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Chapter 448 Into the Realm of Perfection


When the men collided with each other, their energies clashed as well and moved so fast that it seemed as though they were everywhere at once. They disturbed the stability of the space within a hundred-mile radius. If someone weak looked on, they would feel dizzy and sick. As it was, even those who were slightly stronger could not see their movements clearly.


After another ferocious collision, the two figures suddenly separated, it seemed as though Mu Yi was in an unfavorable situation.

“Master, is this the power of perfection?” On the other side, Yan Wushuang finally couldn’t help asking. The impact of the battle on her was too great. When the two fought, she couldn’t even get close.

“It should be?” Yan Feifei said with some uncertainty. Although she had more knowledge than her apprentice, it was the first time she had seen such a battle between experts at the perfect-stage. Although she did not know about Huang Feihong, Mu Yi was a legendary expert in the realm of perfection after all.

“It’s so powerful. Unfortunately, there is no one who has reached the perfect-stage in our clan.” Yan Wushuang shook his head and said. Although the Hehuan Clan was good for the lower sects, the strongest supreme elder in the sect was said to be at the peak of the second-stage. Moreover, he had been closed-door cultivation for many years and was still far away from the perfect level.

“As long as you practice hard, you may be able to achieve it in the future.” Yan Feifei comforted her apprentice. In fact, even she knew how pale such comfort was. Although her apprentice had better qualifications than her own, her apprentice was still far from attaining perfection.

If this realm were really so easy to reach, there wouldn’t be so few of them.

“I will.” Yan Wushuang nodded hard and clenched her fist. This battle had shattered her previous ideas of strength, but at the same time, it had also roused her ambitions.

“Your fighting technique is almost perfect. If your mental state is perfected, then you will reach the perfect-stage. At that time, you will deserve to be called a grandmaster.” Looking at Huang Feihong, Mu Yi spoke slowly. 

” It is too hard to have a mind mirroring perfection.” Huang Feihong shook his head. His tone was flat and he seemed unmoved either by gain or loss.

“It’s hard, but it’s not impossible to achieve. In terms of fighting, I admit I am not as good as you.” Mu Yi looked at Huang Feihong and said. Zhu Qing’er, who was hiding, was almost overjoyed when she heard this. After all, Mu Yi had said before that if Huang Feihong beat him, he would hand her over to Zhen Ping’er. Was he going to give up?

When Zhu Qing’er thought it was over, Mu Yi said, “But if you want to take Zhen Ping’er away, then this is not enough.”

Mu Yi had made it very clear. Next, he would not be limited to the fight techniques but would really try his best to beat him.

Huang Feihong’s face got more solemn, but there was no impatience on his face. He just looked at Mu Yi and nodded, “Let me learn from you.”


Mu Yi shouted and then he pointed to Huang Feihong in the sky. “Thunder, fall!”

Huang Feihong’s pupil shrank sharply and his body disappeared in an instant. At the same time, the sky suddenly brightened, and a thunderbolt fell down, aimed directly at Huang Feihong’s body.

After finding that he was locked onto and was unable to escape, Huang Feihong finally raised his head and threw out a blow that had gathered his spirit and was far more powerful than the ones he attacked with before.


A loud noise rang out. When people reopened their eyes, the thunder had disappeared and Huang Feihong was a little embarrassed, but his eyes were brighter and his will to fight had been roused.

“Fall! Fall! Fall!”

Mu Yi’s face was expressionless. He pointed at Huang Feihong again. The three words came out of his mouth in quick succession. The world lit up again. The furious thunder directly submerged Huang Feihong within its flow. After reaching great success with Mu Yi’s thunder techniques, the power of the thunder he summoned had also greatly increased. Although it had not been tested, Mu Yi believed that even a senior-level expert could only take one or two such attacks.

It was hard to say how strong it would be against a perfect-stage expert, but it was definitely a threat.

As for Huang Feihong, although he was only a  half-step into perfection, his fist energy was condensed to the extreme. This kind of fist energy was full of Yang Qi, so the damage brought to him by thunder was less, but “less” was not the same as “none”.

When the thunder dissipated, his hair was a mess and his Confucian robe was tattered. Zhu Qing’er opened her mouth in horror. Even Yan Feifei and her disciple were silent at the moment.

“Haha, this feels good.”

All of a sudden, Huang Feihong burst into laughter and there was a strange energy eminating from his body.

“I, Huang Feihong, have practiced martial arts since the age of five. At the age of ten, I learned my father’s techniques. After 12 years, I had studied hundreds of fist techniques. At the age of thirty, I integrated those techniques into one technique to develop the unique technique I called the Hong Technique. Unexpectedly, when I was at my peak, I met one person who defeated me with one punch. All my arrogance dissipated. Then I wasted ten years and couldn’t leave behind the shadow of my loss, so I had to establish Bao Zhilin. It has been another 20 years since I began to save the dying and help the wounded. Although my fighting technique has been perfected, it’s hard for my mind to be perfected because my defeat left in me a shadow. As such, I can only stop at the half-step of perfection and can’t move forward.”

“In my old age, I only wanted to make up for my lack of soul, but I found that it was difficult. I had no hope. But after fighting with you today, I finally realized that to escape is to be cowardly. Even if my fighting technique could communicate with God, it was difficult to complete my soul. My fighting technique should be brave and based on belief.”

Huang Feihong spoke slowly as he was telling his life story. When he was talking, his inexplicable energy was constantly being refined, and he seemed to be experiencing a transformation. Although he looked a little embarrassed, the light in his eyes was more and more bright.

Mu Yi stood still and didn’t interrupt him. In fact, Huang Feihong’s experience was his moment of achieving perfection. This kind of opportunity couldn’t be missed. Even if Huang Feihong could really make a breakthrough, he was not afraid, because he still had the Xin lamp. As long as the Xin lamp was in his hands, he could display strength at the perfect-stage. No one could change this.

“But thank you very much for today. I was able to remove the last gap in my mind. Now, it’s completed.”

When Huang Feihong finished, his energy exploded like a flame rushing to the sky. All of a sudden, the world felt like a vacuum. Zhu Qing’er, Yan Feifei, and even Nian Nuer all seemed to be affected.

However, Mu Yi had a small world around him, keeping him isolated and unaffected.

“Today, I entered the realm of perfection.”

Huang Feihong said softly. This short sentence epitomized his whole life with chilling vicissitudes.


Suddenly, Huang Feihong’s body shook and his clothes were puffed up. His appearance became younger. In a short moment, time seemed to turn backwards on him. Originally, he had seemed to be in his late forties, but now he looked to only be in his early thirties.

   His spirit and mind integrated into one, and they became inseparable from each other. The originally soaring energy converged slowly and finally made him look like an ordinary person once more.

Yan Wushuang opened her mouth slightly. Huang Feihong hadn’t hidden anything in his words just now, so she could hear them clearly and it turned out that he had not really reached perfection before.

She couldn’t help but look at Mu Yi. Now Huang Feihong had achieved true perfection. What about Mu Yi? Would he no longer be Huang Feihong’s opponent? Yan Wushang suddenly felt worried.

Yan Feifei wore a complex look. No one knew what she was thinking. Maybe she wanted Huang Feihong to win. After all, Huang Feihong could take Zhen Ping’er away if he won. This was her previous wish. But she didn’t know why there was no trace of joy on her face.

On the other side, Zhu Qing’er was full of joy. Huang Feihong’s breakthrough meant that he could defeat Mu Yi and then take her away.

On the contrary, Nian Nuer and the others did not have any worries, even though Huang Feihong had made a breakthrough. Because they knew that Mu Yi had been an expert with perfect-stage strength for a long time. The battle was just beginning.

“They all say that you’re a man with the strength of perfection. I’d like to have a try today.” Huang Feihong looked at Mu Yi and said.

“Although you entered perfection, you have only done so now. Since you want to try me, I, the Envoy, will fulfill your wish.” Mu Yi said lightly. 

After Mu Yi finished talking, the shadow of the Xin lamp suddenly appeared behind him, and his energy was suddenly complete. Although this kind of integration was different from that of Huang Feihong, it was also at the perfect-stage.


Then, the virtual shadow of the Xin lamp disappeared. Instead, a Vermilion Bird was suspended behind Mu Yi’s head. Its cold eyes looked down upon all the creatures of the earth and purple flames were dancing around it, making Mu Yi look unreal.

Huang Feihong’s face became solemn again. In fact, he had had doubts before. He had felt that Mu Yi was not really at the perfect-stage. He had thought that those rumors were just rumors. 

At last, Huang Feihong stopped hesitating and punched towards Mu Yi. So far, it was the first time he initiated an attack.

Huang Feihong had reached perfection with no flaws. Each of his punches could be regarded as the peak. What he thought was perfect was acted upon without any effort. Even when a punch was thrown out, there was a big figure behind him, moving with him.


The Vermilion Bird behind Mu Yi flapped its wings and the flames arced across the sky and wrapped Huang Feihong. The violent force was rampant. The surrounding area was hit by the storm of energy and the nearby trees were broken. Zhu Qing’er, who had hidden behind a tree, rolled backwards and fell.

Nian Nuer and Chong Jiayi were expecting this to occur and had disappeared immediately. In addition to their quick actions, they were covered by walls. So they were not hurt.

On the other side, Yan Feifei and her apprentice staggered under the strong wind as their dresses fluttered violently.

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