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Chapter 449 Moon Temple

“So this is the perfect-stage.”

When the rampage ended, Yan Wushuang murmured to herself. She and her master were only reached by a small wave of energy, but that alone caused them to be unable to resist. If they were closer, it would have been messy. The surrounding ground seemed to have had a layer removed. Many areas were covered with potholes and the surrounding trees were destroyed.

A fear suddenly rose in Yan Wushuang’s heart. A fear of power and the unknown.

“I’m not your opponent.”

After one move, Huang Feihong did not continue to attack, but sighed and admitted defeat. In the collision just now, he was obviously weaker, but this was normal.

Although Mu Yi didn’t truly reach the perfect-stage with his own body, he still achieved this level of power with the help of the Xin lamp. Even for the perfect-stage, the level of strength the Xin lamp provided was strong. Huang Feihong had only just made a breakthrough, and even though he had made a leap in strength, he was still inferior to Mu Yi. Especially in front of the Nanming Li fire.

“The perfect-stage is just the beginning for you and me. Although you wasted many years, you will surely make rapid progress. Maybe you will take that final step.” Although he had the upper hand, Mu Yi didn’t despise Huang Feihong at all.

There was a kind of person in the world, called a late bloomer. This term could be used to describe Huang Feihong at this moment.

“I’ve got a long way to go.” Huang Feihong shook his head gently, then looked at Mu Yi and said, “Although I don’t know why you took Ping’er, with my understanding of her, she wouldn’t do any evil things. Maybe there was a misunderstanding in this.”

“It’s not up to you and me to decide whether there’s a misunderstanding, but if I really wronged her, I will naturally apologize to her. But for now, she had to come with me and meet someone.” Mu Yi said without hesitation. Mu Yi did not want to make enemies with Huang Feihong. Not only because Huang Feihong was now a perfect-stage expert, but also because Mu Yi respected the man’s conduct.

“If so, I’ll be relieved.” Huang Feihong nodded. He didn’t need to know everything. Just as Mu Yi believed in his conduct, he also believed in Mu Yi. If Mu Yi was really a traitor and a villain, he would not have given Huang Feihong the chance to break through just now. Moreover, at that time, Mu Yi absolutely had the ability to kill him.

After that, Huang Feihong turned around and left. Zhu Qing’er couldn’t help shouting at master Huang as he left.

Yan Feifei and her disciple looked at each other and finally came up.

“You two are also here to persuade me to let her go?” Mu Yi said with a light glance.

“No.” Unexpectedly, Yan Wushuang took the lead in shaking her head. “I believe that the Envoy of the Flag is a man who would never wrong innocent people. Moreover, this matter must be explained. Especially since this matter also involves my Hehuan Clan. We dare not stop you.”

“Oh.” Mu Yi looked at Yan Wushuang accidentally, and Yan Feifei’s expression beside him didn’t hide from him. Although it was a bit awkward, she didn’t have hatred in her eyes.

“However, I would like to ask the Envoy of the Flag to allow us to accompany you .” Yan Wushuang revealed their purpose. Since Mu Yi couldn’t be persuaded to let go of Zhen Ping’er, it was natural to follow him. It was better to find out the truth in any case.

If those evil deeds were really carried out by Zhen Ping’er, then even if Yan Feifei was Zhen Ping’er’s senior aunt, she couldn’t say anything more. She had to give justice to those who had died. On the contrary, if there was a mystery that remained unsolved, or it turned out that these crimes were not performed by Zhen Ping’er, then they naturally hoped that Mu Yi could let her go. They had no hope nor desire for an apology.

“A clever woman.” With a smile in Mu Yi’s heart, he was clear about Yan’s thoughts, but he didn’t feel opposed.

“If you want to follow me, feel free to do so.” Mu Yi left this sentence and turned away.

Yan Feifei and Yan Wushuang were surprised. It seemed that they didn’t expect that things would be so smooth, especially with Mu Yi. After all, Yan Feifei could still remember those events from earlier. Now, Mu Yi seemed to have changed into another person.

In a room, Zhen Ping’er sat on a bed. Unless she heard a noise and looked out of the window, she was still. She never even thought of running away. How could she?

The next day, the group began to return to Fo Mountain. They had procured an extra carriage that Yan Feifei and Zhen Ping’er shared.

In the frontmost carriage, Mu Yi’s body gently shook while he meditated. It seemed that Mu Yi would cultivate as long as he had free time, refusing to let any opportunity to increase his strength pass by.

Nian Nuer stayed with Mu Yi initially, but she quickly became bored. Mu Yi trained incessantly, and Chong Jiayi and Wu Xiaosi treated her like a fragile princess, which was boring. Even the Big Slave was boring. 

Since Mu Yi had set a goal for the Big Slave and so he had been exercising. At present he was still wearing an iron suit and following the carriage. Only when he saw Nian Nuer could he smile.

In the end, Nian Nuer was so bored that she snuck into the carriage behind her. When she left, Mu Yi had noticed, but he didn’t mind it.

In the morning, they left for Fo Mountain. When they came back, Mu Yi found someone to confirm their identities. People confirmed that Zhen Ping’er was the woman they called Zhu Yun. Even Yan Feifei didn’t know what to say.

Before on the road, Yan Feifei had questioned Zhen Ping’er, but she had refused to say anything. Yan Feifei eventually gave up. She still had some doubts in her heart, but at present, she had no proof to support Zhen Ping’er’s innocence.

Yan Feifei was afraid to ask Mu Yi for help on behalf of Zhen Ping’er. She not only had to worry about herself, but also her apprentice and her clan.

After Mu Yi asked someone to identify her, he didn’t pay any attention to Zhen Ping’er, as if he had completely forgotten her. This attitude made Yan Feifei a little confused. Even Zhen Ping’er showed some doubts, and didn’t understand what Mu Yi intended

In fact, only Mu Yi himself knew that he was merely waiting for someone. He believed that since Jiao Hua set all this up, he would naturally show up. What’s more, the events of the last few days were so noisy that he couldn’t hide from others in any case. So Mu Yi just needed to wait quietly.

Time passed for a few days, but Jiao Hua hadn’t appeared. Even Mu Yi showed a little doubt. It was hard not to doubt that what he guessed before was all wrong? Did he just happen to be there?

No, it couldn’t be so coincidental. Jiao Hua was not an ordinary person either. Since he appeared, it must have deeper meaning. As for why he hadn’t appeared at present, Mu Yi could only blame some unforeseen circumstance. But he had nothing to do at present, so he just continued waiting for a few more days.

Just as Mu Yi was preparing to wait for a long time, suddenly someone sent a letter. The letter only had three words written on it: The Moon Temple.

At the first mention of the Moon Temple, Mu Yi knew it was a Taoist temple, but Mu Yi didn’t know where the Moon Temple was, so he directly asked Yan Lun to check. This letter was likely sent by Jiao Hua. As long as he found the Moon Temple, he could find Jiao Hua.

“Your Excellency, it has been discovered that the Moon Temple was in Jiangmen, less than 200 Li from Fo Mountain. The Moon Temple was located at the top of Guifeng mountain, which was quite famous in the nearby area. It was said that there was an old immortal living on the mountain.

“Guifeng mountain, the Moon Temple?” Mu Yi mumbled to himself.

Jiao Hua, this time you should not continue to play any tricks, right? If you are not at Guifeng mountain, I would not play with you anymore.

The next day, the group of people set out again. Yan Feifei returned to her can, but left Yan Wushuang with Mu Yi. 

Two hundred Li later, they stopped and came to the foot of the mountain.

A village was built on the mountain, so people in the village were familiar with Guifeng mountain. They often went to the mountain to collect herbs. Therefore, Mu Yi inquired about the Moon Temple and the supposed immortal living there.

When the villagers knew that Mu Yi and other people were looking for the Moon Temple, they automatically praised the immortal, saying that the old immortal could help the world, and even save lives. Unfortunately, the old immortal spent most of the time in seclusion, and even if some people went up the mountain, most of them could only see the disciples of the old immortal.

But even the disciples of the old immortal were not ordinary people, they already had ability equal to that of fifty or sixty percent of the old immortal’s.

All these things were told to Mu Yi by the old population of the village. The old immortal was said to have lived for 120 years. When the old man’s grandfather was alive, the old fairy already existed. Of course, some people said that the old immortal by name was truly an immortal in nature. Mu Yi naturally didn’t believe that.

No matter whether the so-called old immortal was called Jiao Hua or not, Mu Yi would go there.

“Are you not afraid?”

In the evening, Mu Yi stood in the yard, with his hands on his back, and looked at Guifeng mountain not far away. The peak was like a giant in the night. It was frightening.

At this time, a slight sound of footsteps came. Without looking back, Mu Yi could tell that it was Zhen Ping’er.

Throughout the past few days, Mu Yi and Zhen Ping’er had very few exchanges. This was the first time that she had actively approached him.

“If I say I’m afraid, will you’ll let me go?” Zhen Ping’er had a light voice with no mood fluctuation.

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