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Chapter 450 The end

Hearing Zhen Ping’er’s words, Mu Yi just shook his head gently. He wouldn’t let her go easily.

“To be frank, although there was a trace of resentment on you, it was not that strong, and there was no indication of you raising ghosts.”

Just as Zhen Ping’er was about to turn around and leave, Mu Yi suddenly spoke, and his words stopped Zhen Ping’er in her tracks and even made her tremble slightly.

“You already knew?” Zhen couldn’t help asking.

“Yes.” Mu Yi nodded. In fact, he had found out when he first met her.

“Then why did you…” Zhen Ping’er couldn’t help but open her mouth, but she didn’t know what to say. Since Mu Yi was clear on these matters, why did he take her away. There was no way he had no purpose, that would be impossible.

“Why did I want to take you?” Mu Yi smiled gently, and his sight fell on the mountain again. “Naturally, I want to find someone who wanted me to catch you. As for whether you were really murderous or not, it has nothing to do with me. As long as you are Zhu Yun, that’s enough.”

Zhen Ping’er looked at Mu Yi, as if she didn’t know what to say. Yan Wushuang closed her mouth gently, and there was a trace of disbelief in her eyes.

Originally, after confirming that Zhen Ping’er was Zhu Yun, even she thought that Zhen Ping’er was the murderer, otherwise it would be difficult to explain what had happened at the beginning. But unexpectedly, she now knew that Mu Yi had known that the murderer was someone else, and that Zhen Ping’er was only an accomplice at worst.

However, Yan Wushuang was unable to question Mu Yi, and a terrible thought flashed through her mind. Since Zhen Ping’er was not the real murderer, who was? Who could have access to the forbidden technique of the Hehuan Clan?

Who could make Zhen Ping’er bear all this willingly?

And at the moment, Yan Wushuang finally understood why Zhen Ping’er didn’t defend herself this whole time and even refused to speak when her master was brought up.

Zhen Ping’er was a Zhu Yun. There was no doubt about that. What was Zhu Qing’er’s identity? 

Yan Wushuang dared not continue to think about it. Even at this moment, she had an impulse to go back to the clan immediately and tell her master the truth, but she did not act on this impulse.

“Well, rest early. We’ll go up the mountain tomorrow morning. As for your fate, it has nothing to do with me.” After Mu Yi finished speaking, he left, leaving Zhen Ping’er alone in the yard. There were no one nearby at the moment. At last, she didn’t hide herself any more, and her face also showed a trace of loss.

“Is it really none of your business?” Zhen Ping’er muttered to herself.


In the morning of the next day, Mu Yi took the group to the mountain. He had learned the route from the village population before, so he didn’t have to worry about getting lost. This time, even Wu Xiaosi was pulled along by Chong Jiayi. During this time, Wu Xiaosi had completely accepted Chong Jiayi as his teacher. However, Chong Jiayi was very strict with Wu Xiaosi. It seemed that Mu Yi was the constant object of comparison.

The road up the mountain was a little bumpy, but the scenery was good. Even in autumn, it was still green. In the morning, the mountain top was surrounded by clouds and the mountain fog floated. It seemed to cover Guifeng with a mysterious veil, especially in the middle of the mountain. 

After a while, they finally saw bluestone steps winding upwards. People were walking towards the top of the stone steps.

 After a while, a magnificent Taoist temple finally appeared in sight. On the tower gate , there was a horizontal plaque with three characters that read, The Moon Temple.

“The Moon Temple.” Mu Yi raised his head, looked at the words on the horizontal board, and said softly.


Just after Mu Yi spoke, the two tall doors opened slowly, and then a middle-aged Taoist came out from them. When he saw Mu Yi, the middle-aged Taoist gave a light salute, “Welcome guests!”

“We can’t be regarded as distinguished guests. I just hope we won’t be treated as evil guests.” Mu Yi said with a smile.

“You’re joking. Master has been waiting for her for a long time. Master said to go in with her.” The middle-aged Taoist said and pointed to Nian Nuer.

This result was also expected by Mu Yi, so after nodding at the other person, he led the little girl into the room. The little girl seemed to feel something, and she nervously held Mu Yi’s hand, unwilling to let go.

After entering the gate, the first room they saw was the main hall. It was dedicated to three statues of Shangqing. The incense in the censer was constantly smoking.

Mu Yi saluted the statues of the three celestial beings. Then he took the little girl and walked inside. He stepped over the threshold. Behind him was the residence of those who lived at the Taoist temple. There were several houses. It seemed that they had been standing for many years.

“Come in.”

Just after Mu Yi arrived at the door, a voice came from the door. The voice was vaguely familiar. It was Jiao Hua.

Mu Yi pushed the door directly. In the yard, an old man in a Taoist robe was trimming a tea tree. He looked very serious. At the moment, the old Jiao Hua had changed out of his tattered clothes, instead wearing a neat Taoist robe.

“I pay my respects.”

The courtesy Mu Yi displayed was humble despite his identity and strength, in part because Mu Yi found that he still couldn’t see the depths Jiao held.

The little girl seemed to have become strange. She snuggled up beside Mu Yi and even let Mu Yi cover most of her body and secretly looked at the old man.

Jiao Hua put down his scissors and turned to look at Mu Yi. More accurately, his eyes fell on Nian Nuer.

“Was this Nuer? In a flash, the little girl had grown up.” Jiao Hua spent a tiny smile, it seemed that the time in his eyes was really just a blink of an eye.

Because last time Mu Yi told him the name of the little girl, it was obvious that he hadn’t forgotten either.

“Elder?” Mu Yi asked, looking at the Jiao Hua.

“Five chakras, with the help of magic weapons, could barely reach the strength of the perfect-stage. This strength was a sword. Although it’s a bit reliant on external factors, this strength is rare at your age. At first, I thought it would take you at least five years to reach this step. I didn’t expect you to do it in just one year, but it seems that this time I was wrong.” Jiao Hua shook his head and said, but Mu Yi was secretly shocked. Jiao Hua could see at a glance that he had only opened five chakras. But he didn’t even notice Tang Shang at the beginning.

“The elder joked that if I want to reach the perfect-stage with my own strength, maybe five years was not enough. At present I’m just taking advantage of external forces.” Said Mu Yi modestly.

“This is also a manifestation of strength. And with your strong foundation, I’m fairly certain you could barely touch the threshold of the perfection-stage even without magic weapons. It’s not bad, it’s not bad.” Jiao Hua said slowly, even with a satisfied look on his face.

“Thank you for your praise.” Mu Yi also accepted it.

“You deserve it, and I said at the beginning, when you found me again, I would send you to a great creation. Although you came earlier than I expected, you should be able to bear it if you want to come to that creation.” Jiao Hua looked at Mu Yi to say.

“Master, I’m here mainly for the truth of that year. As for creation, I believe that even if there was no creation, I would not be worse than anyone else.” Mu Yi shook his head and said that if it was only for the so-called creation, he would not have to come here after traveling for thousands of miles. All of this was for the sake of Nian Nuer.

Jiao Hua saw Mu Yi’s facial expression was firm, shook head gently finally, “Be at ease, since I promised you at the beginning, I will tell you the truth of course.”

All of a sudden, Mu Yi felt that his hand was firmly held. He turned to look at Nian Nuer and found that the little girl was nervous. Finally, he reached out and touched the little girl’s head. “Don’t worry, your brother is here, and brother promised that he would be with you for all time.”

It seemed that Mu Yi’s words played a role, and the girl’s tense expression was slowly relaxed, but she still held Mu Yi’s hand tightly.

“As a matter of fact, Nian Weiyi was my eldest apprentice.” As soon as Jiao Hua opened his mouth, even Mu Yi was shocked. Although he had known that the relationship between the two was profound, he didn’t expect that the father of Nian Nuer would be Jiao Hua’s Apprentice.

“Master, what happened in those years? I believe that with your strength, you would be able to protect your apprentice, right? ” Mu Yi looked at Jiao Hua and asked. In fact, he was somewhat interrogative. His words were not respectful, but Jiao Hua didn’t care about his attitude.

“With my strength, even if he offended the third most powerful person, I could barely protect him, but you know, the world is much bigger than you realize even now.” There was a trace of pain and struggle on Jiao Hua’s face. Obviously, there were many things that had to be done, but even Jiao Hua was powerless.

However, the more Jiao Hua said, the more Mu Yi wanted to know the truth. As for the depth of the world, he had known it for a long time. As for the scope of the world, he also had some guesses and even knew the end of the laws.

It seemed that he knew what was going on in Mu Yi’s mind. Jiao Hua said, “Since you have entered the Yellow River’s ancient road and been to that ancient battlefield, you should know what occurred at the end of the Last Calamity, right?”

Mu Yi was shocked. Looking at Jiao Hua’s expression, he had a clear face. It seemed that he had known for a long time. So Mu Yi just nodded his head, “I know something, but I don’t know what predecessor thought of the Last Calamity?”

Mu Yi couldn’t help but ask, after all, the Last Calamity was like a blade hanging above his head. If you didn’t pay attention to it, it might fall one day, and it would inevitably end in death.

“The Last Calamity was just an inevitable result. Even if those people tried their best to delay the coming of Last Calamity, they did not know that the more the catastrophe was delayed, the more ferocious it would be when it broke out next time.” Jiao Hua shook his head and said.

“Maybe they knew that at the beginning, but at that time, there might have been a trace of life left. If they didn’t do anything, I’m afraid there would be no life left.” Mu Yi couldn’t help saying that practice was to surpass oneself, and even to stake your life against the sky. The important thing was to fight. If you didn’t fight, you had nothing. If you fought, there was naturally hope for success.

Hearing Mu Yi’s words, Jiao Hua looked at him for a long time without any words. It seemed that he was remembering something, and Mu Yi didn’t urge him, just waited quietly.

Finally, Jiao Hua sighed, “You know what? When I told him that, he had the same reaction as you, and he didn’t admit defeat. “

“Was it?” Mu Yi couldn’t help being more curious about Nian Nuer’s father. He remembered that when he used to call Nian Weiyi as the only one, he used a strange person to describe it. The so-called strange person naturally had a strange thing.

“Then what happened to him later had to do with this?” Mu Yi asked again.

“Yes, if I hadn’t told him that, maybe he wouldn’t have died.” There was a look of pain on Jiao Hua’s face. At this time, Mu Yi suddenly understood why he liked to play crazy and play silly. The more he acted this way, the less pain he felt.

“Master, I believe he didn’t regret anything even when he died.” After hesitating for a while, Mu Yi comforted him, because he felt that he would never regret it even if he died. Maybe there were some regrets in his heart, but they would not be intolerable  regrets.

What’s more, Mu Yi thought of this place and couldn’t help looking at the little girl. He just didn’t know whether the events of that year were also related to her?

“Yes, he would not regret it, but I do.” Said Jiao Hua.

At this time, Mu Yi didn’t know how to comfort him. At present, he just needed to be a listener and learn the truth of that year. Especially since Nian Nuer had grown up and had more rights to know these things.

At that time, Nian Nuer’s mother didn’t wait for Nian Nuer’s father to come back even when she died. Maybe this was one of her obsessions that she was unwilling to let go.

“Please tell me the truth. I also need to know how her father died.” After Mu Yi finished, he obviously felt that the little girl was shaking all over, but these were things she had to go through.

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