saw something terrible, she fell back uncontrollably. She stumbled over the threshold and fell to the ground in a mess.

   At the same time, Chong Jiayi and Yan Feifei spat out a long, dark, turbid breath. Then, their faces flashed and they could use their power once more.

   As soon as they regained their strength, Yan Feifei came to Zhu Qing’er and grabbed her. She slapped her face several times, waking her up.

   Meanwhile, Chong Jiayi also came forward to knock each of the five people out, then carried them outside. Chong Jiayi directly guarded the door, forbidding anyone to come in. Of course, they were still afraid of that incense.

   Yan Feifei took her revenge and looked at Zhu Qing’er who had a handprint on her cheek.

“Tell me, where are the people?” Yan Feifei asked.

“What? Who? I don’t know.” Qing’er was still arguing, but couldn’t convince Yan Feifei.

“Hum, pick out some women and then try to make men fall in love with them. When the time comes, love will come into their hearts and you will let these women kill the men who love them, and then that love turns to hatred. Finally feed ghosts with these resentments. How dare you? Don’t you feel scared of hell?” Yan Feifei shouted.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Zhu Qing’er shook her head heavily, but the confusion in her eyes was exposed.

“Well, it looks like you’re not going to choose the easier way.” Yan Feifei was obviously angry. After all, she had just been preyed upon. Without Mu Yi, she may have lost her life. Her decades of hard work almost disappeared in that moment. Therefore, her hatred was understandable.

“Forget it. Her master has arrived. There’s no need to embarrass her.”

   The voice came from Mu Yi, right as Yan Feifei was ready to do something. Yan Feifei was stunned, but she still stopped and sat down beside Mu Yi. The anger on her face disappeared.

   Soon after Mu Yi’s words, the door was pushed again, and a masked woman came in slowly. Chong Jiayi at the door had been informed about her through Mu Yi in advance, so he didn’t stop her.After the masked woman came in, he pulled up the door again and kept guard.

“Yes, sir.” After the masked woman came in, she directly worshipped Yan Feifei elegantly.

“Are you really Zhu’s Apprentice?” Yan Feifei’s face changed for a while, but she didn’t deny the name. In those days, she had the best relationship with her younger sister-disciple Zhu. Although years had passed, her feelings were still there.

“Yes, I used to listen to my master talk about you when I was with her,” said the masked woman.

“Where is your master now?” Yan Feifei asked eagerly.

” She died a few years ago,” said the masked woman.

“Dead?” Yan Feifei, who just got up, fell back on the chair, her face dazed, and then her stunned expression turned into one of grief.

“How can I help you, martial aunt?” The masked woman kept silent for a while and then asked. Her words were undoubtedly for Yan Feifei. She had known she was looking for her for a long time, and she could not conceal her actions.

   Hearing the words of the masked woman, Yan Feifei took a deep breath, temporarily pressing down her sadness and, at the same time, she also glanced at Mu Yi.

   In fact, the masked woman had noticed Mu Yi once she came in, but she only talked with Yan Feifei, which was a kind of probe. However, as Yan Feifei looked at Mu Yi, she realized this man was important.

“Are you Zhu Yun?” Mu Yi asked directly at the masked woman.

“You jest Taoist. My name is Zhen Ping’er, not Zhu Yun.” The masked woman shook her head and said, without any mood wing.

“Zhen Ping’er? A good name, but you think you can deny it?” Mu Yi suddenly smiled and shook his head. “You know, as long as I think you are Zhu Yun, then you can only be Zhu Yun. You have no choice.”

“Since this Taoist says so, there is nothing to say. So I’ll leave then.” Zhen Ping’er said. She just turned around and left, as if she was already annoyed.

“If you can get past that threshold alive, then my name will be written upside down.” When Zhen Ping’er came to the door, Mu Yi suddenly spoke.

   Zhen Ping’er, who was about to reach for the door, froze and but did not try to leave. She just turned around and stared at Mu Yi. “Taoist priest, you are a master. Why bother to haggle with me? Is it not without righteousness?”

  “Righteousness?” Hearing from Zhen Ping’er, Mu Yi sneered. “If I show you righteousness, who should be blamed for the victims that you’ve killed? You practice the forbidden art, indiscriminately killing the innocent, and feeding ghosts with resentment. When you do these things, do you remember the word “righteousness”?  Even if I kill you today, it would be to the benefit of both god and man. What righteousness would I lose?”

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