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Chapter 446 Huang Feihong

Chapter 446 Huang Feihong



“Besides, benevolence and righteousness are not my concern.”

  This sudden statement caused the three women in the house to be dumbfounded. They never thought that a gentle man like Mu Yi would say these words. Don’t all Taoists pay attention to kindness and magnanimity these days?

  At the very least, even if they did bad things, they would cover themselves with a layer of hypocrisy under the guise of benevolence and righteousness. How could Mu Yi be so direct?

“Actually, I don’t really care if you practice the Forbidden Technique. After all, there are so many bad people in this world; many of which are much worse than you could ever be. Although I am a Taoist, I’ve never wanted to destroy demons or pacify the injustices of the world. That is none of my business. Why should I go out of my way to do these things? Unfortunately for you, someone made a deal with me which seems to involve handing you over. So don’t blame me.  Instead, blame your bad luck.” Mu Yi ignored the expressions of the three women and spoke lightly.

“Ha ha, it’s none of your business? I really am unlucky. Will you go through with this even though I have not admitted to doing anything?” Zhen Ping’er sneered and said slowly.

“Indeed.” Mu Yi nodded.

“How good is the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag? I’ve witnessed your justice, and you are nothing more than your title.” Zhen Ping’er said.

“Well, you cannot leave regardless. Don’t bother trying to use your silver tongue to twist the truth or demand evidence. I always do things by my heart.” Mu Yi said with a flat tone. He was clearly acting like a bully.

   Of course, bullying also depended on the person. If an ordinary person with no power had said this, then it would have been idiocy instead of bullying. Bullying needed one to have enough strength to do so.

“Ping’er, did you really do those things? Please tell me.” Yan Feifei couldn’t help asking. She knew that she shouldn’t ask this, but she can’t help recalling her junior sister-disciple Zhu when she saw the stubborn look on Zhen Ping’er’s face. 

“Does it even matter if I admit to it?” Zhen Ping’er cast a light glance at Yan Feifei.

“Envoy of the Vermilion Flag…” Yan Feifei looked at Mu Yi and wanted to ask for a favour; but she was immediately refused.

“Miss Yan, if I were you, I would not say anything. I think you should know the reason for my actions quite clearly.” Although Mu Yi’s voice was bland, Yan Feifei felt a chill. Of course she knew it clearly, that was why she came here to deal with this in person.

   Yan Feifei’s expression suddenly froze, and her words stuck in her throat. Although she sympathized with Zhen Ping’er, she was not a fool. She could not make light of her own life and the life of the Hehuan Clan.

   Just now, the reason why she dared to say anything was that she had gotten along with Mu Yi during this period. She had subconsciously ignored the identity he held because of his kindness till now. She broke out into cold sweat when she realized what she had nearly done. She knew more about the young man in front of her than some. Mu Yi was not only the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag, but also one who held the name of the Demon Taoist. His hands were stained with the blood of those who had crossed him as he traveled upon his path.

“I have bothered you during this period, feel free to go.” Mu Yi requested her to leave.

   Although Yan Feifei was afraid, she was even more annoyed. She had never been driven away like this since she had started her career. She had especially never been used then cast aside like she was now. Although she wanted to stay, she did not dare to offend Mu Yi. Looking at Zhen Ping’er, she could not help thinking of the desperate expression her junior sister had when she left. 

   Now, her junior sister was dead. Would she abandon her sister’s disciple? How would she choose between the ties of the past and the principles of her clan?

   Mu Yi didn’t push her, but looked at Yan Feifei’s face. He knew she was hesitating.


   Finally, Yan Feifei trembled and spurted out a mouthful of blood. Her glossy face suddenly dimmed, but her eyes were brighter.

   Yan Feifei had been affected by the magic incense from before. Although Mu Yi had used the magic bell to drive out the poison from her, this kind of poisonous incense had made her mind unstable. This kind of instability was nothing during normal times. She only needed three or five days to recover without incident during that time. However, she had been disturbed by the situation of her clan and the remnant memories of her sister disciple. Under this situation, it was hard for her to hold on to herself. So she spurted out blood due to the mental pressure.

   Although her energy was fading, her eyes were more firm than before.

   Mu Yi didn’t say anything and sat there expressionlessly. It was hard for others to guess his thoughts. He was like a cold stone with no emotion to others’ eyes.

   Zhu Qing’er sat on the ground askew, but she could not get up. Her mind was still disturbed by Mu Yi’s bell, so she couldn’t use her strength.

“I beg you to give my niece a chance to explain herself. I believe that she is not this kind of person.” Yan Feifei bowed to Mu Yi and said slowly but firmly.

“Oh, what kind of identity are you begging me with?” Mu Yi said lightly.

“As myself, it has nothing to do with the Hehuan Clan.” Yan Feifei’s face turned white, but she still responded.

“Why do you think I should give you such a chance? For your four forms? Or do you think you are charismatic?” Mu Yi’s mouth curved with a slight, sinister smile that made people shiver.

“You don’t have to plead for me, junior Aunt. He seems gentle, but is in fact cruel. No one can disobey him. Just let him catch me.” Zhen Ping’er said. Her words were like a heavy blow to Yan Feifei.

“Ping’er, you…” Yan Feifei looked at Zhen Ping’er unable to speak.

“Thank you for seeking justice on my behalf, but you’d better not interfere in this matter, so as to not to involve the innocent.” Zhen Ping’er said again.

“What a moving picture. Unfortunately, I have a stone-cold heart.” Mu Yi got up and said faintly. Without waiting for them to say anything, he opened the door and left.

“Miss Zhen, please.” Chong Jiayi came in and spoke to Zhen Ping’er. He was responsible for guarding Zhen Ping’er.

   Zhen Ping’er turned around and left without saying a word. Behind her, Yan Feifei was lingering.

“Miss, you can’t go.” On the ground, Zhu Qing’er cried out, but could do nothing.

   When Mu Yi returned to the inn, Nian Nuer and the other’s had not come back. Zhen Ping’er followed him all the way back and didn’t try to escape. Maybe she knew that she couldn’t escape in front of Mu Yi. Even if she could escape for a while, she would quickly be found.

   Mu Yi didn’t care about Zhen Ping’er’s thoughts. He just needed to hand her over to Jiao Hua. It was enough to ensure that she had killed those men on Fo Mountain.

   As for whether Zhen Ping’er had been wronged, Mu Yi was confident that he could see through this matter. Mu Yi had clearly felt a trace of deeply entangled resentment originating from Zheng Ping’er, and that was enough for him to be certain.

   When Nian Nuer came back, she was not with Yan Wushuang. Nuer said that Yan Wushuang was called away. Mu Yi knew who had called her without thinking.

   In fact, Mu Yi had no prejudice against Yan Feifei. Those were bonds of friendship she was struggling with. However, this friendship was in conflict with his goals. Mu Yi couldn’t let Zhen Ping’er go simply because of her affection.

   Therefore, instead of being entangled with her, it was better to cut off their relations and part here so as to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

   Now, Mu Yi just needed to bring Zhen Ping’er back to Fo Mountain. He thought Jiao Hua would show up when he returned to Fo Mountain.

   Zhen Ping’er was very well-behaved and did not try to escape. However, shortly after dinner, someone came to him. He was a middle-aged man wearing a confucian robe. Zhu Qing’er was right behind him. It was obvious that he was supposed to rescue Zhen Ping’er.

  After one glance, Mu Yi looked a little dignified. Although this man looked just like a middle-aged man, his real age was undoubtedly a little older.

   He was just standing there, but you could feel a sense of lightness. Mu Yi sensed no arrogance nor any sense of awe. He looked like an ordinary person, but an ordinary person would not make Mu Yi’s expression become so solemn.

“The Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag.” When he spoke to Mu Yi, it was with the typical etiquette of the world. Mu Yi even felt a sense of chivalry from him!

“I don’t think you’re some nobody?” Mu Yi looked at the man and said.

“I’m Huang Feihong from Bad Zhilin.”Said the middle-aged man.

“Huang Feihong? Did you come here for Zhen Ping’er?“ Mu Yi continued to ask.

“Yes, she is my adopted daughter. Although I don’t know how she offended you, I think it must be a misunderstanding. I’m willing to apologize to you for her.” Huang Feihong said directly.

“So no matter what kind of mistake she made, you will take her away?” Mu Yi looked at Huang Feihong and said

“I beg your pardon.” Huang Feihong didn’t explain, but spoke with a sigh. His attitude has undoubtedly shown that he would not hesitate to do anything to retrieve her.

“Well then, let’s have a battle. If you win the battle, you can take her away.” Mu Yi was a little excited, he had not fought for a long time. Especially at his current realm, simply closing his door and cultivating was not much good for him. Sometimes, it would be better to fight with others to stimulate growth.

  Besides, Huang Feihong gave him a strange feeling. Most importantly, he was uncertain of Huang Feihong’s strength.

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