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Chapter 447 The Man of Chivalry 



Huang Feihong exuded a familiar temperament, similar to that of Tang Shang. Rather than the aura of a forging master however, Huang Feihong held a temperament that displayed an aura of  righteousness.

Huang Feihong’s demeanor was the kind of attitude you expected to see from the patriarch of a sect. He might not be a grandmaster, but he was at a level rarely seen.

Moreover, Mu Yi could tell that Huang Feihong was definitely one of the few upright people who could honestly claim to be a man of chivalry.

A man of chivalry was one who fought for his country and the people. He would fulfill all his promises, try his best to help others, and spread justice even if he would get hurt in the process. It was his personal bound-duty to uphold justice and help those in distress.

It was a pity that there were few real heroes in the world nowadays, let alone true men of chivalry. He admired this kind of person, but unfortunately, chivalry was something he would always lack. Not for lack of spirit, but because he couldn’t devote himself to the country and its people.

He was a child who had no parents and had been picked up by the old Taoist Priest from a cemetery. Then he had wandered with the old Taoist Priest for eight years and experienced all kinds of sufferings that were present in the world. Perhaps then he could have still been called naive, but he had since grown. He was no longer the innocent child who had given his bread to a beggar, only to be attacked in return.

The old Taoist Priest had told him not to blindly be a good man. Even if you did good things, you should do what you were able to do; nothing more. He hadn’t understood before, but he did now.

“Your level of strength is rare. The Vermilion Bird Hall is sweeping through South China, growing ever stronger. Now our country is facing a crisis. Why don’t you save your strength and serve your home and country?” Huang Feihong looked at Mu Yi and said with a look of pity on his face.

“Serve home and country? Which home? Which country? You are not a fool since you could reach your current status. Why say such foolish words?” Mu Yi shook his head in obvious disagreement with his words. 

According to what the old Taoist Priest had said, he just needed to do what he could do according to his ability. Why fight for the people of the world? He might be betrayed or stabbed in the back. Chivalrous people like Huang Feihong were present in every dynasty, but the truth was that these kind of people tend to die first.


“Perhaps I was naive.” Huang Feihong shook his head with a trace of gloom on his face.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I’m sure you don’t have any good intentions, but if you win, you can take her away.” Mu Yi looked at Huang Feihong and said.

“Well then, let’s fight.” Huang Feihong took a breath and said. With these words, his energy suddenly changed. If he had been compared to an ordinary person just before, then he was dignified and impressive now. He even seemed to be in unity with heavens.

Mu Yi was shocked at first. Then he shook his head and drove out this absurd idea. If Huang Feihong had really been integrated with the heavens, or were even a real grandmaster, then Mu Yi would have been suppressed by the mere wave of his palm.

Mu Yi calmed his mind and looked at him carefully. Soon, Mu Yi saw the difference. It seemed that this unity with heaven was illusionary. What Huang Feihong displayed at the moment was actually his artistic conception.

A selfless mind opened the boundaries of the world. Huang Feihong was a frank and respected man of Chivalry, so carried a great momentum. This momentum, which was vaguely linked to the surrounding world, was good enough to pass for genuine heaven-and-man integration.

Even so, Mu Yi only admired him and was on guard. He had faintly sensed that Huang Feihong’s strength had not reached true perfection. It was similar to the Envoy of the White Tiger’s Flag he had met in Dongting Lake before at half-step perfection.

Mu Yi didn’t immediately integrate his mind with the Xin lamp. Now he had finally met a suitable opponent, and he wanted to try out his own strength. After all, the strength of his body and mind were fundamental. Relying on the Xin lamp blindly worked for now, but after a while, such reliance on an exterior tool would make it much more difficult for Mu Yi to truly reach the perfect-stage

Therefore, unless Mu Yi met an overwhelming opponent, he would try not to use the Xin lamp and rely on his own strength. In fact, Mu Yi’s own strength was not weak. It had reached the senior level long before entering the Yellow River Ancient Road. Although the middle span between the senior level and the perfect level was huge, he had opened another chakra recently. In addition, the thunder techniques that had been completed a while ago were also available to him. The glaze Vajra body had reached the fourth rank. All of these things added up; and although they were not enough to push Mu Yi across the gap to reach the perfect-stage, his strength was not inferior to those at the half-step perfect-stage.

“Forgive my impoliteness then.” After Mu Yi finished speaking softly, a circle of light suddenly appeared behind his head and his energy changed. Huang Feihong’s energy was majestic, while Mu Yi’s energy was domineering and fierce.

This had something to do with Mu Yi’s experiences from childhood. It’s doomed that the way of majestic Taoism was not suitable for him. Moreover, now he was the Envoy of the Vermilion Bird’s Flag who held great power in his hands. How could he not be a bit domineering?

This was the same as acquired righteousness, but Mu Yi had developed along the way of domination.

At this time, Zhu Qing’er had gone far away. She was not stupid. She would have been just asking for death if she stayed close to the fighting.

In the yard, Chong Jiayi and the others heard the chaos. The little girl was sitting on a wall and was watching with great interest. There was no worry for Mu Yi on her face. Mu Yi was the most powerful person in the world to her.

In the room, Zhen Ping’er seemed to feel something, but she just looked out of the window and saw no other movement.

At the same time as all this, two figures who were going in the direction towards Mu Yi. They were Yan Feifei and Yan Wushuang. Yan Wushuang knew all the things that had occurred during the day. She was angry regarding the lack of kindness Mu Yi had shown, but she also understood her master’s determination. She knew very well that her master would never have had any good results if she intervened. Even if Mu Yi was generous and let her go, once news of this matter was sent back to the clan, those elders who had long disliked her master would take the opportunity to make trouble, which would be  extremely unfavorable for her master.

So after thinking about it, she had decided to come with her master. Even if it wasn’t for the sake of Zhen Ping’er, things had to be made clear. But they didn’t seem to have come at the right time. When they felt the energy coming from afar, they didn’t dare to move forward.

Evening had come, and daylight was slowly waning. But with the strength of the second-stage, the two combatants could see clearly even at night.

When the energy of both sides had reached the peak, Mu Yi suddenly moved. He stepped out and dashed to Huang Feihong. With a simple and direct punch, Mu Yi attacked Huang Feihong’s head. Mu Yi didn’t reserve any strength, and the sound of wind and thunder emitted from his fist.

As Mu Yi became more and more powerful, his fist energy seemed to gradually develop; becoming more hegemonic and seemingly indestructible compared to before. Even before this fist had arrived, the fist energy could destroy the enemy’s will to fight, making the enemy unable to exert even half of their strength.

However, Huang Feihong’s fighting spirit was not broken. Seeing Mu Yi’s fist, he didn’t dodge. Instead, he launched a straight punch with his fist. There was nothing complicated in this punch. It was simple and straight with an artistic conception for returning to nature.

Compared with Mu Yi’s domineering attack, Huang Feihong’s punch was tolerant. No matter if you were domineering or bullying, he could tolerate everything.


Two fists met directly in the middle of the sky, bringing about a roar-like thunder.

Zhu Qing’er couldn’t bear it at first. Although she had tried to stay away from the battlefield, her mind and spirit had been hurt regardless. Now, hearing this sound, she felt as though her blood was surging and her head had been hit by a heavy hammer. She was not even aware that blood was gushing out from the corner of her mouth.

Yan Feifei’s body also vibrated. However, due to the distance, the impact was much lighter. Yan Wushuang was only shocked.

On the battlefield, the two people retreated right after their attacks clashed.Those punches just then had made it clear that they were going at it with all their strength, but it also seemed that they had been deliberately testing each other out.

Compared with the true perfect-stage, what they lacked was only spiritual perfection. As long as this last step was completed, they would immediately achieve true perfection. However, while physical strength was simple to achieve, mental power was difficult to cultivate. This was why many strong people practiced hard, but still couldn’t complete this last step. Their minds had gaps in thought that were hard to form.

Often, only those who were pure in mind could have their mind reach perfection because they had fewer distractions and were the same both inside and out.

When Mu Yi and Huang Feihong gave full play to their speed, they almost disappeared to the eyes of others. Even if they invoked Qi in their eyes, they could see only layers of virtual shadows or hear the sound of thunder, but couldn’t see what was happening.

In a few breaths, Mu Yi had collided with Huang Feihong more than ten times. No matter how powerful he was, the other side seemed to be able to handle it, and there was no expression of exertion shown on his face. Seeing this, Mu Yi had to admit that he was far worse than Huang Feihong in terms of fighting technique. The other side was a real combat master. Therefore, it was not wise to compete with him in direct fighting. Mu Yi should then attack Huang Feihong with his own strengths.

However, Mu Yi’s purpose was to hone himself. It was not only to fight but also to improve his overall strength. So although he knew that it was not favorable for him, he didn’t give up. Instead, he took the initiative to attack again and again. With the continuous attacks, he obviously felt his understanding of combat was gradually deepening, especially when it came to the unnamed fighting techniques. If it hadn’t been for the unknown fighting techniques, he would have been busy defending Huang Feihong’s punches and would have been unable to attack at all. 

   Huang Feihong’s face was finally becoming a little more dignified. He clearly felt that his fighting technique was far higher than that of Mu Yi’s, but it was hard to suppress Mu Yi for more than a moment. Mu Yi would use one powerful strike every few moves, which he had to be careful to deal with appropriately or risk injury.

In addition, Huang Feihong could feel the progress of Mu Yi’s fighting techniques. He was amazed by Mu Yi’s qualifications. Although the people in cultivation would often look young, Mu Yi really was young.

Huang Feihong was over 50 years old. He looked young because of his success in martial arts. His strength was still at its peak, far from decline. If he reached the perfect-stage, then he would only rise higher.

Besides, even if he was old, it would not affect his strength. As he aged, a natural death would merely become harder to resist.

But the true meaning of cultivation was to live forever and break free of the three worlds and the five elements to become immortal.

Huang Feihong knew that Mu Yi was honing his fighting techniques, but he didn’t care. Instead, he deliberately cooperated with Mu Yi to some extent. This alone made Mu Yi far inferior to Huang Feihong. At least, he was unable to do the same for another.

Besides, his opponent was a man of chivalry, and he was not.

As for whether the other side’s behavior was pedantic, different people would have different opinions. At least Huang Feihong insisted on being righteous and would never do things that hurt people secretly. This was his character and his martial spirit. If he disobeyed it, he wouldn’t reach perfection for his entire life.

While some strong people seemed to be stubborn, they were in fact merely sticking to their beliefs and refusing to be shaken. Was this kind of spirit represented by the word “pedantry”?

However, Mu Yi’s faith was also firm. He would not change his decisions just because he respected the man. Even though Huang Feihong caused Mu Yi to admire him, he would only be able to take Zhen Ping’er away by defeating Mu Yi.  

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