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Chapter 451 the Master Techniques

“There is spiritual cultivation, the opening of chakras, martial arts cultivation, and the refining of both spirit and body, but do you know of the Master techniques?” Jiao Hua was serious and spoke slowly.

“The Master techniques? I don’t know of them. Please advise me.” Mu Yi shook his head and said. He was cultivating his spirit and opening the chakras in his body. Many people in the world practiced martial arts and refined their spirit and body. Both had their own advantages. However, the latter was much easier in comparison. After all, even an ordinary person who had been practicing hard for long enough could strengthen his body.

   With a little better talent, you could cultivate the power of Qi, becoming a  low-class expert and attaining a certain degree of strength.

   However, spiritual cultivation was different. Even the first step was exceptionally difficult. One needed to pass through many trials. Thus the requirements for spiritual cultivation were far more stringent. Mu Yi had his share of troubles with spiritual cultivation, so he was familiar with it for certain.

   However, Mu Yi had never heard of these Master techniques. But of course that did not mean that they did not exist.

“The Master techniques are the way of the ancient sages. The sages sought understanding from the six harmonies of the heavens, from the four seas, from the weather and the skies, from all of creation, and even that which is not of our world. By this understanding, the Master techniques were developed.” Jiao Hua said slowly.

“What is holiness? Holiness is to obtain understanding! It’s holy to hear, to see, to seek, and it’s the height of holiness to know everything. That’s why to be holy is to seek holiness and to accept foolishness is the most foolish of acts.”

“This holiness comes from the world. The world is the origin of everything, from the land and to the furthest reaches of the sky. It symbolizes immensity and power. Thus it is called holy. A true Master takes the earth as his teacher; understands the truth of the heavens and the earth, and so he becomes a saint.”

   The voice of Jiao Hua seemed to print his words into Mu Yi’s heart. There was no ambiguity in the core of his words. Mu Yi understood what a true Master was immediately. Compared with spiritual cultivation or martial arts cultivation, the Master techniques were brought about through understanding of the laws of heaven and earth. Everything came from the world around him. From the beginning, the techniques must be integrated with the heavens and the earth. Only in this way could the Master techniques be practiced.

“However, since ancient times, there have only been a few people who have cultivated the Master techniques. In every dynasty, there are only a few. In addition to the difficulty of practicing these techniques, the Master techniques are also the emperor’s techniques. Only with the help of the dynasty can one achieve great success in the Master techniques. However, this Dynasty doesn’t have a long life, so most of the Masters are not that good in the end.”

“Is Nian Nuer’s father also a Master from Manchu?” Mu Yi couldn’t help asking.

“No, Nian Weiyi is proud, and he would never allow himself to work for the Manchu. His qualifications were outstanding even among the past generations of Masters, so he took a new approach. He took the world as his teacher. He took the earth as his bones, mountains and rivers as his veins, and made his footprints all over the world. During this time, Weiyi met Nuer’s mother. Then, Weiyi was known to the world as Mr. Fengshui, and they fell in love at first sight. “

   Jiao Hua’s words also answered a question in Mu Yi’s mind. According to Su Chongshan, when Nian Nuer’s father appeared, he had held a compass in his hand and was known as Fengshui to others. 

   As for the elopement of the two later, Nian Nuer’s mother likely followed her husband to journey around the world, which was also the reason Su Chongshan couldn’t find her.

“Unfortunately, if Weiyi had been born 30 years earlier, he may have achieved what he sought. However, nowadays, the heavens and the earth do not allow masters to achieve great success. Thus the Master techniques are doomed to pass.” Jiao Hua said.

“Then why did you teach the Master techniques to him?” Mu Yi asked in confusion. 

“At that time, I told him that there were three ways. The lower way was to be a Godly Man. The middle way was to achieve the perfect-stage. However, the upper way may find you reaching a dead end.” Jiao Hua sat there silent for a while, and looked as though he were reminiscing.

   Even if Jiao Hua didn’t say it, Mu Yi could guess that Weiyi chose the upper way, which were the Master techniques.

“At first, I just wanted to polish him and to make him understand that the upper way is not feasible. After he failed in his attempt, I would pass on the middle method, but I didn’t expect that the more hopeless it seemed, the more he would go out of his way to seek out a path. When I found out and wanted to change his path, it was too late. He had already been introduced to the Master techniques. Even if his accomplishments were abandoned, it would have been too hard to change.”

“For this reason, I had to tell him the news of the Last Calamity. Therefore, he went somewhere he should not have and was cursed. Because the little girl was his blood, she also suffered from the curse. Weiyi tried his best, and he could only cause the child to be born smoothly, but because of the congenital damage and the curse, she was doomed to have difficulty surviving.”

“In the end, I gave him the Bamboo Tree of Life and took a trace of the soul of this little girl to live in it. When the time came, she could live with the Bamboo Tree of Life. Although she will be transformed into a ghost, she can still survive. Moreover, the innate ghost may become a ghost king in the future, which is no different from a real living person.”

  Jiao Hua looked at Nian Nuer, and his eyes were permeated with an indescribable love, perhaps his heart had held a tremendous amount of guilt.

“And then?” Mu Yi continued to ask, but he also understood that it must have a lot to do with Nian Weiyi’s death. Otherwise, if he was still alive, he would not have let Nian Nuer and her mother go back to the Su family alone.

“In fact, although Weiyi walked out that cursed place alive, he only barely escaped with his life. If he was not supported by the obsession in his heart, maybe he would not have survived until the birth of the little girl as he had. When the little girl was born, the obsession in his heart dissipated. At this time, he found that an extremely evil force was invading his body. Once he was under its control, the consequences would be unthinkable. “

“At that time, the situation was so serious that I had no choice but to take him back, hoping to suppress the evil in his body, but I failed. At the last moment, before becoming fully occupied by the evil force, he chose to destroy himself.”

   Jiao Hua’s eyes were slightly moist. At the same time, he waved gently, and a jade box on the table flew into Mu Yi’s hands. 

“This is the only thing he left.”

   Hearing Jiao Hua’s words, Mu Yi opened the box gently. At the bottom of the box, he saw a piece of some black thing lying quietly. It looked like a finger bone. Just then, Jiao Hua spoke again.

“This finger bone was the essence of Weiyi’s whole life. He used this finger bone to search for a dragon. The finger bone is not a magic weapon, but it also works wonders.”

   Next to him, the little girl looked at the finger bone in the box. For a long time, she didn’t fully understand the concept of a father, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t want to have one. Her own heart had guessed all along that her father was likely not in the world any longer, but she deliberately chose to push all thoughts of her father away.

   But now, the truth was in front of her, which made her desire to escape from her thoughts impossible. A tall figure appeared in her mind gradually, and his face was a little fuzzy, but she could feel that his eyes were full of a tender gaze for her.

   This was the deepest part of her memory. At this moment, it was roused completely. She vaguely understood that the figure was her father, but unexpectedly, there was no hatred in her heart.

“Take it, as this is what your father left for you.” Mu Yi said softly to Nian Nuer.

   Nian Nuer looked up at Mu Yi. After a long time, she took the box with some trembling. But just then, the black finger bone turned into a black light and penetrated into Nian Nuer’s eyebrow. Mu Yi was frightened and looked at Nian Nuer intensely.

   At the moment, Nian Nuer was still at a loss. It seemed that she didn’t know what had happened. Seeing that the little girl was okay, Mu Yi couldn’t help looking at Jiao Hua, but he found that Jiao Hua’s face was also a little surprised. Obviously, he didn’t expect that either.

“What’s the matter?” Mu Yi still couldn’t help asking. Although his instinct told him that Nian Weiyi couldn’t hurt his daughter, he died while occupied by evil forces, so no one could guarantee that the finger bone would be okay.

   It seemed that Jiao Hua understood Mu Yi’s worries. So Jiao Hua spoke. “There is no evil power in the finger bone. Of this you can rest assured. The change of the finger bone at this moment may be an arrangement of Weiyi’s for a long time. It may be that he left this for his daughter.”

“Is the finger bone dangerous?” Mu Yi continued.

“Don’t worry, the strength in the finger bone belongs to the same origin as the little girl to some extent. It won’t hurt her, and it is useful for her to absorb the strength of the finger bone.” Jiao Hua said.

   Hearing Jiao Hua’s words, Mu Yi was relieved, but he still looked at Nian Nuer and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

   The little girl shook her head with one hand touching her brow.

   Seeing that the little girl was safe, Mu Yi was also relieved for the time being. As for what use the finger bone had, this could only be determined by the little girl herself. 

“Brother, I want to sleep.”

   At this time, Nian Nuer spoke in a low voice. It may have had something to do with the finger bone. It was also likely related to her just learning about her father. Maybe sleeping would be better for her.

“Go ahead, no matter what happens, I will always be with you.” Mu Yi looked at the little girl and said.

“Um.” The little girl nodded her head cleverly, and then her body faded gradually. At the same time, the Bamboo Tree of Life appeared in her body. When she disappeared completely, Mu Yi grasped the Bamboo Tree of Life.

“These things are too cruel for her.” Jiao Hua shook his head and said.

“She has to know, and the earlier she knows, the fewer spiritual flaws she will have when she breaks through in the future.” Mu Yi said firmly. This was the main reason for him to seek the truth along with Nian Nuer so persistently. Even if it was cruel to the little girl, it was something she must experience. Mu Yi would not leave such a big flaw for her future. Although he doted on the little girl, if he spared her of this knowledge, it would be too irresponsible.

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