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Chapter 453 Breakthrough, the Fifth Level

“I won’t go.” Zhen Ping’er looked at Mu Yi calmly, but what she said made Mu Yi frown.

“Are you crazy?” Yan Wushuang interrupted Zhen Ping’er in a hurry. In her opinion, since Mu Yi was willing to let Zhen Ping’er go, then she should go down the mountain quickly. Was she stupid now that she had been caught?

   Zhen Ping’er ignored Yan Wushuang and just looked at Mu Yi. Although she didn’t speak any more, her expression showed that she wouldn’t leave.

“This place is not suitable for you.” Mu Yi said.

“I know.” Zhen Ping’er nodded, but she still didn’t intend to leave.

“If you want to stay here, fine.” Mu Yi chose to ignore Zhen Ping’er. Even if Zhen Ping’er scolded him, he wouldn’t do anything since he knew her master’s relationship with Nian Weiyi.

   She was just a woman. Mu Yi comforted himself.

   Therefore, Mu Yi continued to live in the Moon Temple. Chong Jiayi took Wu Xiaosi down the mountain and lived in the village at the foot of the mountain. Even Big Slave was driven down the mountain according to Mu Yi’s wishes. Only Mu Yi, Zhen Ping’er, and Yan Wushuang were left.

   Mu Yi was unwilling to allow the two women to stay, but he could not just throw them down the mountain.

  Every morning, Mu Yi would come to the yard where Jiao Hua waited, and with guidance from Jiao Hua, he would breathe in the energy of the mountain. Slowly, Mu Yi found that his body became lighter and the five chakras in his body began radiating glittering light. Mu Yi felt as though his body was getting stronger day by day.

   Although his strength had not increased in any obvious way, Mu Yi felt that he was making progress constantly. This feeling came from what Jiao Hua often called “nourishing the spirit”.

   As for the two women, they seemed to regard the Taoist temple on the mountain as their home and settled down. Every day when Mu Yi sought out the teachings of Jiao Hua, they would both stand on the cliff and watch the rising sun.

   Several times, Yan Wushuang would begin to practice, but Jiao Hua didn’t say anything. Zhen Ping’er only ever watched the sun.

   Nian Nuer was still sleeping. The Bamboo Tree of Life was changing every day. It was slowly growing. Big Slave climbed the mountain every morning and squatted near the gate of the Taoist temple. When the sun went down, he would also go down.

   Chong Jiayi began to teach Wu Xiaosi cultivation at the foot of the mountain. It seemed that he wanted to teach him all he had learned

   The days became calm. Here, no one bothered them. It seemed that Mu Yi had forgotten the noise of the outside world and his identity as an Envoy. At this moment, he was just a simple Taoist. Every day, following the teachings of the old Taoist, he would enter the mountain and walk all along it.

   A clear spring, a waterfall, birdsong, and fragrance of flowers had become a paradise to Mu Yi. Occasionally, Mu Yi came across the villagers at the foot of the mountain picking herbs. Sometimes, Mu Yi would help them. Gradually, the village at the foot of the mountain came to talk about a warm-hearted little Taoist living on the mountain.

    In a twinkling of an eye, Mu Yi had stayed in the mountains for two full months. In the past two months, Jiao Hua didn’t teach him any secret methods, but took him to breathe in the energy of the mountain every day, pointing out his shortcomings in the process of his cultivation.

   These two months had helped the Mu Yi more than two years of cultivating normally. Maybe two years was a short time for an expert. But Mu Yi’s cultivation had been a much shorter journey than most, and two years meant a lot to him.

   The old Taoist Priest laid the foundation for him to make rapid progress. With the help of the Xin lamp, Mu Yi had reached the perfect-stage. He had always paid attention to his foundation in this process, but he still took many shortcuts.

   In the past two months on the mountain, Jiao Hua had made up for the damage caused by his shortcuts, so even if his strength had not increased much, Mu Yi also felt that he had transformed.

   If Mu Yi used to be a precious jade polished from hard stoneradiating dazzling light, he now had a feeling of returning to nature. He looked like a harmless, innocent and kind-hearted Taoist. No one would think that he was the one known as the devil Taoist.

   The evil spirits he’d obtained from killing were washed clean now.

   Finally, in the early morning one day, after another round of breathing, Mu Yi felt a shiver all over his body, and the chakra of Life appeared behind his head. The chakra of Life was thicker than before, and there was no more vanity.

   Then, it seemed that there were bursts of whispers in the chakra of Life. Listening carefully, it seemed that there were eminent monks reading Buddhist scriptures. It was the glaze Vajra Scripture.

   A small Buddhist Rune went deep into Mu Yi’s body. His bones became denser and became white as jade, and his skin became more delicate. Under his skin, there was golden light that occasionally flashed.

   His blood became more viscous, but it sent out a light fragrance. His five internal organs became crystal clear.

  As time passed, Mu Yi’s whole body was changing. This change occurred because the glaze Vajra body had broken through completely and reached the fifth level.

   The fifth level of the glaze Vajra body was a small success. Although it was only a small success, it was still one of the most powerful divine skills of Buddhism. It was no worse than the thunder techniques. After all, it was a divine skill that made the body holy and it was said that it was passed down by the Buddha.

   Mu Yi was able to surpass Liao Fan in a short time and reached the fifth level. Although both his natural aptitude and his baptism in the Nanming Li fire were reasons for his success, the main reason was that he followed Jiao Hua’s teachings in the past two months.

   It could be said that at this moment, Mu Yi could be compared with those top level experts through his body alone. He held a great power when he merely moved around. Ordinary second-class and third-class experts, even if they did their best, might not be able to leave even scratches on his body. This was the domineering nature of the glaze Vajra body.

 After two months of stagnation, Mu Yi’s strength had leaped up suddenly. At this moment, Mu Yi believed that even in boxing, he was not inferior to Huang Feihong.

   This was not to say that his boxing realm was comparable to Huang Feihong’s, but that his strength was enough to match him, and that he had refined his fists to the extreme of breaking all things.

   The whole process lasted for a while. During this process, the Mu Yi’s body seemed to be bathed in a golden light, making him look like a god of war. Yan Wushuang and Zhen Ping’er both saw Mu Yi’s appearance, causing even the always cold Zhen Ping’er to show surprise.

   As for Yan Wushuang, she opened her mouth and looked at Mu Yi in shock.

   What is this skill? Is that why he was able to reach the perfect level at such a young age? Yan Wushuang thought, but why was this skill similar to those of Buddhism? Was he not a Taoist? Yan Wushuang’s heart was full of questions, but she had no answers.

   And Jiao Hua looked at Mu Yi with a happy face, with his realm, how could Mu Yi hide his accomplishments from him? 

   Finally, when the last golden light disappeared, Mu Yi also opened his eyes, and two golden lights flashed in his eyes.

   After waking up, Mu Yi discovered his own changes for the first time. He sensed that the way he understood both the heavens and the earth had changed. Even his understanding of himself had changed. He slowly became joyful.

   However, his pleasure did not last for long, and Mu Yi frowned and looked up to the sky. It seemed that there was something strange about it.

“Do you feel it?” Jiao Hua called out.

“Senior, is that it?” Mu Yi asked with a dignified face.

“Yes, the stronger you are the more you can feel this. Even the most powerful expert in the world, although they would have seemingly invincible strength, would not dare to act rashly. This kind of repression and restraint is slowly increasing. For now, the normal perfect-stage experts can do as they please, but perhaps in a few years, even perfect-stage experts will not dare to do so.” Jiao Hua said with a sigh.

“Is there no way to stop this?” Mu Yi asked with a gloomy face.

“There may be other ways, but you will need to find them. Maybe you can succeed in the future.” Jiao Hua said, but Mu Yi’s heart sank.

   He now knew that the threat he felt was the so-called Last Calamity. Before, although he felt something occasionally, it was very vague, but now with his breakthrough, he was closer to the world, and the feeling also increased.

  The words Jiao Hua spoke were frightening. This threat was increasing constantly. Now even the most powerful person in the third-stage couldn’t make a move easily. What would happen if it went on like this?

   Maybe many years later, even first-class experts would become legends. These so-called experts were just some embroidered moves and tricks. Who would have thought that the culprit of all this was the Last Calamity?

  Last Calamity, Last Calamity!

   Mu Yi finally had a deep understanding of these two words. The so-called Last Calamity didn’t seek to exterminate human beings, but to destroy cultivation and eliminate its powerful force.

   Mu Yi couldn’t help but think of what the mysterious Shining Man had said to him in the Yellow River’s Ancient Road, as well as the sky patching stone he got from it. Was that really his last hope?

   Mu Yi shook his head gently. His mind turned into a sword of wisdom, and it swept away all those confusing thoughts. His mind became peaceful again.

   As he was no longer deliberately sensing them, those threats that hung above his head disappeared, as if they were just an illusion that had never appeared.

   He began to check his body. On the whole, the breakthrough of the glaze Vajra body granted him a leap in strength. The glaze Vajra body finally showed its hegemony and strength as a divine skill when it reached the fifth level.

   In addition, Mu Yi felt that the sixth chakra was within reach. If he wanted to, he could make a breakthrough with a little push at the moment.

   However, Mu Yi was not in a hurry, because even if he broke through, it would mean nothing for him as even the growth of his strength would be minimal. Only once he broke through the last chakra would his strength leap up once again.

   In addition, Mu Yi had a vague feeling that once as he started the last chakra, he would reach the perfect level directly. It didn’t need to be completed. He didn’t need to reach the senior level and instead would reach the perfect-stage directly, but this would make his last chakra particularly difficult.

   Next to him, Yan Wushuang and Zhen Ping’er were a little confused. They didn’t understand what they were talking about, especially Yan Wushuang.

  Mu Yi did not want to know more at the moment. After all, the more he knew, the more troubles he would have. It was better not to know anything. At least then perhaps he wouldn’t have so many troubles at present. He would worry about the future when the time came.

“Well, you’ve been here for two months, and all you may need I have taught you. It is of no use to you to stay any longer. It is time for you to leave.” At last, Jiao Hua said.

“Thank you very much.” Mu Yi thank Jiao Hua solemnly. Only he knew what these two months meant to him.

   By this time, Nian Nuer had already woken up, and the number of the Bamboo Tree of Life had increased by another quarter, reaching seventeen, which also indicated that the strength of the little girl had soared again. Now with the help of the Bamboo Tree of Life, her strength had reached senior level, and there was no sign of instability in her realm.

   Although she woke up, the little girl had been hiding in the Bamboo Tree of Life and refused to come out. Mu Yi knew the worries that the little girl held, and so he did not urge her. He believed in the little girl.

   Aside from Mu Yi and the little girl, Big Slave had also improved. He went up and down the mountain every day. With his accumulation from before, his body had shrunk by three inches again and his strength had reached the top of seventh-rank.

   Although he still hadn’t caught up with the little girl, one couldn’t forget that the little girl had a Millennial tree core and a finger bone left by her father, whereas Big Slave could only rely on himself. Big Slave was truly an abnormal existence.

   In the past two months, even the two women who had been on the mountain had gained a lot. Previously, Yan Wushuang had only opened two chakras, but now she had opened three. Zhen Ping’er had opened one more chakra than Yan Wushuang, reaching four.

   Although these levels of chakra were not worth mentioning to Mu Yi. The fact that they could reach this level at their age, showed talents far beyond most of those in the world.

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