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Chapter 452 the Land of Four Ends

   It was natural that Jiao Hua also knew this truth. Otherwise, if he didn’t want to speak of these things, he wouldn’t speak even if Mu Yi tried to force him. The little girl was his disciple’s daughter after all. 

“Master, what place did Nian Nuer’s father enter?” Mu Yi couldn’t help asking.

“I’m afraid you have some guesses in mind?” Jiao Hua took a look at Mu Yi, and then continued. : “That place was one of the measures taken by the ancient people to deal with the Last Calamity. It was a mountain, but also a tomb. This mountain divided the Yin and Yang. Emperor Yao was buried in the Yang, and Emperor Ku was buried in the Yin.”

“Emperor Ku’s surname was Ji, and he was the great grandson of the Yellow Emperor. He was also a great generational power in ancient times. He inherited Yan and Huang and raised Yao and Shun. Emperor Yao was the son of Emperor Ku. He was also an emperor, and also had great power.”

“In order to deal with the Last Calamity, the emperor Ku and his son buried themselves in Di Mountain to control the four poles of heaven and the earth. Di mountain is the south pole of the four poles of heaven and earth.

“After that, due to their failure, Di Mountain became a place that is difficult for people to cross. Even if I went there, my chance of survival would be less than 10%

   After these explanations from Jiao Hua, Mu Yi understood what kind of place it was, and understood that there were four such places.

  Mu Yi  could more or less sense Jiao Hua’s strength. Although he had not reached the third stage, he was not far away. There was merely a hair-thin line blocking him. It was possible for him to step across it at any time and achieve the third-stage.

   Even his chance of survival with such strength was less than 10%. The danger could be imagined. In those days, it was lucky that Nian Weiyi could even come out at all. It was a little scary to think about.

   The reason why Jiao Hua said this so clearly was that he was afraid Mu Yi would try his best to seek the place out. After all, people with aptitude like Mu Yi, who constantly fought against the heavens had extreme confidence in themselves. Sometimes they were arrogant and didn’t listen to others’ advice.

   Nian Weiyi was such a person. If he didn’t venture into that place, his family would have been spared of this tragedy.

   However, Mu Yi was different from Nian Weiyi. Although he was confident, he would not act blindly. When the old Taoist Priest took him across the world, he taught him to judge the situation and know what to do and what not to do.

   Even without the admonition of Jiao Hua, Mu Yi would not have gone to that place. 

“Don’t worry. I won’t go there even in the future.” Mu Yi said decisively.

   As Jiao Hua said, the waters of this world were far deeper than he imagined, and most of those who drowned usually knew how to swim, so to some degree, ignorance was truly bliss.

“I hope you will remember what you said today.” Jiao Hua sighed and said, as if he didn’t believe Mu Yi.

   Mu Yi’s instinctive intention was to refute, but when the words reached his mouth, his heart rose and fell suddenly, as if there was a force stopping him, and he did not reply.

“Is it a whim?”

   Mu Yi frowned at once. He didn’t expect to have a whim at this time. His whims usually came from something related to him. That was to say, the land of four ends would have something to do with him, and he may even have to go there in the future.

   Sometimes, no force could resist fate.

   Seeing Mu Yi’s sudden silence, with his expression suddenly becoming a little ugly, Jiao Hua’s face was solemn, but he didn’t say anything and just looked at Mu Yi directly.

   After a long time, Mu Yi gave a wry smile and shook his head gently. “I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you. But we will only talk about that in the future. At least for now, I’m not going to die.”

“Maybe it’s providence.” Jiao Hua sighed again.

“Providence? Even if providence tries to kill me, I will cut it off.” Mu Yi’s eyes sharpened suddenly, and a strong fighting spirit came out of him.

“I’m afraid that girl will sleep for a while. If you don’t mind, stay here for a time.” Jiao Hua looked at Mu Yi and said. Although many things were not clearly stated, with Mu Yi’s cleverness, he also understood them instantly.

   In the beginning, Jiao Hua said that he would give him a big fortune. What was fortune? It was a great chance, a great opportunity, and it could even change a person’s life; thus it was called fortune.

   Even if there was no so-called material fortune, it was enough for him to benefit from the teachings of Jiao Hua. Mu Yi really needed an elder to guide his way.

   Although he had made smooth and rapid progress all the way since he started cultivation, all this was arranged by the old Taoist Priest at that time. However, at Mu Yi’s current state, the things that the old Taoist Priest prepared for him were no longer enough. At this time, what Mu Yi needed was not to make sudden progress, but to settle down and consider what path he should take moving forward.

   This process might take a long time, but it was also a process that must be experienced. If someone could give Mu Yi some advice at this time, he could avoid many potential detours.

   Therefore, Mu Yi did not refuse Jiao Hua’s good intentions. 

“Thank you so much, elder.” Mu Yi nodded and agreed.

   Seeing this, Jiao Hua also showed a smile on his face.

“By the way, I have brought the person you ask me to bring before, but I don’t know the reason why.” Mu Yi thought of Zhen Ping’er and asked.

“In fact, what I really want you to look for is not the girl, but her master, who is also a miserable person.” Jiao Hua shook his head and said.

“A miserable person?” Hearing the words of Jiao Hua, and looking at his expression, Mu Yi’s mind flashed the words of Yan Feifei and Yan Wushuang.

   If there was no mistake, according to Yan Feifei, when the female junior fellow disciple Zhu fell in love with a man, the time of that incident should have been 15 years ago, and Nian Nuer was born just 15 years ago. 

   It was obviously impossible to have a relationship with such a high-rank person as Jiao Hua, so it seemed that there was only one answer. It was Nian Weiyi.

   Thinking of this, Mu Yi couldn’t help but look at Jiao Hua and he was nodding gently. Mu Yi understood the truth completely. Nobody would think that the female junior fellow disciple Zhu was infatuated with Nian Weiyi. According to the results, Nian Weiyi obviously chose Nian Nuer’s mother, so Zhu’s infatuation was doomed.

   As for Zhen Ping’er’s master, Zhu, she was still alive. Mu Yi had guessed this for a while, but he didn’t reveal his guesses intentionally. After all, he was looking for Zhen Ping’er to find Jiao Hua, not to uphold justice.

“But since you have brought the girl, you deal with it yourself.” Jiao Hua looked at Mu Yi and said finally.

   Mu Yi’s face was slightly bitter. How could he deal with it? At the moment, it seemed that he could only let her go. He could guess how she would react. But at this time, it seemed that he could only do this. He couldn’t keep her by his side all the time.

   Although Zhen Ping’er was very beautiful, she didn’t move Mu Yi’s heart. In his eyes, no matter Zhen Ping’er or Yan Wushuang, they were women who had something he needed. That was all. If others heard of how he dismissed the two ladies’ beauty, they would have the urge to hunt him down.

   The unique beauty of Zhen Ping’er and Yan Wushuang was sought after by many. Countless people were willing to devote even their lives to them. The disciples of the Hehuan Clan were good at seducing people. It was normal for people to be beguiled.

   It was a pity that Mu Yi’s heart had been very firm, and it wasn’t shaken by beauty. Of course, this did somewhat have to to do with the fact that Mu Yi hadn’t really grown up yet.

“I’ll take care of it.” Mu Yi could only nod his head at last, as he had already decided what to do. When he went back, she would be let go. Even Yan Wushuang would be sent away with her. But he would stay here for a long time. It was quiet and full of spirit, and it was most suitable kind of place for cultivation.

“You can live in the yard nearby. In the early hours of every day, you will come here to practice for an hour.” Jiao Hua said.

“Yes.” Mu Yi made a solemn bow.

   After the ceremony, Mu Yi saw Jiao Hua pick up the scissors again and continue to trim the tea tree. Then he turned around and left.

  • ···················

“What do you mean?” In the nearby courtyard, after Mu Yi finished speaking to Zhen Ping’er, Yan Wushuang on one side stared at Mu Yi with disbelief without waiting for her to respond. She looked at Mu Yi as if she didn’t hear clearly.

   Because Mu Yi just said to Zhen Ping’er directly that she could leave.

   Up till now, Yan Wushuang still remembered that in order to find Zhen Ping’er, Mu Yi even decided to fight with Huang Feihong rather than let her go. Unexpectedly, just a few days later, he decided to let Zhen Ping’er go after climbing the mountain. What kind of medicine was sold here?

   Mu Yi glanced at Yan Wushuang, and the latter shrunk her neck back suddenly, as if remembering Mu Yi’s identity.

   Mu Yi ignored her, and then continued to look at Zhen Ping’er, waiting for her answer.

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